For the Rest of Eternity (MM)

Christian's Coven 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,793
86 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]

Jacob was devastated when the doctor diagnosed him with a rare blood disorder. Deciding to make the best of what time he has left, Jacob casts all caution aside and pursues the one man he had been warned away from…Shelby.

Shelby smells the sickness on Jacob, his mate. After finding out that Jacob doesn't have much longer to live, he begs the prince to convert the human, but Christian refuses. He tells Shelby that the choice is up to Jacob and Jacob alone.

When Shelby is attacked by a pair of rogue vampires, Jacob learns the people in this world are not just human. He can live with that. But what he can't live with is the fact that he is too weak to defend the man he is quickly falling in love with.

Time is running out and Shelby isn't sure he can convince his mate to be converted. When Jacob collapses right before Shelby's eyes, Shelby realizes just how close he is to losing the one man fate has given him to love for the rest of eternity.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

For the Rest of Eternity (MM)
86 Ratings (4.6)

For the Rest of Eternity (MM)

Christian's Coven 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,793
86 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
My favorite so far in the Christian's Coven series, I love the storylines, the action and romance. A wonderful read
Love this author and this series. Plenty of others were introduced in this story and I can only hope their stories are told because I would surely buy them. Please??
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Jacob returns to The Manacle for one reason and one reason only, Shelby. He is determined to reach for any happiness that he can before it is too late. He has never before felt the pull that has for Shelby and in spite of his friend Vaughn's advice to leave well enough alone, he refuses to give up. Shelby is very surprised when Jacob, the most gorgeous man, seems interested in him and he discovers that they are mates. The coven leader and prince of the vampires, Christian, approaches Jacob, telling him that Shelby is of limits until Shelby stands up for Jacob. Jacob knows there is something dark and dangerous going on and Christian's attitude makes him suspicious about the entire club. When Shelby is threatened by a past foe, he must decide between Jacob's safety and his intense feelings for Jacob. Will Jacob fulfill his final wish before his time on earth is over? Shelby is a wonderful character who, at first look, needs the entire coven's protection, but it was great how he put Jacob's safety first, even though he wanted him more than anything else. Jacob knew what he wanted and his refusal to accept defeat when others tried to turn him away was inspiring. I am fascinated with Christian as the original vampire and how he continued to try to get all of the covens to work together in order to get the rogue vampires under control. The difference between normal vampires and rogues is very distinct, even though humans see them as the same, not realizing that working together would alleviate both of their problems. Jacob's difficulty in choosing to become a vampire was understandable when you figure in how someone would react after learning about the existence of vampires. The love between Jacob and Shelby was fantastic." --Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS: "FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY is a lovely MM romance with a tender and sexy connection between the leads. This is a great addition to the series. Shelby was nearly raped by a fellow vampire so the rest of his coven are very protective of him. When Jacob, a human male, shows interest in Shelby, the coven are suspicious but Shelby can't say no to Jacob. Jacob has a rare blood disorder and knows his time with Shelby will be short--until Shelby tells him he's a vampire and Jacob can convert and be cured. But the rogue vampires and the human vampire hunters are both after the coven members, including Shelby and Jacob. This is a lovely romance. Both leads are adult men with lives before meeting and this is the story of them becoming a committed couple. I like that both leads are vulnerable: Shelby because of his assault and Jacob because of his illness. But the men share their vulnerabilities with each other and help one another and this brings them closer as a couple. I really enjoyed the emotional connection between the men and know other readers will too. Of course, their sexual intimacy matches their intense emotional intimacy and readers will like that as well. The paranormal world is a nice backdrop for Shelby and Jacob's romance as it provides the opportunity for Jacob to be cured. I liked the last two books in the series and this one is even better. The rogue vampires and the human vampire hunters have both been a threat throughout the series and they are here too but that tension worked in this story and didn't feel forced as I felt it was in the previous book. There are plenty of other coven members for this series to continue for a long time and that pleases me, assuming the author keeps the romances so well developed. There is a new shifter introduced in this story that I suspect will be a hero in a subsequent book and I hope his story is next. This author writes communities of people really well and these are people I want to continue reading about. FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY is a great romance that series fans and casual readers alike should enjoy as I did." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

"For the Rest of Eternity pits emotions against logic, love verses reason. Jacob has managed to ignore the difficult road his illness will force him to take. He simply kept putting it off. Meeting Shelby changes everything though it’s slow going for Jacob. His rationalization of ‘cheating death’ is due to his love and protective feelings for Shelby. Once again, Christian’s Coven offers a fascinating look at romance in the most interesting, emotional, and sometimes cynical ways. A lifetime is a matter of perspective in For the Rest of Eternity." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Damn, Jacob wanted to eat the man up. His short black hair was combed nicely to one side, giving Shelby an intelligent look. He had a black turtleneck on, a color that seemed to complement the diminutive man’s complexion, but it puzzled Jacob considering it was only early fall outside. The cold hadn’t even settled in yet.

