The Tides of Love Collection (LoveXtreme)

Tides of Love

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 132,003
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Fantasy, Ménage, Faeries, Elves, Werewolves, Shape-shifters, Consensual BDSM, Sex Toys Bondage, MMMMMM]

Saving Connor

Thrust by chance in the waterworld of Uli, Connor finds himself falling for five gorgeous men. Rallion, Wren, Tallean, Chek and Rodrik are as different as night and day, and yet they all arouse deep feelings inside him, feelings he does not know how to deal with.

Elven princes Wren and Tallean want to protect Connor, but they do not realize how much the abyss between their social positions affects him. It is up to half-fae Rallion to soothe Connor. But when an investigation regarding his presence on Uli begins, the situation is complicated by the appearance of Chek and Rodrik.

The two shape-shifters teach Connor and his men more about their souls and bodies than they'd ever known before. But there is a shadow watching from the darkness, hunting Connor. Can the five men save their lover before it is too late? What will these tides of love bring?

Craving Owen

Reaching Uli while trying to find Connor, Owen falls in love with five men involved in a terrible war. Yane, Alcharr, Sassaki, Hash, and Kyllian are bound by age-old histories of enmity, hate, and greed. Nymph Yane is in love with Alcharr, but forced into an arranged betrothal for the purpose of a political union. Their two nations mean to fight the wyrms attacking Yane's lands—Sassaki's people. All the while, Hash tries to investigate the situation and find a way to control it.

But when they meet Owen, their priorities change, and they become involved in a desperate fight to keep Owen safe. They enlist the help of air wizard Kyllian. But even as Kyllian's forceful passion teaches them the truth about themselves, the five struggle against a plot that can destroy the world. Can craving Owen unite his five lovers? Can Owen's love defeat the differences between them?

The Tides of Love Collection (LoveXtreme)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Tides of Love Collection (LoveXtreme)

Tides of Love

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 132,003
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Saving Connor


Wren watched Ralleana’s new employee, a deep yearning stirring within him. He hadn’t come here to take a lover to his bed. He’d never even expected Ralleana would introduce this human tonight.

Connor Spade was sin incarnate. Glossy black locks caressed flawless, pale skin, and his wide blue eyes analyzed the crowd in panic. Wren found himself feeling the strange urge to take the man in his arms and shield Connor’s slim body with his own.

He knew Ralleana well. The woman was clever and resourceful, and most likely took advantage of Connor’s fear and confusion to push him into this. But Wren saw the fear in Connor and knew he couldn’t allow the man to lose himself to the lusts of all the people here. Never mind that his own body ached with desire. His cock throbbed at the mere idea of touching Connor. And after all, why not? He could get two birds with one stone—protect Connor, and indulge himself in a sensual exploration with the man.

A few minutes passed while Ralleana detailed Connor’s virtues and exotic nature. At last, the auction began. Wren found it more than a little disgusting, more so since Ralleana prided herself on keeping a respectable establishment. Truth be told, she rarely held auctions. They were an antiquated tradition, used on special occasions. It didn’t surprise Wren that she chose to go ahead with one now. Many of those present would want Connor in their bed.

The price for Connor’s first night started at an obscenely high sum and grew even larger. Wren didn’t mind. He could afford whatever price they set, even if he did so only from his own funds. He countered offers without even thinking about it, his mind focused on the increasingly pale Connor.

Finally, no one else spoke, the price dissuading the other interested parties. Wren could almost feel Connor in his arms now, when a harsh voice spoke up. “Ten thousand ulides.”

Wren knew that voice. Fuck. He hadn’t seen the bastard when he’d landed in the harbor. Ten thousand was a lot of money, but Tallean would most likely spend it just to spite Wren.

“Eleven thousand,” Wren offered.

“Twelve,” Tallean countered.

Wren suppressed the urge to look behind him, toward the source of the voice. “Thirteen,” he said between gritted teeth.

