On the Wings of a Butterfly (MM)

The S.E.X. Factor 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,257
32 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]

Blue has always considered himself an anomaly, a freak. Always watched by his parents, he lives a hopeless existence due to his butterfly wings. His only comfort is a mysterious dream lover with golden eyes who comes to him at night. But Blue can’t even see his face and can’t even be sure the man is real.

When he dares to attempt an escape, Blue meets Wallace, a wolf-shifter. Wallace teaches him that there is so much more out there than Blue ever believed, that he is not alone like he’d thought.

As Blue struggles to accept the new revelations, emotions also emerge, paving the path to a brighter future. But there is someone still waiting to crush his dreams and his wings. With Wallace’s support, can Blue become a beautiful, bright butterfly, or will he forever be trapped in the cocoon of his own pain?

A Siren Erotic Romance

On the Wings of a Butterfly (MM)
32 Ratings (4.4)

On the Wings of a Butterfly (MM)

The S.E.X. Factor 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,257
32 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A very good read I look forward to raven's story
This one took a little while for me to like it. I put it down when I reached the middle and didn't go back for several days. It's still a good book, but the story was not as commanding as other works by Scarlet Hyacinth.
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Blue has spent his whole life denying who he is by the very people who should have loved all of him. His dream man has always accepted and loved him, and when he escapes his prison he swears fantasy is becoming reality. Wallace saves a man who has apparently been abused to the point someone has been cutting his wings to hide his true nature. Unable to deny Blue he knows this is the man he has been waiting for. It is time for the butterfly to escape the cocoon it has been forced to stay in. Will those in denial come to appreciate the true Blue, or will they do whatever they must to see the truth is never revealed? On the Wings of a Butterfly is so sad for the abuse Blue has endured. I was moved by their denial and Blue's love for his Mom despite all her faults. A true story of how love can and will overcome all. Blue and Wallace make this poignant story one for the romantic at heart." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More

4 STARS: "ON THE WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY is a well imagined shifter world that MM fans will enjoy. The romance was a great blend of emotional and sexual intimacy. Blue has been held captive by his family who think he's a freak and regularly abuse him. He's been dreaming about a mysterious lover but can't imagine how he'll meet him when Blue can never leave his house. After a particularly bad beating, Blue escapes to go to a movie where he meets Wallace, a wolf shifter. Wallace immediately recognizes that Blue is a shifter of some sort and very special. Blue and Wallace develop a connection unlike any other shifters but will Blue's past allow him to move into his bright future with Wallace? This shifter world is extremely well written. The author sets up the world by explaining about the DNA differences that enable different people to be different kinds of shifters. This was so imaginative and I really enjoyed that. Don't worry, it's not dry and doesn't bog down the romance at all. The secondary characters are interesting as well and will provide plenty of heroes for subsequent novellas. I will definitely be on the look out for these. The romance between Wallace and Blue is so tender. Blue has been so emotionally and physically injured in life that it's amazing he can be emotionally and sexually vulnerable to Wallace. Wallace is the prefect blend of strength and compassion and fits Blue perfectly. I like that this romance isn't lopsided; Wallace needs Blue to open his heart as much as Blue needs Wallace to love and protect him. This is a romance of two men becoming a couple and that made it a great romance to read for me. The plot of Blue's past and the danger to the newly mated couple is just mysterious enough to keep my attention without overshadowing the romance. The science of the shifter world is newly discovered too, so it will be a very good series plot arc that I think other paranormal fans will enjoy as much as I did. ON THE WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY is a great MM paranormal romance that sets up a series I will be a fan of; I suspect other readers will be just as captivated." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

"Assigned to report paranormal news, Samuel Anderson stood in the shadows in the ballroom watching as chaos erupted after hearing the Elder’s announcement. Samuel strongly disagreed with the Elder’s decision to force everyone there to find a mate within 24 hours or suffer the consequences of losing their individual magical gifts. At least he was safe…or so he thought until he began grilling an Elder on what they’d done. Suddenly Samuel finds that he’s being mated to an arrogant, diminutive shifter of unknown species called Coby Pherson. The very last thing Coby wants or needs is to be mated to some blowhard human. Coby is the last of his kind; he’s used to a solitary life and making his own decisions without concern for someone else’s needs. Now he’s supposed to somehow get along with this insincere jerk of a newsman as his mate? Things are going to get mighty explosive when these two take up residence together. But who will blow up first? Two dominant males and one surprise mating equals major fireworks in Monsters and Mayhem. The latest offering in the wildly popular Midnight Matings series pairs a couple of stubborn, strong willed men whose passion in bed is balanced by their lack of communication with each other. Bringing these two together will take a miracle. Watch them detonate in Monsters and Mayhem. This is delightfully wicked, voyeuristic fun." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story excerpt


“You wanted caramel popcorn, right, kid?”

Blue nodded, wiping his sweaty hands against the material of his jeans. “H–How much?” he stammered.

