Time to Move On (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,765
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Romance, M/M, HFN]
When Damien Brandt has an affair with the same man twice, he's convinced that it's time to move on since love and commitment are out of his league, but New York City isn't the place for such a performance. Until he meets Thor Prescott.
Deceived by his lover and friends, Thor is afraid to love again in a world of betrayal, blackmail, manipulations, and a past shadowed by secrets. But both men must choose between their own desires. When Damien realizes that he's not prepared to face his feelings and emotions, his life takes a turn he's not ready to trade for the world.
Thor knows that hurting a man like Damien is an impossible mission, but so is finding a love that comes around only once in a lifetime.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Time to Move On (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Time to Move On (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,765
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Damien Brandt shifted gear amid the traffic that didn’t lessen for a second. An intoxicating fragrance emanated from his skin, invading his senses and averting his thoughts.

He’d just left a man he wasn’t about to see again and it wasn’t unusual.

Love and commitment was the last thing on his mind.

He wondered what the man thought of him when he’d opened his thighs the moment Damien lifted his shirt and slid a hand around his waist. And when he felt his desire increase in recurring waves of pleasure, this was enough to convince him that it was time to move on. 

That morning was the second time in a row that he'd been with the same man and he didn't like it. Besides, he never wanted to know their names and made it a point with each encounter. He tried to shake himself of some hidden anguish.

He smiled and remembered how the man withdrew to lick his warm liquid, moaning with pleasure before jumping off the bed. When he returned from the kitchen holding an ice-cream cup and watched the dribbles of vanilla splattered between his thighs, Damien laughed.

"You can't love anyone, Damien!" he whispered before working up a sweat from riding his cock until he felt beads of heat on his upper lip.

When Damien rolled over leaning on one elbow and placed a finger on his chin, he managed to repeat how much they should get together more often.

"What makes you say that?" Damien smiled and pulled him on top of him.

He didn't want to hear the truth about himself and knew from personal experience that it would take only a few seconds to leave his question unanswered.

"Why do they always have to spice up their eye color with contacts," he wondered and cringed at the thought of asking the question.

Instead he whispered, "I see that your nails are short so are you afraid to scratch your eyes or mine?"

"A body made of steel and a heart made of stone, my dear Damien, can I be the master of your destiny?"

When his breathing came faster and harder, Damien watched him arch up and fall upon him before stroking his muscular chest.

Damien opened his mouth, moved sideways before sliding onto him again, and began to rock back and forth. "You're wrong!" And he felt a brief doubt about making such a statement but he was always prepared to say good-bye and move on down the lane to another conquest.

When he ran his hand through his dark wavy hair, his tongue resting on his lower lip, he stared at the ceiling and a strange glitter seemed to dance in his deep-set gray eyes.

"What's your name again?" He murmured before reaching for an erect nipple.

"Drake! And I know that you'll forget it in no time, sweet heart."

To unzip leather pants and wonder where a chain clipped to a nipple may lead his expert fingers, was a task that would have to be left alone for a while.

Would he be able to rid his mind of sheer boxer jocks with snake designs leading to elastic tops and not look back on his latest triumph?

"It's time I get my act together," he almost screamed out-loud, watching the stop signs as they appeared and went by between the pedestrians and constant red lights, rhythm on a par.

"Indeed!" he yelled out, "the traffic in this city is getting worse every fucking day!"

Besides driving fast cars and men to the brink, Damien believed that his perfume and cosmetics company was about to plummet into disaster.

He needed a miracle and wanted to get this day over and fast.

For some unknown reason that left him clueless he realized at that very moment that a man would have to be the last thing on his mind.

So, he thought.

He was in a hurry to get home, change his clothes, drive to the office before lunchtime and spend the afternoon at the loft.

When he felt his grip relax from the wheel, he knew that if he did any funny stunts at each cross street and more thinking, he would reach a point of no return.

By seven thirty he arrived downtown and Damien couldn't bring himself to admit that his new Corvette in jet stream metallic blue was the wrong choice. To accelerate in less than four seconds was out of the question.

New York City wasn't the place for such a performance.

To become the sole heir to a real estate magnate was one thing but to run a business on his own was out of his league.

He knew and it was clear to anyone that he would never be able to do it on his own.

