[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking, whipping, flogging, HEA]
Ryia Laurie wants to learn how to make her adult store, “Paddle My Ass,” better and more profitable. Asher Roberts, senior chef, and Elijah Deakin, head of security for The Dom’s Dungeon BDSM Club, want Ryia as their mate. Can they all overcome the legacy of Ryia’s abusive ex husband, Miles, to achieve this? Ryia, Asher, and Elijah attend the “New Directions in the Adult Industry” convention with their separate agendas. But Ryia is so busy looking at the exhibition displays, taking notes at the lectures, and attending all the workshops that Asher and Elijah are hard pressed to catch her attention. When they do, her lack of self-esteem makes letting her know how very interested they are in her even harder, if not impossible. How are they going to catch her interest and get to know her before the convention is over?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Fill Me (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great book and great story.
This is the third book in the Dungeon Masters series and to my mind it's the best one yet.
The heroine, Ryia, is a woman I could readily identify with. This made the storyline so much more believable.
The heroes, Asher and Elijah, are dominant males but not aggressively so. They are caring and thoughtful but still have an edge of naughtiness and humour. I love my "men" to have a good sense of humour!
The setting is well written and brought back memories of my conference/exhibition days - I felt quite claustrophobic during the crowd scenes.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to #4.




Ryia stood in the center of her store, her hands on her ample hips, staring critically at the new stock she’d just arranged on her brand new shelving. She wiggled her nose, screwed up her eyes, and finally nodded. Yeah, it’ll do until I think of a better way to display it.

She’d spent most of her first year in college trying to think of a name for the adult store she planned to own. But no word starting with R fit with Ryia and an adult theme. After that she’d played with words to go with “Adult.” Finally, she’d settled on “Paddle My Ass” as her store name. It screamed adult store, and sex, and yet fun.

All through the second year of her course she’d been researching places to locate her store. It had to be in the type of neighborhood where people would appreciate the genre, yet it had to be a safe enough neighborhood people would visit the store on a cold, dark winter’s day as well as in midsummer. It also needed to be not too close to any existing store.

Finally, only a few weeks before graduation, everything had come together and she’d rented her store in a new warehouse supply neighborhood which was perfect for her as she could now have walk-in-off-the-street clients, as well as appealing to businesses in industries similar to hers.

It took her three months to get her store set up and during that time she also had a website designed and ready to go live the minute the store was officially open. Now she’d been here a little over a year, and the bottom line of her accounts had been black for the previous three months, and she knew it’d continue that way. She was already getting repeat customers and business customers who were wonderful as they bought more than walk-in clients did.

Her first year alone had been both wonderful, but also very strange and difficult to adjust to. She’d gone straight from being a schoolgirl, to marriage, to a control freak, and then to being totally alone, with no one to speak to and nothing to do.

Miles hadn’t let her spend time with her friends except for the occasional lunch or coffee date when he was there as well. Consequently, most of her friends had long ago stopped contacting her, and her father had died very soon after her wedding. It had been his dying wish that she marry Miles, and she’d been happy to accept his choice of man for her because she knew he loved her. Apparently his illness had blinded him to Miles’s true character and she was glad he’d died without finding out what a cruel and devious asshole Miles had turned out to be.

Once she was alone again, Ryia’d had to learn and relearn everything she thought she’d known about life. No longer did laundry have to be done Miles’s way, everything folded exactly into sections. She could eat whatever she wanted to, whenever she wanted to. She slept in a bed every night, instead of on the floor, unless her husband had wanted her for sex. But best of all she could wear clothes whenever she wanted to, and she could choose those clothes for herself.

Miles had destroyed and thrown away almost every item of her so-carefully-chosen wedding trousseau. Lingerie that she’d felt beautiful wearing. Soft, filmy, silky night dresses that had touched and aroused her skin. Pretty dresses that had made her feel mature and grown up, a fit partner for a handsome man like Miles. He’d liked her to wear jeans and baggy sweatshirts “to hide those repulsive rolls of fat” when she left the house. Yet at home, he’d order her to remain naked, in case he wanted to fuck her.

Now alone, Ryia had developed her own style. She wore long, flowing, ankle-length skirts in fall colors, and teamed them with soft, silky shirts in the summer and fleecy warm sweaters in the winter. She wore sturdy boots in winter that kept her feet cozy and dry, cool flip-flops in the summer, and comfortable athletic shoes when she knew she’d be on her feet walking around all day.

