Layke's Easy Mate (MM)

Milson Valley 29

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,504
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Fantasy, Wizards, Shape-shifters, Paranormal, Magic, MM, HEA]

Layke Aston was on his way to a medical conference where he was eagerly anticipating discrediting the latest article by a fellow doctor when coming across a car accident. When Layke and his sister, Lacy, rushed to provide assistance, he was captivated by the delicious biceps of a wild dog shifter paramedic. Never was he distracted when working, but when Raffael Diaz spoke, everything stopped for Layke.

Raffael Diaz had heard about Layke Aston, the extraordinarily talented wizard with the gift of healing and a terrible bedside manner. What Raff saw was a strong, sassy, independent, very intelligent and talented, handsome man. Their start was stilted, and someone tried to kill Raff before they could even begin their mateship, but with Raff’s easy, happy ways, he fit into Layke’s life with ease. It amazed Layke how distracted he was by Raff’s fabulous biceps and warm brown eyes, and how quickly his heart opened and filled with adoration and love.

Layke's Easy Mate (MM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Layke's Easy Mate (MM)

Milson Valley 29

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,504
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Layke used his healing gift on the injured woman as Ginger, the paramedic, carefully emptied the tube of potion. He liked that she was particular in how she performed her duties, that she was careful. He remembered this about her from the times their paths crossed previously. Satisfied the potion had enough time to be absorbed, he put more strength behind his healing gift to give the patient as much healing as possible for her best chance of making it to the hospital for further treatment.

The next twenty minutes Layke concentrated on repairing tears throughout the woman’s body and stopping more blood loss. The breaks, contusions and other damage would have to wait. There was a tear causing her stomach to fill with blood and that was what Layke worked on finding and mending. When he deemed he’d done as much as he could to ensure she survived until she was taken into surgery, he stopped healing.

“You may take her now,” he told the paramedics and looked around to see who may need his help next.

Layke was ravenous. That often happened after a particularly long or arduous healing session. Witches and wizards used a lot of energy with the use of their gift and were known to eat a lot frequently. Food would have to wait for now.

“Here you go, Doc.”

Tingles erupted throughout Layke’s body. He turned to paramedic Raff Diaz with the delicious biceps and interesting face who he’d been uncharacteristically distracted by earlier. Layke now wondered how he’d been so oblivious, but then dismissed this as he generally was oblivious to everything and everyone but his work. Still, he should have known that being so very aware of this paramedic meant something deeper than just being mesmerised by amazing biceps and features that weren’t classic or striking, yet would capture anyone’s interest. Layke noticed, but was never distracted usually. Now he noticed everything. Diaz’s brown eyes were as deep and dark as roasted coffee beans. His curly dark brown hair looked like it may have been slicked back from his face but had rebelled and fell in waves and curls as it pleased. Layke wished to slide his fingers through the glossy mass, experience the texture and commit it to memory.

The man’s scent was spicy, his face broad and complexion a few shades lighter than the roasted coffee bean color of his eyes. Layke was irritated beyond belief by the tingles that had spread throughout his body and caused him to twitch.

Raff Diaz placed the strap of Layke’s satchel over his shoulder, leant down and breathed in deeply. He stepped back, uncomfortable with the close proximity. Not that he didn’t like the man’s long, lean body being close to his own, because he did, far too much and it may cause Layke to do something very uncharacteristic, like reach out and stroke the man’s toned arms or trace the broad face while standing in the midst of a vehicle accident.

Tobias, head of the Aston Estate security, stepped closer. Layke frowned at the overly protective bodyguard and shook his head. Tobias glowered. He believed Layke never took precautions with his safety and Layke believed Tobias often choose to perform his security detail on Layke just to annoy him. Today he had been following in an estate car behind Lacy and Layke, who was hoping the bodyguard would be bored out of his brain at the conference.

“We both have work to do,” Layke snapped to remind himself there was more to be done here at the accident site, and to stop himself from pulling the man closer.

“That we do, Doc.” Raff Diaz straightened and smiled. “I’ll be seeing you soon, Layke Aston.”

Layke watched as the spicy scented wild dog shifter worked with Ginger Rogers to place the patient into the ambulance. He had not expected to encounter his soul mate, and didn’t know what to do about it. Now really wasn’t the right time. He sighed, feeling aggrieved. Raff Diaz was going to be a complication. A good one? Another irritation like his family? He was unclear which it would be.

