SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,187
123 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M, werewolves]

When tragedy strikes, Melissa is left responsible to care for a whole family. Desperate times call for desperate measures. As if working in a strip club isn’t dangerous enough, she decides to moonlight for the sake of the poor and needy in the community, including her family. Add in a persistent cop who wants her to snitch and a notorious drug dealer who wants to bed her and she’s in over her head.

Vince, Logan, Sunny, Frankie and Jake are wolves and SWAT team officers. While out at a club, they meet their mate, and she’s one sexy little dancer. She avoids them, but they remain determined. When they pick up her scent near a drug factory they raid, they assume that she’s a criminal in their current investigation. They locate, handcuff and arrest her, and then they bring her back to their place to initiate their version of interrogation. By the time they’re finished, she’ll be begging for their touch.

Note: Each book in The Men of Five-0 collection is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.

A Siren Erotic Romance

SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood (LoveXtreme)
123 Ratings (4.5)

SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood (LoveXtreme)

The Men of Five-0 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,187
123 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Amazing twist on the original story line. I couldn't put it down.
i have now read the first 2 books and was impressed with the story line. very intense and i could not stop reading it. the love that develops between the characters is addictive. i will be ordering the next 2 books
Professional Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "If you’re going to rob from the rich to feed the poor be sure the drug dealing wolf you’re stealing from is an animal in name only and not a true beast! Melissa (Mel to her friends) has an amazing heart for those in need, to the point of endangering her own life to provide for her orphaned nieces and nephew, a sick aunt and a whole slew of friends and neighbors that just need a helping hand. She has spent the last several years taking care of others and never suspected there would be one much less five men who wanted to spend every waking hour taking care of and loving her. The chemistry between Melissa and the Valdamar brothers is instant and scorching hot. One of the aspects of the ST2 story that kept me reading, besides the great characters and terrific plot, was that even though the men are Alpha to the max they don’t try to immediately force Melissa to bend to their way of life. They realize that she has a job and is even studying for a law degree. In many dominate male type stories the heroine is expected to give up the life she’s built to be with the man (or men). I liked that the Valdamar brothers were able to appreciate that Melissa was intelligent and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. SWAT Team 2 is the second book in the Men of Five-0 series for Ms. Dwyer. Each book is full length story where the readers are introduced to a new group of wolf shifting men who find and win their mate. Ms. Dwyer does a superb job of building a solid plot, multi-facetted characters and emotionally charged romance between the men and their fated mate. The Men of Five-0 series is part of Siren Publishing’s Love Xtreme line but is different from the other series in that each book is a stand- alone story. You’ll notice characters from the other books mentioned so it helps to have read the other books but not at all necessary. I think after you’ve read one iT will be hard not to go back and read the others, though. Ms. Dwyer is a wonderful story teller and an automatic buy for this reviewer. If you love a fast paced paranormal that will have you reaching for a fan while holding your breath…you won’t want to miss SWAT Team 2 and Miss Robin Hood. Ms. Dwyer gives us a tantalizing tease of two more SWAT Team books within the pages of ST2. That’s awesome news for fangirls like me. Pick up your copy of SWAT Team 2 today and see just how good the odds of five to one can be!" -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 CUPS: "Melissa did not expect to be working as a bartender at a strip club to make ends meet, but a horrific accident left her with a family to raise alone. Somehow she also ends up turning into the legendary Robin Hood, female style! Vince, Logan, Sunny, Frankie and Jake are strong alpha males as well as the alphas of their werewolf pack. When they scent their mate in a strip club, it leads them to Melissa. Melissa wants nothing more than to explore the heady sensual promise the sexy men promise her. But she has so much on her plate right now she cannot afford any type of distraction, especially the seductive kind. Between raising her sister’s