The Alligator’s Birds (MMM)

Milson Valley 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,723
8 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Alternative, Paranormal/Shifters, Gargoyles, Vampires, Magic, Fae, Wizard, Witch, MMM, HEA]

Kit Lenning and Donny Abrams have been mates for twenty years, their love and mateship strong. While Donny wants a quieter life watching a ball game and having a beer after work, Kit is full of energy and is prepared to give most things a go.

Everyone likes River Aston. He’s smart, friendly and attractive. As the heart of the large Aston family he keeps everything reasonably organized and is there for all his siblings and their mates. Lately, River isn’t feeling himself and is suffering from exhaustion. Meeting his mates is an exciting time, but he worries they won’t accept him because of the dangers associated with his family.

And River will never leave his family. Fortunately, Kit likes the Astons and his new mate even more. Donny sees what is needed and quietly sets about making sure River knows exactly what he and Kit want. River, as their mate, and to remain the heart of the Aston family.

The Alligator’s Birds (MMM)
8 Ratings (4.6)

The Alligator’s Birds (MMM)

Milson Valley 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,723
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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They stood, Vicus placing a hand on his shoulder, halting River.


“Donny Abrams, the mate of our new booking clerk. Alligator shifter. Ex-soldier.” Vicus said. “We need to get him on our team. He has great skill.”

“I heard Baron saying—hang on, he’s mated to Kit?” Well, now River was really disappointed. It would be completely wrong to even look at the magpie shifter since he had a mate.

“Yes.” Vicus raised a hand and waved the shifter over.

River found it amusing that while most instantly obeyed Vicus, or ran in fear unless they were family, Donny Abrams looked exasperated and like he wanted to walk away. But he was obviously smart not to walk away from an Avenger and with a very aggrieved expression, stalked towards them.

“Everyone gets a choice, Vic.”

“It is senseless. He would rather work construction and fix equipment.” Vicus really didn’t understand. He had very set thoughts and couldn’t be swayed.

River had seen a picture of Donny Abrams but it hadn’t been a good one. Maybe that was because the man had been making a rude gesture towards the camera which obscured most of his face. Now River had a clear view and found himself staring, and being stared at in return. He didn’t mind. He was used to being looked at, but by Donny Abrams it was a heady experience.

The man swaggered, his gait steady and alert, his eyes an unusual green. Not light, but sort of thick, like swamp water, but not unattractive. Donny was tall, taller than River’s six foot one and much wider with a thick chest and arms, narrow waist and solid legs. When he was within a few feet River’s body went on alert. The shifter’s pupils had turned vertical. Vicus not so subtly moved half in front of River protectively.

“Well, that’s unexpected.” River blinked, sniffing deeply.

“Well, fuck.” Donny stopped, a human quickly changing course so she didn’t run into him.

Vicus eyed them both then glowered at River. “Did you not meet Donny’s mate Kit the other day, brother?”

“You met Kit yesterday?” Donny hissed and stepped closer. “But you didn’t think it was important to mention that we’re mates? That you scented mate?”

“Well, no, because I was dosed by a spray that my brother’s mate was testing to counteract the effects of a Renegade disabling potion.” River said reasonably, sniffing deeply. “I certainly would have mentioned recognizing my mate. I dare say Kit wouldn’t have recognized me as mate either because of the spray.”

“Right, no. He did say he got feelings.” Donny glanced at his watch. “I have to get to work. I’ll call.”

“What?” River was baffled as he watched Donny stride away. “That just—what?”

“Work is apparently important,” Vicus deadpanned.

“And I’m not?” River exclaimed, gesturing wildly at the alligator shifter.

Vicus looked amused. “You are very important, brother. Why don’t we give the shocked alligator shifter time and go see your other mate?”

River perked up. “That’s right! Well, now I’m allowed to ogle as much as I like.”

“Yes. I do not think Billy will be happy to know his spray had the reverse effect he was going for.”

He had mates. Not one, but two. River shook his head, stunned. It would be good if the Fates provided a predestined time and date to let everyone know if and when they would meet their mate, River reasoned. It was a shock to just come across someone and scent mate, completely messed with your head and made your body twitch and get hot and horny.

At home River wasn’t out of the car fully when he was set upon by a delicious smelling creature. Kit practically jumped him, planting a smacking kiss on River’s lips and hugging him tightly. A second later, before River even had a chance to return the kiss and hug, Kit stepped back and grinned up at him.

“Hi, mate! When Donny texted me and said you were our mate, it all made sense why I felt hot and bothered yesterday! And last night and this morning. Though I’m going to have to tell Donny off later. He could have told me which Aston was our mate, then I wouldn’t have had to incur Layke’s wrath when I interrupted him pouring some blue colored liquid into a beaker.” Kit shrugged. “Wasn’t my fault he’s easily startled. Vinn got the fire out anyway.” Kit beamed up at River. “I thought it was either you or Layke, not Blahz because I saw him this morning. He tripped over his book bag and cut his forehead right open! Man, there was so much blood! Made me a bit queasy, and I don’t have a weak gut for that sort of thing. Lacy’s pretty amazing, she healed the cut right up. So, I’m going to keep working in the administration office even if you’re my mate, okay. I got offered the job and it would be discrimination or something to give it to someone else.”