Connor’s apprehension had melted into a peculiar expression of awe and dismay. Wren didn’t think the human understood them, but the tension between him and Tallean went beyond any words they could possibly speak.

“Fourteen,” Tallean said again.



“Twenty-five,” a new voice said. Wren stole a look in the direction of the sound, frowning when he realized its source. It was Governor Malius of Almareya, a well-known customer of The Red Star. It was quite common knowledge that Malius enjoyed playing with humans. Some rumors even claimed of Malius’s interest in pain games.

Renewed resolve coursed through Wren. He wanted the human for himself, yes, but at the same time, he wouldn’t let Connor fall into Malius’s clutches. “Thirty.”

Unsurprisingly, both Malius and Tallean countered his offer. The sum increased more and more, none of them willing to give up. “Fifty, paid on the spot,” Wren said at last.

This was ridiculous. Fifty thousand ulides could feed and clothe a small village. Of course, Connor would be worth it, but that was beside the point.

Tallean had the audacity to make his way to Wren’s side. “Very eager to play with the human, are you?” he murmured in Wren’s ear.

Wren grimaced and turned to look at his nemesis. “What are you doing here?” he snarled.

Tallean brushed a lock of golden hair out of his face and smirked. Wren hated the fact that he noticed the way those full lips curved just so, the mischief shining in Tallean’s green eyes, the play of muscles under Tallean’s shirt as he shifted on his feet. He was gorgeous and he knew it, the arrogant son of a bitch. He also fucked like a demon, as Wren knew all too well from experience. As innocent as he might have looked, there was nothing pure and calm about him. But even if they’d shared a couple of steamy nights, Wren still loathed him.

“And hello to you, too, Prince Wren,” Tallean said. “It’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen each other.”

The purring tone in Tallean’s voice reminded Wren of exactly when they’d met last. It had been a few months back, during the feast of years. They’d ended up celebrating together. Even now, Wren could still feel the ghost of Tallean’s cock inside him.

He gritted his teeth, hating the knowing look on Tallean’s face. “Quite right,” he replied bitingly. “But not long enough.”

If there were two people completely the opposite of one another on Uli, they’d be Tallean and Wren. For all his life, Wren had been groomed to become the next prince of the dark elves. Tallean was in a similar position, but even if they shared a rank, Tallean’s approach to princely responsibilities turned out to be quite different. More often than not, the sky elf king—Tallean’s father—found himself forced to send troops after his errant heir. Not that he was disobedient or disrespectful. In fact, Tallean manage to juggle his tasks with such ability not even the king could question him. Wren envied him for it.

Still, they were so very different, and their countries held an uneasy truce at best. They always clashed whenever they met. Their anger and frustration eventually released through sex. Opposite personalities they might be, but they clicked in bed.

This time, though, Wren would not allow Tallean to win the battle. He wanted the human for himself. Something about Connor called out to him. Even now, Wren could feel Connor’s eyes on them, the still-palpable fear. Tonight, no matter what, Wren would cast that fear away.

As they spoke, Wren registered Malius offer another counterbid.

“Don’t be so hostile,” Tallean whispered to him. “I believe this night has a lot of potential.” He grinned at Wren and louder, he said, “Fifty five.”

“Fifty-six,” Wren added, glaring at the damn sky elf. “Why are you doing this?”

Not to be deterred, Tallean continued the bid. “Fifty-seven.” Smirking, he replied to Wren’s question. “I like the human, of course. Come on, Wren. We can have some fun. You, me, and young Connor. What do you say?”

The suggestion rose visions filled with sinful pleasures in Wren’s mind. Fuck. He wanted to say yes, but he hesitated. Connor had been thrust in a world not his own, essentially forced to work for Ralleana. As much as Wren wanted him, he couldn’t bring himself to push the boundaries so much. He’d briefly seen an echoing want in Connor, but how could he take advantage of the human like this?