“Layke.” Lacy nudged him. “Ogle the hot paramedic later. Help me over here.”

Layke helped a few more people caught up in the accident but for once, his mind was not on his work. His thoughts dwelled on a six foot two, very attractive wild dog shifter, who was his mate.




Raff’s mouth covered his, Layke gripping his mate’s off-white shirt and pulling him close. The kiss started with affection and light desire but quickly escalated to hot and demanding. Layke let go of Raff’s shirt and, moving his hands downward, slipped beneath the off-white top and caressed his lover’s muscular abs and treasure trail.

Raff’s hands were all over Layke, stroking his back down to his ass which he squeezed and petted, then up to trace his spine. Their kisses were full of heat and Layke wanted more. He grasped the bottom of Raff’s shirt and pulled it up, his mate understanding what he wanted and helped remove the piece of clothing which was tossed away. Layke’s shirt quickly followed Raff’s top, Layke distracted a moment, unsure just how Raff managed to take the shirt off as it was buttoned up the front. His mate though undid Layke’s chinos and he completely forgot about the shirt.

“Lock.” Layke waved a hand at the door as his pants hit the floor. Raff knelt and urged Layke to step out of the pants. Hooking fingers in the waistband of his briefs, Layke pushed them down, freeing his erection and tingling balls.

Raff gripped Layke’s hips and put his face in Layke’s groin. Layke gasped in surprise and pleasure, his hands sliding into his mate’s wavy, chopped hair. When Raff’s tongue flicked over his balls, he choked on a moan. The shifter had a talented mouth. Layke’s fingers gripped the lush locks and he would have spread his legs further apart except the briefs around his ankles restricted him.

Raff’s tongue and mouth explored every part of Layke’s sac, sucking in one ball after another, rolling them around with his tongue and nibbling the underside. Multitasking, Raff removed a satchel of lube from a back pocket of his jeans and, tearing it open, drizzled some onto the fingers of his right hand.

Layke’s balls were incredibly sensitive and with every suck and lick, he was biting his lip. A long, wet finger nudged its way into his ass. Layke’s grip on his mate’s glossy thick hair tightened, his breath caught and he wiggled to accommodate. The finger eased in further and rubbed over the bundle of nerves. Layke closed his eyes, the pleasure overwhelming. Raff rubbed the little bundle and moved his finger around. As he slid another finger in next to the first, he sucked the end of one of Layke’s balls into his mouth.

“I…ahohyeah,” Layke babbled.

Aside from babbling, Layke moaned and enjoyed. Raff’s fingers stretched swiftly, brushing the bundle of nerves while his tongue continued fondling. All of it was too much, his balls were tight against his body that was overwhelmed with sensations and needs and if he could not think of a spell to hold off his orgasm, Layke would come far too soon.

Raff obviously didn’t want Layke holding off coming and wrapped his lips around Layke’s cock and took him deep into his mouth, cheeks hollowing, sucking just right. An overload of sensations flooded him and he came with a choked cry, his mate swallowing his release and fingers moving inside him.

When his orgasm finally ebbed, his body was still needy. Raff removed his fingers and stood up. He kissed Layke, a brief hot kiss that included tongue. It was erotic tasting himself on his mate’s lips.

 As soon as their lips parted, Layke turned and placed his front against the bench. Raff growled, a sound that thrilled Layke as it came from his mate expressing his need. He heard the zipper of his man’s jeans and when they dropped. He felt Raff’s hands on his waist and, following his mate’s direction, leaned further over the counter.

“Breathe in, my wizard.”

The head of Raff’s cock pushed into Layke, stretching him. Rising onto his tiptoes, he breathed, his position causing the feel of pressure and being stretched wide. It was delicious, Layke groaning and holding on to the bench. Raff’s cock pressed all the way in until he hit bottom. Layke straightened and pressed back, revelling in the feel of his mate’s long cock filling him, stretching him to capacity.

With a growl, Raff gripped Layke’s right hip as he lowered his head to the curve of Layke’s neck, blunt teeth nibbling. His movements weren’t slow, each thrust in deep. Raff pulled nearly all the way out, Layke groaned as Raff pushed back in, sliding over the bundle of nerves that sent tingles through him.

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