In My Mate's a Dragon Slayer?, real dragons exist, and I’m one of them. My name’s Dineiro, but you can call me Dini. All my friends do. Don’t worry. I don’t breathe fire or hunt unsuspecting villagers. Then how can my mate possibly be a dragon slayer? How can I love him anyway? And why does he love me back?

In Pixie of Frankenstein, what do you do when your mate is a shape-shifting feline and ten times your size? Well, I don’t know about you, but I tend to emanate extra pixie dust. But that’s okay, because my mate is a scientist and he understands. After all, I am Larue, the pixie of Victor Frankenstein.

In The Frog Prince's Hair-Raising Predicament, my name is Rapunzel, and for years my father kept me locked in a tower. And then my path unexpectedly crossed that of Prince Medwin, and my life changed. Now…if only my obscenely long hair would leave us alone long enough for us to consummate our mating. Wait…why is Medwin suddenly a frog?

In Undead Have Bunnies, Too, as a carnivorous bunny, I’ve suffered a lot. I’m unappreciated by my warren and unable to mate because of my inability to hunt. But now I’ve finally found Vlad Dracula, my other half. So what if he’s a vampire? He’s mine. I think. Goddess, I don’t want to be wooed. Why won’t he claim me? Gah!


A Siren Erotic Romance
Scarlet Hyacinth is a Siren-exclusive author.


A Tail Like No Other Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
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Releasing Magda’s reins, I jumped forward, lunging toward the bush. I had no clue what I’d expected. A bandit, perhaps. Instead, an animal leapt out of the shrubbery, dodging my blow with a startled yelp and pushing me back with its hind legs as it did so. No, not an animal. A dragon.

“Oh, Gods!” Magda exclaimed. “It’s a dragon.”

Under different circumstances, I’d have teased her for pointing out the obvious. A magical horse should have said something a little wiser, in my opinion. But I had no time for sarcastic comments or remarks. Here was my prey, conveniently delivered to me by the Rainbow Brick Road.

I swept my sword in an arc, and I’d have hit the thing had a small white blur not landed straight on my arm, deflecting me. I groaned as sharp teeth embedded themselves in my flesh, a remarkable feat indeed, given that I was wearing my hunting armor. Granted, it was only reinforced leather, as a long journey in chainmail or anything of the like would have been a fool’s errand. However, it still should have kept most creatures at bay, more so one the size of my attacker.

Cursing, I tried to shake the animal of me, only to find myself even more confused when my world grew white as a peculiar substance clouded my vision.

“What the fuck…?” Now furious, I blindly reached for the source of my pain, releasing a sound of victory when my fingers found fur. Before I could get a good grip on the thing, it released me and plopped down to my side, apparently intending to attack my legs instead.

However, Magda rode to my side, snorting angrily and chasing it away. The air began to clear, and I was able to see again. I reached for the crossbow bound to Magda’s saddle, already knowing that the sword would probably be useless in this fight. The dragon could escape me by flying away, but I could reach it with a well-placed projectile.

As I loaded a bolt, though, I finally took in my unlikely foes. A small white rabbit sat in the center of the path, glaring daggers at me. Next to it, a tiny flying creature hovered, its wing fluttering rapidly. A pixie?

“He’s after you, Dini. Run,” one of them cried. I thought it might have been the rabbit, but I couldn’t be sure. “We’ll hold him back.”

The dragon was actually in flight now, its wings keeping it aloft over the path. It could have flown off during my odd and embarrassing fight with the small beings, but even now, it seemed reluctant. “I can’t just leave you.”

I already had my hand on my crossbow, aiming straight for the dragon, but I faltered when I heard its voice. It was soft, softer than anything I’d heard in my life. I wasn’t necessarily surprised that it spoke. After all, Magda did, and she originated from Morganna. Likely, most Merlinian beasts had similar abilities. But that voice…It reached out to a part of me that I hadn’t known existed.

For the first time, I realized my target seemed quite small. Was it a baby dragon? If so, it would be cruel to slay it. The dragon’s scales glittered in a strange purplish color, as if a million shades of it danced over its reptilian skin. Even its eyes were a deep shade of violet, and as our gazes met, I had a strange thought that it was truly a beautiful creature.

Before I knew it, I lowered my weapon, hesitating. Both the rabbit and the pixie noticed. “Go!” the pixie shouted. “He’s not paying attention. We can make a break for it.”

They leapt at the dragon, and it landed, managing to somehow catch them. It stashed them into something that looked like a pouch. As it launched itself into the air, though, my body moved instinctually. Pointing my crossbow at it once again, I attacked.

The bolt hit true. The dragon let out an agonizing cry and fell out of the sky into the bushes. Immediately, a feeling of horror invaded me, and I rushed in that direction, my brain focused on one single idea.

