Just a Taste (MFM)

Merricks, Montana 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,743
11 Ratings (4.6)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, paddling, fire play, HEA]
Emily Watson has always lived in Merricks, Montana and owns and runs a successful bakery called Half Baked. For years she has watched her friends find love submitting to their Doms and seen their contentment and just wants the same. With three older brothers messing with her life and the objects of her affections refusing to make a move on their attraction, her dream of submission to two hot Doms is dangerously close to remaining that forever, a dream.
Wolf Mayer and Hawk Macbain are ex-marines and have always talked about settling down and sharing a woman. Wolf is the owner of Merricks BDSM club Silk Ties and Hawk runs the club's bar. Hawk knows Emily is the woman that will complete them and make them happy, but Wolf thinks she is too sweet for his dark ways.
When Emily enters the slave auction at Silk Ties, Wolf and Hawk must bid on her or risk losing her forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Just a Taste (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.6)

Just a Taste (MFM)

Merricks, Montana 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,743
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book with good characters
Awesome new installment! McKinlay Thomson is on fire for this one!




“Hey, babe.” His warm breath tickled the back of her neck and sent shivers down her spine. “I’m sorry. I meant to call over earlier, but I got held up.”

His deep voice rumbled in her ear and sent shock waves straight through her body to settle in her sex. She slowly turned to face him, her back pressed against the counter behind her. There was only inches separating them and he dwarfed her with his large size.

She wondered if it was deliberate on his part, knowing how he affected her up this close. As tall as he was, she stared at his bulky chest and her fingers itched to reach forward and touch it. She resisted just barely and looked up into his amused face.

“That’s all right,” she told him. “I had forgotten you were coming. It’s been such a busy day.”

“You are a very bad liar, sweetheart,” he replied, causing her to frown.

“And how can you be so sure?” she asked, arching an eyebrow in question.

“Because,” he told her, reaching out and grabbing her hips in his big hands. “I know you wanted to see me every bit as much as I wanted to see you.”

Hawk lowered his mouth closer to her and she tilted her head, sure that he was going to kiss her. She inhaled when their breaths mingled and closed her eyes, shifting in his hands, her lower body rubbing against his.

She let the anticipation flow through her body. She wanted Hawk’s kiss. She had waited so long and hoped that one day at least he would make a move. She knew that Wolf wasn’t interested and they came as a packaged deal, but she had hoped and dreamed of this moment since she had first laid eyes on him.

“Hawk, you back there?” Wolf’s deep voice broke through her haze. Hawk stepped back and released her. She swayed and grabbed on to the bench and she was pulled back to reality.

“Yeah,” Hawk replied. “I’m in the kitchen with Emily.”

Emily and Hawk stared at each other, as Wolf walked into the room from the front. She hadn’t even heard the bell go over the door, so caught up in Hawk. Her chest aching at the lost moment, she knew she would never get another chance. She could see it reflected in Hawk’s eyes.

“What’s going on?” Wolf asked, and Emily cut her eyes to him. He looked back at them and she knew that he suspected something had been going on. Not that she had anything to hide. She had always been honest in her interest in them both. She wasn’t sure where Hawk stood, especially now that they had almost kissed.

“Nothing,” she replied, and that was the truth. Nothing had happened, thanks to Wolf’s horrible timing. “We were just about to go over your order for next week.”

“Good,” Wolf said, but he was looking at Hawk when he said it. “Let’s get started.”

Emily tried not to feel disappointed, but it was hard. She knew that Hawk was interested in her. The tension between them had been building for months. He had been only holding back because of Wolf.

Hawk had told her that Wolf was a complicated man and had issues he needed to work through, but she wasn’t sure what that meant and they had never discussed it again. She wasn’t giving up hope though. Emily wanted Wolf, despite his dark and broody attitude, every bit as much as she wanted Hawk.

“I was thinking,” she told them. “Because of the number of people you are expecting that you should stick to finger food.”

“You think or you know?” Wolf asked. His dark eyes bore into hers, but she refused to be intimidated. Food was her area of expertise.

“I know,” she replied, staring back at him and meeting his gaze head-on. When Wolf nodded, she turned back to her paper before continuing. “In that case, I have a number of pastries for you to try.”

Emily moved to the cool room and pulled out the box of samples she had made to show Hawk. Disappointed that Wolf had crashed her meeting with Hawk, but excited to spend time with him and show him what she could do, she battled internally with her warring emotions.

She put the box on the bench and grabbed a plate and knife. She decided to start with her savory collection and then move onto her sweet. She wanted to take them on a journey with her food and impress them with her skills.

In the kitchen, that was. She didn’t really have any skills outside the kitchen. Her experience with men was limited. It was hard to date with three brothers threating to break the bones of any man that came near her.

She wasn’t a virgin though. Emily had managed to slip a few men under their radar when she was away doing her apprenticeship. Nothing had come from those few dalliances, and she had to admit that they weren’t anything to write home about either.

“This one is savory,” she told them, pulling the small delicacy from the box and cutting it in half, one for each of the men. “It’s a spinach and feta quiche.”

