eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,157
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Shane, Joel and Will are faced with a new threat. A weapon so powerful, so hard to resist that the lives of not only themselves, but all those they care about could be affected. What could the weapon be that could devastate them just as they have formed their coven?

His name is James Petrov, a devilishly handsome young man sent by their old foe Alistair and his coven to finish off what the dark magician couldn’t complete himself. Can Shane, Joel and Will see through Alistair’s plan before it’s too late? Or will James prove too much, seducing them to the dark coven and ending their own, leaving a wake of destruction through time in his path?

0 Ratings (0.0)


eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,157
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martin Jardin

Shane Upton stirred. He had slept with Will and Joel, where he belonged and where he needed to be. With them he was complete and loved and wanted. Although, strangely, his dreams were filled with images which concerned him. How? His dreams were filled with another man.

A man he hadn't seen before, yet gave him one of the most erotic dreams he had experienced in a long time…even when Joel and Will had become his coven and they had shared mind-blowing sex. In fact, he woke with an erection, which was far more than just morning glory.

"Hey, you're keen," Joel said. He had run his hand down Shane's stomach to his groin to grab his cock. He pulled on the root of it, retracting Shane's foreskin as far as it would go, as far as his frenulum would allow.

Shane hissed through his teeth. A hiss of pleasure. Joel's hand felt good, especially when he began a jerking motion.

"Who's keen?" Will had stirred from his slumber, reaching over to the bedside table to get his glasses.

"Ol' Shane here, that's who."

Shane remained silent while Joel continued to pleasure him. Before he could turn to look upon Joel, give him a smile at the very least for his efforts, Will had retreated under the bedclothes.

Seconds later, a wonderful, warm wet sensation engulfed the end of Shane's cock. Will had taken him into his mouth while Joel worked. Again Shane hissed, this time closing his eyelids tight.

Unfortunately, the vision of the man who had haunted his dreams came into existence in his mind's eye. Shane tried as best he could to rid his thoughts of the vision, to no avail. Not even while his lovers pleasured him could he exorcise the devilishly handsome demon of a man, who had invaded his mind.

"Stop!" Shane cried out. His eyelids burst open and he sat bolt upright, forcing Will to move his mouth from the end of his throbbing cock and for Joel to cease jacking him off.

"What's the matter?" Joel asked. His smile had been wiped from his face, concern replacing his once pleasant features.

Will's features reflected concern, as well. "Yeah, not like you to say no to a bit of fun, Shane. What's wrong?"

Shane had no choice but to fess up. How could he not? He had the two most beautiful and important men in his life giving him such wondrous delights, without thought of reward, doing so for the sheer love they felt, that they deserved to know. They needed to understand why Shane responded the way he had. Why his boner wasn't the result of what they were going to do or what they were doing, as usual.

"My dreams have been invaded, guys. They have been all night."

Joel's expression changed again, one which seemed to relay hurt. "So you don't want us anymore? You'd rather get off on dreams and not the real thing?"

"It's not like that," Shane replied.

"Then explain it to us," Will said.

Joel moved to sit on the edge of the bed, taking half the bedclothes with him. Will became uncovered. Shane had to admit, seeing them both naked sure was erotic. Why the hell should a dream, a vision of a man, get him so wound up when he had the real thing right in his bed, as Joel had said.

"I think someone is calling me."

Will leant over, planting a kiss upon Shane's cheek. "Like how we were called to become a part of your coven, you mean?"

"I'm not sure."

Joel snorted. "Hey, you're the magician. You tell us how it all works. How are we supposed to know if you don't?"

"That's not fair, Joel. You know I'm learning about all this just as much as you are."

"No." Joel turned to look at Shane, his eyes misted. "What's not fair is drawing us both into your coven and then not wanting us as soon as something else more interesting happens, that's what. Who is this dream man?"

Shane could understand Joel's concern, but really, he couldn't fathom anything sinister from the dreams. "What if this person wants to join us? We would all become stronger emotionally, and our lives would be richer in more ways than one if we had another member join our coven."

Will's face lit up. "You mean we could become a foursome?"

Shane nodded, bringing his arm around Will. "Yes. Perhaps."

Joel's face softened. "What if I don't want to be a part of a foursome? What if I'm happy with our coven just the way it is?"

Shane's face hardened. Joel's concerns were valid. How he felt was as important as anything. "Then we will stay as we are." He reached over with his other hand to draw Joel closer. "I'm nothing without you guys. You are what's important to me, you know that."

Will said, "I don't care how many join our coven, so long as we're able to fend off the bad guys and be a part of each other, I'm cool."

Joel snorted again. "Yeah, Will, you just want as much cock as you can get your hands on."

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