kids, taking care of her sick mother, helping out her friend and neighbor, and helping those in need, Melissa tries to steer clear of the sexy men. Vince, Logan, Sunny, Frankie and Jake refuse to take no for an answer, and they will use all of their skill to get their mate. When her scent gets mixed up in a drug bust, the swat team will use their persuasive powers, as well as some handcuffs, to get Melissa to answer all of their questions. If it happens to lead to some hot sex…who are they to turn that down? I fell in love with the paranormal genre a long time ago and Ms. Dwyer has come up with a tale that shows the world why I enjoy these types of tales so much. Swat Team Two has such a powerful aura of masculinity, alpha male characteristics, and enough sensuality that the reader is practically panting to get their hands on these sexy men. Melissa is so strong as she contends with all of her problems as well as those around her. She amazes me with all she deals with and I would most definitely want her in my corner. Watching Melissa go head-to-head with the Swat Team is such a sight to see, and it will leave you reeling as she takes them on…and shows them what a female alpha looks like, especially when she takes charge of these alpha males." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "A heartwarming story, sizzling chemistry, smokin' hot men, and a whole lot of action come together to make another fantastic read in the Men of Five-O series by Dixie Lynn Dwyer. SWAT TEAM TWO AND MISS ROBIN HOOD is the story of Melissa who's extremely selfless. At 20, she took on her sister's 3 children when her sister and brother-in-law were killed. She's also taking care of her ailing aunt who's got medical bills racking up. So what's a girl to do? She works as a bartender in a strip club, but is also secretly robbing drug dealers in order to pay her bills and help out others in her community. She doesn't have time for much else. Enter Vince, Jake, Logan, Sunny and Frankie. They are members of the SWAT team and brother wolf shifters. They meet Melissa at the strip club and know immediately that she's their mate. While trying to pursue her, they realize she's somehow mixed up in a drug bust they were involved in, and they will take any steps necessary to protect her and her family. Even if those steps include lots of sex, handcuffs, and spanking. SWAT TEAM TWO AND MISS ROBIN HOOD is the second book in the Men of Five-O series, but can easily be read as a standalone. We see a few characters from the previous book but there's not a lot of cross over. Melissa is quite the anomaly. She's a law student and she's breaking the law. She's scared that her sister's kids would be taken away from her, but she's putting herself in sometimes fatal situations by stealing from drug dealers. She seemed to really have her niece and nephews' best interests at heart, so it made me root for her a lot more. She sacrificed a lot with having to take on all those kids at such a young age. The plot was intriguing. We have dirty cops, drug dealers, strippers, not to mention wolf shifters, mating, and the questionable death of Melissa's sister and brother-in-law. Not to mention all the action with the shifter fighting and a kidnapping and rescue. There was a lot going on the story, but I think the author did a great job of bringing it all together. The sex was hot. I always wonder how one woman is going to satisfy five horny men, so it's always fascinating to me how it's done. I'm not going to give away too many details here, but let's just say that Melissa is a very busy woman! So, SWAT TEAM TWO AND MISS ROBIN HOOD has a fantastic plot, sizzling hot sex, tons of action and a story that has you rooting for that HEA. I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next book in the series." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

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Logan felt his eyes change.

“Don’t push me, Melissa.”

She shoved against his chest.

Logan couldn’t take it any longer. Being this close to his mate, inhaling her scent and tolerating her defiance was too much for his wolf. He pulled her against his chest and covered her mouth in a lethal kiss.

Melissa protested at first and then fought for control of the kiss.

Things got out of control quickly as Logan lifted Melissa by her ass cheeks and pressed her onto the table. He spread her legs with his thighs and hips then sheltered her head and neck between his forearms as he continued to ravage her mouth.

Melissa was rubbing her hands all over his body, trying to press him harder against her.

He explored her mouth, tasting her as his need to fuck his mate began to increase.

When he felt Melissa grab his ass and squeeze as she thrust her hips against his, that was it.

Slowly, Logan released her lips and continued to suck on her neck.

Melissa grabbed for his shirt, trying to remove it from his body.

