[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Kyle Dean spent nine months of his life in a coma after being turned into a werewolf against his will. His body had a negative reaction to the bite, but fortunately, the first person he sees when he wakes up isn't the man who bit him, but his mate.
Colt Armstrong owes Lawrence everything. Lawrence saved Colt's life and turned him into a werewolf. He would never betray the man. Except when he's given the chore of guarding his comatose mate, and within minutes of stepping into the room, Kyle is not only awake, but telling him that he is not mated to Lawrence.
Colt doesn't want to betray his alpha, but he can't leave the new and frightened omega in a pack that would force him to mate with Lawrence. He will do anything to keep Kyle safe and protected, even going to a pack of luna werewolves, the most dangerous of all werewolves, and asking for sanctuary.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Stolen Mate (MM)
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Definitely my favorite story since the very early ones. Kyle was a spitfire and I adored him. Colt was hot, and everything you'd want in a mate. The fact that both of them were new to being werewolves just made it all the sweeter with the information they didn't have or didn't know about.
So, so, so, glad that Lawrence, that horrible creature, is DEAD! Yay!!
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Anyone who has been following this series will have wondered whatever happened to the human who got bitten and transformed by Alpha Lawrence, the arch enemy of Roarke's ever-growing pack. I certainly wanted to know what was up with that and what had happened to him. This is finally his story, and though his misery is far from over when he awakes from his coma, I was delighted to discover more details about him and what's been going on in Lawrence's pack of misfits, criminals, and assorted hangers-on. Kyle may have finally awoken from his coma, caused by the bad reaction to Lawrence's bite of transformation, but his troubles are only just beginning. First of all he is shocked that nine months have passed and that Alpha Lawrence insists he is the werewolf's mate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Then he feels a weird attraction to the guy who sat at his beside when he woke up, but since Kyle has no idea how to be a werewolf, or what to expect, he can’t be sure that Colt is his mate. He sure wants him to be! And even when they make it to Roarke's pack, Kyle's problems don't go away. He may try to hide the awful secret of who he used to be, and how worthless he thinks he is, but Lawrence coming back to challenge Colt for Kyle means Kyle finally has to be honest. He can only hope they don’t kick him out. Colt is a recently transformed werewolf himself, so he's pretty clueless as well. In his case, the transformation was voluntary, and he even feels gratitude towards Lawrence for giving him the gift of survival. Luckily for Kyle this doesn’t mean Colt won’t help him escape. I loved how possessive Colt became of Kyle, even though he keeps doubting they are mated. I kept yelling at him to look at the evidence right in front of his eyes, but did he listen? Of course, the story was way more fun with him taking a while to get the point. If you like shifter stories about "beginner shifters" who have to figure out what it means to be a werewolf in the absence of a "manual", if you enjoy reading about a lonely soul who has had to fight alone for years until he finally finds the man to stand by his side, and if you want to find out what is going on with Lawrence and his evil pack mates, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“Where,” Kyle swallowed, and speaking didn’t hurt quite so much anymore. “Where am I?”

He tried to remember the last thing that had happened to him before he’d blacked out. He was at his shitty little apartment that was above the thrift store, and he’d gotten a call, so he was preparing to see Lawrence.

Lawrence. That’s right, that old guy who seemed to have a crush on Kyle, for whatever reason. The guy that Kyle couldn’t seem to get away from, and he’d tried a time or two.

Kyle hated that fact. The guy treated him well enough. Sort of. He rarely hit Kyle, wasn’t into anything overly kinky, and paid him for his time. Something was different, however. Lawrence had come in and there was something different about him that time that made Kyle’s skin crawl more than usual.

Unfortunately, that was about where Kyle’s memory blacked out, and he couldn’t recall a thing.

The man’s nose flared again, and the scent of his musk got to be heavier. Kyle knew the smell of sex when he came across it. Considering his profession, it was hard for him to pretend it was something else, but he hadn’t been around anyone whose smell was so strong that he could pick up the scent of lust before clothes were even taken off and the deed was done.

That was something entirely new to him.

“You’re at the alpha’s house.”

