Terran Times Tales 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 17,750
2 Ratings (4.0)

Garden has been called in on a rescue and she carries it out without any second thoughts. With her weapons all in the biological range and her body the pinnacle of genetic manipulation, she is ready for anything.

Mercury is a Guardian mistaken for a robot on a planet that fears technology. Pinned in place and not wanting to hurt the locals, he waits for a rescue and is shocked to find it in the purple-haired woman with the twinkling eyes.

Together, they face attacks and decide that their destiny is worth pursuing. Together.

2 Ratings (4.0)


Terran Times Tales 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 17,750
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

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Mianne Barker sat in the pilot’s seat of the Green Fairy and pondered her nails. She really needed to get to a groomer that had industrial equipment. Soon.

The Fairy put an image of pretty fingernails with a French manicure into her mind.

“Yes, I will get something pretty if I can find someone. Since my alteration, my nails are so thick, they are deadly. Mind you, I suppose I could start whittling with them.”

The ship gave her another image of her wearing a sarcastic face, and Mia laughed out loud. Projections of herself had taken some getting used to, but now, it was a simple part of being a symbiote to a living ship. Of course, the purple hair was new, left over from her last shore leave.

She got a bleep from her dispatcher and looked up. “Green Fairy, Garden speaking.”

“Hello, Garden. I have a Guardian pickup for you.”

“Sure, Nitza. Who am I picking up, and where am I taking them?”

“His name is Mercury, and he is a member of the Centered priesthood. He is also a member of Guardian restriction.”

“Oh. So, guns out then.”

“It might not be a bad idea. He’s on Rekkada, and he might have a prisoner with him.”

“Am I flying in hot?”

Nitza grimaced. “It might not be a bad idea. Rekkada is low tech, so you have landing permission but don’t have weapons clearance.”

Garden smiled. “Well, what a coincidence that you called us in then. Good thing our weapons don’t require a lot of tech.”

“I believe that there is some sort of restriction on the priest, so you will have to pick him up manually.”


Nitza cleared her throat. “He is a combination species. They aren’t sure whether he breaks their restrictions, so they are confining him and his prisoner.”

“Why can’t you ever just say that to start with?” Mia gave the Green Fairy the go signal, and they headed off toward their assignment.

“Where would the fun be in that? Giving you ladies assignments is the highlight of my day. I want to draw it out now and then.” Nitza grinned.

“Sometimes, I think you have too much fun at our expense.”

“Perhaps. Are you charged for attack?”

Mia wrinkled her nose. “Perhaps. What is the light situation on Rekkada?”

“Three suns and full light. Just the way you like it.”

Mia chortled. “On my way. I can use a little natural light. The Fairy tries, but sometimes, you want to feel the wind along with the sun.”

She spoke too soon. The moment the words were out of her mouth, she was buffeted by a blast of air. The Fairy was feeling whimsical; there was even some dirt in the wind.

Mia spit some of the dirt out and snorted. “The Fairy is just as excited as I am.”

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