“Oh, Gods, please, please, please…Please, let it be alive.”

I didn’t know why it was so important to me. After all, the whole purpose of this journey had been to slay a dragon. Still, that brief moment when I’d heard its voice and met its gaze had touched me somehow.

Fortunately, when I reached it, I noticed it was still moving around. The pixie and the rabbit had jumped out of its pouch, trying to help it, but failing. The dragon whimpered as it lifted its right wing, where my bolt had struck.

When they saw me coming, all three creatures froze. “Go,” the dragon whispered to its friends.

“No, Dini,” the pixie refused adamantly, much like its—his?—reptilian friend had done earlier. “We’re not letting the human kill you.”

“It is the road,” the dragon insisted. “This is my fate. I won’t have you sharing it. Go!”

In the end, they were arguing about who was going to sacrifice himself for who, and I got tired of it. “Would you mind?” I asked. “I’m still here, you know.”

As I spoke, the dragon looked at me, and suddenly, his form blurred into a human-like shape. “Are you going to kill me?” he asked, purple eyes wide with fright.

His voice swept over me like a caress, and I couldn’t have held on to my weapon if I wanted to. The crossbow fell from my hand, unwanted, as I gaped at the lovely sight in front of me. “No,” I replied in a daze. “I think I won’t.”




He released a growl, almost sounding like one of my kind. When he kissed me again, I forgot all about my earlier misgivings. His lips were so soft, but his blond stubble a little rough, the two different sensations complementing each other perfectly. How could we possibly fight against something that was so true and real?

His hands traveled all over my body, leaving behind trails of fire. The beast inside me awoke, and I allowed myself to do some exploring of my own. Unlike me, he was wearing clothes, and my whine of discontent was swallowed into his kiss. Why in the world did humans insist on such ridiculous things? Okay, so pixies wore their little suits, too, but they were by far easier to discard than these stubborn, clingy things.

Frustrated, I didn’t even realize that I’d summoned my claws until his light leather armor ripped under my touch. Whatever tunic he was wearing underneath didn’t have much of a chance, either. It was quite astounding, since I rarely used my claws in human form. He didn’t seem to mind my actions, though, groaning when I touched him for the first time.

Fortunately, in spite of my eagerness, I managed to retract the sharp tips before I shredded his back like I had his armor. And what a lovely back it was, muscular and strong, clearly revealing his life as a warrior. I wanted to see and feel the rest of him, but the angle made it uncomfortable or even impossible for me to reach most of his clothes.

He must have guessed my predicament, as he briefly pulled away. In frantic motions, he took off the remnants of his armor and tunic, then progressed toward the boots. Dazed, I watched him strip, for some reason finding the swift efficiency sexy. But then, I found most of the things about my mate sexy. How could I not?

Soon, he had discarded his clunky footwear and worked on the laces of his pants. As he undid them, my gaze was drawn to his more than generous package. Unable to help myself, I reached for him, tentatively tracing the line of his hard dick. His fingers fumbled, tangling in the laces. “Baby, if you’re going to keep doing that, I’ll never get naked,” he said huskily.

That was quite a threat, except a determined dragon would not allow a little thing like pants to get between him and his mate’s erect penis. Meeting his gaze, I gave him a hand—a claw—and helped him undo the stubborn bindings. Kirril wiggled out of his pants, and at last, he was blissfully naked.

As soon as he abandoned the last of his Goddess-damned clothing, I struck. Pushing him back against the mattress, I lowered my mouth over his dick and took it all the way into my throat. I’d never done such a thing before, but I’d heard stories from the others in my tribe. I’d also discussed it with my friends, and Larue had been particularly pissed that, due to my reptilian nature, I had no gag reflex. In his opinion, it was an unfair advantage dragons had been given. Either way, right now I was more than happy to use it for my mate’s pleasure.

Indeed, Kirril seemed more than appreciative with regard to my untrained efforts. I’d never been with anyone before, but I followed my instincts and bobbed my head up and down his shaft, sucking for all I was worth. His hands threaded through my hair, guiding me down. At first, he obviously attempted not to push me or force me into anything I couldn’t handle. While I appreciated that, it truly wasn’t necessary. I might have been small, but I wasn’t frail. And Goddess have mercy, his passion enflamed me more than I’d have imagined. The taste of his pre-cum on my tongue drugged me, making me crave more. I loved his gentleness, but I ached for his unleashed lust.

Fortunately, Kirril had his limits, too. When I squeezed his hip in sign that it was all right to let go, he snapped. He started to fuck my mouth in earnest, shoving his prick all the way into my throat. More than ever thankful for my dragon nature, I accepted it all and demanded more, moaning around his thick cock. My own pleasure seemed to echo his, and just hearing him lost in his desire for me awoke every nerve in my body.