“The alpha?”

“Lawrence?” the man said, clearly hoping he would know that name.

People around here called Lawrence the alpha? Christ, the old guy was crazier than Kyle had thought, but in a weird way, knowing where he was calmed him down. He’d been here a time or two whenever Lawrence called him over.

“I should…” the man said, and he got up from where he was sitting on the bed. “I should go and get him. He’ll want to know you woke up finally.”

“No, wait.” With a speed and strength he didn’t think he would have possessed, given how he felt like total shit, Kyle snatched his hand out and grabbed the man’s wrist, stopping him before he could get away.

Touching his skin sent another jolt of lust to his cock, but it wasn’t just the lust, it was actual physical pleasure that Kyle felt, too.

Fuck, his dick was throbbing in time with his heartbeat, and he was way too humiliated with himself to look down and see the tent that he was probably sporting in the blankets.

Weirdly enough, he could also hear the heartbeat of the man above him. It was going fast. Incredibly fast.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked.

The man’s eyes widened, like he hadn’t expected that question to come from Kyle’s mouth. “I’m…fine,” he said.

Now his words were starting to sound choked. He was totally feeling what Kyle was feeling, he could tell that much, so what was his problem? Was it because Kyle was an escort?

Great. He was never going to live that down.

“What’s your name?” he asked, refusing to let the man’s hand go. Something about just touching him was making him feel…not better, but content.

“Colt,” said the man above him.

“Nice name,” Kyle said.

“You’re Kyle, right?” the man asked.

Whatever it was that had happened to Kyle, well, he was clearly at Lawrence’s house now, and he must’ve told enough people his name for Colt to have known that.

More than likely, he also definitely knew about Kyle’s so called profession, and the fact that he was bought and paid for by Lawrence.

No wonder the man didn’t want to touch him.

And for some reason, that made Kyle feel incredibly sad.

Kyle had always figured that if anyone knew what he was, and the things he’d done, that they wouldn’t want to be near him.

Christ, it was like there was no one else in the world right now but Colt, and Kyle absolutely did not want the man to leave his side.

“I need to go. I’ll be back, though,” the man said quickly.

Kyle’s first instinct was to not believe him, but for some reason he did. The man seemed too sincere, so he let his hand slide away from where he’d been holding onto Colt.

He turned to look out the window again, and he frowned at the trees. “Did Lawrence…did he plant some trees or something?” he asked.

Kyle had no idea how that worked, or why anyone would want to buy and plant pine and birch trees when they damn near lived in the woods themselves, but he had to ask anyway.

Colt looked at him and then turned to the window that Kyle was looking out of. “No, no, he didn’t.”

Kyle frowned at him. “Why are they green?” he asked. “It’s almost September.”

Colt’s eyes widened, and when he wet his lips, Kyle could barely take his focus away from the man’s tongue in order to listen to what he had to say.

“It’s…May the fifth. You’ve been in a coma for a long time.”

Kyle’s eyes widened. If he had more energy inside of him, then he might’ve jumped out of the bed and grabbed onto Colt’s blue plaid button-down shirt and demanded that he stop lying to him.

That wasn’t about to happen, however, and he stayed in bed. “What?” he asked, and he felt his eyes burning. “Is it…” He counted the months in his head. “Did nine months pass, or did years—”

“Not years, no,” Colt said quickly. “But yeah, you’ve been out of it for the nine months.




The sensation of Colt’s slick tongue probing his asshole made Kyle, and his cock, jump. Colt had to hang on to his ass to keep Kyle from pushing him off. Kyle couldn’t believe he had that kind of strength.

“You still okay?” Colt asked. His hands were still on Kyle’s ass cheeks, keeping them apart, but he’d apparently taken Kyle’s suddenly movement as a negative.

“Perfect. Do that again,” Kyle said. He looked over his shoulder, and his heart jumped at Colt’s predatory grin.

Kyle tried to keep his eyes on the man for as long as possible, but when Colt dipped his head again and his tongue, hard and pointed, pressed against Kyle’s pucker one more time, he just couldn’t.

