Liability (MMF)

Suncoast Society 33

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,848
31 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with MM, sex toys, HEA] 
Kim has a trunkful of emotional baggage, but when she discovers BDSM, it’s like everything suddenly seems clear. She feels blessed that her long-time boyfriend, Cole, is willing to walk that path with her and let her explore what she needs.
Cole is definitely no sadist, yet his love for and trust in Kim means he has no problem turning her over to the handsome Dom, Mason. Besides, Mason’s a nice guy, and he’s gay…isn’t he? Doesn’t matter, because Cole enjoys watching Mason play with Kim. Doesn’t hurt that Cole has sexy fantasies of his own about Mason.
Mason recently moved back to Florida and didn’t expect to meet the newbie couple, much less get involved with them. Now he realizes this isn’t just for play, it’s for keeps. Unfortunately, when Mason’s jealous, overzealous ex decides if he can’t have Mason no one can, it means Kim and Cole still might lose the man they’ve both come to love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Liability (MMF)
31 Ratings (4.7)

Liability (MMF)

Suncoast Society 33

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,848
31 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
WOW!!! Another great read!! I was curious how this would work. It wouId take a very secure person to be okay with their girlfriend playing with another man but once again, Tymber Dalton made it real. I worried, I laughed, I cried, I was scared, I was angry, & I celebrated as the three found contentment and happiness together. Very well written!!
Classic Tymber Dalton. Liability is yet another great book in the Suncoast Society series.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS "Threesomes sometimes spring up organically, or is that orgasmic-ly? Kim and Cole are a comfortable pair. Kim is out from under a bad marriage and is not looking to marry again. With Cole, she feels cherished and safe. She also wants to explore a little more into kink. Afraid of being chastised or ridiculed, she hesitantly broaches kink with Cole. To her surprise, he is tentative and willing to learn about it. Or at least what she likes about it. Off to a munch, the two adorable newbies find themselves amongst the kinky "Suncoast group". They are quickly taken under more experienced kinksters and introduced into the fun of kink. One person who takes a special interest in them is Mason. Mason is finally back from his long hiatus outside of Florida and now he is back to stay. The characters in this story are so realistic. Kim and Cole represent a fair share of interested newbies trying to learn the ropes. Cole's concerns about hurting a woman or hitting a woman is pretty common. Fortunately for him, he is able to understand Kim's needs and he finds a partner to share in this responsibility. Watching the beginning of a play relationship without sex is so good. Ms. Dalton does a great job showing how kink does not need to involve sex. And how lovers can have a different kink partner and it can still be without sexual relations. Now, as anyone who plays know, the intimacy of a scene can grow and sooner or later, sexual relations will need to be discussed. Fortunately for Kim, Cole and Mason, they openly communicate and find they have more interests aligning than not. The surprise twist for Kim and Mason is Cole's bisexual preference. The relationship in this story between the three is what really pulls a reader in. Ms. Dalton creates likeable characters. They have feelings and motivations which make sense to the average person. They have similar fears and desires as the average person. This helps demystify kink and make it easier to understand for readers. The conflict to this story is trademark Ms. Dalton. I am with Tilly here--why do we seem to end up in the hospital more often than not? Do they have a frequent patient card this group can get stamped? And if they fill up the card with stamps, what do they get? Maybe pervert-able medical supplies and equipment? There is a thought. I digress. It is with dread as the big moment gets closer and closer. I do like that this major issue did not happen at the end of the book. Ms. Dalton at least gives us more story and how the triad comes together instead of splinters apart. This happily ever after is hard won for the three. Whilst this can be read as a standalone, it is better to read this series in order. Recommended for kinky romance readers who enjoy mmf ménage." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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“Green, sir.” She didn’t even stop to think if that was an etiquette breach. They could sort that out later. She suspected if she wasn’t supposed to call him that he would have said so immediately.

He stepped up the intensity even more, now each impact feeling kind of thuddy. Her stress and tension had completely melted away as she relaxed into the flogging and his rhythm.

It actually startled her when he stopped. Then he touched the back of her right shoulder. “Color.”

“Green, sir. We’re not done, are we?”

He chuckled and stroked her hair, tucking some stray strands back over her shoulder. “Not yet, pet.”


* * * *


Mason froze as he realized what he said.

It’d been an automatic response. The last woman he’d played with, they’d been play partners for a couple of years, and the agreed-upon nickname for her had been “pet,” since that’s what her husband and Master called her. Her husband had suggested it, to keep from jarring her out of her headspace with two separate terms when Mason finished playing with her and handed her back off to him for aftercare, which the man enjoyed doing before he started his sensual sadistic play with her.

“I’m sorry,” Mason said, jarred out of his own headspace now. “I shouldn’t have—”

“What?” Cole asked, frowning. “I thought she liked what you were doing.”