At last, Kirril surrendered the battle to my enthusiastic ministrations. Thrusting one last time into my mouth, he roared and came. When his ejaculate filled my mouth, a sense of complete ecstasy flowed over me. An unexpected orgasm exploded through my body, more powerful than anything I’d ever experienced before. It was shocking, especially since I hadn’t even touched myself. All right, so I had been grinding against Kirril’s thigh, but that didn’t count.

I trembled through the waves of my climax, drinking down my mate’s sperm without missing a drop. It was with a great deal of reluctance that I finally released him. He pulled me up with a strength that surprised me. Given how drained I was, I’d have thought him to be in the same situation. When he kissed me, though, I couldn’t bring myself to complain.

In fact, one touch from him, and my libido reawakened. My beast was more eager than ever to claim him, and nothing would sate me before it happened.

He didn’t seem grossed out by the fact that he was essentially tasting his own spunk. When we broke apart again, he licked his lips and grinned. “That was nice. Do all dragons give amazing blow jobs, or is it just you?”

“Most are probably better at it,” I replied. “No gag reflex. I’m glad you liked it.”

“Mmmm…I did enjoy it tremendously. But I think you wanted more, isn’t that right, baby?”





Dineiro’s pouch was warm, making me feel safe in spite of our less than ideal circumstances. Alas, my earlier discovery had led us to run into a human slayer, which the dragon seemed to be attracted to. I suspected the slayer, Kirril, might be Dineiro’s mate, and I was happy for my friend. Sadly, because of this meeting, we’d ended up far away from the Laughing Forest, into the Forgotten Steppes.

Now, night had fallen, and we were at the mercy of the spirit hunters. I had to admit I was afraid. Pixies were beings of magic, and we were very vulnerable to such creatures. I trembled in Dineiro’s pouch, feeling small and stupid and helpless. My own powers helped me communicate with nature and defend myself from normal threats if need be, but they wouldn’t be enough this time.

Bunny-shifter Vesper reached for me, his paw gentle on my hand. He was larger than me, and we didn’t always get along, but in fact, we were great friends. “We’re going to be fine,” he whispered. “You’ll see.”

I doubted it a lot. The sun hadn’t set yet, and I couldn’t feel any tension in the air, but I knew it would happen. We were sitting ducks, well, sitting dragon, pixie, bunny, and magical horse. We’d made camp in the middle of the plains, together with the slayer and his mare, Magda, but I very much suspected they wouldn’t be able to help. Sweet Goddess, Kirril hadn’t even known about the spirit hunters’ existence.

At last, darkness started to set in, and I was proven right when the green plains around us disappeared, melting into a barren desert. I tried to bury myself as deep as I could in Dineiro’s pouch, but even it could not protect when the storm exploded around us.

It was… I couldn’t even come up with words to describe it. The chaos suddenly threatening to sweep us away sent wind, hail, thunder, and rain over us. The slayer attempted to hold his ground, but even his bulk couldn’t stop the power of nature, now wielded by the hunters.

I screamed as the wind began to pull Dineiro and Magda up into the air, but my voice was lost within the roar of the storm and the strange laughter around us. To his credit, Kirril abandoned the sword he’d been holding and reached for Magda’s reins and Dineiro’s paw. Sadly, the anger of the tempest was too intense. I tried to hold onto Dineiro, but it was to no avail. Both Vesper and I slid out of his pouch, as if stolen by an invisible hand.

The last thing I registered was the wild storm holding me in a strangely solid grip, and then the exhausting panic plunged me into darkness. I didn’t know how much time passed while I floated in the far more comfortable unconsciousness, but I began to stir when a strange sound reached my ears. It seemed like… a purr?

My eyes shot open, and the first thing I saw were two gold-green eyes looming in front of me. I screamed, and immediately fluttered away. My instincts caused me to emanate more pixie dust which I threw at my foe, all the while glowing brighter to confuse it.

The strange creature sneezed and recoiled slightly, and as we put some distance between the two of us, I realized the culprit behind my scare was a black cat. It looked huge to me, but it was probably a normal size for an animal its breed.

After a few seconds, the feline no longer seemed put out by my attack. It began to leisurely saunter toward me, with that elegant yet somehow threatening gait only a cat could pull off. I decided I wouldn’t let it scare me any longer and shot up straight into the air.

This proved to be a mistake as the cat leapt at me and with a well-aimed blow, sent me falling back on the… floor? No, it wasn’t a floor. Oh, Goddess. The hard surface I landed on seemed covered with a soft, embroidered fabric. There were candles, plates, and glasses somewhere to my right. I was on a table.

