Symbiotic Mates 7: Cullen and the Kindred Spirit (MM)

Symbiotic Mates 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,508
6 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]
What happens when natural enemies suddenly become blood mates?
Vampire Cullen Blackhawk gets caught helping a wolf-shifter rescue his human mates from the Colony. Now he's forced to accompany the fugitives to Arcadia and spy on the pack. Cullen figures the humans will be his blood donors, but the shifter leaves Arcadia and takes Cullen's only food source with him. Then the unthinkable happens. Cullen finds himself attracted to an omega wolf.
Mika Hill's role in the pack has always been that of submissive slut, but Cullen treats him like an equal and Mika shows his gratitude by offering Cullen blood. A starving Cullen can't help himself, and now he's forced to confront his escalating feelings for an omega who's mated to someone else. Mika falls hard for Cullen, but he knows there's no future for a wolf and a vampire. Or is there? Mika will do anything to keep Cullen—even if it means forcing a blood-mating.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Symbiotic Mates 7: Cullen and the Kindred Spirit (MM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Symbiotic Mates 7: Cullen and the Kindred Spirit (MM)

Symbiotic Mates 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,508
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love Cullen and Mika! These two men are put to the test and at the end of the book, I found myself cheering for them. Great read, Gale! I'm looking forward to more. ;)
Olivia Black




Cullen Blackhawk looked down at the man in his arms—so hot, so horny, so willing to share everything…even his blood. Especially his blood. But it wasn’t enough. Not for Cullen. What more did he want anyway? The vampire couldn’t put his finger on the problem. He only knew something was missing. Something elusive that kept him from being completely satisfied with his human blood donor, his situation, his life…

Cullen felt empty inside, and not just because he hadn’t fed in two days. Maybe this feeling would go away when he sated his bloodlust. But he doubted it. Baring his fangs, he lowered his head. The man showed no fear. He smiled up at Cullen, his eyes hungry for the ecstasy of a vampire’s bite. Any vampire.

Just for once, Cullen wished his donor would want him. But the humans only cared about the pleasure they received, not who they got it from. Cullen knew he was no better than they were. Did he care who his donors were? No. Any human would serve his purpose. They were walking blood banks, nothing more.

Still, Cullen couldn’t help thinking, maybe this time it will be different. His enhanced senses zeroed in on the pulsing carotid at the man’s throat, and he sank his fangs deep. Blood, rich and sweet, flowed down his throat, and he sucked greedily. Euphoria followed. But where was the intimacy? Surely, a moment like this deserved a more meaningful connection.

Sighing, Cullen disengaged. He’d only taken what he needed to sustain himself. A few licks at the twin puncture wounds sealed them. Already recovering from his orgasm, the donor’s eyes fluttered shut. By the time Cullen covered him with a light blanket, the man’s soft snores echoed from the walls. A short nap and the human would be fully recovered from his climax and the loss of blood. He probably wouldn’t even remember who he’d been with. Cullen slipped out of the feeding room, shutting the door behind him. Never did he feel more alone.

Cullen’s footsteps didn’t make a sound as he walked down the narrow hallway, and opened the heavy wooden door that led into the main chamber of the Parrish. The old church was literally the heart of the Colony. Square in the center of town, it functioned as a bar and a meeting place, as well as providing housing for the human blood donors—groupies who chose to live in the Colony and feed the vampires. Perishables, as the master called them.

Tonight, every stool at the long bar was occupied and not an inch of space remained on the dance floor, but even in this crowd, Cullen felt alone.

Bloody hell!

It was damn depressing, and the electronic dance music gave him a headache. He longed for the quiet of his own little house. Making his way to the exit, the metallic scent of blood filled Cullen’s nose. A decadent scene of exhibitionism surrounded him. On either side, those who didn’t require the privacy of the feeding rooms sprawled sacrilegiously on the few remaining church pews. Engrossed in various stages of fucking or feeding, they paid Cullen no mind. It was a world unlike anything most humans would ever experience.

If they’re lucky.

Tired of using and being used, Cullen wondered if he was the only person in the world who wanted more than just physical pleasure. All his encounters were the same—two self-centered people seeking self-satisfaction. Sex and blood provided temporary relief for superficial desires. Surely there had to be more to it than consuming and coming. Cullen felt a much deeper need that had never been met.

