Fighting Temptation (MM)

Brac Village 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,124
58 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, elves, light consensual BDSM, bondage, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Detective Carmine Bianchi watched a once powerful man turn into a shell when his mother was killed. His father was no longer who he used to be and Carmine refuses to go through the tragedy that was now his father's life. If only fate hadn’t intervened and thrown one small fey Carmine's way, making the walls he erected slowly begin to crumble.

Turi had his own set of complications. His father was trying to make Turi mate his own uncle. He didn’t agree with Wood elf custom of inbreeding and Turi was determined to stay on the run for as long as he had to.

When Turi is nearly hit by a car, he soon realizes that the man behind the wheel is the other half to his soul. Unfortunately, Carmine makes it very clear that the only reason he is sticking around is to help Turi with his problem.

But as Carmine spends time with Turi, he realizes that fighting to keep Turi at arm's length is a battle that his heart was determined to win.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Fighting Temptation (MM)
58 Ratings (4.7)

Fighting Temptation (MM)

Brac Village 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,124
58 Ratings (4.7)
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Lynn Hagen's Brac Village Series and Brac Pack Series are both great. I knew when Turi showed up in the last book he would be both funny and sad. Carmine makes a perfect mate for him. Great read
Mountain Mist
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5 SWEET PEAS: "This is book # 11 in the Brac Village series (a spinoff from the Brac Pack). This gives us Det. Carmine Bianchi, a detective in Brac Village P.D. and black bear shifter who almost hits a man with his car. This man turns out to be Turi, a fae who’s on the run from his father who is trying to force him to mate his uncle. Yes, that is gross, but that’s what the Wood Elves do. They practice inbreeding which is the reason they’re dying out. But I digress. Carmine does not want a mate and fights it every step of the way. His mother died when he was younger and his father’s life fell apart because of it. Carmine is afraid to love because he doesn’t want to end up like his dad: living a half life because he lost his mate. Turi does not want a mate because his life is a mess: his own father is trying to force him to mate his own uncle which adds an ick factor to the storyline. Those darn wood elves…oh well. Carmine spends time with Turi while trying to convince himself that he was doing it to protect the guy from his crazy inbreeding practicing father. Carmine of course falls in love with his mate and they live happily ever after in peace and harmony. For now at least. Hey, they live in Brac Village, a paranormal community. There is no such thing as peace and harmony when you have a wealthy human vampire hunter out to expose and destroy the paranormal residents of that community and the world. Of course, it’s not a Lynn Hagen book if a few surprises aren’t pulled out of the box. Turi’s paternity and the revelation of who his father is was something that I did not see coming. And of course, Maverick Brac, the alpha was privy to that information. As always, this is not a standalone book. It’s part of a series that must be read in sequential order as the characters often cross over from various books from her other series" -- Kiwi, Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

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“What the fuck?” Detective Carmine Bianchi slammed on his brakes, the ass end of his car swerving as he prayed he didn’t hit the guy who had just run out in front of him. His foot damn near went through the floor as he prayed he stopped in time. Where in the hell had he come from?

He sat in his car for a moment, trying to get his heart out of his damn throat. Had someone just run right out in front of him? Knowing the answer was yes, Carmine opened his car door and stepped out onto the country road. He walked to the front of his car and gazed at the man who had fallen to his knees.

He hadn’t hit the guy. Carmine was positive of that. But the man looked a bit shaken up. “Are you all right?”

The man just knelt there, staring at Carmine with a very complex look on his face. The guy blinked a few times as he pushed to his feet, dusting his hands off. “I’m sorry.”

Yeah, sorry wouldn’t have cut it had Carmine actually hit the guy. But from the frazzled way the man looked, Carmine couldn’t find it in himself to be mad.

Carmine took a step closer to make sure the guy was really okay when the most intoxicating aroma entered his lungs and sent his heart to racing. He scented the air as he gazed at big, emerald-green eyes and felt something inside of him snap into place. His black bear growled gently as Carmine cocked his head to the side, studying the short man.

“Oh no!” The guy backpedaled, his long black hair swaying in the breeze as his eyes grew round. “This can’t be happening.”

Well, this wasn’t exactly how Carmine pictured meeting his mate. He almost ran the man over and now the guy looked like he was about to pass out. “Why did you run out in the middle of the road?”