Because I’d gone way beyond fear at this point, I melted it into anger. I shot to my feet, hovering just over the table. “I won’t let you eat me,” I shouted at the cat. “And if you try, I’ll give you indigestion.”

That was obviously not a convincing threat in the cat’s eyes. It released a disturbingly human chuckle and grinned, which again, startled me. “You were right, Igor,” he said. “He amuses me.”

Igor? Who in the world was Igor? I got my unwanted reply to that question when a tall shadow loomed over me, practically drowning out what little light I got in this strange place. “Indeed,” Igor said, chuckling. “I daresay our friends truly outdid themselves this time.”

I felt a chill as I remembered what had happened to me and Vesper. “What did you do? Where is Perry? Where are my friends?”

Much to my shame, I couldn’t keep my voice from trembling. I wasn’t only scared for myself, but also for Vesper, Dineiro, and even Magda and Kirril. For whatever reason, my question seemed to snap the feline out of his amusement. “I assure you no harm has come to either of them,” he said almost earnestly. “We don’t mean to hurt you.”




We held each other in an embrace that was half passion and half relief. Victor’s hands roamed over my now-naked body, leaving trails of fire all over my skin. From my lips and my thighs, and everything in between, he caressed me, making me gasp in desire.

His tongue thrust into my mouth, ravaging me, nearly stopping my breath. All the while, he cupped my ass cheeks, gripping and massaging, awakening an urge inside me that I hadn’t truly experienced before. Suddenly, I felt empty, and I needed my mate inside me.

I wasn’t exactly naïve, and I knew what happened between two men when they claimed each other. Many times, I’d discussed it with people in my village, and especially with my friends. I had realized even before what our union would imply. But now that the moment had finally come, it made me shiver with a delight I hadn’t expected.

But Victor didn’t rush. When we broke the kiss, he licked down my neck, sucking on my collarbone and nibbling on my Adam’s apple. He seemed to want to map every inch of my body with his mouth, and he took his time, swirling his tongue and driving shocks of pleasure through me.

The sensations were all so fresh and surprising. I honestly had nothing to compare it with, as this was the first time I’d allowed anyone to touch me like this. The pleasure threatened to swallow me whole, and I didn’t know if it was because of my new, human-sized body, my mate, or both. The only thing I knew was that, oh, Goddess, I wanted more. I needed more.

Victor seemed to read my mind. His mouth finally progressed down my chest, until it reached my nipple. As wet heat engulfed the tiny bud, I arched my back and cried out, shocked at the extent to which that simple touch could break my every notion of limits. I felt like he’d plunged me into an abyss of pure passion, and we’d only just started.

While he tormented one of my nipples with his obscenely talented mouth, he pinched the other, somehow managing to be both gentle and nearly violent. His caresses teased me with the promise of the union to come, the pleasure I could only find in our complete connection.

In that moment, I desperately wished I had known more, so that I could bring Victor the same pleasure he gave me. I’d have felt self-conscious, except I knew that just the fact that we were together like this meant more than any elaborate seduction techniques.

Of course, Victor didn’t have trouble in that department. In fact, each of his touches seemed engineered to draw even more ecstasy out of me. When he released my nipple, he progressed down my chest, as if trying to get acquainted with every inch of me. He even thrust his tongue in my belly button. I yelped at that, as the unexpected touch made a renewed wave of bliss flow over me. My mate had found a sensitive spot.

Since I’d long ago lost control of my body, pixie dust burst all around me. My wings twitched against the bed, as if they were urging me to take flight. But no, I was already flying, soaring in a sky I had never explored before, one of impossibly bright desire.

I didn’t even know what to do anymore. I couldn’t even tell which way was up. Usually, I had a great sense of orientation, but now all capacity of rational thought had abandoned me. I only remembered my own name because he had whispered it earlier, in that husky tone that still echoed in my ears.

I was so damn close to reaching an edge that I feared I would not be able to return from. When Victor lifted his head and looked at me, the words that had been bubbling inside me spilled out. “Please, Victor,” I whispered in a voice that I barely recognized as my own. “Touch me.”

Honestly, I didn’t know what I’d expected. Perhaps I hadn’t even thought about something in particular. Nevertheless, he surprised me when, out of the blue, he crawled lower down my body and, before I even knew what was going on, took my cock into his mouth. If the suction had felt amazing around my nipples and the touch of his tongue electrifying inside my belly button, now it was simply… I had no words. The sensations scattered my every thought, until only one of them remained. Yes, Victor, more.

Was it something I actually vocalized? I had no clue. Either way, Victor did listen to my plea. He increased the rhythm, bobbing his head up and down my prick, sucking for all he was worth. Already on the brink of orgasm, I couldn’t withstand the onslaught of ecstasy. With a scream, I buried my dick into Victor’s throat and came.