The cashier gave him a bored look. “5.50.”

With trembling hands, Blue retrieved his battered wallet. His vision was a bit fuzzy, and he blinked to dispel the dizziness. Finally, he managed to produce two bills and offered them to the salesman.

Behind him, someone jeered. “Get a move on, you little faggot! There are other people waiting in line here.”

The insult made Blue tremble even harder. When the cashier handed his much-desired popcorn, his shaking had gotten so bad that he couldn’t keep his hold on the box. Popcorn went flying everywhere, over the floor and the people behind him.

Blue froze. His popcorn. God, his popcorn. For a few moments, he didn’t even breathe, so focused on his utter failure and ridiculousness. He might not have moved at all, but someone kicked him, and he fell facedown on the floor. Snickers sounded all around, and Blue struggled to suppress his tears. Why had he even thought this would be a good idea? He was a freak, and he would never get over his social awkwardness. Besides, he shouldn’t have been out of the house anyway. His father would be so pissed, and Blue had taken the chance for nothing. The sweet popcorn he had anticipated so much landed all over the floor. Somehow, it seemed fitting. Blue was, himself, a mess.

The knowledge of the extreme injustice made Blue want to scream. Still, he forced back his anger and pain. He could do very little to fight anyone who hurt him. He was small and lacked the physical strength for that sort of thing. In his earlier years, he’d shown some aptitude for running—thank God for that much. In fact, he was quite fast and would have easily outrun many of his fellow students back in high school. But he was also very clumsy and, more often than not, tripped over his own feet. Besides, he hadn’t been able to finish high school anyway, because it had happened.

As if triggered by Blue’s thoughts, an itch started in his back. The sudden terror gave him the strength to shoot to his feet. He dodged past the people who were still jeering. God, if only they knew. If they knew, they would kill him. His parents were right. He should never have escaped the house for a trivial thing like going to the movies. He needed to go back, back to his little room, back to the pain he knew, the enclosure and the house that smelled like dead leaves.

The itch began to get even stronger and melted into a dull pain. Blue knew it all too well and dreaded it. He knew what it foretold. He didn’t want it anymore. He just wanted to be normal.

As if his terrible situation wasn’t enough, a strong arm reached for him and stopped him in his tracks. “Where do you think you’re going, little faggot?”

It was the same voice that had taunted him earlier. Blue found himself immobilized in the hold of a big, burly man. He grinned, exposing tobacco-stained teeth. Blue couldn’t suppress a grimace. He could practically see all the particles of scale formed on them, and the stink from the guy’s breath nearly made him lose his small breakfast.  The man’s meaty hands squeezed Blue’s arms, threatening to break his fragile bones. “What? Don’t you like me? Little bitch.”

Blue simply waited without speaking. In his experience, bullies gave up faster if their persecution was received with a straight face. Crying or begging would only encourage them. Blue knew better than to believe witnesses would jump to his aid, so he braced himself for the pain that would follow. He wished the guy would hurry up. At least that way, Blue would be distracted and it might not happen.

The punch he anticipated never came. Instead, a large hand landed on his attacker’s shoulder. “I’d let him go if I were you.”

The burly man released Blue and turned toward the new arrival. “Fuck off. It’s none of your—”

His words died in his throat. At first, Blue didn’t understand the problem, but then, he dared to peek over his attacker’s shoulder. He gaped in shock at what he saw. Blue’s savior was even bigger than the foul-scenting man, but not in a burly, fat way. Rather, he was covered in rippling muscle. His shoulders seemed to go on for miles, and his mere presence threatened to make Blue’s knees buckle. Black hair curled around a strong jaw, framing a face that could have belonged to a movie star.

He wore sunglasses, something Blue found very peculiar. If the man in front of him thought the same, he didn’t show it. Instead, he backed away from Blue slowly. “Sure, man,” he said. “Whatever.”

As the guy left, Blue’s savior turned toward him. “Are you okay?” he inquired in a soft voice.

Blue nodded, still a bit shaken—not so much by the attack, but by the rescue. “I’m fine, thank you,” he replied in a whisper.

“You sure?” the other man insisted.

Blue offered his rescuer a shy smile. “Yes, you arrived before he could hurt me.”

“Okay.” The man paused, as if thinking about something, then grinned back. It nearly stopped Blue’s heart. “What’s your name?”

At first, Blue almost forgot to reply. No one ever asked him his name. It meant socializing, which led to getting to know each other, and maybe making friends. “Blue,” he blurted out without really thinking about it.

“Blue?” the man repeated in surprise.

Blue felt his face heat. “Well, it’s Robin, but my…friends call me Blue.”

Or at least his mother called him that. “Blue.” The other man smiled again. “I like it. It suits you.” 