“To get away,” his mate answered Carmine as if it should have been obvious. He sucked in his bottom lip, his eyes bouncing all over the place.

“From who?” Carmine drew his sidearm, glancing around the deserted road. He didn’t see any immediate threat. The man glanced over his shoulder, his eyes flickering everywhere. Carmine knew that look. He had been a detective for too many years. This guy was definitely running from someone. “Who is after you?”

“I have to keep moving,” the guy said as he started to hurry away.

Carmine reached out and grabbed…he scented…he wasn’t sure. “What are you?”

“Scared shitless,” the guy answered in a high squeak. “Now if you don’t mind…” He tried to yank his arm free, but Carmine held fast.

“I do mind. Who are you running from?” he asked a little more firmly. Carmine wasn’t the type of guy that liked to be disobeyed.

“Trouble.” The short man continued to yank at his arm. “Would you mind letting me go so I can run?”

Carmine had had enough. The detective in him was rearing its head and there was no way he was letting the man go. He was a very dominant male and normally did not let someone talk circles around him. But this man was not his submissive, so Carmine was not going to punish the guy for his insubordination. But one thing was for sure. The guy was in trouble and Carmine was going to help. “Why don’t you let me give you a ride?”

“I don’t take rides from strangers. Also, I’m not helping you look for a lost pet and I don’t like candy.” His mate smacked at Carmine’s hand repeatedly, making Carmine growl. “Now let me go before I blow my you-can’t-come-near-my-body whistle.”

Rehosltering his gun, Carmine scratched at his short beard. He wasn’t sure what to make of the squirrelly man. He had never run across anyone like this guy before. He saw a red whistle dangling from a coiled plastic band around the guy’s wrist. “You do know that we are mates, right?”

The man stopped struggling and exhaled loudly. “What is with everyone trying to mate me? I just don’t want that complication.” He smacked Carmine’s hand again. “Go away.”

Carmine felt his insides boil at the idea of someone else trying to mate a man who belonged to him. It was a knee-jerk reaction, one Carmine knew he wasn’t even going to examine right now—if ever. “Tell me who is after you…What’s your name?”

“Jeez,” the guy groaned as he slumped his shoulders. “I told you I’m not taking candy from you.”

Carmine wanted to bang his head into his car. The guy obviously wasn’t playing with a full deck. He was looking at Carmine like he was some kind of damn predator. Well, he was, but not the type this little squirrelly man was insinuating.

“Get in the back of my car.” Carmine was through playing around. The man was going to do what he said or Carmine was going to paddle his—no, he wasn’t going to go there. He didn’t plan on claiming the man so there would be no paddling. There would be no playing, no bondage, nothing of that sort. Carmine was going to help the man and that was all.

“Why?” the guy shouted as he struggled once more to get free.

“I’m a detective and I’m arresting you.” He just had to figure out what the charges were. But putting his mate into his car was better than chasing his tail in circles. Carmine was nearly out of patience. It was apparent that someone was after the guy and he was going to protect his mate whether the man wanted it or not.

It was his job. He had sworn to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and run down the bad guys. He just didn’t see any bad guys right now.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

Carmine reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, flipping it open to flash his badge.

The man didn’t look convinced. “My cousin has one of those. He bought it at a novelty store.”

Carmine didn’t say another word. He shoved his wallet into his back pocket and then pulled his mate toward the back of his car. “I guess we’ll see if I’m telling the truth when you are sitting behind bars.”

“Okay, okay,” the guy said hastily as he tried to stop the forward momentum by dragging his feet. “I believe you. But you haven’t told me why you are arresting me.”

For being so damn stubborn.

“To keep you from getting hurt,” he answered. “Now get in the back.”

“Turi, my name is Turi. Now will you let me go?”




Turi began to fumble with the button of his jeans, his breath coming out in quick pants. Reaching around his mate, Carmine rested his hands over Turi’s.

“Relax.” Carmine pressed a kiss to Turi’s bare shoulder. “I know you are well aware of what is about to happen. If you need me to take over—”

“N–no, I can do this.”

Carmine rested his chin on Turi’s shoulder as he watched the clumsy way his mate tried to unfasten his jeans. When he tilted his head to look at Turi, he saw that his mate was blinking rapidly.