“How about we ask the young man to choose?” Tallean suggested.

“I doubt that he’s ready for such a thing,” Wren grumbled.

Tallean looked thoughtful. “Probably. But wouldn’t you rather we take care of him together? Maybe we can help.”

Wren was surprised to hear Tallean felt the same about the situation as he. Perhaps they weren’t so different after all.




“Scoot over,” Tallean indicated. “We need space.”

Connor obeyed, now curious as to what Tallean had planned. Whatever it was, he hoped it involved him getting fucked. As satisfying as the first orgasm had been, he needed more.

Che’kendral tossed Tallean a vial of oil. God only knew where the man had gotten it from. He doubted very much that a library—even one in a brothel—would hold that sort of thing. But it didn’t matter, not when the little bottle clearly pointed out Connor’s desires would be fulfilled.

“Turn around, on all fours,” the sky elf said.

Connor did, although he registered some difficulties since his limbs were shaking so badly. He spread his legs wide, exposing his hole for his lovers.

As he did so, his eyes fell on Rodrik and Che’kendral. Once more, the two men sat on armchairs, just watching them with hot eyes and slowly masturbating. The sight drove all lingering strength out of Connor and he would have fallen on his face if Tallean didn’t catch him. “Slowly now, Connor,” the elf said.

With one strong arm around Connor’s waist, Tallean prepared Connor’s passage for invasion. The fingers of his other hand wormed inside Connor’s anus. He melted against Tallean, all the while keeping his eyes on the self-pleasuring Rodrik and Che’kendral.

His orgasm relaxed him, so he had no trouble taking the first two fingers. At the third, he felt a bit of discomfort, especially since Rallion had taken him earlier. “Seems like you’re still a bit sore from earlier,” Tallean said in a husky voice. “Did it feel good when Rallion fucked you?”

Connor nodded, trying to impale himself on the fingers in spite of the slight burn. “I wish I could have seen it,” Tallean continued. “I’m sure you looked so very beautiful.”

“He did,” Rallion said from behind him.

Tallean chuckled as he removed his fingers from Connor’s body. “We have all the time in the world to watch it again. Ready, Connor?”

“Yes!” Connor gasped out. “Yes, please! Fuck me.”

The head of Tallean’s dick nudged at his opening. Connor fought to relax as his lover’s hard dick pushed inside. It was difficult, more so than Connor expected. The soreness increased into a deep ache and for a few moments, Connor actually considered asking Tallean to pull out.

But then, Che’kendral spoke. “Look at me, gorgeous,” he said huskily. “Take him in. Relax your body. Give yourself to him.”

“Let go, baby,” Rodrik added. “Trust them.”

And just like that, Connor felt the knot of tension inside him relax. The ache dimmed to a pleasurable burn, which changed into incredible pleasure when Tallean’s shaft hit Connor’s special spot. He moaned, all thoughts of stopping this gone from his mind. Fully impaled by Tallean’s cock, he tried to move his hips back, to fuck himself on the other man’s shaft. “God! Please!”

“Be still, Connor,” Tallean said in his ear.

Tallean didn’t move, and each second of wait turned into unbearable sensual torture. It was only when Tallean groaned that he realized what his men intended. Their bodies lurched forward as Rallion or Wren—Connor couldn’t be sure which—penetrated Tallean. Judging by the slower, gentler motion, Connor would guess Rallion.

Panting, desperate with need, Connor nevertheless kept his passion in check, waiting. One more link in their chain, one more connection in place. When it came, Connor felt like he’d somehow been transported to heaven. Another, harder thrust—Wren’s—echoed in his body and Connor cried out, feeling like he was being fucked by three cocks.

If that one motion felt amazing, what happened next turned out to be even better. Now connected in the most intimate way four men could possibly be, they started a delicious rhythm that drove Connor higher and higher on the peaks of pleasure. With every thrust, Tallean’s cock hit Connor’s sweet spot with an astounding strength—the strength of three incredible men combined. His own dick throbbed with the renewed need to come, and he pushed back against his men as hard as he could, chasing his pleasure and theirs.

