Invincible (MM)

Haven 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,149
47 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Aslan is used to everyone considering him to be flighty, clueless, and confused. That doesn’t mean it’s true, but the constant cacophony of voices inside his head makes it kind of hard to pay attention to anything else around him.

Torren Braddock has his hands full as a new elder, trying to clean up the mess the former Council members left for him. Adding a mate to his agenda is the last thing he wants to do, but he can’t deny the way Aslan draws him in like a moth to a flame.

Torren is meant to be his champion, his protector. Aslan is sure of it. When the voices in his head grow louder and more demanding, he realizes something big is coming, something that has the potential to destroy everything—and he’ll need his new mate at his side if he hopes to survive it.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Gabrielle Evans is a Siren-exclusive author.

Invincible (MM)
47 Ratings (4.6)

Invincible (MM)

Haven 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,149
47 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Really great, sexy and romantic!
One word some up this whole story beautiful
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4 HEARTS: "Aslan is tired of the voices inside his head. When he meets Torren Braddock and realizes the new Elder is his mate, he hopes the voices will stop. Unfortunately, the voices get louder and more insistent on what they want. Torren is not looking for a mate and he surely wasn't expecting to find Aslan. He rocks his world but that is just the beginning of things to come. Together they are Invincible. This fifth installment in the Haven series keeps the fun ball bouncing. In this story of witches, wolves and all sorts of shape shifters the reader is treated to some very interesting characterizations. I personally like my visits to Haven because I know I'm going to have a good time. This visit was no exception as this story of Aslan and Torren was very good. They mixed well together with a more than intriguing and revealing story to share. I liked all the witchery and shifter fighting. I liked the sexy times, the family times and all times in between. Ms. Evans has found her niche in writing some awesome paranormal stories and I just love them. This particular story held my interest and I was able to escape to fantasy land for awhile. Invincible is about the power of love and being strong enough to weather any storm. I can't wait for the next one in this fantastic series." -- Beverly, The Romance Studio

4 NYMPHS: "Aslan’s life has always been one of confusion. Everyone thinks he’s a bit crazy and unreliable, not understanding that it’s the voices in his head causing him problems. He wants to be normal. He wants the voices to go away. He wants the pain to stop. Being a Council elder is much harder than Torren Braddock ever imagined and the problems he’s facing are daunting. Adding Aslan as a new mate, while a blessing, is still another issue Torren has to deal with…and someone he has to keep safe from harm. And in Aslan’s case that also includes protecting him from the voices in his head that are getting louder and more insistent that he do their bidding. Invincible is the latest release in Gabrielle Evans’ Haven series. Due to the continuing plot line and returning characters, I recommend the books be read in order. Ms. Evans has really outdone herself with the creation of Aslan’s unique and interesting personality. He might be my favorite character in the series so far. Not only is he a sweet and caring guy but he comes with an almost crippling problem he’s dealt with for years. It makes him fascinating beneath the surface. Torren’s a totally different kind of man; in control, possessive, dynamic and an untrusting loner. He could easily have become unlikable but instead the author showed his insecurity and fear, turning it around. Well done, Ms. Evans. Getting Aslan and Torren together took some doing but once they finally get past their problems, watch out for the sparks. There are also plenty of opportunities to get reacquainted with characters introduced in the previous books and also the chance to meet a few new ones. You’ll find power, magic, danger, betrayal and friendship, making this another nice addition to this series of entertaining books. Look for Flawless coming next." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

"Invincible embraces the differences that can bring lovers together for a lifetime and beyond. Aslan is someone special, unique, and worthy of being cherished while Torren is cold and austere. There’s a nice transition for Torren and the story compliments his change and the reasons why perfectly. The Haven series continues to offer fascinating characters and fresh plotlines with each new book. Readers are going to love Invincible." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Then as if in slow motion, he turned his head, pinning Torren with big, round eyes the color of melted milk chocolate. “You’re being very rude,” he chastised. His voice was quiet, soft, and almost musical, and Torren found himself unable to answer for a second.

“I apologize. Did I frighten you?” He didn’t want Aslan to be afraid of him. In just the two minutes since the man had entered the room, Torren already felt an overwhelming need to protect him and keep him safe.

“A little,” Aslan admitted but shrugged. “I was mostly worried about Galen. You’re my mate, right? I’ve seen you before, but you were more glowy and see-through. I like you better this way.” He tilted his head to the side and grinned innocently.

