[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Owen Castel has been searching for his kidnapped mate for the last four months. He's been held hostage by a group of nearly wild alphas, so when Owen finds him pregnant, he wants revenge on the men he believed did it.
Peter Buchanan thought that he wasn't in love with Owen. It was just about the sex to satisfy their mating urges. But after four months in the hands of cruel alphas, Peter can now look at the truth and forgive Owen for his time as an alpha of the enemy pack. Too bad he's dead.
So when Owen comes back from the grave and saves Peter, taking him away from the alphas, Peter is determined to make it work this time. The pup he carries is Owen's, and he doesn't want to lose his mate again because Owen's wolf is hungry for revenge.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hungry Like a Wolf (MM)
12 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I definitely enjoyed this finale in the series, although I'm a little upset that the author didn't write Tameron and Marshall's story. Owen and Peter were great, and I loved the introduction of the four ancient wolves who will star in the 'Werewolves of Willow Lake' series.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Finally we get Peter and Owen's story! They've been slinking around each other for a while; well, Peter as a formerly abused luna omega has been trying to run from the alpha Owen whenever they were in the same room. Until, at the end of the previous book, he finally gives in to the mating urge and – boom – gets abducted by enemy alphas, the beasts leaving Owen for dead and taking Peter gods know where. Owen goes after Peter but it takes him a while to track Peter and the alphas down. They are trying to avoid capture, but they have nowhere to go because both the enemy packs have been dissolved. When Owen finally does find Peter, the alphas are no match for him and he focuses on getting Peter safely back to the pack. Owen still blames himself for what happens, but, much to his relief, Peter will have none of that, and they slowly begin to build a relationship together – still on the run, but at least firmly on the same side now. Peter has had a lot of time to think about what happened. He may have submitted to his mating urges when he first gave in to Owen's advances (resulting in him being pregnant on top of everything else), but time and distance has taught him a few things, He still doesn’t hope for love, but at lest he looks forward to having Owen by his side. Of course, it isn’t as easy as all that, since Roarke and the others who can protect them and bring them home take a while to get to them .It give the evil alphas, the two who are still alive, time to catch up with them and take Peter prisoner again. In the final fighting scene, when Owen frees Peter with Roarke and the others' help, four rather mysterious new werewolves turn up. From what I have seen they will get their own series ('Werewolves of Willow Lake'), and I look forward to reading it! Unfortunately, it may mean the end of this series…If you like werewolves with unusual abilities, such as the luna wolves and their assorted friends, if you enjoy reading about men who start off on the wrong foot only to find they are meant to be together, and if you want to catch up with the Luna Werewolves in what looks to be the final volume of this series, then you will probably enjoy this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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He was in wolf form right now. His hair was matted and dirty, but Owen’s belly was full from the rabbit he’d chased down and eaten, and there was a stream nearby where he’d been getting fresh water.

Hygiene was one thing, but there was no way in hell that Owen would have the strength to retrieve his mate if he allowed his muscles to waste away by not eating.

Eye on the prize. He wasn’t about to get Peter back if he allowed himself to mope and feel sorry for himself. This wasn’t about him, it was about saving Peter.

The thing that really got his blood pumping was how close the scent was. He’d lost it a time or two whenever the bastards traveled over water. They were being smart about it, too. They’d occasionally split up and run in different directions so that by the time Owen realized he was following a lone wolf who did not have Peter, it was way too late and the wolf who did have Peter was farther away.

Owen had to get smart about this. He’d chased them in circles and he’d chased them halfway across the state before realizing that they were not about to let him get close. Hell, they must be nervous as all hell considering it wasn’t just Owen who was chasing them down, but at least half of Roarke’s pack who did not take kindly to anyone kidnapping their omegas.

Owen had yet to see them, however, because he was able to move faster when alone.

The key had been to give the men some space, let them lose track of Owen’s scent when the wind wasn’t working for them.

It had been a scary plan, and Owen prayed he wasn’t about to fuck up and lose Peter forever, but it seemed to work. For the first time in a long time, it seemed they were stopping for the night. The idiots had lit a fire and everything, which only made it easier for Owen to sneak in a little closer.

He recognized the two alphas that had grabbed Peter by the arms and dragged him away while Owen was being held back.

Owen was not a luna werewolf, so they wouldn’t have wanted him. Hell, they might have even just thought that Owen had already kidnapped Peter, so they were just stealing someone else’s property.

Fuck, it killed him thinking about how he used to share a pack with people like that.

Owen stayed up in the shrubs. His eyes scanned their pathetic excused for a campsite, searching for Peter, but he couldn’t find the man.

Calm. He had to stay calm. If his anger got the better of him, if his heart started racing too loudly, then they were going to hear him and panic. Owen was an alpha, just like them, but he wasn’t taking out the lot of them without being smart about this. He hated to do it, but he was going to have to be a little sneaky about this.

Where was Peter? They were cooking food down there that they’d hunted before, but there was no sign of Peter anywhere.

Owen was barely containing his wolf. His wolf who wanted to growl and snarl and rush down there to rip every single one of them to shreds.

He had to keep his human mind in control. He logically knew that he wasn’t strong enough to take out all of them, and if for some reason they let him live after having hunted them for almost sixteen weeks, then he’d be lucky if they let him live after they kicked his ass for the final time.

Then he saw him, and Owen’s heart jumped. The other alphas were too caught up in what they were doing to realize that Owen was less than twenty-five feet away from him, but Owen could barely pay attention to any of them either at this point.

He saw red. Literally, his wolf was coming out and it was angry as all hell.