Over and over, they fucked him and used him, until Connor didn’t know where he ended and they began. And throughout it all, Connor kept his eyes on Che’kendral and Rodrik. The two men jacked their cocks, their hands moving down their pre-cum-slick shafts, their lustful gazes fixed on Connor. Impossibly, Connor found himself wishing his hands could be the ones around those magnificent dicks, or better yet, his mouth.

He might have been ashamed of his desires—after all, he was being fucked by three other men at the moment—but he couldn’t hide anything from his lovers. “Imagine them fucking your mouth as we fuck your ass,” Tallean said.

“Go on, baby,” Rodrik said. “How would I taste? Close your eyes and imagine.”

As much as Connor would have liked to keep his gaze on Che’kendral and Rodrik, he instantly obeyed. An image popped into his mind, that of Rodrik and Che’kendral feeding him their fat cocks.

“That’s it, baby,” Rodrik said. “Take it. Take me and Chek. Open up for us. Feel us fucking you.”

Against all odds, Connor did feel them. He could almost taste the ghostly flavor of their pre-cum on his tongue. His jaw ached slightly from being stretched by their pricks. It was impossible, yet still so very real.

Filled to the brink by Tallean’s cock, his ass pounded by three men and his soul owned so thoroughly by all five, Connor couldn’t take it anymore.


Craving Owen


Pushing away all his misgivings, Sassaki made his way to the bed. His hand trembled as he reached out for the human’s palm. Almost instantly, he pulled back. His scaled skin looked obscene against the delicate softness of his beautiful mate. Sassaki gritted his teeth. Why couldn’t he have been born as something else? Why a wyrm? What a cruel destiny he had. He’d have preferred to never find his mate rather than to be taunted with the beauty of one he could not claim.

Sassaki reached out to pet the human’s blond hair but retracted his hand at the last moment. He couldn’t touch his mate. For all he knew, the polluted waters might still cling to him, and the touch would hurt the other man. This had been a horrible idea. He needed to leave, now, before he did anything even more stupid.

He turned and was halfway back to the window when a soft voice said, “Wait. Don’t go.”

Every muscle in Sassaki’s body froze. He looked back at his mate and realized in shock the human had awoken. He had blue eyes, Sassaki realized. In his snake form, he’d completely missed their color, but they were blue, as blue as the sky in the rare days when the sun shone over the water. For Sassaki, they were the color of peace and hope, and they pinned him in his place more effectively than any weapon.

“Come closer,” the human said.

Even if everything in Sassaki screamed he needed to leave, his beast refused, roaring in satisfaction at the acceptance of its mate. So Sassaki obeyed and approached the bed once again. He fidgeted, uncertain on what to say or to do.

“I know you,” his mate continued in a raspy voice. “Where do I know you from?”

Sassaki gulped. How could he explain he’d almost killed the other man just earlier that day? But then, he noticed his mate was forcing himself to speak. That couldn’t be good for him. “Don’t,” he answered. “You need to rest. You’re just recovering from a severe injury.”

He suppressed a wince as he spoke, but his mate didn’t seem to realize his identity. He nodded and answered, “Okay. Just…stay with me. A while longer.”

Sassaki was in shock. He’d have expected his mate to scream bloody murder at the first sight of him, but instead the human asked him to stay. How could he refuse?

Nodding, Sassaki knelt next to the bed. The human smiled and said, “I’m Owen. What’s your name?”

“Sassaki. It’s nice to meet you, Owen,” Sassaki answered.