Victor drank down every drop, holding me while I rode the waves of my climax. All the while, he was making these small groans of pleasure that sent vibrations through my oversensitive dick, drawing out my rapture. At this point, I was a whimpering mess, unable to gather my wits, but impossibly, my body still responded. Even as I was recovering from my first orgasm, my cock hardened once again, eager to continue.

My mate released my dick from his mouth and grinned up at me, licking his lips. He looked like the proverbial cat that ate the cream, and the lust in his gaze simply burned me up. It hypnotized me, freezing me in that same mind space of anticipation and white-hot desire. I could barely breathe because of the need pulsing through my veins.





His soft voice was like a caress that reached out to my very soul. I remembered the way he’d offered me the two books this morning, almost bashfully, like he’d expected a refusal. I recalled that first time he’d picked me up in his arms, when I’d panicked in the garden. Biting my lip, I closed my eyes once again.

His hands reached under my robe and slowly, ever so slowly, slid off my stockings. I shivered as his fingers touched my naked legs. That same feeling of desire pooled into my crotch, making a million confused sensations course through me. “Medwin,” I whispered.

“Shh,” Medwin repeated. “I’ll take care of you, my beautiful love.”

I might not have known much about what two people did when they were together, but I did understand that it implied both of them being nude. As such, I expected Medwin to do exactly that, to start taking the rest of my clothes off. If I wanted to be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I would have refused him if he had done so. But much to my surprise, he made no attempt to take things further. Instead, his hands traveled down my thighs and he just started to massage my feet.

While the act in itself seemed innocent enough, there was also something very private and sensual about it. His clever fingers found unexpected places on my soles, weeding out tension I hadn’t even known I was carrying.

It was also the first time any man touched me in such a way. Not even my father had done so, as he had always said it wouldn’t have been appropriate behavior toward a daughter. Medwin’s caresses were clearly those of a lover, but at the same time, they had a lazy, unrushed feel, not pushing me into anything I wasn’t ready for.

I became putty in Medwin’s talented hands, and a comfortable languor fell over me. I might have actually dozed off for a while, because when I came to, Medwin was laying by my side again, watching my face intently. “Hi,” he said, smiling.

“Hello,” I replied, my face flaming. “I’m sorry for falling asleep like that.”

Medwin chuckled and smoothed a lock of hair out of my face. “Don’t be. I got a peek of your beautiful sleeping face. I consider myself more than satisfied.”

How did he always know exactly what to say? How did he always manage to make me shiver with just a word? I looked at him with wide eyes. He was so close now that I could feel his breath on my cheek. Just a little closer and his lips would be on mine.

“Rapunzel,” Medwin murmured, “I…”

“Yes?” I prodded when he didn’t immediately reach for me.

The next thing I knew, Medwin climbed on top of me, his green eyes going almost dark with desire. “You’re so beautiful,” he said as he lifted the bottoms of my robes. “I want to touch you, to make you mine.”

Right then and there, that sounded like a brilliant idea. I wanted to touch him, too, to feel the stubble of his jaw with his fingers, to trace the lines of his body with my lips. From that point on, I really had no clue what would happen, but I did trust Medwin, no matter what.

I felt something hard poking my hip, and for whatever reason, I found myself rubbing against him. Medwin hissed, freezing on top of me like I’d struck him. Before I could even make myself ask what was wrong, he clenched his jaw and pulled away again.

As I lay there, watching him, a million thoughts coursed through my head. Mostly, I wondered whether Medwin despised me for being so open to his advances. It wasn’t very something very maidenly to do. But no, Medwin wouldn’t think such things, and truly, hadn’t we gone beyond rules of formality? Or had we? Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part, to justify my own shameless nature and lack of self-restraint.

Finally, Medwin shot to his feet and spoke out, snapping me from my trance. “I’m sorry,” he said between gritted teeth, not looking at me. “I promised you I wouldn’t take things further until you were ready, but I almost lost it there.”

I couldn’t let my own foolish faults torture him like that. “It’s all right,” I said, getting up as well. I gripped his jaw and forced our eyes to meet. “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I do know one thing. Whatever this thing is that we have together, I want to explore it fully. I don’t want to be afraid anymore.”

With that said, I reached for my hair and undid it from its knot. My intention had been to show him another part of me which I knew he liked. He’d been fascinated with my hair the day before, and I wanted him to touch it again. I wouldn’t have called it a deliberately seductive move, but rather, my own willingness to give him everything that I was.

