Demanding Satisfaction (MFM)

Satisfaction, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,183
13 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Rejected by the man she has loved since she was a teenager, Jules Durrance decides it’s finally time to move on. She finds herself intrigued and attracted to newcomer, Quin Redekker. When her best friend, vet, Doc Blake Adams, expresses his own interest, she decides to date both of them. Torn between the two men, she decides to take a chance and makes the bold choice of suggesting a ménage. She is shocked and thrilled when they agree.
But there’s more going on in Satisfaction than meets the eye. A neighbor has suffered a series of accidents that may not have been accidental, Quin may not be what he seems, and Blake definitely knows more than he’s admitting to. 
When her first love comes back looking for a second chance, Jules is torn, but when her life is in danger, only true love can save her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Diane Leyne is a Siren-exclusive author.
Demanding Satisfaction (MFM)
13 Ratings (4.5)

Demanding Satisfaction (MFM)

Satisfaction, Texas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,183
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
After reading this book I wanted to do nothing but move to Satisfaction TX! The author takes your breath away with the steamy love scenes and keeps your heart racing as well with the situation the young lady has found herself in.
Kathryn Laprade
I have fallen for this series. I love the flirting and teasing from the men.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Jules Durrance finally decides it's time to demand some erotic satisfaction in this riveting romance. Giving up on her teenage crush, Jules decides it's time to move on, but she finds herself attracted to her best friend, Blake Adams, and to newcomer, Quinn Redekker. Torn between the two men, she makes the bold choice of suggesting a menage. But there is more going on in Satisfaction than just her social life and she suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation. This fast paced and smooth flowing plot is an erotically charged romance that keeps readers shivering with passion. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the strong compelling characters invite the readers to join them on a sensual and passionate ride. The attraction between Jules and her two men blaze out of control when Jules finally decides to demand some satisfaction and the frequent sex scenes including m/f/m scenes explode off the pages in a fiery inferno of passion, especially when her two Doms decide to teach their sub just how satisfying and hot punishment can be with BDSM and anal sex. The reader can't help but get caught up in all the passion and drama of their relationship with the well orchestrated scenes that draw the reader deeper into the story. Mysterious accidents and shady people in town add spice and excitement to this erotic romance. There is also some chuckle to be had throughout the story, even during the sex scenes with this threesome. The story is short and sweet but enjoyable and entertaining as well as inspiring lots of red hot passion and I must say that so far I really like visiting Satisfaction, Texas." -- Evampire, The Romance Reviews

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She looked across the table and smiled. Why couldn’t she be in love with a great guy like Doc? Hell, she’d even dreamed about him a few times over the past few months. Well, to be honest, more than a few times, recently, she’d woken up in the middle of the night, her body drenched with sweat, her pussy clenching, her clit throbbing, not from dreams of Owen, but dreams of Doc. She’d almost told him, wanting to laugh them off together, but for some reason, she hadn’t. Hell, it was only recently that she’d admitted to herself that if it wasn’t for fruitless obsession with Owen, she could find herself falling for Doc. Too bad she hadn’t realized that sooner as he now had her firmly in the friend zone. She’d missed her chance with a great guy.

She sighed. Doc was the go-to veterinarian on choice in Satisfaction, Texas, and the surrounding area in West Texas, even though he was only in his thirties. He had single women and more than a few married ones from all over chasing after him. One day he would find the one and she’d probably have to stop hanging around with him, and it was her own fault for letting her obsession blind her to what was right in front of her.

She sipped her soda as she watched him dig into the burger and fries he’d brought with him from Candy’s Diner. Candy’s served the best burger in the tri-county area, but didn’t have a liquor license. Whips and Spurs, which Jules’s brother Micah owned and where she worked, served only finger food, but they were okay with customers bringing their own food early in the evening before things got too busy.

Whips and Spurs was the hottest bar around and got busy most nights, especially Friday and Saturday. It also had another feature that not everyone knew about, or if they knew, they didn’t get to experience, and that was the western-themed BDSM club in the back.

She watched Doc. He seemed tired. Jess Archer, another of her girlfriends, who lived at the ranch with Murphy Smith, the owner, and Cole Reacher, had called to give her a heads-up, knowing Doc was too professional to talk about what happened. She told Jules that he’d been trying to save the mare and the foal for thirty-six hours straight and had been only partially successful.

Doc seemed more than tired. He seemed sad and a little defeated and she was grateful for the call from Jess. She knew he lived alone, so he probably wasn’t ready to face an empty apartment. She got the urge again to gather him in her arms and hug him tight and tell him everything would be all right. He’d done more than anyone else would have been able to, but he took every loss, every failure, personally. He was only human. He could only do so much, and some would say he was foolish to get so emotionally involved with the animals in his care, but it was just one of the things Jules loved about him. He was such a good man. Why, oh, why couldn’t she be in love with him instead of Owen?

She reached out and stole a French fry.

He stopped eating suddenly and looked up at her with an expression that looked almost like longing, but she must have misread it because his usual twinkle was back in a second as he teased her.

“You ever going to get your own dinner or are you going to keep stealing mine?”

“Stealing yours, of course.”

Doc smiled as she snitched another fry, dunked it in ketchup and scarfed it down, licking her fingers afterward.


“You like that, don’t you?”

“Stolen fries are even better than the regular kind!”

“Maybe I’ll paddle your ass one day, and teach you to respect the sanctity of my dinner plate.”

