Cowboy Sandwich (MFM)

Cowboy Sandwich 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,513
194 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Determined to take charge of her life, Candy abandons her inhibitions and heads West. Adam and Bryan, co-owners of a remote Montana cattle ranch, are eager for luscious female heat after three cold months in the saddle. Candy's first step toward freedom is one glorious night of wild sex. The men prove what four hands, two mouths and hard-driving muscles can do in a few determined hours.

But meeting her deep, dark fantasies requires more time. They invite her back to the Double R, promising games of Virgin and Pirates, Harem Girl and Sheiks. With hard-working days and deliciously wicked nights, the last few weeks of the winter pass quickly.

Ranch life, and her men, are everything Candy wants. But she can't live a fantasy forever, hoping they'll ask her to stay. Unless they return her love, she must claim her independence and escape before her heart breaks.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

"I love to indulge in forbidden fantasies, writing about hot, sexy, powerful men who can still laugh in bed. Dominant Alphas who know what they want and how to make a feisty woman eager to provide it. Of course, they drive their women crazy with fingers, tongues, lips and more. And then there's role play and sharing." ~ Reece ~ 

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cowboy Sandwich (MFM)
194 Ratings (4.2)

Cowboy Sandwich (MFM)

Cowboy Sandwich 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,513
194 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was a good story.
A really delightful, romantic, erotic love tale about a woman who really needs to let her true self show forth and there are two hot cowboys who are more than ready to travel that journey of discovery with her. They are each looking for a wife who will be willing to live in a polyamorous marriage, loving her husband but sharing love with the other partners as well. There is also a discovery of some deep insecurities on the part of the guys--fears about being abandoned or being "taken to the cleaners" financially, fears of being vulnerable if they truly give their hearts to another person. It is a fun read, but there are some very heart wrenching moments and times of deep and compelling emotion. A really terrific and hot read!
Dr. J
Professional Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "Ms. Butler writes a hot yet romantic tale of three people falling in love with arousing sex scenes that left me looking for ice water. Although the role playing had me giggling out loud at it's over the top antics. Not to mention thinking about two rugged cowboys dressed like something out of the Arabian Nights. It still brings a smile to my lips. Yet it also added to Adam and Bryan, making them more believable. As did Adam and Candy's back stories. Offering us a glimpse of why they acted the way they did...I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys cowboy antics. In the future I will definitely be looking for more works by Ms Butler." -- Snowdrop, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Cowboy Sandwich captured my attention because of its title and held me captivated through the entire book... I’ll certainly be on the lookout for the sequel to COWBOY SANDWICH in the near future – I can’t wait to find out what happens after this story ends." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

4 STARS: "An emotional, sexy and strong tale -- just the way I like my cowboys. I'm still wiping the tears away after finishing COWBOY SANDWICH, a m/f/m menage story of three lonely and wounded souls that find love and healing on an isolated Montana ranch. I am all about cowboys and their hard earned Adonis bods, so when this came up in my 'recommended for you' box, I jumped right in. Little did I know that along with some truly yeehaw-jaw-dropping-blush-inducing bedroom action, there would be three beautiful characters with rich background stories and enough spirit and soul to captivate my heart as well as my libido. Candy left her ex-husband and the memory of her parents, whom she was never good enough for, behind on the east coast when she traveled to stay with a friend out west. Wanting to feel desired and in control she auctioned herself off at a charity event at a swinger's club. Ten thousand dollars later, Adam and Bryn won the right to have dinner with Candy and try to seduce her back to their bedroom. But one night wasn't enough and the three returned to Adam and Bryn's ranch in Montana to enjoy their compatibility as long as it lasted. Adam and Bryn wait for the shoe to drop and Candy to leave. In their experience, women didn't stay long on the ranch or in their lives. Women left, so it was best to guard your heart. Candy lived without love first to please her parents and then her ex-husband. She won't do it again. Fun is fun, but she is determined to leave Adam and Bryn before she risks falling apart from unrequited love again. These two cowboys are some seriously creative and determined alpha males in the bedroom. From fantasy play to light BDSM, these guys have it going on. I totally understand why Candy has a hard time leaving. Life certainly wasn't boring after dark out on the ranch. Who'd ever want to miss out on whatever creative, fun and certainly multi-orgasmic session they'd been planning while running cattle and fixing fence? The pacing kept me involved. The characters were the kind you'd like to get to know and want to call 'friend'. The writing was funny, smooth, hot and tender all at the same time. Being the selfish book junkie that I am, all I wanted was more. More of it all. So for all the ladies out there fantasizing about a cowboy on each arm, this is one I recommend you take a peek at. Enjoy!" -- Michelle, The Romance Reviews

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Bare arms crossed and booted feet wide, Adam Richardson surveyed the Mardi Gras crowd. Who’d a thought the hottest swing club north of Vegas was in Missoula, Montana!

