Bound by Duty (MM)

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Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,485
16 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]

Jess Taylor has been selected. Chosen by the annual lottery as a sacrifice to the aliens that saved mankind from the Great Plague, he could care less what happens to him. Little does he know that his first alien master doesn't provide much and has a gambling problem to boot. When the debt gets too high, he's sold to another who might provide all he needs and so much more.

Noss, the first spawn of Prince Kranok, is duty bound to take care of his family. Unfortunately for him, no one wants to marry him because of his father's scandal. Noss doesn't expect much when he buys the human, but he gets more than a handful.

Passion spirals quickly into something more meaningful, and they'll have to decide if being bound by duty can make them happy in a world where changing the rules might mean the destruction of the house that Noss is trying so hard to keep together.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.

Bound by Duty (MM)
16 Ratings (4.3)

Bound by Duty (MM)

Owned 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,485
16 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I am so hooked on this series.
Great characters and good storyline. Looking forward to reading more in this series.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

"A great second book set in Eoean society, this volume tells the story of Jess, best friend to Alexis (who was chosen by the lottery in book two), and Noss, elder brother of Elia (from book two). Even though this is not a direct sequel, it certainly helps if you read that one first. Many of the concepts of Eoean society are taken for granted in this book, and the basic explanation can be found in the earlier volume. Jess has not had a good life ever since he came out. His parents were never the warm and fuzzy types, but they really started to exploit him once they knew he was gay. When Jess arrives in Eoean society, and his first master has to sell him to cover his gambling debt, Jess doesn't expect much. He's always been discarded or forgotten, so when Noss tells him he only needs a concubine to be recognized as an adult by the Eoean law, Jess isn’t surprised What is a bit of a shock for Jess is discovering Noss's huge family. Noss's father had twelve concubines, with assorted "spawn" (their word for kids), and now that the prince is waiting for his trial, Noss has to take care of all of them. And they just love Jess! Noss feels it is his duty to take care of the entre family. He is no Arak, the Eoean equivalent of a dominant male leading a house, but he doesn’t think he has a choice. When he gets to know Jess, all he wants is submit to the Earthling. He thinks he can play a double game, but Jess doesn’t like it, and Noss worries about it being permanent if his father gets convicted. Noss has a lot to learn – not just about this strange Earthling who uses slang he doesn’t understand but also about himself. If you like science fiction stories with men from two different cultures who discover not only their similarities, but get to know themselves a whole lot better, if you enjoy reading about "love working in miraculous ways", and if you're looking for a hot read that offers a romance with a few obstacles (of the internal and stubbornness-caused kind), then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Jess slept like the dead on the most comfortably soft mattress he’d ever had the privilege of laying his head on. He was used to being unwanted and banished from places. He’d experienced it with his parents and then with his alien, but he couldn’t remember a time in his life where he was banished to such a comfortable place. The servant had come to collect him as promised, but instead of delivering him to his new master, he’d unceremoniously dumped him in a spare room without more than a handful of sentences about anything that was expected of him. The only things he knew were that he had become part of a large household that his alien master had just inherited, and he was very busy and wouldn’t be expected to entertain him on a regular basis. Jess would be expected to attend functions with him though, the terms to be discussed at a later date. Then he was delivered to the room and told to sleep.

He rolled over and stretched, luxuriating in the soft texture of the mattress. Today would be the second day he’d restarted his life. “Definitely a step up from sleeping on the floor.”

“Is it customary for humans to speak to themselves upon waking?”

Jess’s eyes popped open at the unfamiliar voice. He rolled over and sat up. In the doorway stood an Eoean. His morning erection sprang to life as he gave the guy a once-over. He was shorter than Jess by about four inches and an inch or two thinner through the chest. His chest and abdomen were bare and tempting expanses of flesh. He was shaped just like a human male except he was light Eoean blue all over. It was a pity he had loose-fitting pants, which looked a little like pajama bottoms to Jess, on. He’d wondered more than once what the Eoeans were packing between their legs, whether their cocks would be like blue human dicks or something else entirely.

 The alien’s dark blue eyes regarded him with a certain curiosity. “You’re hard. Is it common for humans to orgasm in the morning?”

“Is it common for Eoeans to sneak into a guy’s room and ask pointed questions about the hardness of their dicks while half-naked first thing in the morning?” he retorted before he could think better of it. He winced, readying himself for punishment. He really had to learn how to watch his mouth.

The Eoean moved his gaze from Jess’s exposed groin to the window beside the bed he was sleeping on. “Good point. I apologize for my unannounced entry.” There was something moving in those loose-fitting pants of his, and Jess didn’t think it was his pet ferret. I’m not the only one who’s hard, bud. “I need you to dress quickly and join me for first meal. You need to stand behind me and not speak.”

“Uh-huh,” Jess said. “No more information? Just stand behind me and be quiet?”

The Eoean tilted his head to his side. “Is that too complicated?”

“You don’t have to be a dick about it,” Jess rumbled, annoyance starting to flicker. “I guess you’re my new master, huh?” He put his legs over the side of the mattress and stood, uncaring of his nudity. It wasn’t like his erection was going to be an issue. He didn’t care for guys who acted like jerks. I will most likely die of blue balls relatively soon, but who cares? I expected to die anyway.

