Taming a Beta's Heart (MM)

Scent of a Mate 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,077
50 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Kumiko Hara was a man others feared, a man who spent his life protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. When he meets Trevor Marshall and learns of the horrors the man had been subjected to his entire life, Kumiko decides to do everything in his power to make sure the gorgeous man is safe. Discovering that the man is his mate just makes it all that much easier.
Trevor Marshall spent the majority of his life tucked away from everyone. He has no concept of social interactions or even how to act around other shifters. He simply knows that he must follow his alpha’s words or be punished. When he finds himself mated to a man that insists his alpha isn’t the true alpha, Trevor doesn’t know if he can trust his instincts. 
Placed in an impossible situation, Trevor has to decide who he trusts—his father or the stranger that makes him burn with desire.  
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Taming a Beta's Heart (MM)
50 Ratings (4.4)

Taming a Beta's Heart (MM)

Scent of a Mate 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,077
50 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Considering the fact that I had been witness to the beginning of Kumiko's and Trevor's meeting and discovering they were mates in the previous book, I wasn't surprised that the author took it back to the beginning so I could get the more in-depth look and viewpoints from these two main characters.

Kumiko has fascinated me ever since I met him. There's a whole lot of anger buried in that little man. And, a history I was interested to discover. Trevor? Oh, that poor boy. I just wanted to protect him. His whole life has been nothing but misery and terror.

"Trevor knew that everyone’s definition of hurt was different. He had learned that by the time he was five years old. He also knew that people often lied to get what they wanted. He had learned that by the time he was three."

A very sweet addition that I do wish had been longer, with a little more explanation near the end. But, I still had fun and enjoyed reading it.
Christy Duke
Sweet , sexy and action filled
Professional Reviews

"As a direct consequence of the events in the previous book in the series, the pride Otto has taken leadership of is still in danger. The villain, none other than Otto’s megalomaniac father, Aldo, is still on the run, more than one other pride may be in danger, and one of Aldo’s loyal followers is imprisoned in the alpha house’s basement, ready for interrogation and punishment. Otto sends his loyal beta, a fierce tiger shifter named Kumiko, to do the job but what Kumiko finds is not what any of them expect. What follows is an action-packed drama, several tear-filled moments, and a timid, suppressed soul finally finding out who he is and what life can be like once he is free. Kumiko is a tough beta, willing to do anything Otto tells him to do. After all, he is a beta, and his job is to protect the alpha and the pride against danger – even if the biggest problem is the pride’s previous alpha. But what Kumiko finds in the basement cell is not the evil follower of the crazy alpha he expected. What he finds is Trevor, a man scared of his own shadow. Trevor has been abused by Aldo for years and clearly has trust issues. But Kumiko is determined to do whatever it takes to overcome them since Trevor is not just innocent, he is also Kumiko’s mate. Trevor grew up being told he was worthless, had no right to his opinion, wasn’t allowed to leave the house he was kept a prisoner in, and that he was not permitted to have a mate. So imagine his surprise when the best-looking man he ever laid eyes on walks into his cell, takes one sniff, and declares they are mated? Trevor cannot believe it, and in fact, despite the evidence to the contrary when Kumiko protects him as their situation becomes more critical, it takes Trevor quite while to begin understanding exactly how wrong everything is that Aldo has taught him. This book is filled with angst, action, hot man-on-man-on-man action, and some interesting revelations about what has been going on behind the scenes in this series. Trevor finds out how to be his own man, learns to trust, and almost dies. Kumiko has to accept he has a soft side where his mate is concerned, and learns how to protect and love a man who was made for him. If you like to see seemingly weak men learn to stand up for themselves, if two men made for each other facing almost insurmountable odds to be together intrigue you, and if you’re looking for an angst-filled read that is as action-packed as it is sweet, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Kumiko Hara walked out of the dining room and joined up with Otto Marshall when he was called for. He didn’t say a word as he followed his alpha down the stairs to the lower level. Nothing needed to be said. Otto gave an order, Kumiko followed it. That was the way of things.

He knew just from the direction the large man was walking that they were headed to the basement to interrogate the prisoner they had in the basement, the man that had attacked Otto’s mate. The man was a member of their pride. His first instinct should have been to protect Patch Mason, not try and take his life. Kumiko was pretty sure the guy was a traitor to their pride, working for the former alpha, Aldo Marshall. Questioning him was kind of a foregone conclusion.