Certainly not by family, his parents had been killed by vampire hunters and he’d been raised, more or less, by various members of the community. For the most part, the kindred were solitary creatures. Few vampires married, unless it was for political reasons. And while they might form master-thrall relationships with their human blood donors, it was mainly done for convenience. Real emotion rarely entered into their pairings. Cullen had been around for at least a hundred years. In that time, the world had changed, but not the kindred. Their emotionless existence remained the same.

Outside the stone walls of the Parrish, all was quiet except for the rustling of trees and the sounds of small animals brave enough to enter the city of vampire-hawks. Ah, much better. Cullen started walking, leaving the soaring masonry spire of the Parrish behind him. A chill iced his spine. He had the distinct feeling of being watched, but he put it down to paranoia, and shrugged it off. Taking a few more steps, Cullen froze when he heard a screeching overhead. Whirling like a dervish, he looked toward the sky. Lightning forked, illuminating the religious figures and gargoyles that peered down at him from the flying buttresses. Interspersed among them were real hawks—kindred that had shifted and were on night patrol. Watchful and predatory. They must be a frightening sight to the humans. But that was part of the attraction. The donors liked the feeling of living on the edge.

On the highest ledge Cullen spotted a flurry of movement. One of the hawks disengaged from the others and shrieked as it swooped toward the earth. The creature shifted in midair, and landed on two feet.

“Quite an entrance, Ethan.”

The vampire waved an arm and bowed. “I try.”




Cullen woke up in the middle of a fantastic dream. It felt so damn real—

A hot, wet mouth swallowed his cock to the root. Teeth nipped at his balls, and Cullen’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

Bloody hell! It’s not a dream.

The sheet covering Cullen’s naked body bobbed up and down over him. Cullen reached under it and felt the short spikey hair that could only belong to Mika. Then Mika’s throat muscles squeezed his cock, and Cullen’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“Oh, fuck!”

Giggles exploded around the length of his dick, before Mika finally pulled back. The omega’s head appeared from under the sheets.

“Like that, do you?”

“You know I do. Don’t fucking stop now,” Cullen muttered, trying to sound cross, but losing it completely when Mika obliged by ducking under the sheet again.

The omega’s talented tongue searched the slit at the tip of Cullen’s cock for drops of pre-cum, and then teased the sensitive area under the rim of the mushroom-shaped head.

Cullen swore that his toes curled. He loved a good blowjob but his human donors always made quick work of it. Self-centered idiots, they were only interested in their own pleasure. Mika didn’t act like it was a chore. He took his time and used every trick in the book.


* * * *


Mika felt exceptionally horny. When he woke up and felt the vampire’s magnificent boner riding the crease of his ass, his immediate reaction was to duck under the sheet and have a taste. Sure, he was a horny omega, but Mika was surprised by his own eagerness. Only a few hours ago, he’d told Cullen no sex, now he was initiating it himself. He never reacted to Toby this way. Could it be that the act of sharing his blood made him feel closer to the vampire? Mika had no idea, and right now he was too aroused, and too anxious to please his bed partner to think about it.

A good blowjob was a skill that few people could master as well as an omega, and not just because they had lots of practice. Omegas were born horny. It was hardwired into their genetic code.

Cullen had a gorgeous penis, so long, so thick. Mika licked it from top to bottom, applying a generous amount of saliva to the vampire’s entire length. Then he blew a stream of cool air along the same path. Finally, Mika swallowed Cullen’s sword like a pro—no choking, no gagging, no hesitation.

Mika wanted to drink Cullen’s cum as much as the vampire had wanted Mika’s blood. But first he would use his mouth to get Cullen hotter and harder than he’d ever been before. Sliding his lips back up the shaft, Mika concentrated on the head of Cullen’s cock, pointing his tongue and working it around and into the hole at the tip. Tonguing the slit seemed to drive Cullen crazy and the moans and incoherent babble coming from the vampire drove Mika crazy for sure. It made him want to please Cullen even more.

Mika started sucking. At the same time, he caressed and fondled Cullen’s heavy sac. When he noticed the vampire’s balls drawing up close to his thighs, Mika increased his suction with each slide up and down the shaft. The more Mika slurped and sucked, the more Cullen moaned. Mika tightened his mouth on the cockhead and Cullen came with a shout. An explosion of white-hot cum shot down Mika’s throat. He gulped at the spurting stream, and milked Cullen dry. Not a drop of the vampire’s cum landed anywhere but in Mika’s mouth. An animalistic need grew inside Mika, and his arousal spiked higher. He hoped Cullen had enjoyed this as much as he had, because he wanted more, much more.

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