“In your dreams, Doc. In your dreams!” She grinned at him, trying to hide the fact that she had a sudden vision of being naked over his lap while he alternately spanked and pleasured her. Damn. She had to get away.

She started to stand when door opened and in walked a stranger. This was unusual. Jules was at the Whips and Spurs six nights a week, and she never forgot a customer, and his man was especially memorable. He was tall and heavily built, with almost militarily short dark hair and three days growth of beard. His extremely muscular arms bulged beneath his tight T-shirt, his long legs were encased in a pair of snug, well-worn jeans that hugged his thighs and he carried a black Stetson. She had a sudden urge to ask him to turn around so she could see how the denim encased his, sure to be shapely, butt.

He looked around, his eyes hidden by aviator sunglasses, but then he took them off, tucked them into the neck of his T and looked straight at her. His eyes were a light, almost silvery grey and fringed by thick dark lashes that would have made Jules green with envy if her stomach hadn’t suddenly been invaded by a flock of butterflies. Damn, first she was having sexy thoughts about Doc, and now this stranger was making her panties wet. What was happening to her? Had two years of sexual deprivation finally sent her around the bend?

She scrambled to her feet.




Clearly she’d been sex deprived for so long that she was losing her mind. She’d spent half her life pining for Owen and now she was imagining herself in love with two men, neither of them Owen. Clearly the sudden surge in orgasms was affecting her mind.

Suddenly the sound of his activities stopped and she wondered what he was going to do next.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out, though, as he straddled her legs, but he didn’t do next what she expected. She felt him leaning down over her, his hard cock pressing against her abdomen, but then she felt him looping something over her right wrist and then the left. Then he shifted and looped something over each ankle. Then he bustled around some more and she realized that the wrist and ankle straps were connected to something immovable as she felt her wrists and ankles pulled taut, but not to a painful degree.

“You’ve staked me to the ground?” She wasn’t sure whether she was outraged or so turned on she was ready to come at the first touch on her clit. Experimentally, she tested the bonds. He’d pulled them snugly so she had little play, but not so tight that anything hurt. He’d also spread her legs wide so that she could feel the air swirling against her clit but nothing else.

“Yes. I had to use what was at my disposal. One day soon I’m going to take you into the club, the one in the back of Whips and Spurs, and strap you down to one of the spanking benches, but this will work for now. You are completely at my mercy.”

“Club? Spanking benches? You never go to the club. Not once.”

“You’ve been watching me, have you? Maybe wishing I went in…with you?”

He ran a possessive hand down from her breast to her pussy. Then he reached up and removed the blindfold.

“I want to be able to see your face the first time I fuck you. As far as the club goes, I didn’t have a sub I wanted to play with before.” He hunkered down beside her. “I’m more about control than inflicting extreme pain, but I will enjoy turning your ass red on a regular basis. And remember, I’m a cowboy, which means I’m comfortable using a crop and I’m a Dom, so I plan to be using on one on you. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes!” The word came out almost as a squeak as his hand dipped between her legs and he pinched her clit hard, causing jolts of pain and desire to shoot through her.

“Yes what?” He smacked her clit lightly.

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s better, subbie.” He stroked her now, his fingers moving lightly on her clit and nowhere else. She writhed against her bonds. He wasn’t stroking hard enough, though. She moaned.

“Harder, please, harder, Quin.”

“Now where did I put my crop?” He patted his pockets as if her were looking for something.

“Just how small is that crop of yours?”

He slapped her pussy lightly again and laughed at her frustrated expression.

“I seem to have left it at home. I guess I’ll have to make due.” He smacked her clit a little more sharply this time.

“More, dammit!”

“What was that?” He went back to his gentle touches and Jules wanted to cry with frustration.

“Sir, please, Sir, I need to come.”

“You’ll come when I say you can, subbie.” He leaned over her, his grin wide and wicked, as he resumed gently stroking her clit. “What did I say yesterday at lunch that I liked to do to naughty subs?”

“I, uh…” His touch was so soft that she couldn’t get enough friction to come, but he was driving her arousal up through the stratosphere.

Laughing, he moved his hand down lower. “Let me remind you, subbie. I like to take them to the edge and keep them there until they beg me to let them come. And then…”

“And then you force them to come over and over until they beg you to stop.”

“Good girl. I’m not going to do that to you today, subbie. I prefer something a bit more comfortable, because to do proper orgasm torture takes hours and hours…”

Jules nearly came on the spot at the thought of being tied down and tortured by Quin for hours. “Oh, Sir. Please!”

“Well, since you ask so nicely.” He moved so that he was lying between her legs and then she felt him sliding a big finger inside her pussy and then a second one. His breath was hot on her clit.

“Come whenever you want to. No need to ask permission. This time.”

There was something about the way he said those last two words that almost shot her over the edge.

And then his mouth was on her clit and his fingers were moving inside her and Jules did explode, her orgasm hitting her like a truckload of fireworks. The world went bright and dark and then she stopped seeing and just felt as he kept sucking and finger fucking and each time her orgasm seemed to ease, he changed up what he was doing and she was flying again.

She was just floating back to earth for the third, or was it forth, time when he moved again, surging up her body and impaling her on his hard cock in a single sinuous movement. He paused, looking down at her, locking eyes, before he started moving. He moved slowly at first, with great deliberation, but she could see the toll such control was taking on him. She moved impatiently beneath him, at least as much as she could. Her bonds were simultaneously frustrating and exciting her.

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