Aura Speaker Avina is at the top of her field. It is a very small field. Speaking to those who have gone before is a strange talent and she uses it to bring peace and negotiate between the living and the dead.

Utolian left his physical body to wait until he met a woman he wanted to spend the rest of his existence with. Avina’s touch brings him out of his orb on a regular basis, and he looks forward to each and every moment with her.

Now, if only he will stop her from playing with his ball at every opportunity, he might just get somewhere.

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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

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Avina Jenkins addressed the room of trainees. “I know that things tend to seem silly when you first begin an aura hunt, but the dead of certain species leave their energy behind when they die.”

She flicked images on the screen behind her. “These pictures are aura captures from a dozen different worlds. A trained aura speaker can get people in touch with loved ones or end questions about deaths. It is a branch of investigation that few people are interested in and fewer still are able to become part of.”

Her lecture continued with image after image of walking auras. When she completed her speech, she looked out at the audience. “Any questions?”

The room was still for a moment, and then, someone raised a hand.


A nervous young male asked, “Is it accurate that some of the auras can have physical effects?”

“Yes. I have scars on my body from objects thrown at me, and in two cases, the aura fired a weapon.”

He blinked. “I just meant moving furniture.”

“Oh. Sorry. Yes, they can shove furniture, lift items and move things. It depends on their confidence or resentment level in life. In the case of the Lehashicar, the occupation that they engaged in in life is the one they return to after death.”

Another hand went up.


“Why are the auras invisible to so many sensitives?”

“Excellent question. Every talent seems to operate on a differing frequency. The ability to see the auras is rare. If even one person out of this entire room develops the ability, I would be very surprised. While we are well known, there are not many of us.”

Another male raised his hand. “Then, why are we here? This is a huge waste of time if we can’t consider this as a career path.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose over her glasses. “I am going to answer that with a question for you. Have you ever lost a loved one?”

He shifted in his chair. “No.”

Avina smirked, “I thought not. When you have a chance to see your loved ones again, communicate with them, ask the questions that you didn’t get to ask during their lifetimes, you will want an Aura Speaker. When you need to know what happened at a crime scene, you want an Aura Speaker. When you want a good night at a space station, you will want a short-term Companion, but that is another lecture.”

The room burst into laughter.

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