Sadly, my hair had other ideas. As it rolled to the ground in a heavy curtain, it struck the nearby tree. I grimaced, tossing my head slightly. After all, I didn’t want to have to pull twigs out of my tresses later on. Really, having long hair like this might have been practical for a person who was trapped in a tower, but not so much for regular folk, who actually moved around. I found that my damn hair kept snagging in the strangest of places, and if I continued to stay here in Arthuria, I’d have to come up with solution to this problem.

Alas, in my attempt to tame my mane, I ended up swishing it through the air like a whip. It collided with the tree, and in the process, it made a bees nest I hadn’t originally seen fall right on top of us.




At this point, Rapunzel was trembling, his dick leaking generous amounts of pre-cum, practically demanding my attention. I gladly followed his cues and covered his body with my own. Even if my cock practically screamed to be buried inside the sanctuary of Rapunzel’s body, I ignored it.

Rapunzel had been brave in telling me that he’d liked the images in the book and he wanted us to do such things together. So, I planned to show him at least a part of what he’d seen, all in good time.

I started by peppering his beautiful face with kisses. His hair came undone from its knot—seemingly on its own—and I experienced a brief moment of panic in which I thought another incident would interrupt us. It didn’t happen. This time, Rapunzel’s beautiful locks allowed us to continue with no problems.

With that matter out of the way, I continued to explore Rapunzel’s body. I could have easily dwelt on kissing him forever, on mapping the aristocratic features of his face with my tongue over and over. But both of us needed more than that, and I progressed lower down, sucking on his collarbone and the hollow of his throat. He arched his back, tilting his head, wordlessly demanding more.

As his moans rose in volume, his hands started roaming over my body. At first tremulous, then greedy, they explored me with the same passion I felt within me. Apparently, in spite of his shyness and lack of experience, Rapunzel desired me enough to surpass his previous hesitation. That was a heady thought, and it urged me onward, encouraging me toward more daring caresses.

His nipples had already pebbled, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to them. The plump yet delicate bits of flesh were as beautiful as the rest of him, and I wanted to see how he would respond once I touched them.

I was not disappointed, because when I engulfed his right nipple in my mouth, Rapunzel cried out, his dick throbbing against my abdomen. “Medwin… Oh, Goddess, please!”

He started to thrash under me, his hair writhing around us like a live thing. Drunk on his obvious pleasure, I suckled on the nub in my mouth while tweaking his other nipple with my fingers.

Rapunzel’s hands landed in my hair, but he made no attempt to either push me away or pull me closer. Or maybe he was trying to do both. He clearly craved the stimulation I provided, but couldn’t decide where he wanted my mouth most.

In the end, I took that decision for him. Releasing his nipple from my mouth with a wet pop, I freed myself from his hold and kissed over his abdomen, until I finally reached his weeping dick. Without a single word of warning, I took his cock in my mouth, all the way into my throat.

He screamed, so loudly I could have mistaken it for a shout of pain if I didn’t know any better. As I bobbed my head up and down his prick, I knew that he wouldn’t be able to endure for much longer. His fingers buried themselves in my locks again, pulling so hard my scalp was starting to ache. Meanwhile, his tresses swept over my body, an extension of him, of his magic, touching everything he couldn’t reach on his own.

Even if it would have been easy for me to lose myself in the sensation, I kept a tight leash over what remained of my control. The flavor of his pre-cum tasted like pure, sinful heaven. I could have come just from sucking his dick, but I wanted to focus on his pleasure, on his experience. I sped up the pace and speed of my suction, reveling in the sounds of pleasure he made, in the knowledge that I was the first to touch him like him this.

His dick was long and slender, and I loved the feel of it on my tongue, in my mouth. I lavished every inch of it with attention, at the same time rolling the perfect spheres of his balls in my hand. It was hard to believe that he’d ever doubted his gender. He certainly didn’t have any problems with acknowledging it now.

Finally, when my own urgency began to grow unbearable, I rubbed my fingers over his taint, then thrust one single dry digit into his anus. Rapunzel went completely rigid, and seconds later, he came, his cock pulsing and filling my mouth with streams of hot cum.

It took everything I had not to follow him over the edge. Only my desire to be inside him when that happened kept me from doing so. As it was, I gulped down every drop of his offering. Sweet and salty with a slight spicy tinge, it was much like Rapunzel himself, reminding me of his complex nature. His gentle, generous, and shy exterior hid a very passionate creature, and one of great courage. I truly didn’t know what I’d done to deserve his affection, but from now on, I had every intention to dedicate my life to showing him how much I appreciated it.

I released his spent cock from my mouth and licked my lips as I scanned his face. Rapunzel met my gaze with dazed eyes that shone like beautiful sapphires. He didn’t speak, but he didn’t have to. I could read those lovely blue orbs like I would a book, and now, they said that he still wanted to be with me, in every other way.