“Would you mind meeting me when your shift ends?”

Shelby looked stunned as he glanced around the second floor. Jacob didn’t like the fact that the man looked trapped. He may have an intimidating appearance, but he wasn’t that ugly. He ran his hands over his short-cropped hair, feeling the rejection coming like a heavy weight slowly pressing down on him.

That was too bad. They could have had a good time together.


It was now Jacob’s turn to look stunned. The man had said yes? He hadn’t seen that one coming. “What time?”

“Four,” Shelby said as he glanced around the second floor once more. Jacob turned, his eyes scanning the upper floor, but didn’t see anyone.

“Who are you looking for?”

Shelby swallowed as he grabbed the last empty glass and sat it in the tub that was sitting on the other side of the table. There was a large collection of dishes in the tub, plates, glasses, and used napkins. “No one.”

Now why didn’t he believe the man? Checking his watch, Jacob saw that he had a few hours before Shelby’s shift ended. That gave him enough time to go home and take his meds, shower, and come back wearing black. He did feel somewhat out of place here in his bright green T-shirt. “I’ll be back at four, Shelby.”

The man nodded, as if it was more of a habit than confirmation as he stared up at Jacob. “What are we going to do?”

That was a good question. Jacob hadn’t thought Shelby would agree, so he really hadn’t thought past asking the man. “We could go riding.”


“On my bike.” The man intrigued Jacob, and he wanted to find out more about him. There was just something about Shelby that pulled Jacob to the guy. That had never happened before.

Shelby shook his head as he took a step back, underlying fear evident in his beautiful dark eyes. “I can’t go outside when the sun comes out.”

Jacob cocked his head to the side as he thought about what Shelby had just said. That was a very strange thing to say. “Are you allergic to the sun?” He had heard of people who were, but never met anyone with that condition.

“You could say that,” Shelby replied as he grabbed the tray of dirty dishes, the silverware rattling around, clanging against the glasses. “I have to go. See you at four.” The man hurried away, running as if Jacob would chase him down.

As cute as the man was, he sure as shit was strange. Jacob rubbed his chin as he watched Shelby run down the steps and then behind the bar. Standing, Jacob walked over to the balcony edge, resting his hands on the railing as he looked out over the crowd.

There was definitely something very strange about not only Shelby, but The Manacle as well. Jacob wasn’t sure what it was, but the feeling of being someplace forbidden washed over him, seeping inside his skin. It looked like any other gothic club that Jacob had been to, but for some reason, this particular club felt…off.

“Enjoying yourself?”

Jacob glanced to his left to see a slim and well-dressed man walk up the balcony stairs. His hair was black and hung to his shoulders, moving slightly as the man walked. His eyes bore into Jacob as if he could see into Jacob’s very soul. Warning bells sounded inside his head as the stranger moved closer, studying him.

“Somewhat,” Jacob answered honestly.

“I am told that you are Vaughn’s friend. Is that correct?”

Jacob nodded. “I am.”

The man slid his hands into the front pockets of his creased slacks, walking over to Jacob, and then turned, staring off into the crowd as Jacob had done not two seconds ago. “There are many here who can satisfy whatever thirst you are seeking to quench. Tell me what you prefer, and I will make sure it is yours. On the house. Do you prefer women or men? Young or more mature? A scene in one of the BDSM rooms?”

Jacob wasn’t sure what the man was after, but he wasn’t interested in any of that. He was here for one reason only, and he shuddered to think that Shelby would be offered in such a way to strangers. It also pissed him off for some reason. He didn’t even know Shelby aside from his name, but the thought of the small man servicing anyone made his back molars grind.

“Thanks, but I’m good.”

The man turned his head, his eyes held no animosity or any other emotion. They were just pools of darkness, like polished marbles. “Then if there is nothing here you seek, maybe it is best you leave my establishment.”

“On what grounds?” Jacob asked. He had done nothing wrong. The only thing he wanted was some time with Shelby, and the man had said yes.

“Because,” the man began as he moved closer, anger and rage swirling in the depths of his black eyes, the stoic expression gone, replaced by something dark and demonic. “Shelby is off-limits. He is not like the rest of the men here. Do I make myself clear, Jacob?”




“Come here, Mr. Badass.” Jacob hooked his hand behind Shelby’s neck and pulled his little vamp down to him. Did it freak him out that Shelby was a vampire? Yes. Was he going to show it? No. Jacob was going to see where this led. He had a dark side to him. He knew this. He acknowledged this. And the thought of Jacob feeding from him touched on some deep craving inside of him.

