Town of Chance: Attacking Innocence (MFMMM)

The Dare Series 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,448
20 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, spanking, HEA] 
Missy Ann is a survivor, but the fear is not so easily forgotten. She just can’t seem to get over it, and trust becomes something she is incapable of. It may take the care and compassion of two men that saved her that dreadful day and their brothers, who know heartache and loss, and who yearn to fill that hole in their heart they thought would remain empty forever.
The Connelly men will do whatever is necessary to help heal the woman they've learned to love. She is young and understandibly fearful, but the images of the dreadful scene they came upon spur their determination to help her heal. 
But the fears of the past and a case they thought was closed, re-ignites. There’s a new perpetrator at work, and he sets his eyes on Missy Ann, determined to make the Hayes men suffer for destroying his life and taking away his fortune.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Town of Chance: Attacking Innocence (MFMMM)
20 Ratings (4.7)

Town of Chance: Attacking Innocence (MFMMM)

The Dare Series 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,448
20 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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An excellent storyline and characters
Thank you for writing Missy Anne's story! I loved it and though there was tension between her and Antiono, it all turned out wonderfully!!! I'm glad he realized what a fool he was being!!! Awesome book!




Antonio watched Missy Ann as she stood by the railing on the dock. He couldn’t believe he was feeling this way. He liked her. She was sweet, gorgeous with her long straight blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Her conservative attire wasn’t his type at all, but then again what was his type? He thought it had been Sophia. Young, gorgeous, sexy figure and stylish attire all the time. He hadn’t realized her love of designer clothing was the beginning stages of her greed for more and more. It pissed him off that every woman he met he compared to Sophia.

It was obvious that Missy Ann was the complete opposite. He watched her now for a few minutes and was surprised at how jealous he felt as men checked her out. One came over to talk to her. She seemed timid and shy but then she looked panicked as the guy got in her space.

Something struck him. An instinct, an awareness. He pushed away from the bar and approached. He heard what the guy was saying.

“A gorgeous woman like you shouldn’t be standing all alone. Let me buy you a drink, honey. No need to be lonely.”

“Leave me alone. I’m not interested.”

The guy ran his knuckles down her arm and she pulled back and looked scared.

“Take a hike, asshole, she’s taken,” Antonio told the guy and took position in front of Missy Ann. He reached back with one hand in a protective move and then he felt her hands on his waist and her body press closer to him.

“She yours?” the guy asked as if she were an item.

“Yeah, and so is this place. So get the fuck out of here now,” he said to him and the guy looked him over and seemed like he would continue.

“There a problem over here?” Finn asked. The guy looked at him then back at Antonio.

“No,” he said, sounding pissed off and then walked away.

Antonio locked gazes with Finn.

Something was exchanged between them, and when Finn didn’t immediately come closer to take Missy Ann from his hold he felt as if he was giving him the opportunity to care for her. Antonio was shocked. But he was also too insecure and untrusting to take that lead for a woman he hardly knew.

“Missy Ann, are you okay?” Finn asked and Antonio stepped aside, felt her hands move off of him and Finn pulled her close. He cupped her cheek and she stared up into his eyes. Antonio felt the loss and damned himself for feeling insecure. He could be holding her, getting a feel of that body and a closer scent of her enticing perfume. Just a hint of it wafted over his shoulder as he confronted the guy bothering her.

“I’m fine. I want to go home. Now, please,” she whispered and Finn nodded and then pulled her close.

“We’re heading out. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” Finn said as Salvatore and Billy joined them.

Missy Ann pulled away from Finn and straightened her shoulders. “Thank you for dinner. Your place is lovely and best of luck with the new construction,” she told Antonio and Billy. Billy smiled.

“You sure you can’t stay for dessert, or maybe to get a tour of the construction?” Antonio asked, surprising himself and obviously her as her eyes widened.




Missy Ann didn’t know what came over her. Antonio brought out a side in her she didn’t know existed. All these years she wondered what type of lovers she would have and what type of lover she would be. But what she realized was that she couldn’t presume her actions or theirs. The desire, the attraction was so strong and commanding it led the way and she felt free to explore with her four men.

Antonio placed her feet on the rug and then Finn unzipped her dress. She saw Salvatore and Billy were naked, showing off their sexy trim bodies and all those dips and ridges of muscles. She was shivering with anticipation and not fear. There was no sense of fear.

As her dress fell to the floor she heard their intakes of breath. She wanted to smile. She chose a very sexy, see through black pair of thong panties and matching bra that barely covered her breasts. She hoped they liked them and by their expressions they seemed thrilled.

“Hot damn, baby, that’s some sexy set. Shame it has to go,” Antonio said to her as he kissed her shoulder and peeled the bra from her body. Finn pulled down her panties slowly as he kissed her belly, her hips, and then her mound as he pressed them down to her ankles. He held her thighs as she stepped from them and then he pressed her to the edge of the bed.

Missy Ann fell to the comforter and Finn immediately spread her thighs and began to feast on her cunt. Salvatore and Billy joined her on the bed and began to feast on her breasts and play with her nipples. It was so erotic and wild. To have all these men touching her, caressing her and adding to the excitement of making love for the very first time. She realized as Antonio stood by watching that they were all making love together. Every caress, every kiss, every nibble and suck was from all of them.

“Finn. Oh God, that feels incredible. This feels incredible. Having all of you touching me, sharing this with me. It’s amazing,” she said as she panted.

“It’s about to get more amazing. We’re going to make love to you one after the next. That’s four men, four men claiming you our woman, taking your virginity, and we’re honored, Missy Ann,” Finn told her and then leaned up and kissed her.

“I want that. Now, Finn. I need you,” she said to him when he released her lips.

She felt the tip of his cock at her entrance. She thought of the earlier conversation in the car on the way over. About protection, and about putting her needs, her concerns first. She was glad she was on the pill. She didn’t want to feel any barriers when she did this for the first time. She wanted complete contact and to know they were hers and she was theirs.

He held her gaze as he slid his thick muscle deeper. She panted for air.

“Relax your muscles and let me in, baby,” he whispered and then lowered over her body and began to suckle against her neck. She widened her thighs, felt the cream drip from her cunt as Finn slid deeper into her. She gasped as he pulled back and then shoved in completely. She felt the barrier break and his cock fill her to her womb. He was so big, so thick and hard. Even as he lay over her now Finn covered her and made her feel so protected and loved. She ran her hands up his chest and lifted up to kiss his neck and then his cheek. He turned closer, kissing her lips and delving his tongue into her mouth as he thrust into her.

She moaned into his mouth. His cock felt so hard, the sensations were overwhelming. As she released his lips and turned to the side there was Salvatore. He was stroking his cock, watching her with desire and love.

“You look incredible, Missy Ann. Absolutely incredible.”

Finn lifted up and pulled her hips lower off the bed. She felt the cool air against her ass and she shivered. Billy lowered his mouth to her breast and began to suckle on her nipple. “You look like a feast set out for us to enjoy and get lost in,” Salvatore added then joined them. He moved her arm up above her head and began to kiss along her skin from wrist to elbow to her breast. He twirled his tongue over the hardened nipple then tugged.

“Billy. Oh God, it’s too much,” she said and when she reached to cover her breast Salvatore took her other hand and brought it above her head, too.

“Keep your arms above your head. Let go and give us all of you,” Antonio chimed in. She gasped and looked at him but Finn’s strokes were going deeper and the movements faster. He gripped her hips and all her focus went to him and the sensations he caused in her body.

She didn’t know it would feel like this. She was overwhelmed with emotion. She loved them so much already it was crazy and scary all in one.

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