It was odd to talk to Owen. Sassaki’s knowledge of the human language stemmed from a couple of books he’d stolen from ships sunken nearby his lair. The humans inside these ships had all been eaten by his kin. Sassaki himself disliked that sort of thing, but he could hardly stop it. On impulse, he’d taken some of the usable items on the ship, and he felt thankful for that now. It gave him at least a basis of knowledge to chat with his mate, even if he did have trouble with longer words.

Owen asked him about this world, about the nymphs and the storms, and much to Sassaki’s dismay, about the nymphs and wyrms. He understood so little, Sassaki realized. The nymph had left without giving him too much information. Perhaps Sassaki could at least provide some amount of support. What would it hurt?

“Well, Owen,” he said, “the nymphs here are soldiers for The Great Dryad Nation. Their power over water gives them the ability to stand against the wyrms. The dryads have been fighting the sea snakes for ages now, ever since they took hold of the plague lands, leaving the polluted waters to the wyrms.”

Owen listened, occasionally nodding as he took in the information. Unfortunately, he was a very sharp young man. As Sassaki spoke, Owen interrupted him.”You are a wyrm, aren’t you?” Owen said. “You’re the second wyrm, the one with just one head.”

Sassaki wanted to lie. He hated the thought of seeing hate and disgust in Owen’s eyes. But it was inevitable, he realized, and lying would jut prolong the agony. And so, he nodded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know,” Owen said with a smile. “The other one. He was different. He wanted to eat me. You saved me.”

For a few moments, Sassaki just stared at Owen’s beautiful face. “They,” he said at last. “When a wyrm has more heads, it means they are more than one person.”

Owen’s eyes widened. “Wow. Seriously? Why do I have the feeling Yane doesn’t know that?”

Sassaki chuckled bitterly. “The nymphs don’t know many things.”

All of a sudden, Sassaki heard footsteps outside. He got up and rushed toward window. “I have to go, Owen.”

“Will you come back?” Owen asked him.

Sassaki hesitated. He wanted to say yes, but he didn’t think it would be a very good idea.

“Is it hard for you to sneak in here?” Owen prodded. “Maybe we could meet on the shore after I feel better.”

Sassaki’s heart leapt at the thought of his mate giving him such a chance. He could not push Owen away. In the end, he was just a beast, one who yearned for his mate. Selflessness paled in front of that need. “I will come again,” he answered.

“Promise me,” Owen insisted, giving him an earnest look.

“I promise,” Sassaki answered. After a moment of indecision, he turned back and pressed a quick kiss on Owen’s forehead. With that goodbye, he fled the room, never once looking behind.




“You’re doing what I say now, little nymph. Got that?”

Yane gulped, his beautiful face flushed and his eyes gone stormy with frustrated pleasure. As their gazes met, the nymph nodded. Kyllian suppressed a chuckle. He’d never expected to find such delicious submissiveness in two men with such strength. “Now, get Alcharr ready.”

As he spoke, he used a spell to lift Alcharr’s body in the air and flip him over. The man’s bulk made maneuvering somewhat awkward without magic, and his wings, while beautiful, took some getting used to. At any rate, Kyllian didn’t intend to press Alcharr and Yane into bondage play—not yet. Flying beings in particular weren’t really receptive to that sort of thing, although Alcharr could be the exception. They would explore the possibilities later, not now when the two lovers were hardly in an emotional state to consider such a thing.

Kyllian hoped they would accept. He hoped he and the others would live long enough to try to make it work. Because he knew that such a relationship would need to involve the other three men, as well. He’d lived too long to not recognize genuine affection when he saw it, and there were clear bonds between Owen, Hash, Sassaki, Yane, and Alcharr.

Smiling to himself, Kyllian held Alcharr in his arms. The eagle met his gaze dead on, pressing his naked body to Kyllian’s. Kyllian suppressed a groan as Alcharr reached for his dick and wrapped a strong fist around it. A small smirk appeared on Alcharr’s lips, and Kyllian wanted to give the man a lesson he would never forget—a lesson in pleasure.

“Take my clothes off,” he told Alcharr.