“Fuck, Melissa, I’m not going to stop. I want you too fucking badly to stop right now and interrogate your ass.” He growled as he cupped her breast and rubbed his other hand over her thigh, pushing up her skirt.

“Then stop being a cop and just fuck me already. I can’t take this ache inside. I need you,” she pleaded.


* * * *


Melissa never felt so desperate, and her body never felt this hot and needy. There was something about these men that turned her on and turned her mind upside down.

The fact that they were cops and could bust her for her illegal pastime was a total turn-on. Then, of course, there were their bodies. Logan was built like a linebacker with his thick waist and even thicker cock. Her pussy dripped with desire the moment he asked her if she was fucking Bret. Bret was a huge mistake, and right now she hoped she wasn’t making an even greater mistake.

“I’m not going to be able to go slow this time, Melissa. I’m too wound up.” Logan growled as he lifted her hips up higher, pushing her skirt to her waist.


* * * *


Logan caught scent of her arousal. Her panties were soaked, and the sight of the tiny, thin, black thong that barely covered his mate’s cunt was hot.

“Fuck yeah,” he stated then rubbed his nose against her pussy as he lifted her legs to his shoulders.

Melissa gasped for air as she grabbed his head and thrust her pussy up against his face.

He pulled back only slightly to rip the material from her body.

Her pussy lips sparkled with desire, and he couldn’t wait to taste her cream. He licked her from ass to cunt loving the taste of her. Melissa grabbed a hold of his hair and thrust up against his mouth as he plunged his tongue inside her pussy.

Pulling out, he felt his wolf come alive inside of him.

“She tastes incredible. Hold her arms. She likes being bound, isn’t that right, Mel?” Logan commanded.

She moaned as his brothers assisted.

Her cream was like nothing he ever tasted before. It was sweet and tangy as he played with her labia, being sure to lick every bit of her. He saw Frankie grab her arms and pull her shirt from her body.

“We’re going to show you how good it’s going to be with us, Melissa. You belong to us,” Frankie said.

Logan pressed two fingers to her pussy lips, spreading them wider so he could take another taste. Melissa moaned and pleaded for more.

“Please, Logan. Please don’t tease me.”

He looked up at her body, from her slick pussy lips to her belly ring against toned abs all the way to her abundant breasts. She was perfect.

He pressed two fingers in and out of her pussy, and Melissa began to thrust against his fist.

“You want my cock, Mel. Tell me how much you need it,” he teased her as she rolled her head side to side.

“I want it. I need it,” she panted.

Logan unzipped his pants then reached to her skirt, pulling it down and out of the way.

She was bare to all of them, and his brothers inhaled their mate’s scent.

“She smells fantastic,” Sunny commented.


* * * *


Melissa was in sexual stimulation overload as Logan finger-fucked her, licking her cream while his brothers watched.

Frankie unclasped her bra and ripped it from her body, tossing it as he reached out with his mouth and licked her nipple.

He cupped her left breast as he licked and tasted every inch as if it were food.

Vince took her right breast into his mouth and did the same thing.

She never thought about having sex with more than one person before. She was shocked at her body’s reaction and the desire to fuck all five of these sexy men. She tried to reach for them, to touch their sensational bodies. As her fingers touched Logan’s shoulders her pussy wept. He was solid muscle and it was a total turn-on.

“Get ready, baby, I’m giving you what you want,” Logan fisted his cock in his hand and held her gaze.

The man was gifted in the cock department. His significant size made her tighten in his hold and close her eyes.

Surprisingly, Logan took his time. He must have read her facial expression.

Inch by inch, he pushed his cock into her pussy as Vince and Frankie pulled on her nipples and sucked them.

She moaned as the full feeling enveloped her core. Looking down, she was shocked that Logan wasn’t fully inside of her.

“Oh god, Logan!” she moaned.

He lifted her thighs and shoved forward, taking her breath away.

So much for going slow.


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