Sugar Creek 5: Marigold's Werewolf Mates (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,005
14 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Marigold Hemming is thankful when she meets Taylor Henderson, and Sin and Michael Avero when she gets two flat tires and ends up with a sprained ankle on the side of the road. She can’t get enough of their delectable musky-pine scents and is drawn to them almost instantly. But when the three men tell her they are werewolves and she is their mate she isn’t sure what to do.
She plies her good friend Primrose with questions and although she knows she could end up with a broken heart she can’t walk away.
There is also dissension in the merged packs and although the three men vow to protect their mate at all costs Mari finds herself in trouble. She’s able to escape the danger of one crazy wolf only to find herself stepping into the path of another. Will her mates get to her in time to save her life?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sugar Creek 5: Marigold's Werewolf Mates (MFMM)
14 Ratings (4.4)

Sugar Creek 5: Marigold's Werewolf Mates (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,005
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Mari is going to her best froend Prim wedding. On the way there Mari ends up having 2 flat tires, she decides to walk to get help. Mari twist her ankle and she is found by Sin, Michael and Taylor. They stop and smell their mate and search for her. They take Mari back to their house and call the doctor.

Prim tells Mari about the pack and what they mean to each other. Mari learns that Sin, Michael and Taylor are her mates. Days go by and they do not do anything and Mari feels that they don't want her. While in the background Con is plotting to destroy Taylor for killing his lover. Con attacks Mari and she is gravely injury and her mates must change her to a werewolf to save her life. The men have finally decide to be honest with Mari and with that they mate with Mari. They ending up have a surprise. This was a really awesome book.
This is a must read series and this book was awesome with Mari and her mates
virginia lee
A very good book




“What is it?” Mari asked, looking down at the medicine before meeting his gaze again. Her eyes were glazed over and sweat was once more beading on her brow. Yes, their little mate was in a great deal of pain.

“Just over the counter painkillers.” He flicked a tablet over so she could see the brand name stamped into the top and then she reached out and took them from his hand. She popped them into her mouth and he gave her the water, watching her as she swallowed them down.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He reached for her hand and immediately the heat in his body intensified by the contact. He knew she felt it too when she shivered. Her eyes closed again and she inhaled deeply and sighed with what sounded like pleasure.

His wolf was emitting the mating musk to entice her to want to be with him and it was working. Taylor entered the living room, dropped his bag on the floor, walked over to the sofa and sat down beside her. Michael was already sitting on the cushion near her feet and he adjusted the pack on her ankle every now and then.

Ashton had already left and Prim was sitting in an armchair opposite the sofa, worriedly watching her friend. Her eyes touched on him, Michael and Taylor before back to Mari again. She was no doubt scenting their mating musk and Sin hoped she wouldn’t interfere with their wooing of Marigold. He could virtually see the cogs spinning in her mind but she must have come to a decision because she rose to her feet and headed toward Mari.

“Mari, I’m going to leave you in these men’s capable hands. I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up for the wedding.”

“I don’t…”

“Primrose!” Palmer yelled just before he came storming inside. He rushed over to Primrose’s side before taking both her hands into his. “How many times do I have to tell you that you need to tell, me, Edison or Barrett where you’re going to be?”

“Don’t you take that tone with me, Palmer Vargas. You knew perfectly well where I was.”

“You ours to protect, baby. You know I hate it when you go off without one of us by your side.”

“Oh, puhleez. I’m on pack land. How could it be dangerous?”

“Did you find her?” Barrett’s loud voice preceded his entrance, his eyes immediately lighting onto Prim. “Damn it, Prim. I should haul you back home and spank that delectable ass.”

Sin cringed when he looked at Marigold and saw the anger on her face. She pushed up to her good foot, slapping at Michael’s hand when he tried to grab her wrist and pull her back down.

“What the fuck is going on?” Mari yelled as she took a step toward Primrose. Her leg injured leg wouldn’t hold her and obviously pained her a lot since she gasped.

Sin had moved to the opposite end of the sofa when Palmer had rushed into the room so he had the advantage of seeing everyone, but especially Mari and her reactions. He’d been going to warn the other wolf that she was here, but of course that wasn’t necessary. Palmer had sniffed the air and glanced Marigold’s way before moving closer to his mate.

However Sin hadn’t been able to temper what any of them said and since no one was used to having humans amongst them, caution seemed to sort of fly out the window when they were home on pack land. He just hoped that Mari hadn’t picked up on a couple of words that wouldn’t normally be used in conversations. He moved fast and snagged her around the waist before she could fall to the floor, and then he lifted her up into his arms and carried her back toward the sofa.

When he glanced down at her, her mouth was hanging open and she was looking at him with shock. Sin frowned. He hadn’t said anything that would put that look on her face. It took him a few moments to realize the total silence in the room and then it hit him. He’d used his wolf to get to her before she’d fallen flat on her face or ass so she wouldn’t hurt herself and she must have seen him or noticed that there was no possible way he could have got to her in time since he was so far away from her.

Damn it to fucking hell. He’d just fucked up big time.