Putting the pastry in his mouth, Emily heard Hawk groan and had to suppress a smile. Wolf was harder to read. He ate the quiche never taking his eyes of hers, his expression neutral.

“Delicious,” Hawk told her. “What else have you got in that little box?”

Emily pulled another delight from her box and cut it in half.

“This is a salmon crepe,” she said. “Then I have a curry samosa.”

“You are amazing,” Hawk said. “That last one was my favorite so far.”




Hawk looked at Emily as she took in the sight of him and Wolf naked before her. Her mouth fell open and Hawk wondered at how many naked men she had seen before. He was happy that it didn’t seem to be many, and that she was impressed with the sight before her.

He would let her explore every inch of his body until she became used to him naked, but that would have to wait. They had plans for her, ones that didn’t include her coming off that wall until all three of them had found fulfillment.

Wolf unhooked the showerhead from the wall and turned it on. It was time to bring their sub to her first orgasm, and it would be quick and powerful. The pressure on those showerheads was impressive, and when turned to the massage cycle, a thick stream of water would shoot out.

“You may make noise, kitten,” Wolf said. “In fact I demand it.”

Hawk watched as Wolf moved closer and rain the spray over her body. He lingered on her plump breasts and under her sensitive armpits before he moved further down her body.

“Eyes on me,” Wolf said, and Emily lifted her eyes to meet Wolf’s stern gaze. Wolf switched the stream to massage and the water thickened from the light spray to the thundering stream.

“You will enjoy this, babe,” Hawk told her as Wolf moved it into position right over her swollen clit.

“Shit,” she cried, closing her eyes and banging her head on the tile behind her. She closed her legs and Wolf chuckled.

“Hawk,” he said. “Go and grab some cuffs for her legs. It will make it easier for her.”

Hawk rushed back to the cabinet and grabbed more cuffs. He was back in a jiffy and had them attached around her ankles.

“Open your legs, babe,” he said and waited for her to comply. He delivered a loud slap to her inner thigh when she didn’t move quickly enough to suit him, and it got her moving faster.

She threw her legs wide and Hawk attached the cuffs to the wall. She was spread eagle against the tile, and short of using her safe word there was nothing she could do. Hawk’s cock hardened at the thrill of the power they wielded. She was at their mercy and it turned him on.

He had waited so long for Emily to finally be under his dominance, and now that she was here he wanted relish the moment and savor it. He was still unsure where Wolf’s mind was, and the way he was running hot and cold, it could be a one-night thing. He needed to make the most of it and prove to Wolf that she was just what they needed.

“Let’s try that again,” Wolf said, and he placed the water flow back over Emily’s delicate folds. She cried and wiggled in her bonds, but the cuffs held. Wolf tortured her clit with the water, bringing her closer and closer to her release.

Her chest rose and fell as her excitement grew causing her breasts to jiggle up and down and sway with her movements. When Hawk reached out and pinched her nipples between his thumb and fingers, Emily’s cry of pleasure echoed around the tiled room.

“That’s it, kitten,” Wolf said. “Show us how much you enjoy what we do to your body.”

“Please,” she cried. “I’m so close. I need…I need…”

“We know what you need, babe,” Hawk said, and he took one of her hard nubs between his lips and suckled. He switched back and forth, alternating between her nipples and driving her crazy with need.

“Come for us,” Wolf said, and he placed the water flow directly over her clit once more. Hawk bit down on her hard bud and Emily squealed as her whole body shook with the force of her release.

“God yes,” she screamed as Wolf manipulated her pussy with the water and Hawk gently fondled her breast, slowly bringing her down form her orgasm and soothing her body.

She was so magnificent when she came, Hawk had almost lost his seed all over her stomach just from watching. She was amazing and everything he wanted in a woman and sub. If only Wolf could see things the way he did.

His cocked throbbed and demanded that he take Emily while she was pinned against the wall, but he needed to play tonight right, and to do that he wanted Wolf to be the first to fuck their sub. It was his right as the more dominant partner.

Hawk moved away and went to retrieve a couple of condoms from the cabinet. He came back and passed one to Wolf and watched as he tore open the packet and rolled it down his hard length.

Emily was watching them through hooded eyes and Hawk thought that she never looked sexier. Her body was flushed pink, her nipples were hard buds, and her pussy was swollen and puffy.

“I’m going to take you now, kitten,” Wolf said. “Understand that once I have made you mine there is no turning back for either of us. That is it. You will belong to Hawk and me from this moment forward.”

Hawk knew his mouth had fallen open at Wolf’s speech, but a few hours ago Wolf had wanted nothing to do with the woman, and now he was staking a claim and Hawk was scrambling to catch up.

“Close your mouth, Hawk,” Wolf told him. “This is what you wanted all along.”

“Yes,” Hawk replied. “I just didn’t know it was happening now.”

“Get used to it,” Wolf said and turned back to Emily. “What color are you?”

“Green, Sir,” she answered. “Definitely green.”

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