Kyle’s face fell into the pillows beneath him as he moaned, and he bit down on them to keep himself from being too loud.

In the two days he’d had to live here while Colt recovered, he’d learned not only how well he could smell, but also how well he could hear. That meant that the other werewolves would hear the sounds he made from all the way down the hall if he wasn’t careful.

He tried to be careful. He really did, but as the pleasure rose up and Kyle forgot about the embarrassment of having Colt’s tongue in his ass, the sounds he made got to be louder as he thrust his ass back against Colt’s mouth and pushed his dick down onto the mattress.

Colt hummed and jabbed his tongue inside harder and deeper, and Kyle bit through the pillow as he came with a yell.

When he came to, his body still buzzing from the orgasm, Colt was kissing his way up Kyle’s body, his lips touching each vertebra.

Kyle hummed in pleasure, which was about when he realized that his teeth had turned into fangs and were still biting into the cotton pillow. His fingers had also become claws and were puncturing the same pillow.

He pulled them out and had just gotten them to change back when Colt’s entire body was pressing down on him, and he was pressing kisses to Kyle’s neck.

He hoped the owners of the house wouldn’t be mad at him for ruining their bedsheets.

“How do you feel?” Colt asked.

He had to ask? “Pretty damn good,” Kyle said, and even the sound of his own voice reminded him of sex. He was a werewolf, but he felt like a lazy cat who’d just been fattened up.

Colt ran his hands up and down Kyle’s sides, and the touch of his hands over Kyle’s skin was good. Good enough that his cock was still twitching beneath him, clearly not done yet.

Christ. Werewolf stamina was better than Viagra. He should bottle and sell the stuff.

Kyle was content to continue letting Colt touch and massage his shoulders when he suddenly felt something hard and a little wet at the tip prodding him as Colt moved around.

He snapped his eyes open and sat up. “Oh shit! I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to ignore you,” he said, realizing that he’d just had two orgasms while Colt had none.

If that had happened to anyone else, Kyle would’ve gotten a severe beating for it.

Colt laughed at him, which was something Kyle definitely hadn’t expected. He thought the man would be angry, or at the very least, a little affronted that Kyle was only just now noticing that Colt was still waiting his turn.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wait much longer. I think blue balls are starting to set in.”

Clearly Kyle wasn’t as experienced as he thought he was if it shocked him that a man would laugh and joke with him in bed while his cock and balls were in pain.

Colt leaned in and kissed him, gently holding onto Kyle’s chin, like he was precious and breakable or something.

That was when it went through his mind. Perfect. This man was perfect. His only flaw was that he wanted Kyle.

“Where’s the lube?” Colt asked when he broke away from the kiss.

Oh, right, they still needed that.

Kyle looked around on the bed, but the covers had been rumpled because of their previous activities. He found it in one of the folds and handed it to the other man before lying back and spreading his legs. “Can you do it for me?” he asked.

“I’d love to,” Colt replied, and he popped the cap before squirting some of the lube onto his fingers.

Kyle was almost buzzing with the anticipation. His dick was hard and throbbing in time with his heartbeat again, and he had to grab onto it by the base just to keep himself from coming way too soon.

Although, maybe that wouldn’t matter, since he had such great stamina to begin with. Ultimately, he decided that he didn’t want to take the risk that if he came one more time, that would be it for him. Even werewolf stamina had to reach a place where it ended.

Kyle’s toes curled when Colt pressed his fingers against his pucker, and he pushed one inside.

“You’re so tight,” Colt said.

Kyle didn’t respond to that since anything he said would only make him look like a total slut. He’d forgotten that he would be tight. Nine months of no sex would have that effect on him.

“Do you like it?” Kyle asked.

Colt’s eyes were glowing the prettiest shade of gold when he looked up at him. “Yeah.”

Kyle watched his lover as the man took his time with prepping him, as though he was a virgin or something, which was nice. It made Kyle feel a warmth spreading inside of his chest that Colt would care enough to be a little delicate for this part.

He thrust back and forth, hooking his finger before putting more lube between Kyle’s ass cheeks and adding a second finger.

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