Prim tugged her hands from Palmer’s before shoving Barrett in the chest and walked over to Mari. Sin sat on the sofa but instead of putting her on the cushion beside him, he placed her ass in his lap. He loved the way she felt in his arms and the scent of her apple perfumed body. His wolf like it too because he was pushing at him to claim his mate. It was really hard to control his animal when saliva was pooling in his mouth as if he was already tasting her delectable skin.

“Ah, Mari…I have three men.” Prim’s face went from pale to pink and back to pale as she looked at her friend.

“Y–you have…Three?” Mari’s voice came out husky with bewilderment.

“Yes.” Prim nudged Michael and Sin was glad his brother took the hint and let her sit next to him and their woman.

“How…Why…” Mari snapped her teeth with an audible click.

Prim’s arms crossed beneath her breasts in a defensive move as she stared at Mari. “Do you think I’m a slut now?”

“What? No.”




Gentle hands lifted her injured ankle as another hand pulled at the button on her jeans. She moaned and sucked Michael’s tongue into her mouth.

“Jeezus, she’s so fucking responsive.” Sin’s gravelly voice and words only vaguely registered.

“I’ve never seen such passion,” Taylor rasped. “I’ve can’t wait to taste that delectable smelling honey.”

Her zipper was lowered and then her leggings and panties where being tugged down her legs. A large warm hand pushed up under her light sweater, caressed over her belly and then up her torso. The hand didn’t stop beneath her breast like she thought it would, but continued on until it engulfed her soft feminine globe.

Michael broke their kiss, stared deeply into her eyes and then removed her top.

“Sexy as fucking hell,” he panted out as he stared at her lace covered breasts. “I need to see all of you, sugar.” His fingers deftly flicked the front clasp of her bra and stretched material sprung open free her breasts.

“Damn baby, you’re so fucking hot,” Taylor said in a hoarse voice.

Mari looked down where Sin and Taylor were kneeling at her feet on the bed. When she met their eyes one after the other she had to close them so she wouldn’t go up in flames. Although it was way too late for that. She was already so already so hot she was burning up.

As she opened her eyes Sin crawled up to her other side and after handing a pillow to Taylor, he put her wrapped injured foot onto the soft lump.

She felt so cared for and again tears of emotion pricked the back of her eyes.

Taylor literally threw himself off the end of the bed and he landed on his knees with a thud. His arms reached out, snagged around her upper thighs and pulled her down the bed. He lifted her legs and slung one and then the other over his shoulders, but was more gentle with her hurt foot and she sighed with appreciation. She didn’t want to call a halt because she was in pain, though she had to admit, even if only to herself, she wasn’t feeling any pain right now, and put it down to all those endorphins running through her body.

Mari moaned when Michael cupped a breast and his thumb reached out and strummed over the aching nipple. Sin cupped her face, turned her head his way and started kissing her voraciously.

She cried out when a finger caressed through her drenched folds from top to bottom and back again. And then her hips bowed off the bed when a warm wet tongue licked her whole pussy.

Sin released her lips, kissed and nibbled his way down her neck, stopping every now and again to pay more attention to sensitive spots when she shivered and moaned, before licking his way over to her other breast, and drawing her nipple into his mouth.

The fervor was almost too much but nowhere near enough. She was burning hotter and brighter and wondered if she would survive such pleasure.

Taylor flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit and she whimpered and shivered as her cunt clenched and more cream dribbled out. But when he flattened his tongue and started licking her like an ice-cream she started making sobbing noises as the bliss started consuming her.

He growled against her pussy, the vibrations shooting deep into her womb and she thrust her hips up while grabbing at his hair and tried to push him harder into her vagina. Hands wrapped around her wrists and then her arms were being lifted up above her head and held down against the mattress. She had virtually no control over what they did or what was happening to her body and that just turned her on even more.

Taylor’s finger rimmed her dripping wet hole and then he started pushing up inside her. Inch by slow pleasurable excruciating inch, until it was inside her cunt at far as it could go. Once more the tip of his tongue flickered over her clit as he began to pump his finger in and out of her sheath. And then it was a tighter fit as he added another finger. Mari mewled and writhed, her hips rocking in time to Taylor’s finger fucking and the pressure began to build.

Never had she been so wet. Never had she felt such bliss or hunger.

Each time he pumped his fingers inside, he increased the pace and the depth, and his tongue moved faster.

Tingle erupted along the sensitive internal walls, deep into her uterus and all over her body. Her muscles grew tauter, heat grew to a blazing inferno and her pussy walls grew closer together. Teeth scraped over her nipples before tongues swirled around the aching peaks and then mouths suckled firmly.

And then as if they’d planned it, Taylor’s fingers rubbed over a really sensitive spot inside her cunt just as Sin and Michael bit down on her nipples.

Mari screamed. Her body shook and shuddered. Her cunt clamped and let go, before grabbing onto and releasing around Taylor’s shuttling fingers. She quaked and quivered, her breath gone and her mouth wide open as nirvana swept over her again and again, and again.

Cream flowed from her pussy, and Taylor growled just before he made slurping and sucking sounds as he swallowed her cum. Aftershocks made her whole body twitch and it wasn’t until she felt three sets of large manly hands running over her skin as if trying to soothe her down from such a big high, that she realized her eyes were closed.

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