Ravyn's Dance (MM)

Ravyn Warriors 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,319
6 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, vampires, public exhibition, light bondage, HEA]

Germany is the Ravyn used to being forgotten, and he likes it that way. He doesn't talk much, but when he talks, people listen. So when Germany tells his Prince that they need to convince the vampire ancient Santiago to petition the vampire Council to gain aid, everyone thinks it's a great idea. Everyone but Santiago. Santiago is an ancient vampire used to getting his way and using his position as head of the Entertainer line to keep everyone in check. Then he meets the Ravyn, who is supposed to accompany him to the vampire Council's annual gala. Germany is a distraction he certainly doesn't need, but the Ravyn is fast becoming a distraction that he desperately wants. In the heart of Council territory with court intrigue, danger, and a mission on the line, the two find themselves hopelessly enamored with one another. But is this newfound obsession really love? They'll have to face more than just their internal demons in order to find out.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Ravyn's Dance (MM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Ravyn's Dance (MM)

Ravyn Warriors 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,319
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Another excellent addition to the series. Loved this story. Fun and easy to read. Good book for laying on the beach or at the pool.
Loved this book Great writing and a very enjoyable story



“I want you inside me very badly,” Santiago admitted as he played with Ger’s body. “I haven’t had a lover in ten years. Why do I want you, Germany? It doesn’t make sense. I usually only sleep with those who move me artistically.” He ducked his head and took Ger’s cock into his mouth deep, burying it in his throat to the root.

Fuck!” Ger shouted at the sudden sensation of his manhood being engulfed in the hot, wet cavern of Santiago’s mouth. His hands immediately entwined in Santiago’s hair, using him as an anchor against the ripples coursing through him. “Ah! Yeah. Damn.” Ger cursed as Santiago proceeded to give him the blow job of his life. The vampire was made to suck cock. His hot mouth was driving him crazy. He deep throated his length like he never had to come up for air, and that was all right with Ger because the sensation of those throat muscles contracting around his cock felt phenomenal. The vampire’s golden eyes flicked upward to meet Germany’s, and Ger was scorched all over at the sheer sex he saw in those eyes. The mask Santiago always wore was gone, shattered by this moment.

Santiago bobbed his head in earnest, making sure to keep a constant suction of his cock no matter what section of his mouth Germany was in. Ger fucked his face hard enough to rock the bed slightly with each forward thrust. The vampire didn’t have a damn gag reflex, and there was nothing anyone could say to convince Ger of any other possibility. He grunted something complimentary, but not even he could figure out what he said. His thighs were shaking with the effort not to come down Santiago’s talented throat.

A hand crept up to knead Ger’s tight sac, and he nearly lost it. He cried out, and his whole body jerked.

“Stop! I’m going to come,” Ger panted. Gods, Santiago was going to kill him before he even managed to get to the actual sex. His normally golden skin was still glowing softly, and it made Ger feel like he was in the presence of some sexual deity. He knew that if he and Santiago got serious that he could absolutely lose himself in this creature who made him aroused like no other before him.

Santiago licked his lips as if still lingering over the taste of him. He chuckled softly. “Lay back, Ravyn. I want to go for a ride.” To punctuate the statement, he gave Ger a shove that made him fall back to his ass. The Ravyn watched as Santiago moved as quick as lightning to the bedside dresser and took out a small tube of lubrication. Ger loved the way Santiago’s ass looked separated by that glittering thong.

Santiago squirted a healthy amount of lubrication into his hand and then came back and crawled over Ger. Germany acquiesced to the silent demand and lay all the way back, his upper back and head resting against the pillows and headboard. His dick jumped as he watched Santiago dip two fingers into the goo before reaching behind him and inserting them slowly into his tight hole. Gods, he couldn’t wait for that to be his cock. Watching Santiago fuck himself with his fingers was a teasing experience. He wanted to help, wanted to prepare him, but Santiago was having none of it. With his other hand, Santiago smeared the lube on Ger’s weeping erection. The Ravyn hissed at the sensation, his eyes rolling. If everything felt any better, he was going to know that he’d entered the heavens.

Finally, after a few agonizing seconds, he withdrew his fingers from his ass and perched over Ger’s cock. “Still want me to wear the lingerie?” Santiago asked, panting hard. His eyes had darkened to a burnished gold and were filled with pleasure so sharp it looked painful. Ger couldn’t even form a sentence because of the visual overload of sexy that was perched over him, but he managed a nod. He wanted nothing more than to see Santiago’s tight body riding him while that sexy scrap of clothing continued to tease Ger’s eyes.

The vampire pulled the string aside and sank down on Ger’s desperate dick, one glorious inch at a time. Santiago’s head fell back as he lost himself in the throes of the experience. The long arch of his throat that was marked from Ger’s earlier attentions made the demon hiss his pleasure.

“So fucking sexy,” he complimented in a gruff voice that he didn’t even recognize. Santiago’s face turned toward him and a painful smile lit on his mouth.

“Likewise, Ravyn.”

Then there was time for no more words. The demands of their bodies were too much for them to handle. Santiago rode him like a madman, his vampire strength and speed making the movements blur in intensity. The entire frame rocked against the wall, banging with considerable force. Somewhere a picture fell off a wall. Ger couldn’t do much more than lie back and take the incredible sensation. His hips were writhing and the near-vibrating quality of Santiago’s movements made his toes curl. He reached out and cupped the straining erection that was pressing against Santiago’s butterfly underwear. The vampire shouted something in another language and arched into the touch.

“That’s it, butterfly,” Ger encouraged as he felt his sac draw painfully up against his body. “Take your pleasure. Fuck that beautiful ass on my cock.” He groaned as Santiago seemed to move between the sensation of Ger jerking him off through the lacy material and the hard shaft that was pounding in his ass. Santiago shuddered and Ger almost came. The vampire was so damn tight and hot and he moved like he was fucking boneless.

“Feels good. Feels so good!” Santiago shouted.

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