“I don’t understand your statement, but yes, I am your new owner. I should’ve introduced myself. My name is Noss.” He pointed to the chest shoved beside the window. “Your clothing is in there. Dress. You can shower after first meal.”

“Aye, aye, captain,” Jess muttered, giving him a sloppy salute.

Noss frowned. “Humans are strange creatures.” He turned back toward the door.

“And Eoeans aren’t?” Jess asked, insulted for some reason. Different didn’t equate weird in his eyes, and he’d had enough of the guy’s dickishness. Just because he was given away like a door prize at a high school raffle didn’t mean he could be shrugged off like some pest.

Noss turned back toward him. “I suppose some are. I just don’t understand your expressions very well. I meant no insult.”

Well that popped my self-righteous bubble. “Well, then I owe you an apology.” He gave his new master a once-over, and he was pleased when the Eoean shifted. His lips twitched. “Anything I can do to make it up to you?”

The Eoean’s nostrils flared. “I, uh—” He cleared his throat. “That will be unnecessary. We will discuss what your duties are afterward. It was a mistake not to inform you of them. Humans are very curious creatures.”

“Will there be sex involved?” Please say yes. The Eoean might’ve been awkward, but he was hot. Jess had long since become immune to how weird looking at blue flesh was. The guy was just his type, and he wanted to nibble on his pretty blue skin like he wanted food in his stomach. His erection came flaring back to life.

Noss swallowed. “There will be a consummation at the conclusion of our bonding ceremony. We will consummate then.”

Triumph sang through Jess like a damn chorus. “You mean we can fuck?”




Jess licked his lips. “Do you ever take your cock in hand and rub it until you come?” He raised his hand and ran just his fingertips over the Eoean’s racing pulse.

“It’s forbidden,” Noss said, shuddering under his touch.

“Hmm, I think you indulged in the forbidden, beautiful. I think you took that sweet cock pushing up in your pants and rubbed it until you shot sticky pleasure all over your hands.” Jess was pleased when the cock he’d referenced jerked at his words. Chemistry, they had in spades. He was not going to hate being the concubine of this beautiful creature. He was no less of a man than he’d been under his parents thumb. At least here he would be valued, if for nothing else but sex.

Noss gasped, jerking back. “Stop it. You make my head spin.” He closed his eyes like he was trying to reign himself in. Jess wasn’t having it. It had been too damn long, and Noss was too damn sexy to pass up. He reached out and ran his hand over the decided bulge in his pants. He tilted his head to the side as he found two hard lengths pushing up to meet him. His mouth watered. Oh yum. Noss arched into the touch, crying out a little. “Stop! I can’t release until the consummation.”

“Oh trust me, beautiful. You’ll release then, too.” Jess kneaded the flesh and was surprised when it tried to hold onto him.

Noss groaned. “Humans are insane.” That was probably true, but Jess didn’t give a damn. He found the tie on the male’s pants and pulled the knot loose with a tug. Immediately the loose material started sliding down Noss’s slim hips. Jess helped it over Noss’s erection—erections. Holy shit. I thought I felt two cocks. Noss just stared down at him like he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to be enjoying this or not.

Jess winked at him. “I’d really like to suck on you, babe. But I’ll stop if you want me to.”

“S–suck me?”

“I want to take your cocks in in my mouth”— he fisted both of his cocks for emphasis and gave one upward stroke like he was jerking him off— “and suck them until you come.” Noss whimpered, and his hips shot into his fists, the plum heads weeping a milky drop of blue-cotton-candy-colored pre-cum. “Hmm, you’re blue everywhere, beautiful.”

“All Father above, Jess,” Noss gasped, staring down at his body and Jess’s hands on him. “You don’t have to—”

“I want to,” Jess interrupted. “I just wish my mouth was big enough for both at the same time.” He ducked forward then and sucked the head of one of them in his mouth. Noss’s whole body shuddered, and then the alien’s hands wove into his hair and he was pumping himself through Jess’s willing lips as Jess worked his other cock with his hand as best he could. The noises coming out of the alien’s mouth were something right out of his favorite fantasy.

He’d only sucked him half a dozen times before Noss cried out. “Jess, I’m—Jess, I—”

Jess just reacted by bobbing his head faster, reveling in Noss’s reactions. His cock jerked in Jess’s mouth,and then his spunk shot between his lips and halfway down his throat in an enthusiastic splash. Jess swallowed around him, making sure not to spill a single drop of the surprisingly sweet seed Noss gave to him.

Only after Noss’s cock had nothing left to give did Jess pop off his cock and smile up at him, licking his lips for any errant drop he’d missed. “Damn, man. You’re still hard.” He eyed the still weeping second dick. With a tug of his hands he pulled the gauzy shift over his head and tossed it aside. “You got any slick?”

“Slick?” Noss panted.

“Lubrication.” Translations weren’t perfect apparently.

“Ah, I, um, perhaps.” He motioned to a chest at the foot of the bed. “In there.”

Jess rolled to his feet and padded over to the chest and lifted the lid. “Is this it?” he asked, holding up a white jar with the Eoean language splashed across the side. He couldn’t read it. The translations the tutor gave him only worked on the spoken word apparently.

“Yes.” The quiet reply was all the permission he needed. He turned from the chest and hurried back over to the couch where Noss was sitting. Noss raised his gaze, his eyes like saucers.

“Trust me, beautiful,” Jess murmured. “I will make you feel good.”

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