“Thank you?” Torren wasn’t sure, but he thought he’d been complimented.

“Oh, you’re very welcome. If we’re mates, why haven’t you come to see me? Don’t you like me?”

What a strange question. The underlying hurt in Aslan’s cheery voice was unacceptable, however. He should never feel sad or unwanted. “I’m afraid I don’t know you at all. I’d like to change that, though.” Torren would like to get to know him on several flat surfaces, but he figured he should probably keep that little thought to himself for the time being.

“Okay.” Aslan bobbed his head, stood to his feet on the mattress, and jumped at Torren. Shocked at the man’s behavior, Torren reacted on instinct, catching his mate and holding him protectively to his chest. “Let’s go to my room,” Aslan suggested.

Completely entranced by the little imp, Torren just nodded dazedly and followed his mate’s directions as he walked them across the hall and into Aslan’s room. He wasn’t sure how they made it there safely because he couldn’t take his eyes off of those perfectly shaped, pale lips.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Aslan warned him before jerking him forward and crushing their mouths together.

Torren had never met anyone as bold and forward as Aslan. It was refreshing, if a bit disconcerting. When he parted his lips to allow Aslan entrance and their tongues brushed together for the first time, Torren forgot to think about anything but devouring the man in his arms.

Kissing Aslan should have been an Olympic sport. The guy was everywhere and everywhere in hurry. His hands moved frantically over Torren’s shoulders and chest, and his hips thrust in jerky movements. He sucked on Torren’s tongue, bit his bottom lip, and growled fiercely when Torren didn’t respond with equal exuberance.

“Why won’t you kiss me back?” he demanded breathlessly a moment later.

“I’m trying,” Torren growled back. How was he supposed to kiss the man properly when he wouldn’t be still?

“Am I doing it wrong?” Aslan whispered, ducking his head and peeking up at Torren through his long, dark lashes.

Sitting on the side of his mate’s bed with Aslan in his lap, Torren cupped his face in both hands and smiled softly. The smaller man had no idea what he was doing, and was trying to make up for it with enthusiasm. Now that Torren understood, it was easier to steer them where they needed to go.

“Slow,” he said quietly, dipping his head forward and brushing his lips gently across Aslan’s. “It’s not a race.” He pressed their lips together again, a little more insistently this time. “Can you feel the difference?”

A sweet moan escaped through Aslan’s swollen lips, and his eyes drifted closed as he relaxed into Torren’s hold, allowing him to control the kiss. With more tenderness and care than he’d ever shown any of his previous lovers, Torren palmed the back of the man’s head and swept his tongue inside the warm depths of Aslan’s mouth.

He kept his movements easy, languid, and undemanding. It didn’t take long for Aslan to catch on, and soon their tongues were moving together in a slippery, sensual glide. Torren’s dick swelled inside his jeans, straining at his zipper, but he ignored it. This wasn’t about sex, not yet anyway. They’d have plenty of time for that later.

Unfortunately, it was going to have to be much later, because he had a job to do and missing people to find. There was also the issue of his children to discuss—though, he’d still not met them. He’d only just met Aslan, and already there were so many things that stood between them.

“I need to talk to Bannon.” He pecked at Aslan’s lips in apology.

Aslan shrugged and popped up from his lap like a jack-in-the-box. “Okay. I’ll wait here.”

“Umm, yes.” Every time Aslan opened his mouth, Torren just grew more confused.  He hoped it wasn’t going to be a recurring theme in their relationship. “I’ll be back.” He just didn’t qualify his return with a timeframe. Shitty of him, but despite what everyone thought, he really didn’t have all the answers.




Torren’s soft, growling moan filled his mouth as his soon-to-be lover extracted his aching dick and stroked it lightly from base to helmet. The act felt familiar, as though they’d done it a thousand times before, and Aslan jerked in Torren’s embrace, flexing his hips so that his length slid through his mate’s fist.

“More,” he begged, clutching at the fabric of Torren’s sweater and dragging it over his head, needing to feel the hot, hard muscles beneath his palms.

Instead of heeding his plea, Torren released his cock, jerked Aslan’s head back on his shoulders, and attacked the sensitive skin along his throat while he lifted him onto the table. Following him up, Torren kept one arm around his waist, holding him in an inclined position and placing himself between Aslan’s knees.

