The Wild Bunch: Spark (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 16,094
0 Ratings (0.0)

Spark, Stace, and Cass have been best buddies since their high school rodeo days. Now they work for a very special guest ranch that caters to gay men who need a break and escape from their high stress fast lane lives. Rainbow Ranch has a reputation for providing precisely the Wild West adventures each guest needs and desires with the cowboys of their hottest dreams.

Spark is all a-twitch when he learns Lou Vetrano is coming back for a second visit. He's not used to guests making a lasting impression but there was something about the dashing Chicagoan he can't get out of his system. Is too much change coming into his life too fast?

Lou had a great time on his first visit to Rainbow Ranch. He knows a lot of it was due to one blond hunk of a cowboy he can't wait to see again. Soon he senses things are starting to get a lot more serious than he expected or planned. How can he make a cowboy fit into his high finance life and why does he want to try? Then an unexpected attack by a hungry puma helps him put all the pieces of this puzzle together.

The Wild Bunch: Spark (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Wild Bunch: Spark (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 16,094
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Trace Edward Zaber

The hot tub sat in a gazebo, sheltered by latticed walls on three sides and covered with a thatched roof. A few recessed lights around the edge of the floor cast just enough glow so you could see not to trip. Lou already sat in the steaming water, his arms stretched along the sides of the tub. He looked up as Spark approached.

"I was beginning to wonder what had come up to keep you away," he said.

"I -- er -- just finishing up a few things to get ready for tomorrow." Spark mumbled his explanation, knowing it sounded lame. "I'm here now. Sorry for the delay."

He stepped out of his jeans and tossed them on the bench by one wall. The evening air still held a distinct chill hinting it wasn't really spring yet. A prickle of goose bumps erupted on his legs and then on his chest as the towel followed the jeans. He stepped into the roiling water and settled onto the ledge across from Lou.

Lou gazed at him with a steady stare for several seconds. "We aren't strangers. Why the hesitation?" The heat in his ebony eyes almost burned Spark's exposed skin. "If you're feeling the chill I think we can fix that right now."

Not waiting for Spark to move, he slid around the tub until they sat thigh to thigh. Then he stretched one arm out behind Spark's back and slowly curled his fingers to feather across Spark's ribs. "Better?"

Okay, so he's going to play the seducer this time. That's usually my job but maybe this time it's different. Oh yeah. I know this time it's different.

Lifting his right hand, Lou caught Spark's chin and turned his head until their faces were just short of touching. His hot breath fanned across Spark's skin, still slightly damp and tender from his recent shave. Lou inhaled once, a long, deep breath. "Something about your aftershave -- sagebrush and chaparral and a restless wind. I could drown in it."

Then he moved the last centimeter or two until their lips came into contact. In the fusing heat, all of Spark's uncertainty evaporated at once. He twisted to lock his arms around the other man's body and returned Lou's avid kiss with matching fury. He wasn't sure whose tongue went first on the exploring tour of each other's mouths. He wasn't even sure who reached first to fondle whose cock. He only knew his went from half stiff to totally rigid in a few seconds while he felt Lou's prick expand in his own grip.

They both slid off the ledge then and settled on their knees in the center of the tub, facing each other, surging together until they touched from knees to foreheads.

Lou made a deep growling sound as he sucked on Spark's tongue. He drew free of Spark's hold just long enough to shove his cock between Spark's thighs. "Yes. Finally. I've remembered how this felt a million times."

They swayed in unison, almost as if they were dancing. The motion created a gentle friction as their two cocks stroked back and forth, gripped between two pairs of muscled thighs. Lou dropped his left hand to Spark's right ass cheek. He gripped, digging his fingers into the solid rider's butt. "I love your ass," he said, the words almost a growl. "I love to watch it but I love to feel it even more and I think fucking it would be total paradise. We never got to that last time."

Spark eased back from their embrace. "Okay. If that's what you want ..." He spun around on his knees before he leaned forward to rest his torso against the side of the tub. "There's my ass. Fuck it."

He heard Lou suck in a fast, hard breath.

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