[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
An arrow attack against her cattle ranch puts owner Alicia Tanner into the path of Drekar and Taghan, her survivalist neighbors and warrior leaders of a stranded alien legion from a planet destroyed solely because of a long-standing feud and bitter betrayal by an arch enemy.
Simply trying to exist privately and live out the rest of their days on Earth, the two men instantly recognize Alicia as the mortal mate they never expected to have. They do their utmost to lure her into bonding with them permanently as they use all nine levels of the Furies Mating Protocol to entice her. She’s very tempted.
But an unknown adversary stalks them, causing lots of trouble for the newly formed trio and their bliss at every hard won turn. Drekar and Taghan will fight to the death to protect Alicia from all foes. But can they stop the invisible opponent bent on her ultimate destruction?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bride of the Furies (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Fantastic read. I couldn't put it down until I read the very last page.
Becca Van
It's a great book. It has romance, fighting for his mate. It's a great book to curl up with.




“You aren’t even trying,” Taghan said as if disgusted. He brought his massive claymore overhead, gripping and readying for a two-handed strike in an effort to split Drekar’s skull in two all the way to his midsection. Which was possible. Drekar had seen him do it to an alien enemy in battle once.

He’d actually seen him do it more than once. But those battles had been quite a long time ago. And they hadn’t taken place in this world. 

Drekar’s mind strayed, visiting that long ago place with a single second of nostalgic illusion that was very unlike him. Especially since he was in a bare-chested sword battle with his bond brother.

Pay attention.

Drekar barely dodged the death blow, catching the breeze of the long sword along his right flank from shoulder to hip. “I am trying.”

While his physical efforts during this match soared, his mind was still oddly distracted for some unfathomable reason. If he wasn’t careful, his blood brother might accidentally kill him in this protected area of their new home in the mountains of Wyoming.

Taghan recovered from missing him with the overhead blow, and immediately swung his sword in a horizontal arc meant to catch Drekar in the side as he launched away from previous attempt to maim.

For the first time in more than a decade, the tip of Taghan’s sword caught Drekar along his left flank, splitting his flesh open.

The warm, coppery scent of his blood rose in the air around him. The pain came next. It was negligible as far as wounds went, however, it hadn’t happened in such a long time he was shocked into stopping. The match was over. He’d lost.

Taghan also stopped moving as soon as he completed the swing that sliced open his side. He stared at the wound with wide eyes, as if even more stunned it had happened. Drekar looked down so they both stared at the red blood now coating his side and soaking the waistband of his fatigue pants.

“You cut me.” Drekar couldn’t believe it. His gaze rose to Taghan.

His bond brother was obviously surprised. It showed in his now-narrowed eyes. However, he was quick to assign the blame. “Guess you should have been paying attention to the fight instead of daydreaming.”

“I was not daydreaming.”

Taghan huffed. “Whatever. The proof is in the gushing wound on your side.” He lifted his weapon, pointing to the cut with his blood-tipped sword.

“Oh my goodness, you’re hurt. Don’t worry. I’ve got a first-aid kit in my car. I’ll go get it.” The third voice—a sultry, feminine, and very unexpected voice—intruding on their conversation startled Drekar into dropping his sword.

Taghan grunted in surprise, swinging his sword in the direction of the intruder. His entire body tensed as if expecting a deathblow at his back as he, too, looked over to the direction from where the voice came.

At the edge of the clearing, a shapely figured woman with long, curly, golden hair turned and started running down a narrow path.

Drekar didn’t even see her face, just her beautiful, flowing blonde hair, perfect ass, and graceful, long legs as she moved away from them. The exact center of his chest exploded with a warm feeling. It was a sensation he never expected to experience.

Not here. Not ever.

He exchanged a heated look with Taghan. The beat of his heart doubled. The realization of who this woman was brought disbelief to his mind. Questions soon battered into his brain one after another. Where did she come from? How did she see them? Where was she going? How could she possibly exist in this world? And most importantly in this astounding moment, where was she going?

Taghan also dropped his sword. They exchanged another meaningful gaze for a couple of seconds on the unexpected nature of their visitor. Wordlessly and together they chased after her. Drekar no longer felt the wound in his side or blood soaking his waistband.

He didn’t know how it was possible, but the woman they now pursued was extraordinarily unique. Every female of their race had been annihilated over five years ago on their home world. The area was now an asteroid field littering a far-off solar system.