Twenty picnic baskets donated by single women decorated the stage.

Fifty men held tickets to the charity auction: win the basket, seduce the lady.

After months without feminine companionship, failure was not an option.

“Beer.” Adam caught the can tossed by Bryan Raman, his ranch partner and long-time friend.

“About time.” Adam popped the top and gulped half. The fire below his belly still raged. “What took you so long?”

“Jawing about the unwritten rules. Heads up.” Bryan gestured with his beer to an approaching naughty schoolgirl. She wore a tiny kilt with matching school tie. No shirt hid her thirty-eight specials.

“She can shoot me anytime,” said Adam, making sure to catch her eye. She smiled at his open appreciation as she jiggled past.

They sighed and took a moment to finish their beers. A harem girl and witch sauntered past on their way to the bar. Adam touched his finger to his Stetson. Never hurt to be nice to ladies. Especially when they might ease his three-month ache.

After they made dual rim shots off the garbage can with their crumpled cans, Bryan pulled two envelopes out of his back pocket. He handed one to Adam and opened the other. All that money for a badge on a string?

“Number twenty-four,” said Bryan. “What’s yours?”

“Twenty-five. When’s the auction?”

“Couple of hours.” Bryan shook his envelope. “There’s something else in here.” He held up a piece of paper. “It says, ‘A hint for you.’” He shrugged at Adam and read out loud. “Basket two might be for you. Polly and Prue, identical twins, are high maintenance and proud of it. They stay as a pair, double or nothing…”

“One for each of us.”

“…but don’t bid unless you’ve got lots of bling.”

“Bling?” Adam screwed up his face. “What the hell’s that?”

“If you ever read a magazine or watched TV you might know.”

“And when would I have time for that?” Adam ignored the Dominatrix checking him out as she strolled by. “While cooking, cleaning or doing the laundry after working all day? Huh?”

“What’s your point? I’ve been telling you to hire a housekeeper for years. But, no, you don’t want a strange woman in the house.”

“The only ones who’ll work that far out want to marry the ranch,” said Adam. “Not both of us.”

Bryan nodded absently, attention caught by a tiger-striped woman waiting at the bar. Did she only wear paint? Without a number showing her availability, he couldn’t do much but look from a distance. He turned back to Adam. “Bling means expensive, in-your-face jewelry. Clunky gold necklaces with lots of diamonds, that sort of thing.”

“Jeez, I don’t want a woman like that.”

“Just as well. It’s too late anyway.” Bryan shook his head, crumpled the paper and tossed it. “Saw them snuggling with Colonel Sanders at the bar. White suit with hundred dollar bills pinned all over it. What’s yours say?”

“Number seven is a cowgirl eager to experience her first orgasm. Born and raised out East, Candy thinks sex is boring.”

“Damn, I love a challenge.” Bryan rubbed his palms, grin wide.

“Shut up and let me read.” Adam tilted the paper to get more light. “She brought her fantasies to the Wild West, hoping to meet a rough, tough cowboy. If she’s ‘forced’ to release her passion she might find the release she craves. Think you’re up to it?”

“I’ve been ‘up’ since we left the hotel,” grumbled Bryan. He attempted to rearrange himself, but the black biker leathers held him snug in their grip.

“Shut up and look for a cowgirl wearing a number seven.”

At well over six feet, when they stood back to back they could see over most heads. They scanned the room with eyes trained to pick out a sick calf miles away.

“Bingo,” said Adam, tilting his head toward the dance floor. “Lucky Seven’s by the pole. First in line. Short, with dark hair.”

Black lights made her white shirt, skirt and boots shine like a homing beacon. She danced in place as she waited her turn, twisting her hips so fast her short skirt flew up. A thin white line divided sweet cheeks that begged for his hand. Oblivious to everything but the music, she drove her hips forward in time with the beat as if matching every thrust of his cock. She opened a laughing mouth wide enough to take him deep....

Shit! Adam turned away before he disgraced himself. That hadn’t happened since ninth grade when he discovered Billy Smith standing under the bleachers with Pammie kneeling in front of him, head bobbing like a pigeon. Two weeks later he was the one groaning as she practiced her impression of Deep Throat.

Candy had passion, all right. He imagined her writhing under him. Or bent over a chair. Against the wall of the shower....

“Hot day-am!” crooned Bryan. “I bet we give her a dozen orgasms by morning.”

“Wonder what’s in her basket.”

“With a body like that, who cares?”

Adam curled his lip in a wry grin. He couldn’t wait to release the sexually frustrated woman inside that wildcat. To show her all the ways men could pleasure a woman.

“Time for a couple of rough, tough cowboys to stake their claim,” said Adam.

“We go together and bid the whole enchilada on her, deal?”