Following that wordless plea, I flipped him on all fours. He must have had some idea of what I planned, because he thrust his ass out, wiggling it invitingly. My mind just about melted with lust.





I looked up, only to find a tall, dark-haired woman standing in front of me. I had no idea where she had come from. She seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, which startled me greatly. My shape-shifter senses should have registered her approach.

Even more disturbingly, she wiggled her fingers at me and continued to baby-talk. “Such a precious thing you are. So gorgeous. Don’t worry. You don’t need to be afraid. I’m your friend.”

She reached for me, and I guessed she probably meant to pet me. Taking advantage of her rash actions, I waited until the last possible moment. Then, when she was within the perfect distance, I struck. I buried my fangs in her hand, biting her with all the anger and frustration that had gathered up due to my unfortunate situation. No. I refused to be petted. Petting was off limits. Goddess, what did these people think, that because I was a bunny, I had a permanent “pet me” sign pasted on? Did they not know that our fur was quite sensitive to the touch? Did they have no concept of personal boundaries? Sheesh.

The woman let out a loud cry and pulled her hand back so abruptly that I didn’t even release her. I ended up stubbornly hanging onto her, my fangs still embedded into her flesh. The situation would have probably grown even more difficult, but a tall, muscular man walked into the room, his gaze zeroing in on me and my foe. Behind him, three other girls followed.

“What in the world are you doing, Monica?” the man asked.

The woman released a small, breathless chuckle. “I seem to have upset our guest.”

She didn’t seem to be angry that I had attacked her. Meanwhile, the other three females gathered around us, making soft cooing noises. “Oh, isn’t he adorable?”

“Poor thing, his fur looks a little ragged.”

“It must be because of the storm. We could wash him a bit. I’m sure those new oils would make him just glow.”

Since I was still holding onto the first woman’s hand with my fangs, I could only let out a muffled, distressed whimper.

The man sighed heavily and walked to our side. Slowly, he took me in his arms and said, “Come on now. Let go. It’s safe.”

There was just something about his voice that felt truthful, but I was still a little wary. After all, how could I not be? I’d been kidnapped and thrust into a lair of abusive females who seemed intent on attacking me with more violence than I could ever muster.

Nevertheless, the man was less likely to make any attempts to make my fur glow with bathing oils, so I did let go. Even as I did so, the wound on my victim’s hand already started to close. She was pouting, though, and throwing the man a disgruntled look. “Come on, Vlad. Don’t be like that. We mean well.”

“I’m sure you do,” Vlad replied calmly. “But the gargoyles didn’t bring him here for you.”

That was the only warning I got before the mysterious Vlad buried his hand in my fur. A shiver coursed through me, and not an entirely unpleasant one. My instinctual reaction was to cuddle closer to his chest, but then, I realized what I was doing. Just as Vlad tightened his hold on me, I bit him. Hard. He yelped as my fangs struck his nipple. I hadn’t really intended to do that, but somehow, I actually managed to draw blood.

He hissed in pain and something more, a feeling my nose identified as arousal. At the same time, though, I must have surprised him through my attack, because he dropped me.

I fell onto the floor on four paws and instinctively took off running. Vlad cursed and started to follow me. As we abandoned the foyer, I heard the four women burst into laughter, their twinkling giggles reminding me of the sound of bells as they echoed against the walls of the castle.

Vlad was laughing, too, but his dark chuckles were more like a sensual threat than anything else. I kind of wanted to get caught, but I didn’t slow down. That strange feeling confused me. I didn’t know any of these people. I didn’t understand why I’d been brought here. I was worried for my friends who had been trapped in the storm with me. Right then and there, there were so many thoughts and emotions coursing through me that I couldn’t even differentiate between them.

Finally, I burst outside into a large garden. It was quiet now, impossibly so after the intense storm. The Merlinian night settled over the castle like a thick veil, but the light of the moon did drift through the clouds, giving me a glimpse of what lay ahead of me. The ornamental bushes and the strange statues looked threatening in the dark, and for a few moments, I froze in apprehension. It probably wasn’t safe out there. The Goddess only knew what could be hiding in this place. But even so, I refused to be such a scaredy-rabbit. I would not back down. This could be the only way I had to find my friends again.

As I ran through the garden, though, it became obvious that my escape wouldn’t be so easy. The place was simply labyrinthine, and even if my shifter senses were pretty advanced, I was largely a creature of daylight.

Before I knew it, I was lost amidst the odd shrubbery, leaping wildly around the statues that seemed to fix me with peculiarly alive eyes. My heart raced, and I was seriously beginning to panic. For the nth time that day, I cursed my blasted luck. How was it that I’d ended up such a disaster at everything my people were generally good at?