Kim lifted her head and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Sorry, force of habit. Calling you ‘pet.’ I—”

“What’s wrong with that?” Cole asked. He looked genuinely confused.

“I shouldn’t have presumed to—”

“I don’t mind,” Kim chirped. “I kind of liked it.”

Mason looked at her and arched the eyebrow again, silencing her.

Focus back on Cole.

Cole shrugged, those blue eyes of his boring into Mason’s soul. “I don’t have a problem with it if she doesn’t.” He grinned. “If I get her a collar she’ll sort of be a pet anyway, right? I think it fits. Besides, it’s what’s on her FetLife profile. I figured it was just that.”

Relief flowed through Mason. “If you’re both sure?”

“Yeah,” Cole said. “She can make the call. Doesn’t bother me.”

Mason turned back to her. Those big, brown eyes of hers, so eager, so willing.

“I’m fine with it, Mason. Are you okay with me calling you ‘sir’?”

He pointed at Cole, and they both looked at him.

Cole shrugged again. “Unless you want her to call you ‘ma’am’ or something, I’m fine with it.” He smiled.

Okay, so they’re both snarky smart-asses.

And Mason loved it. They both had great senses of humor.

“Okay. So pet and Sir it is.” He walked back to her and grabbed her hair again, making her tip her head back to stare up at him. “Make sure that’s ‘Sir’ with a capital S when you say it.”

She grinned, catching her lower lip under her teeth for a moment. “Yesssss, Ssssir.” Another wide smile.

He couldn’t help laughing. He gently pushed her head forward and once again adjusted her hair. “That’s it. Poke the sadist. Go right ahead, pet. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me I hit like a girl.”

“Is that a bad thing to do?” she asked, a playful lilt in her tone even though he couldn’t see her expression.

“Uh, yeah. Note to the pet, never tell me I hit like a girl. Unless you don’t want to be sitting down much the next day.”

“Duly noted, Sir.”

“Good girl.”


* * * *


Cole didn’t have the words to express his relief that the two of them were getting along so well and apparently didn’t need his help or input from that point on. Mason tried to involve him in the different floggers and techniques. Cole appreciated Mason’s consideration, and realized exactly what Mason was trying to do, but the thought of using one of them on her, even though, logically, Cole knew he wouldn’t be harming her, still…well, turned his stomach.

He was better off watching.

Especially since the viewing angle he had was awesome. He could see Kim’s ass in her jeans.

And Mason’s in his.

In fact, he realized he wasn’t watching what Mason was doing so much as he was watching Mason.

That is a man whose cock I wouldn’t mind sucking.

He really liked the guy. He didn’t want to engage in complicated fantasies, especially so early in their relationship with the guy, and mess things up between them.

He was only human, though.

And the guy filled out the swath of denim perfectly, from his waist to the black leather motorcycle boots on his feet.

In fact, one time, Mason turned and Cole felt his face heat when the man’s hazel gaze caught and held his own. Cole felt like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, because at that moment his mind had been pondering what it would feel like to slide his cock up the man’s ass.

Mason’s lips quirked in a smile. “You all right?”

“Just watching.”

Cole was almost sad when it was over. Kim’s back wasn’t exactly red, just a little pinkish, and already the marks were starting to fade.

“Did it hurt?” Cole asked her when she stood, a little wobbly, and he reached out to steady her.

She wore a calm, gorgeous smile. “No, it felt great!” Even her voice sounded a little…dazed.

Cole looked at Mason. “Subspace,” Mason said. “I think we achieved it there toward the end. You feel kind of floaty?”

She nodded.

He caught her arm and eased her down onto the chair. “You sit there. Let me get you a bottle of water.”

Cole forced himself not to watch Mason’s ass as the man walked over to the kitchen area. Instead, he looked down at Kim. “Was it fun?”

She nodded, still sort of dazed looking. “Can we do that again tonight?”

His stomach turned. “Mason can. Is it okay if I just watch for now? I don’t want to do something I can’t undo.”

“Uh huh.”

Mason returned with the bottle of water, removed the cap, and made sure the fingers of both her hands were firmly closed around the bottle before letting go.

“Drink that,” he said. “I should have made sure to have one ready for you, sorry.”

“Can she play with you again after we get back from dinner?” Cole asked him. Kim looked happy, and he wanted to keep her looking that happy and not let her have time to think about asking him to try topping her this time.

He was more than happy to sit back and watch the two of them together.

Especially with the doubly good view.

Might be the closest I ever get to that guy’s gorgeous ass, anyway.


* * * *


Mason wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but he sensed Cole wasn’t lying about this. He looked at ease, almost relieved. “If Kim wants to play, feels like playing, sure. I’m fine with that.”

“Can we try other things, too?” she asked.

Cole’s blue gaze drew Mason in, held him without even trying.