River had no idea what to say. Or even if he should try to speak. Kit barely breathed and kept right on talking, now taking River’s hand and moving them towards the house. He quickly learned over the following hour that Kit Lenning, magpie shifter, was a force of nature.




“I met three of the Astons too. River, Layke and Blahz. They’re all blond with golden eyes and slightly similar features, but they’re all different creature types. I got funny tingles when I met them and they smelt really good except for whatever they’d been sprayed with—”

“What do you mean ‘tingles’?” Donny interrupted.

“Oh baby, you’re the only one for me.” Kit slid a leg over his mate’s and shifted onto Donny’s lap.

“But you have tingles for others.” Donny’s tone was light but his eyes were watchful.

Kit cupped his man’s square chin. “I have more than tingles for you.”

“I should hope so. Tell me about them.”

“Ooh, they are hot! River was the in-charge type but not dominating—you know how I don’t like dominating.” Kit smiled at Donny’s nod. “Except in some cases, then I’ll tolerate it, like when you get all growly and order me about in bed.” He finger walked up Donny’s broad chest. “Anyway, he was cheerful and polite too. Blahz, he’s young and gorgeous, friendly and a bit shy, I’d say. Layke—”

“Layke Aston’s reputation precedes him.” Donny grinned. “Brilliant doctor and scientist, horrible bedside manner and he’s unfriendly.”

“Hot, though. So, wanna go to bed?” Kit wiggled his eyebrows.

Donny stood, Kit locking himself around his mate with a laugh. He loved how Donny could pick him up, could move him around, and the positions they got into! Wooee, Kit couldn’t get enough! It wasn’t far to the bedroom and their bed wasn’t big, not large enough to accommodate Donny’s six foot three, solid frame, but they made it work just fine.

Held up as he was, a large hand on his ass, Kit smiled and, leaning forward, nibbled the side of Donny’s mouth. His mate slid onto the bed, propping himself against the wall with Kit on his lap. Earlier after dinner they showered then Donny had dressed casually in a plain T-shirt and sweat pants. Kit had donned his usual bedtime attire of checkered boxers and a black T-shirt. Donny took hold of the hem of Kit’s top and lifted it up and off and flicked it aside. Kit didn’t waste time, sliding a hand through his mate’s thick head of light brown hair and covering Donny’s mouth.

They’d been together a long time, yet their passion, their desire for one another never dwindled. At times it was a raging need. Other times they were slow and heated, their mouths unable to leave each other.

Now they kissed with tenderness mingled with heady desire. Kit wanted his mate. He wanted to feel Donny’s big cock moving hard inside him, taking them both to the heights of their passion.

Expressing this with his kisses, taking his mate’s mouth with fierce desire, he groaned as Donny held him firmly by the hips and moved their groins together. It was heady, his body hot and needing, his cock leaking.

There were times they were desperate for one another, their bodies feeling feverishly hot and needful. Kit didn’t stop to think if this time was any different, he simply needed Donny, his body consumed with his mate and aching, his muscles tight, his balls sensitive and throbbing.

Donny sensed his urgency, urging Kit up onto his knees and stripping off the boxer shorts. Kit had to move off Donny to remove the shorts completely, Donny was then able to remove his clothes swiftly. Kit sat on the bed as Donny secured the lube from beneath one of their pillows. Once he had the bottle of lube in his hand, Donny took hold of Kit’s knees and moved his legs up and back, Kit lying down.

“Yes.” Kit felt drenched in needs, his body aching and so hot. Holding his knees, he pulled back and gave full access.

Cool liquid drizzled along his crack then Donny’s thick blunt fingers rubbed Kit’s hole, loosening the muscle. A finger dipped inside slowly, Kit wiggling with anticipation. The finger withdrew and Kit moaned a protest until it returned, this time driving all the way inside his needy ass. Kit moaned, head thrown back, moving with that thick finger, enjoying it drilling into him and stroking his sweet spot.

The next finger entered him quickly, stretching his hole, the pressure thrilling. Kit wanted more, and faster. He was greedy and wanting, demanding Donny fill him.

Donny made him wait, leaning down to place his mouth against Kit’s ass cheeks, nibbling here and there, kissing, sucking, driving him into a frenzy of wants. He felt his mate’s tongue swirl around his hole as thick fingers drove in and out of him and begged his mate to take his cock into his mouth. Donny didn’t, he continued to drive Kit to the edge with his fingers and mouth, moving in and out, stroking, kissing, sucking a testicle, then letting it go with a plop and nipping his ass.

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