His hand snaked between our bodies, gripping my cock in a nearly ruthless hold. I gasped as he rubbed his thumb over the leaking tip, the sound muffled by our lip-lock. I was already impossibly close to coming, and he’d only just started to touch me. Writhing in his embrace, I wordlessly tried to convey my need for him, hoping that it would make him give me some relief.

As it seemed, my mate had other plans. He bit down on my lower lip, and I tasted blood as his fangs broke the skin. The action was a warning and a promise, a reminder of who was really in charge. It excited me more than I’d thought was possible, and I’d have undoubtedly found my peak if he hadn’t suddenly pushed me away.

“No, you don’t, my sweet,” he said. “Not just yet. I want to taste your pleasure.”

As he spoke, he squeezed the base of my dick, an unforgiving touch that pushed my orgasm back, while oddly adding to my pleasure. I didn’t know if it was the physical compulsion, or merely the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes that bound me to this sexual torment, but there I lingered, on the edge, unable to climax, a slave to his will.

“That’s it,” he purred in my ear, almost sounding like a large feline. He pinned my hands above my head with one strong fist. “Submit to me. You are mine. Isn’t that right, Vesper?”

His eyes glowed red as he spoke, and there was something hypnotic in it. Was this what he had meant when he’d said I didn’t understand what it would be like to mate a vampire? Perhaps. Some people might have thought it scary, but not me. To me, those crimson orbs looked beautiful, like twin suns threatening to burn me whole, to brand me as forever belonging to Vlad.

“Yours,” I said, somewhat marveling at the fact that I was even able to speak. “Yours forever.”

Vlad released a low growl, which I could translate as a sign of arousal and possessiveness. My nostrils were invaded by the scent of his desire for me. I needed to touch him more than I did my next breath, but I was held captive by his gaze. He didn’t even necessarily have to maintain his hold on my arms, because I couldn’t have fought him if I’d wanted to.

Obviously realizing my complete and utter surrender, Vlad released my wrists. “Good,” he said. “Now, my sweet, you absolutely mustn’t come until I tell you to.”

I whimpered, but nodded. Vlad shot me a satisfied smirk, and crawled down my body. Without giving me a single word of warning, he took my cock in his mouth.

Pleasure exploded through me as wet heat engulfed my engorged dick. I had thought that I knew what ecstasy meant, but I’d been a fool, because up until this moment, I’d never truly understood the extent of it. Now, my whole sense of self focused on the bliss that my mate offered, on the maddening suction that tortured me in such a beautiful way. He had told me not to come, and I wanted to keep my promise toward him, but it was just so hard—no pun intended. He licked my cock from the base to the tip, then suckled the head, exploring the tiny hole in the glans. He teased me with tiny flicks of tongue, mapped my balls with his talented fingers and that sinful mouth, and just as I thought I was going to lose my mind, he once again started his previous ruthless pace. I was lost in it, lost in him, hanging onto sanity by a very thin thread.

And then, Vlad did something completely unexpected. Sucking my prick all the way into his throat, he swallowed around the head and bit down. His fangs pierced the sensitive flesh of my cock. It should have hurt, and, to a certain extent, maybe it did, but my body seemed hardwired to translate that pain into pleasure. The rapture that exploded over me was simply indescribable. I tried to hold myself in check, not wanting to fail my mate, but I had no hope of withstanding the onslaught of ecstasy that assaulted me. Crying out Vlad’s name, I came, filling his mouth with my spunk.

For a few moments, I wasn’t aware of anything except the bliss that Vlad had coaxed out of me. I might have actually blacked out, except Vlad decided he wasn’t done. Even as he released my dick from his mouth, he licked it clean, making renewed heat flow through me. And when he finally lifted his gaze, he grinned almost evilly.  “I didn’t tell you to come.”

I refrained from pointing out that he couldn’t have said anything, because he’d had his mouth full of cock. I very much suspected that whatever I said wouldn’t make a difference. Besides, I didn’t think I could speak. My orgasm had only made the overpowering heat worse. My senses felt both muddled and a million times more focused. I couldn’t register any of my surroundings, but I saw Vlad clearer than ever before, marveled in the ways different shades of red danced with utter blackness in his eyes. I drank in the sight of his gorgeous body that almost seemed sculpted out of the purest marble, aching to touch him, to hold onto his hair and test its softness. But he was the one in charge of this, and I was completely at his mercy. I had already come without being allowed to, and moving again would be a terrible idea.

“What punishment do you think you deserve?” Vlad asked me almost idly. As he spoke, he gripped my dick and jacked it slowly. “Tell me, my sweet.”

I let out a tortured noise, but couldn’t really focus on what he’d asked me. “V–Vlad,” I stammered instead. “Please.”

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