When Damien drove up the block in front of his seven-floor building, he believed that it could be brought to a higher level if some trees were perched on the roof but he dismissed the thought buzzing through his mind, "to have a man open wide under the moonlight…"

"Cut the crap, it's not going to happen so fast!" he smiled and clenched his square jaw in anger before slamming his foot on the break.

"Well, that's just awesome!" he screamed and watched a car stop next to him.

To his right, a tinted window rolled down about half way and a worn-out fitted baseball cap caught his attention. He watched a pair of striking icy blue eyes stare at him from the driver's seat but he could not see the man's face.

"You took my spot, didn't you?" A guttural voice took him by surprise.

Damien laughed and wanted to seem unperturbed. He rolled his eyes in exasperation and wondered how could this man seem curious enough to wait for a plausible answer.

Instead, he counted to three and the honking began on cue.




Thor quivered with anticipation and pressed his lips together. His mouth became a thin hard line before Damien bent over to kiss his forehead.

In an instant, Thor’s arms went around his neck and he felt Damien’s pull him down. His lips were warm and moist.

“That’s very unlikely, I know my hot…”

He closed his eyes and felt Damien undo his belt and pull down his pants, kissing him all along. “Stay with me until tomorrow and then you can go.”

“The more you’ll try to restrain me, the more I’ll resist you, Mr. Brandt.”
Damien remained snuggled against him for a moment until he laughed.

It was wicked and soothing at the same time.

Thor felt soft and warm in his arms and he slowly shifted his body sideways so that he lay, his back fit against his chest.

“Most inconvenient in a car, to say the least.” Damien whispered.

While he caressed his chest before holding each nipple tight between his fingers, he heard him whisper that he would use restraints if he allowed him to because he would be able to let himself deeper inside him.

As an answer, he reached down and slid a hand along the gear, wanting to hold his cock instead. Lifting his thigh slightly with the other hand, he felt his fingers lingering down his chest and moving under him. It occurred to Thor that he didn’t hold at least one power over him and he clenched his teeth with regret. At that moment he wanted him enough to have agreed to anything.

After a moment he reached under Thor’s shirt, fingering his breasts again, and he felt a wonderful sensation. The nipples felt swollen under the palm of his hand.

Thor spread his thighs in a fast movement and the leather seat was a far cry from the comfort zone. Damien brought his hand under him and released his grip.

Thor was wet, feeling the circular motion of expert fingers returning between his legs, sliding to his back and opening him up more and more.

Until he shivered at the cold and soft leather beneath his naked flesh, a quick orgasm threw him off balance and he let the warm liquid flow before resting his head back against the seat.

When Damien squeezed his breasts with both hands, Thor knew that he had already taken possession of his body. Guiding his hand inside his pants, he felt his cock, warm and swollen against his fingers. Thor wanted to put his lips around it but resisted the temptation.

Damien had remained motionless for a moment and he wanted to scream.

He realized that he wasn’t only trying to satisfy his wants and was sure of it. Since Thor was more appealing than any man he’d known he was disturbed. He just didn’t know in what way.

“What do you wish for right now?”

“I wouldn’t mind tightening my tie around your cock.”

Damien shot him a glance, ready to obey and he smiled to reassure him.

“I’m touched but you don’t strike me as a man who can be into this kind of thing.”

“You mean your games and all?” Thor caressed the soft skin of his balls before feeling the tip of his cock beat fiercely against the palm of his hand. He hadn’t let go and wanted to let him inside, while he spread his legs wide, moaning with pleasure.

Damien wanted to fill his mouth with Thor’s balls and tea bag him at that very moment.

“You hope that I can be your slave, beg for you in silence until you send me away?” He stared into his eyes and experienced a strange intuition. “Because this is what you are, Damien, until you decide what I’ll be for you.”

He watched Damien reach for his chin, “Mr. Prescott, I want to see a few pricks waiting on line for your hot hole and I’m sure that’s what you also wish.”

Thor took up the challenge and moved back, out of his grasp. “If you can arrange it, I’ll consider it.”

When Damien held out his right hand and drew him closer he heard his voice become hypnotic, “not! But if your fingers can spread chocolate powder over me, I know that you like that scent…”

Damien shot him a glance, ready to obey and he smiled to reassure him. He hadn’t any idea on what he wanted to do nor did he know what to expect. It wasn’t the kind of place where things could happen in a most relaxed way.

Damien pushed all thoughts aside and couldn’t help wondering how someone like himself weakened to such a point in such a short time.

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