Zora is an exploration expert. She can assess the biology of new worlds and determine what kind of an impact colonization will make. General Carser and Captain Wayk have been assigned to help her, and the Oefric multi-shifters are ready, willing and able to help. The planet they were on was supposed to be inactive, but they wake the consciousness and it wants to interact in the worst way. Zora gives her body to her companions and to her surprise, she gives her mind to the planet under her. The planet used underhanded methods, but Zora couldn't fault the bait she used.

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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

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“Zora, I can’t help but notice your demeanour has shifted.” Carser was frowning, the divot between his eyes showing his confusion.

“I apologize for my beastly behaviour on the shuttle and the ship. I always feel better with a planet underfoot. I have no idea why. I don’t know if it is the gravity, the wind, the energy in the living things, but I do feel better.”

Wayk smiled. “Glad to hear it. Do you mind if we accompany you in other forms? You will have to carry our clothing.”

She chuckled. “I will be wearing a pack. I can take a few pairs of clothing and boots with me.”

As soon as she said it, they began to disrobe. Before she could do more than blink in astonishment at the rush of lust that filled her at their lean and muscled physiques, they were out the door and animal noises were coming from the snow outside.

Zora grabbed her pack and went through her practiced checklist—monitors, scanners, rations, water, a change of clothing and dry socks. She folded the clothing of Carser and Wayk and tucked it into her pack, stomped into her cold-weather suit and boots and joined the men outside. Whatever she thought their preferred forms was, it was not the two huge bears that were frolicking in the snow.

She covered her mouth with her hand and stifled a laugh. Zora was a bear off planet. They were bears on it.

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