When they reached the heavy metal door that led into the detention cells, Otto paused and gripped the edge of the doorframe. “You know what he did,” Otto said to Kumiko. “You know what information we need.”

Kumiko nodded. He knew. Trevor had a lot to answer for, and Kumiko would get those answers. He had seen the man briefly when he had him escorted to the detention cells in the basement. He had seen what he thought was fear on the man’s face, but he hadn’t gotten close enough to smell it, so he couldn’t be sure. But he would be before he left that room.

He could see how difficult this situation was for Otto, a man he respected above all others. Otto had believed in him when no one else saw anything but a short Asian man with a bad temper. Kumiko couldn’t think of much he wouldn’t do for the man.

“I think it’s better if I stay out here and you go in and question Trevor.” Otto clenched his jaw. “I might kill him.”

Kumiko nodded again. “I’ll take care of it.” Kumiko would follow Otto anywhere, do anything for him.

Otto smiled weakly as he leaned up against the wall. There was a sense of relief about the alpha as his shoulders relaxed, some of the tension draining away from his powerful form. “I’ll just wait right here.”

Kumiko smiled back, but his was much more evil and malicious. “I won’t be long.”

He didn’t know what to expect as he stepped inside the detention cell. It certainly wasn’t the frightened fragile-looking man huddled in the corner. The man was shaking so hard he looked like he was in danger of completely shaking apart all together.

Kumiko dismissed the feelings of sympathy that welled up when he saw the tears shimmering in Trevor’s coffee-brown eyes. This man had attacked his alpha’s mate. He deserved whatever punishment he had coming, even if he did look like a stiff wind would blow him away.

Kumiko squared his shoulders, refusing to allow the small shudder that rocked through the skinny man affect him. “My name is Kumiko Hara.” His voice hardened ruthlessly. “Do you—”

Kumiko froze.

There was a heady scent floating on the air that curled around him and sank into his soul. With one whiff, Kumiko’s cock grew so hard it throbbed in pure agony. For a brief moment, his mind blanked; the only thought in his head was finding that alluring scent and fucking it until he passed out.

Kumiko shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He was here to interrogate a prisoner, not lust after…what exactly was it that he was lusting after? Kumiko lifted his nose into the air and sniffed again. His cock jerked, leaking, needing.

His gaze snapped to the little man in the corner. Trevor sat curled up on the cot, his knees drawn up to his chest. His unruly black hair hung down over his face, obscuring his eyes, but Kumiko could still feel the man watching him. His skin prickled as if he was being assessed. For what, Kumiko didn’t know.

He stepped closer, his head tilting inquisitively when the man whimpered and pulled his legs closer to his chest, his head dipping down as if he was trying to make himself a smaller target. It dawned on Kumiko almost like a sledgehammer upside his head that Trevor was terrified of him. But not just him, everyone and anyone.

Trevor was just simply terrified.

And considering the sweet smell wrapping around Kumiko’s senses and sinking into his very soul, that wasn’t a good thing. Kumiko was pretty damn sure he had just found his mate.

Kumiko sighed at the tenseness bunching between his shoulder blades. He rubbed the muscles at the back of his neck then walked over and grabbed the only chair in the room. He flipped it around so that he could straddle it and settle his arms over the back of it, resting his chin on his folded arms.

“Trevor, look at me.” His voice was stern, mostly because he wasn’t sure how to make it not be stern. That was just who he was. He didn’t even talk to his brothers in a more soothing voice. He was pretty sure a stern tone of voice was part of his genetic makeup. “Now, Trevor.”

Trevor’s head lifted, and coffee-brown eyes peered at him through pitch-black curls. Kumiko winced at the fear and apprehension so apparent in Trevor’s eyes. No one should ever be that scared, not even someone being interrogated. It was almost as if the man was begging for death with his eyes just so the fear could end.

“Do you know who I am?”




Koibito means lover, partner. It means mate.” Kumiko fisted his hands in Trevor’s midnight-black curls, pulling the taller man’s head back until he could see Trevor’s throat move as he swallowed. “It means you belong to me now.”

