Chocolate Lover

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,900
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A collection of five erotic stories featuring full-figured fabulousness!

Chocolate Lover by Victoria Blisse

When it's a young lady's birthday a husband usually brings her some flowers and some dainty little treats. But there's really only one way to satisfy a full bodied woman who's not only a chocoholic but who is also a hungry *ockoholic, and that is with a perfect replica made from the finest Belgian sweet.

Meeting My Husband Again by Deva Shore

Home is the sailor, and for Melissa the two year absence of her husband John has led to her coming to terms with her own feelings about her body. No longer supermodel thin after the birth of their first child, she finds she has no desire to go back to her Size 8 self. Her only worry is how John will react to her new-found bountiful body.

Fashionably Late by Heidi Champa

It's party time, and hosts Sarah and James are getting ready to meet and greet their guests. But Sarah's failing self confidence is causing her no end of problems, and some serious doubts as to what to wear. Thankfully James knows just the right course of therapy to cure her of her self doubt

A Lucky Man by Lucy Felthouse

It's an awful lot like Christmas, isn't it? That's usually the time when you just cannot decide whether you'd really prefer a leg, or a nice mouthful of breast. And even admiring a round and firm parson's nose only distracts you all the more, making it difficult for you to try and explain why you feel so bad about having to choose just the one to enjoy.

The Beautiful Move in Curves by Elizabeth Black

There is only one thing more exciting than convention sex, and that is getting some before you set off to the convention itself. Olivia is off to a weekend Science Fiction convention to meet Jeremy for the first time in the flesh. She sent him a photo beforehand, but she's still worried he won't find her more fuller figure attractive in real life. Thankfully Kevin is on hand to reassure her, and to get her motor humming before she's even made it to the registration desk! These stories have also been published in Ultimate Curves ISBN 9781906373788

Chocolate Lover
0 Ratings (0.0)

Chocolate Lover

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,900
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

She moaned and threw back her head in delight, her thick thighs rubbing together of their own accord as a bolt of sensual pleasure coursed through her body.
“You like that, don’t you?” her husband whispered, stroking the side of her large breast with a teasing finger. “Do you want more?”
“Yes,” she said, her dark eyes shining.
“What’s the magic word?” he teased, leaning closer to her, pressing into her curves.
“Please?” she begged, eyes wide, lips pouting.
He nodded and slipped another square of milk chocolate between her lips.
“Chocolate lover,” he taunted, and she winked at him as she sucked the chocolate into her mouth and felt the creamy comfort of it melting over her tongue.
“Now that would be something I could sink my teeth into,” she purred then licked her lips.
“I remember that time with the chocolate body paint,” he said, “I ended up covered in bites and bruises.”
“I don’t remember you complaining at the time.” She reached out to him and stroked his erection through his trousers. “Do we have any of that left?”
“Hmm, I don’t think so, but I have a sweet treat here for you.”
“I can tell,” she purred and pulled open his pants. “I hope it has a creamy centre. That’s my favourite part.”
“Oh, it’s mine too.” He licked his lips and watched his sweet-loving wife lavishing affection on his cock.
She treated it like an expensive bar of chocolate. Delicately she licked, relishing its flavour and texture on her tongue. Teasing herself to a point when she needed more she engulfed the thick head with her lips and sucked the solid bar, enjoying the warm hardness against her tongue and relishing the gasps and moans she pulled from the lips of her lover.
“Fuck, I’m going to melt in your mouth,” he groaned and thrust his hips, forcing more of his cock between her enticing lips. He wrapped her dark locks around his fingers in an attempt to control the pleasure exploding through him but the tightening grip in her hair made her suck harder, heightening the erotic tension in his dick.
She could still taste chocolate on her palate and, mixed with the salty sweetness of the juices leaking from his tip, it proved to be a seductive concoction. She could not get enough of it. Up and down, slowly and steadily she sucked, mimicking the dance of sex, feeling the phantom memory of his cock in her cunt. She could tell that he was close to coming: his balls were tightening beneath her fingers and he was panting and thrusting up into her mouth with increasing urgency.
She loved this moment the most, the moment when he cursed and screamed and roared as he surrendered to the pleasure and the cum erupted into her eagerly sucking mouth. She savoured every last drop then grinned broadly.

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