Adult excerpt


Taking a deep breath, Blue turned with his back to Wallace and brushed his long hair to the front, giving the other man access. His back and shoulders still ached a bit from where the new wings had emerged, but the lingering ache was quickly fading. He thought there must be bandages against the base of the wings, since he could feel them pulling slightly at the skin. The realization made him uncomfortable. With all that, he mustn’t be the most attractive sight.

He couldn’t control the slight twitching of his wings, but then, Wallace hugged his back, pressing a kiss to his nape. Wallace’s fingers brushed over the delicate membrane of the four appendices. To his surprise, Blue found it wasn’t unpleasant. Quite the opposite. Goose bumps covered Blue’s skin, and he sighed as he dropped his head on the other man’s shoulder.

Wallace’s caresses grew bolder, and he explored the azure wings from tip to base. Blue began to tremble, his cock hardening once again. He’d never realized that part of him could cause him so much pleasure, but every touch showered Blue in pure flame. Part of it was because of the simple knowledge that Wallace accepted him the way he was. The other, the primal, raw, lustful part, made his brain fuzzy, and his fears dissipated into a cloud of seduction.

He didn’t know how long Wallace took with that simple exploration, but by the time Wallace decided it was time to take things further, Blue was already beginning to get desperate. Wallace turned him around, and Blue swallowed around the sudden knot in his throat as he looked into Wallace’s gaze. “You sure about this?” the wolf asked.

Blue could only nod. Carefully, Wallace lowered him over the bed, murmuring soft words of encouragement. Hypnotized, Blue allowed his soon-to-be lover to do whatever he wanted. And he was not disappointed. Wallace pressed a brief kiss to his lips and then started down on the rest of Blue’s body. He hadn’t even taken off his own clothes, but he didn’t seem bothered in the slightest by it. He took his time with licking every bit of Blue’s skin he could reach, as if he couldn’t get enough. Earlobes, nipples, belly, navel, toes, they all got Wallace’s full attention. Soon, Blue was writhing on the bed, his mind short-circuiting under the assault. His legs seemed extra sensitive, and when his soon-to-be lover licked the hollow of his knee, he could almost swear he could feel Wallace’s taste in his mouth.

It was very strange, but just another sensation that added into the delicious cocktail of his pleasure. And Wallace wasn’t content with only that. He kissed up Blue’s legs until he reached Blue’s genitals. Blue had a brief feeling of déjà vu, but it disappeared when Wallace’s fingers experimentally touched Blue’s smooth sac.

“You shave?”

It wasn’t even much of a question, but rather a statement. Blue wouldn’t have believed he could be embarrassed at this point, but there it was. He was bare in the genital region, but not because he particularly wanted to be. Unlike the hair on his head, he couldn’t dye it to hide its real bright blue color. A more practical option had been chosen, although Blue had never actually felt very happy about it.

“Ummm…I was kind of forced to.”

He hated the weak, hesitant sound of his own voice and knew that if he dwelled too much on the reason behind that situation, he’d just spoil the moment again. Thankfully, Wallace didn’t allow it. Instead, he cupped Blue’s balls, rolling them in his hand, teasing the wrinkled skin. Blue found it surprising that it felt great, and for once, he was glad about being hairless down there.

And then Wallace took Blue’s cock in his mouth, and heat burst over every atom in Blue’s body. As his lover bobbed his head up and down, Blue couldn’t help but move up, fucking Wallace’s mouth. Wallace picked up the pace, sucking for all he was worth.

Blue tried to hang on, to prolong the moment, but he didn’t have any hope of succeeding. Wallace rubbed a dry finger against his virgin hole and, at the same time, swallowed around his glans. Blue cried out, a wave of pleasure sweeping through him. Unable to resist, he came, filling Wallace’s mouth with seed. Wallace gulped it down greedily then released Blue’s spent prick. “Okay?” he inquired.

Still dazed, Blue nodded. As he lay there, he realized his wings hadn’t bothered him at all during the amazing blow job. In fact, they seemed to have retreated, as if of their own accord, somewhere within his body.

Just as he thought this, the damn things erupted from his back again. Blue yelped. It didn’t hurt, but it was surprising, and it made it hard for him to lie down. Wallace chuckled. “Don’t worry. You’ll learn to control it.”

When Wallace said it, Blue could actually believe it. Wallace pulled him upright, and Blue took advantage of the occasion to finally help the wolf out of his clothes. With every item he got rid of, he revealed more and more of Wallace’s gorgeous body. His mouth watered at the sight of Wallace’s muscles. Going with his instinct, he lowered his mouth and licked Wallace’s neck. His lover groaned and pulled Blue even closer, teasing at the base of Blue’s wings, ever mindful of the bandages.

“You drive me crazy, baby,” Wallace said. “I want you so bad.”

Even clothed, the thick prick nudging against his ass told Blue exactly what Wallace wanted. It was a no-brainer, and Blue shared Wallace’s desires. Gone were the doubts and fears. He was on fire, and he needed Wallace so much it hurt.

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