Lure of the Cimmerion (MF)

Cimmerion 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,700
14 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Romance]

Rian was chosen as the Vessel--a breeder for the angelic Veletari. Orphaned as a child, she tries to stay loyal to the Veletari who raised her. These people had protected her family from the murderous night demons, the Cimmerions.

When the King of the Cimmerions, Luxian, captures Rian, he makes her question everything she thought she knew about the "enemies."

Rian learns she is the key to the survival of the Cimmerions, and she knows Luxian will stop at nothing to save his people.

Even as they clash in the ongoing war between the Cimmerions and the Veletari, Rian's defenses wane as she becomes addicted to her demon lover's wicked, unwavering seduction...

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lure of the Cimmerion (MF)
14 Ratings (4.1)

Lure of the Cimmerion (MF)

Cimmerion 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 55,700
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "The first book in the Cimmerion series, Lure of the Cimmerion, sets the stage for an intriguing world filled with enthralling creatures and hostile tensions, with Rian directly at the center of the turmoil. The plot is not overly complex and allows an occasional plotline to be revealed, keeping the interest on the story. The characters are three-dimensional, with their own internal struggles and miscommunications. Rian learns a great deal during her captivity but deals with her new knowledge very realistically. At first, she seemed more like a petulant child than a woman placed in potentially devastating circumstances, but her evolution makes her more likeable, a metamorphosis that kept me intrigued with the story. Luxian is self-assured and possesses a strong sense of what he needs to do to save his people. His actions are incredibly sexy, even when they could lead to Rian's death. The sex scenes were very passionate and included sex scenes that bind the participants together, keeping the sexual tension high and invigorating. It was nice to come across a book that doesn't have scenes of multiple partners but instead creates a loving sexual moment between lovers. Lure of the Cimmerion has greatly arousing sex scenes that are imaginative and extremely sensual, along with an absorbing plot and lots of action. I would recommend this seduction fantasy book." -- Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "I enjoyed this tale of darkness versus light, of good versus evil. From the very beginning I was drawn into this world enveloped in war and beautiful, albeit deadly, creatures. Ms. Meilleur draws such a vivid picture of this war torn planet and the Cimmerions. Rian and Luxian are two great characters that fought against almost insurmountable odds in the hopes of saving the Cimmerions, and in the process may have found so much more. I would highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a spicy love story that tends to be a little on the darker side. This is not a story of sweet kisses and slow love making, but it is an action packed, hot read that will leave the reader wanting more." -- Sandra, The Romance Studio

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The large creature entered the house, immediately dwarfing its size.

She lay slumped in a corner, the sight of him no doubt causing her great fright. It could not be helped. He crossed the floor in three long, easy strides. Her light form barely registered as he picked her up and slung her with care over one shoulder. This was too precious a commodity to damage. The Veletari would not get the Vessel if he had any say in it. As leader of the Cimmerions, he had a say. He let loose a series of howls—signaling his soldiers to withdraw. There was no more need to shed blood. He shook his head and squeezed his tearing eyes. They were already well beyond a comfortable time of day. The sun was relentless and cruel to their kind.

He crossed the room, exiting with preternatural speed out of the doorless frame. His captive could have not possibly weighed more than a stone. His large wings expanded, and with a great leap, he took to the air. Mission accomplished.

* * * *

The soft sound of something sliding back caught her attention. She stood stone still, waiting for Veletari knows what. To her amazement, a being glided from an opening in the ceiling. She felt the rush of air as it landed in front of her. The demon’s wings folded and disappeared along its back. It stood at least seven feet tall. Its smooth ebony skin encased a thick muscled form. It had arms and well-muscled legs like a man. Upon closer inspection, it almost had the face of a human. Except this dark creature was more beautiful than any human she had ever known. Long thin braids cascaded down his back. The braids were so thin, that at first glance, looked to be hair flowing free. One small silver hoop was embedded in an ear with a slight point. However, it was his eyes that held her captive.