“Are you a virgin, Turi?” Carmine asked in the lightest of whispers, his voice deep with seduction and desire. “Is that why you’re so nervous?”

He had his answer when he skimmed his hands over Turi’s bare sides and the man jumped again. “Mmm, maybe I should cuff you and have my wicked way with you.”

Turi’s breath hitched but he didn’t say no. Hope welled up inside Carmine that maybe Turi could handle what Carmine wanted to do with the man.

Before his mate could say a word, Carmine walked over to the table on the side of the couch and grabbed his cuffs. He ran the smooth steel down Turi’s arm, teasing the man and waiting to see if Turi would protest to what he had in mind.

His mate didn’t say a word.

Carmine eased one cuff around the man’s wrist, snapping it closed. “Is it too tight?”

Turi shook his head.

When his fingers caressed the man’s other wrist, he felt the plastic coil. “Do you need your whistle, Turi, or can I remove it?”

“I don’t—” With a casual movement, he turned his head and faced Carmine. “Do I need it?”

The man was asking if he could trust Carmine, wanting to know if this was a safe place for him. Carmine eased the coil from Turi’s wrist. “You’ll never need it when I’m with you.”

As he finished talking, Carmine snapped the other cuff in place. “You still have control, Turi. I promise.” His fingers brushed over Turi’s lower stomach before Carmine unsnapped the man’s jeans. He took his time, tugging at the wet denim inch by slow inch.

Turi’s supple body tensed as the material reached his knees. To Carmine’s surprise, the man wasn’t wearing any underwear. His mate’s cock had sprung free, the head glistening with pre-cum. “Lean your back into me.”

His mate did, and Carmine tapped one of Turi’s ankles. His mate lifted his foot and Carmine eased the denim free. He did the same with the other until he could drop the wet pants on the floor. Carmine held Turi’s sides as he stood, helping the man balance himself.

Carmine ran his knuckles down his mate’s smooth back and over one flared cheek before he moved to stand in front of Turi. He inspected the man from head to toe and appreciated every square inch of the guy’s body.

“Very nice.” Carmine stated his approval. The man was lightly tanned, had a slim body, and his cock was very impressive. It curved up toward his stomach, flushed with arousal and demanding attention.

Carmine was glad he hadn’t held out on his resolution to keep Turi away. Not just because of the sex that was about to come, but because he knew they were a perfect match in every way. “You look very seductive wearing my cuffs.”

The side of Turi’s mouth turned up into a smile. It seemed he wasn’t that shy after all. There was a little rebellion in him. “You think so?”

Carmine let out a low growl as he twined his fingers in Turi’s hair. The strands were wet, making his hair look charcoal black. Carmine tilted Turi’s head back, letting one finger trail down the man’s throat. “I’m positive.”

He wasn’t sure where to start. Turi’s body was like a smorgasbord and every bit of the feast looked appetizing. Carmine had fought against getting close, but he knew subconsciously that this was inevitable. That’s why he couldn’t leave Turi to the Lakelands. That was why he had taken Turi under his protection.

He had known things would lead to this, and a part of him had wanted it. Of course, it was the part that wasn’t shouting that he didn’t want to end up like his father.

“Tell me, Turi, have you ever sucked cock?” Carmine watched Turi’s reaction. The man blinked a few times before his eyes dropped to Carmine’s erection.

“No.” The smaller man’s eyes never left his groin. Carmine had a feeling that Turi had always wanted to try oral sex, but had never dared to experiment.

Circling his fingers around the base of his shaft, Carmine gave a light squeeze. “Can you manage to get to your knees, or do you need me to help you?”

The man looked confused at first. His brows furrowed as he began to chew on his bottom lip.

“It wasn’t a difficult question, Turi.” Carmine fought the temptation to forgo the foreplay and help the man. He wanted Turi to be just as turned on and willing as Carmine was. He had to control his needs.

“I think I might need help.”

Releasing his shaft, Carmine moved behind Turi and gently settled him into place. His fingers caressed the man’s half-dried hair, letting the strands slip through his fingers before slowly walking back around. Turi was at the perfect height on his knees, his face right at Carmine’s groin.

“Take me into your mouth, Turi.” Carmine guided the head to Turi’s lips as they parted. It was the most spectacular sight he had ever seen. Turi knelt there, hands cuffed behind him, lips parted and waiting.

Carmine damn near came.

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