Shelby moved closer, staring down at Jacob as he licked his lips. “Let me see.”

“See what?” Shelby asked as he pulled back a few inches.

“Your fangs.”

Shelby’s palms flattened on Jacob’s chest as his lips fluttered and then raised, two sharp points becoming visible. His eyes snapped down to Jacob, as if trying to gauge Jacob’s reaction. When Jacob smiled, Shelby’s grin showed his dimples. “You like them?”

Jacob nodded as he cupped Shelby’s jaw, examining the sharp teeth a little more closely. “How often do you bite with them?” Jacob wasn’t sure why he was asking, but something inside of him wanted to know.

“Not often. I drink crimson. I…” Shelby bit into his bottom lip and tried to look away, but Jacob held firm to his jaw. “I don’t feed like other vampires. I’m not comfortable with the act of biting into someone’s flesh.”

 A vampire who was squeamish of biting? Jacob released Shelby’s jaw and pulled him closer, licking across the man’s bottom lip. He could feel small pants of air escaping Shelby’s mouth as his breathing became unsteady.

“Afraid?” Jacob asked teasingly.

“Nervous,” Shelby admitted.

“Of a kiss?”

“Of what comes after the kiss.”

Had Shelby been that sheltered? The thought slowed Jacob down. It damn near made him slam on the brakes. Damn near. “What do you think will follow the kiss?” Jacob asked as he kissed each spot on Shelby’s face where he knew the dimples lay.

Shelby’s eyelids fluttered. “Sex.”

Jacob’s hand slid down Shelby’s side, around his hip, and rested on the man’s back thigh, right below the man’s bared cheek. Jacob resisted the urge to let his hand rise higher. He knew with Shelby, things had to progress slowly. He was like a skittish puppy. His body jerked slightly with every move Jacob made.

“Are you afraid of sex, Shelby?” Jacob watched the man’s eyes, gauging his reaction this time.


Now who was lying? There was the barest hint of tenseness in Shelby’s eyes. Jacob lay still, trying his best to relax the man. He wasn’t sure if the kiss was a prelude to sex, but he was going to let things happen naturally.

“No?” Jacob teased as one lone finger swiped across Shelby’s small mound. His little vamp shivered. “Then kiss me.”

Shelby leaned forward, his lips barely touching Jacob’s. It was timid at first, and then Jacob took over, easing the man in. Shelby moaned as he moved closer. Jacob could feel the man’s full erection pressing into his stomach. Shelby may be nervous, but he was willing, excited.

“Have you ever sucked cock, Shelby?” Jacob asked as he let his tongue trail along Shelby’s bottom lip.

“Is that what you want?”

Jacob noticed that Shelby didn’t answer his question, and he also realized in that moment that he didn’t want an answer. “Will your fangs get in the way?” He avoided giving an answer as well. Jacob didn’t pressure Shelby, didn’t push him down toward his cock. Instead, he pulled Shelby up until the small man was perched on his waist.

Shelby looked surprised.

“Kiss me,” Jacob said as his hands slid up Shelby’s soft skin, his fingers enjoying the satiny smoothness of his pale flesh. The man leaned forward, the kiss a little more confident. Jacob wanted to growl as his cock brushed over Shelby’s ass. The sensation sent flames instantly to his groin, making Jacob force the hitch of his hips to still.

Not only was Shelby’s tongue exploring Jacob’s mouth, but his hands began to move over Jacob’s arms, his fingers playing with Jacob’s biceps. His little vampire was gaining confidence. Jacob turned, depositing Shelby onto the bed next to him. He turned again. Shelby was now neatly tucked under him.

The kiss hadn’t been broken. Shelby held onto Jacob, opening his mouth wider, their tongues dueling. Shockwaves ran down Jacob’s rib cage when Shelby’s hands skated down his chest, heading straight for his cock.

Jacob swallowed as he kissed Shelby, wondering if the vampire was going to be brave enough to touch him. So far the man had seemed afraid of sex, but he was warming up nicely. Jacob held still as Shelby’s fingers curved around his cock, giving it a light squeeze. He couldn’t stop the moan. He was only human. A male at that.

Jacob began to kiss the soft skin of Shelby’s neck as his little vampire’s hand squeezed his cock again. He wasn’t too sure if Shelby knew what he was doing, and was about to ask that very question when Shelby began to stroke him in all the right ways.

Was there really such a thing as a bad hand job?

Jacob didn’t think so. Not the way Shelby was twisting his wrist and smearing Jacob’s pre-cum around the head on every upstroke. Damn, the man learned quickly. Jacob glanced down at Shelby’s hand, needing to see what his body was so thoroughly enjoying. When his head tilted sideways to get a better view, Shelby sank his teeth into Jacob’s neck, making his cock explode and his eyes widen at the same time.

That, he had not seen coming.


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