Peter, who was so damn beautiful it was hard to look at him sometimes, was dirty. He was wearing clothes that were much too big for him, probably from one of the alphas, his long hair was matted, and he’d grown a beard since being on the run with these alphas. It was also clear from the sunken look of his cheeks that he had barely been allowed to eat since being taken.

Omegas were usually treated in that fashion at the best of times. Aside from Roarke’s pack, every other pack that Owen had been in, the omegas were always the last to eat, and only if there was something left for them. It wasn’t uncommon for some omegas to be so hungry that they searched through the garbage for whatever table scraps had been cruelly thrown away instead of handed down.

Those were enough reasons to make him angry, seeing their mistreatment of him for himself and having his fears confirmed.

The worst part of it, the part of it that nearly allowed him to just hand over all control to his wolf and let it run wild, was the way the alpha beside Peter was adjusting his pants as they came back into view.

Adjusting his pants after being somewhere private with a luna omega werewolf, the type of wolves that every other shifter in the world thought would bring immense amounts of strength by fucking them.

He was going to destroy all of them.




“You like that?” Peter asked, thrusting forward a little harder, and his hair around his shoulders began swaying in time with the movement of his body.

“Hell yeah,” Owen said. This time he decided to be a little bit more adventurous with his hands, and he moved them down Peter’s sides, over the swell of his stomach, and to his hips. This was his mate’s body, and even if he was carrying someone else’s pup, Owen did not want the man to feel shame for it, or that Owen didn’t want him to touch him.

His mate was still gorgeous.

Owen adjusted his hold on Peter’s hips, helping the other man to move them around in just the right rhythm that Owen wanted him to. Slow but hard.

“Oh, fuck,” Peter moaned, and he gradually picked up speed. “I’m coming. I’m gonna…”

“Do it, come on me. Right now, baby,” Owen said, and then he felt it, the warm rush of his mate’s cum splashing over his stomach and chest.

A rush of pleasure overcame him, and Owen nearly came himself, but he didn’t. He held back as he just watched Peter moan and buck into his fist and against Owen’s cock.

Then Owen felt it, more energy rushing into him as Peter’s body relaxed on top of him.

“No, stop that,” Owen said and he put his hand on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter’s eyes snapped open, and he stared down at Owen in surprise, but at least the rush of energy stopped. “Don’t you want me to?”

“No. You’re pregnant and you’ve given me enough. No more,” Owen said, and just so that they were on the same page, and that Peter wouldn’t assume it was because Owen didn’t want him to or something, he leaned up and pressed a kiss to his mate’s pink lips.

“We’ll have lots of time for that after we get somewhere safer.”

Peter smiled at him, clearly pleased. “All right, but I’ll still give you some, from time to time. Just not a lot.”

Owen could live with that. As long as Peter was happy and healthy, he could live with that.

“There is something that I’m going to do for you now, though,” Peter said, and he began sliding down Owen’s body, an almost evil glint in his eyes, and his grin showed off his teeth.

Owen knew what Peter was up to, and he was honestly surprised that the man would even be up for that. He was shocked as all hell that Peter was up for any of the things he was doing. Owen was pretty damn sure that if anyone had kidnapped and raped him, then he wouldn’t want to be touched by anyone.

But Owen was much too horny and selfish to reach out and stop the man as he licked his lips before licking Owen’s cock.

Owen’s dick jumped, and pre-cum spurted out of him and landed on Peter’s cheek.

Owen’s eyes popped open wide at the sight of that, and he swore he nearly came for real.

Peter laughed at him before wiping his cheek with the back of his hand, but then his expression turned a little more serious when he licked the cum right off his knuckles.

“Are you trying to tease the hell out of me?” Owen asked through his teeth.

“A little. Is it working?” Peter asked.

“Yes, now please, put my cock in your mouth, I really, really can’t take waiting anymore.”

Peter laughed at him again, but he did as he was told, wrapping his lips around the head of Owen’s dick and sucking hard on it. He stayed only at the head for the time being, but then he gradually moved lower.

Owen moaned, watching his thick cock vanish inch by inch into Peter’s mouth. They hadn’t done this the last time. They had been so caught up in just getting to the act of fucking, that there had been almost no foreplay beforehand whatsoever.

Because Owen was getting it now, and discovering how good Peter was at it, he was having a hard time not grabbing on to the man’s head and just fucking into his mouth.

“Yeah, just like that,” Owen moaned. He didn’t grab on to Peter’s hair, but he did gently start thrusting up into his mouth. Peter took him all in, and he didn’t seem to be having any trouble at all. Even when the head of Owen’s cock lightly tapped against the back of his throat, he didn’t choke or pull back or anything.

“You’re so fucking good at that. I can’t claim you but I’m still inside you, and you feel so damn good,” Owen said. His vocabulary was suddenly very small, and the only word he could think of to describe what was happening was good. That was fine. It was a perfectly suitable word for what was happening.

Owen canted his hips forward, watching Peter work, and then he moaned again when his mate tightened his lips around the base of Owen’s dick.

Owen’s toes curled, and it felt like Peter was trying to yank his orgasm right out of him.

Peter’s cum was drying on Owen’s skin, and now he was about to come deep into his mate’s mouth.

Yeah, not a proper claiming, but it was a claiming, it had to be, there was no way they could both just put their scent all over each other like that without it being a claiming.

Owen arched his back and bit down on his bottom lip as he came. Peter continued to suck on him. He didn’t stop until Owen’s cock was soft in his mouth. Only then did he allow Owen’s dick, shiny with saliva, to slip out from between his lips.

Owen felt like his entire body had just turned into a limp noodle, and he could only breathe and gasp for air as Peter crawled up his body to lie beside him.

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