Truth or Dare (MMM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,083
0 Ratings (0.0)

Philip was looking forward to spending Christmas with his boyfriend in a cabin near the Scottish border. His plan to propose there was ruined when he discovered his now ex in bed with another guy. He's heartbroken and doesn't want to think about the ex for a long time. Which is made easy with two very hot lawyers.

Michael and Aiden are not happy with their little brother's actions. They find it disrespectful, and they want to cheer Philip up. Their solution: go with Philip to the cabin and celebrate Christmas together. The secret couple are more than a bit keen on Philip, which is made clear pretty quickly.

A simple adult game takes a turn, which has Philip wondering if he can handle two guys on a more long-term basis ...

Truth or Dare (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Truth or Dare (MMM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,083
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Aiden could see the outline of Philip’s erection as soon as he stood. Holy shit, he was big. It was a wonder that he was able to confine himself in his clothes. Aiden resisted the urge to lick his lips. His brother was a fool to have given up a man like Philip.

All the more for me.

“Aiden.” Philip’s cheeks went red and looked away, shuffling from foot to foot. “I ...”

“What’s the matter with you?” It was kind of sweet to see Philip so nervous. “Are you okay? Michael didn’t say anything wrong to you, did he?”

“No, he didn’t.” Philip swallowed. “I just got a little ... nervous.”

That almost had Aiden bursting into laughter. He bit that back, however.

“Michael does have the ability to make anyone nervous, even our clients. He’s kind of imposing.”

“I won’t argue with that.” Philip managed a slight smile. “He could make anyone confess just by looking at them.”

Aiden couldn’t hold back his laughter on that.

“I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that’s what you think.” He stepped into the room and closed the door. “But it wasn’t just that which made you hurry off, was it? Something else happened.”

Philip’s mouth opened and closed. He glanced over Aiden’s shoulder towards the door. Aiden stepped to one side.

“If you want to leave, you can. Or you can tell me to leave. I’m not going to stop you either way.”

“I ... no.” Philip shook his head. “I won’t.”

That was something. Aiden decided to play the wild card. Go straight in. After all, that was the reason why he and Michael had suggested coming here with Philip. They wanted him, and they shouldn’t be dancing around it. Michael had warned him that playing this card early on, but Aiden wasn’t the kind to wait. Sitting in a car for over four hours with a handsome man both of them desired in the back seat sleeping like a baby had wound the anticipation into a knot in his stomach. It needed to be unwound.

“Michael wants you.”

Philip’s eyes widened.

“How ... how did you ...?”

“I know Michael. I know when he wants something. Can’t say I blame him.” Aiden cast an approving eye over Philip. “He does have good taste.”

Philip’s face reddened even more.

“I ... I don’t know what to say about that.”

“Are you flattered?”

“I am. It’s just ...” Philip grimaced. “I’ve just come out of a relationship with your brother. It ... it feels a little fast to think about another guy sexually.”

“I wouldn’t know about that.” Seeing as the only guy I’ve been with for the last nineteen years was my first. “Michael can be a little more impulsive than you think. But he doesn’t do something he doesn’t mean. When he does make a move on you, you know it’s not a passing thing.”

Aiden had known that right at the beginning. He had had a gut feeling that Michael was gay when they first met, and the knowledge he had a gorgeous adopted brother had been something Aiden had struggled with for some years. Until that Christmas when they spent it together, alone. Aiden had taken a chance with a simple game, and Michael had gone along with it.

To say the chemistry had been explosive was an understatement. Aiden was sure the same thing would happen with Philip. If he was willing to share the two of them. Entering a relationship with one guy was something big to get used to, but two? Aiden knew he should ease off a bit, but being this close to Philip and alone for the first time, he found himself drifting closer. Philip didn’t back away.

“Does Michael intimidate you?” He asked.

Philip shook his head.

“No. He’s really sweet.”

“I see.” Aiden reached out and touched Philip’s waist, hooking his fingers into the belt loops and tugging him closer. “And what about me? Do I intimidate you?”

Their mouths were inches apart, Philip’s breath tickling Aiden’s mouth. Philip’s eyes drifted down to Aiden’s mouth, and he licked his lips. Then he looked up and snared Aiden’s gaze with his own. His eyes were darker than a moment ago.

“At the beginning, yes. Now? No.”


Aiden tugged Philip closer as he kissed him. Philip sank into the kiss with a sigh, his hands coming up to run over Aiden’s arms. Aiden slid his hands under Philip’s sweater, running his fingers across the bare skin of Philip’s back. Philip started, but he didn’t pull arms. Instead, his hands slid down and cupped Aiden’s backside, giving his cheeks a firm squeeze.

Aiden’s head was spinning as he rubbed against Philip’s erection. He was really big, practically throbbing as Aiden rolled his hips. Philip growled, pulling Aiden’s hips in tighter. Then one hand was between them and cupping Aiden’s erection. He gave Aiden a firm squeeze, which had Aiden pulling back with a gasp. Damn, that felt good.

They stared at each other, both men breathing heavily. The temptation to pull their clothes off and push Philip onto the bed was great, but Aiden pushed that aside. Whatever was going to happen would be with all three of them. He wasn’t about to leave Michael out because he wanted a taste of Philip right at that minute. They had agreed to that, and Aiden loved Michael. He wasn’t about to break that agreement, even if the thought of Philip naked in his arms was a delicious image.

He swallowed hard and eased away from Philip, whose eyes were still dark, hunger burning in them.

“Ball’s in your court, Philip.” Aiden stepped back towards the door. “Maybe we can make this Christmas a good one for you. It’s up to you.”

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