Absolutely, there are things I’d love to try…with your boyfriend. “If you want to, sure. If Cole’s okay with it.” Hell, playing with Kim was probably the closest he’d ever get to Cole’s ass.

Not that she didn’t have a nice ass, because she did. He was gay, not blind.

“I’m okay with you doing to her whatever she wants you to do,” Cole said.

“Beware of blanket yeses,” Mason cautioned.

“It’s not a blanket yes. If she says yes to something I’m not comfortable with, don’t worry, I’ll speak up then. But if she’s okay with something, I want her to see what she likes and me be able to watch someone who knows what the heck he’s doing do it to her. She won’t know what she likes unless you’re showing her. After we figure that out, then I’ll figure out what I’m comfortable trying to learn so you can teach me.”

Mason returned his focus to Kim. “How about you finish that water, get dressed and freshen up, and then we can go to dinner with the others?”

Her smile looked beautiful, happy.

And he’d done that to her.

“Yes, Sir,” she said.

His cock twitched. Oh, yeah. “Good girl.”




Kim’s pulse raced as she awaited Mason’s arrival at Cole’s house Friday night. They’d already eaten dinner, and Mason had said he’d grab something before he got there.

Really, if the guys left it up to her? She didn’t want to leave the house to go to the club or go out to dinner all weekend. She’d rather they stay there and play, able to do what they wanted, whatever might happen, and not have to pull back because of the club’s rules. She loved the club, but she wanted more tonight.

A lot more.

Wednesday night had been beyond amazing. After Mason had left, Cole had bent her over the bed and fucked her pussy again, making her kneel and suck his cock clean when they finished.

And she’d loved it.

She hoped beyond hope that tonight they wouldn’t leave the house at all.

When Mason got there, she was ready, wearing collar and cuffs and nothing else. He smiled but quickly led her to the bedroom, where he bent her over the bed and clipped her wrists behind her.

“Stay.” He patted her on the ass and went out to talk to Cole.

She lay there, her nipples rubbing against the bed and adding to her torment, her juices already running down her legs.

The men soon returned, both of them naked, and carrying various implements. They soon got her blindfolded and the vibrating egg slid inside her pussy. She didn’t even have time to process that before the first smack of a paddle landed across her ass cheeks.

She suspected it was Cole in charge of the vibrator control, because he sat on the bed by her head and had her sucking his cock while Mason went to work on her ass with implements.

Time flowed, impossible to track. She was so deep in subspace that when Mason started lubing her ass, all she could do was lie there and enjoy it with the egg pulsing in her pussy.

Cole pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and she felt him get out of bed, but wasn’t sure what was going on, except that he cranked the vibrating egg up to high and her world dissolved.

All she knew was she was about to get fucked.

And she was going to love it.


* * * *


Mason leaned over and slowly worked his condom-clad cock into Kim’s ass as she squirmed and tried to fuck against him. He didn’t bother chastising her to hold still. It was more fun to watch her struggle against the restraints in her eagerness to have her ass filled and fucked while the vibrating egg in her pussy continued to torment her.

He was aware of Cole standing close on his left, watching, the man now slowly stroking his own cock with his left hand. And then Mason was buried to the hilt inside Kim’s tight ass, pinning her down with his weight for a moment as he took a few deep breaths to regroup. He didn’t want to explode right out of the gate. He wanted this to last.

They’d decided to blindfold her so maybe she wouldn’t know who was where, the excitement, the anticipation helping to build things up even more for her.

Finally, when he knew he could move without coming immediately, he slowly started fucking her, feeling the vibrating egg in her pussy through the thin wall of muscle and the way her body kept coming, caught in that delicious web he loved tangling her in.

Then he felt Cole’s right hand, fingers trailing down his ass, coming to rest on the back of his left thigh.

Mason closed his eyes to hold back and not explode. Cole leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Fuck her good. I love watching your ass like that.”

Mason finally opened his eyes again and turned his head to meet Cole’s gaze. With his cock deep inside Kim, Mason paused what he was doing and reached over, cupping his hand around the back of Cole’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss. He fucked the other man’s mouth with his tongue, Mason’s cock throbbing as Cole just as eagerly tongue-fucked him back.

Mason couldn’t start moving again at first, but when he did, he kept his forehead pressed against Cole’s, his hand around the back of the other man’s neck as he stared into his eyes.

“Fuck her hard, Mase,” Cole encouraged. “She likes that. Make our pet scream.”

Our pet.

Mason had to let go of Cole and grabbed both her hips again, now slamming his cock into her ass, flesh slapping against flesh, her moans ratcheting up around the ball gag, her body now contracting even harder around him and the vibrating egg.

Cole’s hand disappeared from Mason’s thigh and reappeared behind Mason’s neck, this time Cole kissing him, tongue-fucking his mouth in time with Mason’s strokes as he fucked Kim.

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