He seemed to study her with an intensity Rian found alarming, because if she were honest, he excited her. Eyes so black, they seemed to reflect the room, studied her without blinking. Lips full and firm held a slight smirk. He was beautiful up close. This was the monster who killed her village mates? Killed Sida and her parents? Rian couldn’t help staring at his muscular body, with mere scraps of material covering his—ah—more manly parts. Rian felt a blush burning her cheeks.

“You’ve slept for many hours. I’m afraid you’ve missed the last meal.” His tone was stilted, as if he were measuring his words. “So you are the Vessel,” the demon stated still perusing her. He walked around her, seeming to study every detail about her. Rian didn’t dare move. She didn’t want to provoke this very lethal creature in any way. “The Veletari will be angry.” His deep voice seemed to hum right through her. “They have lost quite a prize.” Male appreciation laced his voice.

“Why am I here?” Rian took a deep breath. The least she could do was die with dignity. In a much calmer, brave voice, she went on, “Why have you kept me alive, and brought me here, demon!” She nearly shrieked the last word as memories of the sounds of her people dying rushed forth.

“You are here to prevent a great tragedy,” the demon answered matter-of-factly, though she noted a bit of irritation in his voice now.

“It is the existence of your vile race that is a great tragedy,” Rian responded with much more bravado than she felt. She saw the creature stiffen. Perhaps she was being a little too brave.

“It is not my race that is vile, young one.” He walked around her with a soft tread, his steps muffled by the black warrior boots and the carpeting. Somehow, she knew even without these things, he could go undetected if he so wished.

“What is your intention? Why not kill me like you have done with the rest of my people?”

“Your people?” The smirk deepened. “You think of them as your people?”

“They cared for and raised me, so yes, they are my people.”

“Hmm. How noble of the humans.” He stopped his pacing and settled into one of the large chairs. Rian turned to face him. “Your people have hunted mine and have even managed to kill a few.” His beautiful, black gaze pinned her to the very spot she stood upon.

Your people have killed and eaten so many more of mine.” She couldn’t begin to count the number of men and women who had gone missing, never to return. No remains were ever found. She folded her arms across her chest. Did it matter now what she said? She would be killed anyway. It was obvious this big demon planned to torture her first.

“We don’t eat refuse,” the demon answered with calm assurance, waving a hand idly in the air. Rian felt her face flush hot. Did this barbaric creature have the gall to refer to humans as refuse?

“Pardon me.” Rian took a step forward, her anger rising at a rapid pace.“I’ve seen your kind in action.”

“You’ve seen us eat a human?” His eyebrow poked up in apparent surprise.

“Well, no. Not actually eat. But—”

“Then how do you stand there and accuse my people of eating your people?”

“I’ve heard stories—”

“Now you’re telling me you believe everything told to you? You truly are a young one.” The demon chuckled, making Rian even madder.

“Your people kill our women with child. That is barbaric and reeks of beings with no souls.” Rian challenged him to deny it. “These people have no reason to lie to me. They raised me.”

“Here is a word of warning. The teller of the tale will spin events to his own purposes.”

“That’s where you are wrong, Dark One. It was the Veletari who warned us of your predatory ways. They have no agenda. They just want to protect us fromyou and your kind.” Who could summon an argument against the ways of the Veletari? Not even the Cimmerions could argue against their purity.

“Are you sure about that, Vessel?” The demon rose from his chair and stood close without touching, in front of her. “Everything living has an agenda. Even if the agenda was as simple as to procreate.” His breath was warm against her cheek as he leaned in. His body heat enveloped her. To her horror, Rian felt her nipples harden in reaction to his closeness. He smelled earthy, dangerous. It took all her will power not to stroke the strong muscular chest of the demon. He stood so close. Her nightgown seemed too much all of a sudden. She had a wild impulse to rub against the huge male, skin-to-skin contact. Rian stepped back in sheer terror at her own thoughts. This was a demon, for Veletari’s sake! She knew he was somehow weaving black magic around her.

“What is your agenda then, demon?” she rasped out, still progressing backward. It was no use. For every step she took back, he took one forward. At least that was the gist of things until she backed up against the wall, then she was sandwiched mercilessly against him and the wall.

“My first order of business is to forbid you from calling me demon.” His onyx eyes showed her reflection.

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