Very gently, Torren eased him back on the table and kissed a slow path down Aslan’s chest, leaving a trail of liquid heat in his wake. His tongue swirled around Aslan’s navel and dipped inside while he worked Aslan’s jeans off his legs and tossed them to the floor.

Sitting back in his chair, he gripped Aslan’s calves and pulled him forward, sliding him to the edge of the table. “Spread your legs, baby.”

Shivering and panting, he did as instructed, looping his elbows under his knees and opening himself to his lover’s gaze. The new position made him feel exposed and vulnerable, but when Torren hummed in approval, the anxiety ebbed just as quickly as it had come.

Two thick fingers traced his bottom lip then tapped at it. Opening instantly, Aslan captured Torren’s digits in his mouth, swirling his tongue around them and sucking hard. His back bowed and a strangled moan rose up from his chest when his mate palmed his heavy erection once more, squeezing it in rhythmic movements that made his asshole clench greedily.

“That’s it,” Torren praised him. “Get them good and wet.” His soft hair tickled the inside of Aslan’s thighs just before incredible moist heat surrounded the head of his cock. Torren swirled his tongue around the crown then flicked at the bundle of nerves just under the ridge, sending Aslan into a tailspin of need.

Sucking harder on his lover’s fingers, Aslan rocked as much as his position would allow, driving his throbbing dick deeper into Torren’s welcoming mouth. Wading through his blinding lust, an errant thought slipped into his muddled brain, reminding him not to thrust too deeply. Torren had a horrible gag reflex.

Confusion cooled some of his ardor. How the hell did he know that?

Then it all ceased to matter when Torren’s fingers slid from his mouth and pressed against his fluttering hole, ringing the muscles with gentle but steady pressure. Taking a deep breath and willing himself to relax, Aslan still couldn’t stop his gasp when those spit-soaked digits pushed into his clenching channel and began pumping lazily.

The burn was minimal, the pressure intense, and the pleasure mind-numbing. His lover’s free hand gripped the base of his cock, sliding and twisting in an upward spiral until his fist met his lips. Over and over, Torren worked the rigid flesh in his mouth, moaning and growling while he continued stretching Aslan’s entrance.

Jerking and spasming, Aslan made sounds he’d never heard issue from his own lips before. When the next inward glide sent Torren’s fingers brushing over his prostate, Aslan squeezed his eyes closed, arched his back, and shouted to the ceiling.

While Torren’s hand kept stroking him, his mouth disappeared, leaving the torrent of warm cum spurting from Aslan’s cock to splash over his belly. Coming down from his orgasmic high, his body still quaking in aftershocks, Aslan peered down between his legs to see a very self-satisfied smirk on his lover’s ruggedly handsome face.

Releasing Aslan’s still-hard cock and easing his fingers from his hole, Torren pushed his khakis off his hips, scooped the cooling cum from Aslan’s belly, and used it to slick his engorged shaft. Renewed desire slammed into Aslan, and he licked his dry lips while his cock throbbed painfully as though he hadn’t just had the orgasm of his life.

The confident grin on Torren’s face was wickedly arousing as he lifted his hand and crooked one finger. “Come here, caro.”

Apparently he didn’t move fast enough, because in the next instant, he was hauled into Torren’s lap, the thick head of his lover’s cock poised at his opening. Their mouths crashed together, carnal and savage while Aslan lowered himself over Torren’s length, feeling his inner walls strain to accept his mate’s thick girth.

He was so full, completely filled, and it was heaven. The ache in his ass, his balls, and his pulsing dick combined and exploded into an inferno of all-consuming pleasure. Flames of erotic desire licked at his skin, crawling over his body and engulfing him in their passionate embrace.

Instinct took over, and he began to rise and fall, flexing his thighs and bracing his hands on the table behind him as he impaled himself on Torren’s cock. His head fell back on his shoulders, a high keening noise ripping from his throat when his mate’s hands began roaming his chest and tugging at his pebbled nipples.

Then those strong hands moved to his hips, grasping him firmly and encouraging him to move faster. “That’s it, baby. Fuck my cock.” His grip tightened, his fingers digging into Aslan’s flesh as he began thrusting upward, driving into Aslan’s ass in lightning-quick strokes.

“Ahhh!” Aslan cried out, his pleasure spiking as he teetered on the edge of climax. “Torren!”

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