At first, she’d suffered from dreadful pangs of guilt each time she bought something for herself, constantly hearing Miles’s accusing voice in her head, railing at how ugly, and useless, and unworthy she was. But she’d forced herself to repeat over and over again that the money she was spending was her own. It had always been her own, not his.

I am not useless. I am not completely stupid. My store is a success now, and it will be an even bigger success as I learn more and more about the industry. I will support myself and I will be happy.




As soon as she closed her eyes and relaxed, she understood what the men meant. The scent of man and bubbling water was strong, but ketchup was a distinct scent as well and it was coming from her. She tried to block out the noise of the Jacuzzi and concentrate on the softer, less distinct sounds of the men’s feet and knees on the floor of the tub, and the slight sound of empty ketchup packets being dropped back onto the food tray. When a mouth sucked her nipple she knew instinctively it was Asher and without even thinking she thrust her breast up into his touch. Elijah’s thicker fingers trailed seductively across her belly, and down her thighs to her knees. She wanted him to touch her pussy, but he stayed on the straight path up and down her leg. She could feel the sticky condiment being smeared on her skin, his solid hand giving a surprisingly light touch on her flesh.

Her eyes flew open as a cock was placed at her lips. Elijah was standing there, holding his cock, looking at her but letting her choose whether or not she’d suck him.

“What? No ketchup?” she teased him.

He grinned. “I can rub my dick on you to get some if you like, but all the packets have been used already.”

“That’s okay.” She held his shaft and flicked her tongue across the head of his cock. Already there was the tiniest bead of pre-cum in the slit of his cock. Elijah tasted slightly salty, but there was also a hint of earthiness about him. He didn’t need ketchup as well. She sucked his cock into her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue under the ridge where the cockhead joined the shaft. He shivered, so she knew he liked that. She did it again to show she’d understood, and then licked his shaft up and down several times before sucking his cockhead again. She moved his hand so she could hold his balls, rolling them and then sucking first one and then the other.

Elijah’s cock was broad and long, but he’d fucked her already so she knew that. However, despite his length and girth, he was quite gentle, never forcing her to try to take more of him than she could cope with. Unlike Miles, who’d gotten very angry if she hadn’t taken him all instantly. Blowjobs were one of the first skills he’d taught her, including swallowing a man whole, and it had remained his favorite form of sex their entire time together. But at least his training would come in useful now. She wiggled sideways, letting her head drop backward off the ledge, and opened the back of her throat. It’d been four years, but she was sure she’d remember how to deep-throat a man.

She almost gagged, but controlled her breathing, keeping it deep, regular, and only through her nose, then she swallowed around Elijah. He was big, much bigger than Miles. Or maybe it was just that she was out of practice. Nevertheless, she swallowed again, let him out, and scraped her teeth over the sensitive cockhead and along the shaft before swallowing him again.

“Ah fuck, you’re amazing.” Elijah groaned, and her mouth filled with his seed. She let him out, until only his head was inside her, swallowing his cum and breathing heavily.

He pulled her up into a sitting position and held her then lifted her over onto Asher’s lap. Asher was wearing a condom, and he held his cock at her pussy. As usual, when Ryia sat on his lap, she took most of her weight on her own knees.

“I liked it better when you wrapped your legs around me before,” said Asher.

She’d forgotten she’d done that. She must have been really relaxed. Miles would never—No. In that matter, the men were correct. She had to stop thinking about him all the time. He was gone. Long gone. She was her own person now.

She’d reverted to using Laurie as her last name as soon as she’d filed for divorce. It turned out Laurie had always been her name and she realized how stupid and naïve she’d been not noticing that she didn’t have to change her name on dozens of official documents. At seventeen she’d just assumed Miles had handled that for her. At twenty-two she’d known she would have had to make many changes in person. It was no wonder Miles had never let her drive the car. She’d have seen instantly that there was no “new” license with her “new” name, just the old one she still had in her purse.

She leaned into Asher, letting her aching breasts push against his chest, feeling the points of her nipples rub against his skin, reveling in his strength and power as he thrust up inside her over and over again.

Elijah kneeled behind her and slid his big hands over her breasts. She pulled back from Asher so Elijah could pinch her nipples and cup the mounds of her breasts. His thumbs stroked the little nubs as his palms cupped the soft underside of her globes. Asher held her hips, ramming up high and hard inside her, driving her wild with the need to come. He held her firmly and slammed her down on him with every stroke, making her gasp at the depth of his penetration.

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