This unknown woman they chased was thought to have been killed long ago. Drekar pushed his mind deeper toward her, suddenly realizing she was in fact human. Not of their former world, but instead of this new planet. Stunning in the implication of his current thoughts.

There was no mistaking the lure of her being and the enticing vision of her though he hadn’t seen her face.

This beautiful stranger. This innately mortal being.

She was their one. How is that possible?

An undiscovered mate resided in this world.

Their mate.




Without any further words, both of them began a seduction of touch unlike anything she’d ever imagined. Their fingertips, mouths, and tongues trailed a wickedly stimulating path over every inch of her body. In less than five minutes, she was panting for what she knew was coming next. Sex. And she wanted it even more after they’d tantalized her from shoulders to ankles with tactile pleasure.

“Take me,” she whispered when Taghan pressed his lips to her throat. “I’m ready.”

Drekar was sucking one of her nipples. Taghan’s fingers were buried between her legs, pushing in and out of her pussy.

“Soon,” he responded, trailing kisses to her shoulder. His fingers still breached her, pushing inside her gushing pussy and making her even wetter.

Drekar released her nipple, putting his hand over her breast and then nibbling his way from her shoulder to her neck. Rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb sent jolts of pleasure from her breast to her clit.

Taghan continued thrusting his digits in and out of her pussy. However, just as the blaze of arousal hit her clit from Drekar’s fingers stroking her nipple, Taghan shifted his thumb to also rub her sensitive nub.

The blissful feeling hit her like a tidal wave of arousal. Her back arched, her toes curled, and she was about ready to scream in climax.

Three strokes away from nirvana, Taghan stopped touching her clit, and Drekar stopped tugging her nipple.

She sucked in a deep breath, ready to voice her frustration, but both men suddenly shifted.

Drekar moved his body over hers, pressing his mouth to her lips for an engaging kiss. Once he’d driven her to distraction with his tongue, he slid his arms beneath her, clenched her tight, and twisted to lie on his back. Now she was on top.

She rose over him, moving her legs to straddle either side of his hips. His cock pulsed against her gushing pussy lips. She was so desperate for him, she shifted her hips until the tip of his cockhead was centered at her pussy opening.

She caught his eye, wanting to impale herself on him instantly. He smiled as if this is what he’d planned on all along. She pressed her hips down and back, allowing his thick cock to breach her body.

Alicia fairly vibrated from bliss as his cock slowly penetrated her internal slickness. She sucked in a breath as his exceptional width stretched the walls of her pussy to a new capacity. He let her determine the speed of the thrust, and while he was incredibly large to accommodate, she wanted more, and she wanted deeper, and she wanted harder.

Propelling her pussy all the way down over his rigid cock brought a smile to his lips. His fingers gripped her legs as if he also enjoyed their sexy, tight union.

“Feel good?” he asked in a low tone.

“I feel amazing,” she whispered. She arched her back, allowing an even deeper connection. “I want more.”

Taghan moved behind her. His hands rested on her shoulders, squeezing in a seductive massage she loved.

He kissed the back of her neck, nuzzling his face against her hair. “I’m about to give you more,” he murmured. “A lot more.”

Gently, he pushed her down until her breasts crushed deliciously into Drekar’s chest. His cock was still wedged solidly in her pussy. One side of her face pressed into his neck as she waited for Taghan to mount her.

Taghan spread her cheeks with his fingers and applied the magic lube generously inside and around her anal hole. She already knew that he liked aggressive kissing and making out. She sincerely hoped he wouldn’t split her in two with his mighty cock as he pierced her virgin ass.

Discarding the container on the small table next to the bed, Taghan then eased himself directly behind her.

The tip of his cock rubbed around the rim of her rear hole as if gathering lube on the end to better aid in the coming penetration. She closed her eyes, and tensed her muscles, waiting for a level of pain she hoped she could endure.

As if he sensed her mild panic, Taghan massaged her butt cheeks with the palms of his roughened warrior’s palms. Her anxiety dropped several notches. He’d never hurt her. She knew this. Taghan soon eased the head of his cock into the tight ring of muscles surrounding her rosette.

His breach didn’t hurt exactly, but she certainly felt every single centimeter of his full, wide progress as he pushed his shaft deeper and deeper inside her rear channel.

Drekar turned his head and kissed her brow. She lifted her face, and he kissed her lips like it was the most important thing he’d ever do.

Licking his way inside, Drekar made slow, sweet love to her mouth. One of his hands funneled into her hair behind one ear. He gripped her locks between his tightening fingers, and she forgot pretty much everything else that was going on beyond their seductive kiss.

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