The eagle shuddered visibly but proceeded to do as ordered. Alcharr leaned back and allowed the other man to work his boots and pants off. His shirt went next, and Kyllian gestured for Yane to wait until Alcharr finished. At last, the three of them were naked together on the bed, and Kyllian surmised it was finally time to have his way with the two men.

With a brief nod, he silently told Yane to continue. The following second, Alcharr gasped, his fingers digging into Kyllian’s shoulders as Yane’s fingers pushed inside him. From his angle, Kyllian couldn’t see too well what Yane was doing, but judging by the trembling of Alcharr’s wings and body, the eagle must be enjoying it a lot.

Alcharr pushed against Yane and back toward Kyllian, as if unable to decide where he wanted to be touched most. His cock leaked pre-cum on Kyllian’s thigh, and this time, Kyllian no longer held back. He pulled Alcharr close and pressed his lips to the eagle’s, greedily demanding entrance. Alcharr opened for him and Kyllian invaded the other man’s mouth, tasting him, delving deep, massaging Alcharr’s tongue with his own.

A groan from Yane reminded Kyllian he needed to involve the nymph as well, not that he had forgotten. He broke away from Alcharr and flipped him over once again. The man let out a sound that seemed to convey surprise, dismay, and annoyance, and Kyllian decided to give him one last chance for an out.

“I want to fuck you, Alcharr,” he said. “Would you like that?” He stole a look toward Yane. “Do you two want to share your bond with me? Decide quickly.”

Yane just nodded, while Alcharr answered, “Yes. Yes, please.”

“Good answer.”

With that, Kyllian placed Alcharr on all fours and caressed his naked hip, waiting. “Go on. I want to see you fuck him.”

Alcharr didn’t wait for further encouragement. He maneuvered Yane in a similar position, murmuring soft words of encouragement and endearments. Oddly, Kyllian didn’t feel left out, but privileged for being accepted in such a special moment.

In one single thrust, Alcharr slid home. Yane’s gasp mixed with Alcharr’s moan, the two echoing each other’s pleasure like only longtime lovers could. Kyllian would have been humbled, and in a sense, he was. At the same time, though, he knew that, in spite of the connection of the two, he himself shared a bond with them. He could feel it, sense it calling out to his magic.

The eagle stilled inside Yane’s ass, and Kyllian didn’t delay in taking the offered opportunity. Without giving Alcharr a single warning, he pushed inside. The cries of his two lovers were even louder this time, and Kyllian distantly realized that his own grunt had joined them.

Alcharr’s ass was hot and tight around his dick, and only the ages of discipline and control Kyllian had lived through kept him from coming on the spot. He tightened his hold on Alcharr’s hip when the eagle would have tried to move and, with his other hand, traced the texture of one of Alcharr’s feathers. It provided enough of a distraction to keep him from exploding like a youth of barely fifteen winters.

When he thought he could move without embarrassing himself, Kyllian pulled out of Alcharr and thrust back in. Into this motion he put all the strength of his inner self and all his frustrated desire for the men he’d never actually thought he would have. Over and over, he pushed in and out Alcharr’s channel, aiming for his man’s prostate. Alcharr and Yane moved with him, and they fell into a perfect rhythm of carnal pleasure, pushing, pulling, grinding, groaning, again and again, until Kyllian thought he would lose it.

On instinct, he slapped Alcharr’s ass as he rode him. Alcharr went wild, howling as if he were a canine shape-shifter, not a golden eagle. Kyllian increased the pace even more, delivering well-placed strokes on Alcharr’s buttocks and thighs. He loved the red glow that appeared on Alcharr’s ass and distantly made a mental note to test some of his special crops on it, as soon as they made some clearer arrangements.

His balls ached with the need to come, but he kept a tight leash on himself, wanting to make his lovers climax first. Thrusting one more time inside Alcharr, he whispered, “Come.”

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