Adam nodded. “It all goes to help our veterans and their families.”

“Woo-hoo,” said Bryan. “Cowboy sandwich tonight.”


Adam had never been this hard. Something about this woman turned him on like no other. It wasn’t just the fact he hadn’t seen a glimpse of naked female flesh in almost a year. Unlike some of the ranch hands, he refused to pay for sex, and relationships took time. Time he’d put to better use working.

He watched as Candy, avoiding their eyes, followed orders and stomped into her white go-go boots. Damn fine ass. He loved the way her flesh quivered when she walked. It made his hands itch to mold her, to possess her.

He strolled over, intending to kiss her senseless, but she dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock, her hand just able to circle his girth. She looked up at him, eyes wide and mouth open.

A drop of fluid swelled at his tip. Watching him, she stuck out her tongue and licked. He jerked, the touch zapping straight to his brain, but she held him tight. She slid him in and when she pulled out, she dragged her teeth.

“Christ, woman!” he hissed, backing away.

“Did I do it wrong?”

Her little kitten voice didn’t match the wildcat he knew she held inside. He grasped her arms and lifted her to her feet.

“Nope, you’re fantastic. I want you to do that again. Later. But I’m coming inside your sweet pussy the first time.” He backed her across the room as he spoke then spun her around to face the towel-covered chair.

“Bend over and spread your legs,” he growled. “Show me that fine ass and the sweet spot underneath.”

She leaned her arms on the chair seat, arching her back to saucily thrust her bottom high. She waggled it at him, daring to demand.

“God, she’s a natural,” Bryan groaned. He stroked a hand over the curve of her bottom, caressing her from dimples to vulva.

Adam bent over and kissed each sacral dimple. He drew his tongue down her damp crease and massaged her cheeks with his palms. She wiggled, twitching when he hit ticklish spots.

“Don’t move,” he demanded.

He lightly smacked her left cheek and she yelped and shot upright. She covered herself with her hand, glaring.

“I said, don’t move.” His deep voice demanded obedience.

Ignoring her pique, Bryan pulled her hands away from the large hand mark on her backside. He pushed her shoulders down until she rested her forearms against the chair. “Do as you’re told.”

Adam knew the pain had already faded to a warm need, though she narrowed her eyes at them. Bryan waggled his eyebrows and twirled an imaginary moustache. Her lip twitched and she settled herself again, feet braced. Bryan rested his hand on her back, trailing fingers raising goose bumps and shivers.

While the first spank was more of a surprise than anything, the second would sting until he slid his hard cock between her thighs, snug against her lips to distract her. The smooth friction tantalized both of them as he slowly rubbed forward and back. She tried to dip her knees and take him inside, but he stopped her.

He alternated stinging smacks with sensuous buffing.

“I want you inside!”

“Impatient hussy,” he replied, but he slid the tip into her, just an inch, rocking back and forth in sensuous torture. She was so hot, so tight that he had to go slow or he’d explode.

Torture of the finest kind. For both of them.

She again tried to impale herself, but Bryan’s hand on her back held her down.

“I say when,” said Adam, though he knew it couldn’t be long. After a few more tantalizing slides, he caught her hips with his hands. She held her breath as he pressed inside her, slow but sure.

He bet she’d never taken anything near as big. He pressed deep, stretching her inner folds, designed to swell like a hot air balloon expanding for flight. She pushed back, encouraging him with soft moans.

“I love a woman with enough beef to hold onto,” he croaked. He caressed her soft hips then held her snug, his fingers pressing into her flesh. He thrust with a slow ramming motion.

“You feel so good, Candymine. I’m not going to last long.”

“You’d better last, cowboy,” she huffed. “You promised me orgasms.”

Her words did him in. He pulled back then slammed hard, shoving her against the padded chair. He damn near hit bottom, but she didn’t complain, just grunted as again and again he pounded. He watched his thick cock slide between her glistening lips, impaling her with his need, his marks of possession fading to pink on her cheeks. Her tight little asshole begged for his finger.

All thought ceased. He switched to autopilot, feeling nothing but heat and need. The sound of wet flesh slapping faded, Bryan’s encouraging murmurs disappeared.

He roared, pounding into her flesh.


An earth-shattering explosion hit him. He surged forward, jetting deep. He lost his rhythm, jerking like a puppet. Expended, he leaned over her back and circled her belly, grasping tight, chest heaving with the most massive explosion of his life.

“You. Are one. Fantastic lady,” he panted. He kissed the back of her neck before he pulled out and stood up. Light headed, he braced one palm against the chair, chest heaving.

Candy whirled around and furiously beat his chest.

“You lousy cheater! You promised I’d come!”

Startled, he easily held off her puny fists. He grinned at her frustration, relaxed now he'd had his reward.

“Easy, sweetcheeks. Finish her off, Bry.”

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