Kumiko let his fangs drop and sank them into Trevor’s throat. Hot, tangy blood flooded his mouth. Trevor’s loud cry echoed in his ears. When Trevor’s body bucked against him, Kumiko reached down and pressed his hand over the nice bulge in his pants, squeezing until Trevor shuddered and slumped. A moment later, a growing wet spot appeared on the front of Trevor’s jeans.

Kumiko swallowed down the blood he needed to take to ensure that the mating process between them had started, then withdrew his fangs, licking the bite mark until no more blood swelled to the surface. He wanted Trevor marked for all to see. He just didn’t want him hurt.

Kumiko dropped to his knees and yanked Trevor’s pants to his ankles. The sight of the man’s cum-covered cock almost made Kumiko come himself. It was a beautiful sight, all dripping and wet. Trevor’s cock was just large enough that Kumiko knew he was going to thoroughly enjoy feeling it pound into his ass when the time came.

Now was not that time.

Now he needed to claim his mate and ensure that the mating process continued. He was going to tie Trevor to him until there was no question that they belonged together. Trevor was the one thing in this world that belonged to him, and Kumiko would die fighting before he gave the gorgeous little man up.

Kumiko leaned forward and licked a few drops of cum off of Trevor’s spent cock. He smiled when he felt the man’s fading erection jerk against his tongue and start to come back to life. The little catch in Trevor’s breathing told him that his mate enjoyed having someone suck on his cock. Kumiko hoped the man felt the same when he felt Kumiko’s cock in his ass because that’s where it was going to be in the next ten minutes.

Kumiko pushed Trevor’s shoes off then slid his pants the rest of the way down his legs and off his feet, tossing them behind him. He scooped some of the cum off of Trevor’s groin, sliding his fingers back behind the man’s wet balls. Kumiko’s finger slid into Trevor’s ass just as he let the man’s cock slide into his mouth. The dual sensations were either really good or really unexpected.

Trevor keened and went up on his tiptoes. His fingers curled in Kumiko’s hair. “Please, please, please,” Trevor squeaked even as his hips thrust forward, driving his cock further into Kumiko’s mouth. “I can’t. It’s not…Oh god, this…You…Oh! Oh!”

Trevor’s hips started moving more and more, thrusting, withdrawing, thrusting some more. Trevor didn’t seem to know whether to push forward and drive his cock deeper into Kumiko’s mouth, or push back against the fingers invading his ass.

The muscles that clamped down on Kumiko’s fingers when he added another one almost broke his concentration. He could just imagine them clamping down on his cock as he pounded into Trevor. His cocked ached and pressed against his zipper as if in full agreement with that fantasy.

Kumiko scooped up more of the cum and slid three fingers past the ring of muscles at Trevor’s tight opening. By the time he could easily push them in and out, his cock was so hard and so engorged, he wondered if he should use another finger.

“Please,” Trevor cried out. “I need…I need…”

Kumiko knew what Trevor needed. He pulled his fingers free and after pulling his shirt off, used it to wipe his fingers. He stood and stepped back, watching his mate watch him as he stripped his remaining clothes off.

Hunger and confusion were at odds in Trevor’s coffee-brown eyes as if the man wasn’t sure exactly what to feel or even if he should feel anything. Kumiko could take care of that. His dominant personality was the perfect foil for Trevor’s more docile manner.

He knew just what to do.

Kumiko dropped his clothes on the floor. Trevor backed up as Kumiko stalked him across the floor. When the bed hit the back of his legs, Trevor sat down heavily. Kumiko grinned and followed him down, crawling up Trevor’s body until the man fell back onto the mattress.

His grabbed Trevor’s jaw with his hand and turned his face up to his, capturing his lips in a long powerful kiss, licking and nibbling until Trevor opened his mouth. Kumiko pushed his tongue into Trevor’s mouth, conquering. Claiming. He explored every inch of Trevor’s mouth, aroused by the sweet taste of him.

He lifted his head and watched Trevor’s coffee-brown eyes as he pushed Trevor’s legs up and apart, baring his tight puckered hole. “So perfect,” he whispered as he brushed his fingers over the quivering entrance, gently pressing them in to make sure Trevor was ready for him. Kumiko’s eyes nearly crossed when his fingers slid right in. “Damn, baby.”

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