Dan and Suzy (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,594
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, light consensual BDSM, food play, sex toys, HEA]

Suzy Edwards has been reading about BDSM online and now has new and untried fantasies. How do you trust someone to tie you up when you have only just met them? Will Suzy ever find the right guy to help her live out her fantasies?

Dan Robson is searching for the right girl. He is absolutely certain about the sort of girl he is looking for. He is looking for someone who will obey him, a woman he can respect and laugh with, one who will challenge him mentally and submit sexually. He doesn't want a sub who has been trained before with preconceived ideas. He wants someone who is new to the lifestyle, someone to mould all of his own. When Dan meets Suzy, the attraction is instant. Can he convince her he is sincere? Will she submit and eventually trust him enough to tie her up?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dan and Suzy (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Dan and Suzy (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,594
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
fantastic reading and so looking forward to reading the next book.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4.5 PADDLES: "Lou Lou Winters created very life like characters. Suzy is an average person with fears and trust issues. The character Dan comes across as an average guy trying to find someone. There is a lot of heat in this story. Lou Lou Winters’s story was very enjoyable. This is a great afternoon read." -- Melissa, BDSM Book Reviews

4 STARS: "Suzy meets Dan, a friend of her brothers, on a seaside holiday. They are immediately attracted to each other and he is sure she is the submissive type he has been searching for. Her brothers, however, are aware of his proclivities and are afraid for their sister. As if that isn’t enough conflict, Dan has an ex who is determined to win him back. Through it all, Suzy continues to love him, and what he does to her libido, but can she trust him to take care of her and not hut her physically or emotionally? Dan and Suzy is a cute little story, with a few conflicts, but nothing earth shattering to overcome. I liked these two, who really are only dabbling in D/s lifestyle. I think you will like these two in as well." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

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The bar was pretty full, and Suzy had to ease past several groups of people to make it to the bar. She ordered a G&T and looked around. There were plenty of attractive men, and Suzy wondered if Mr. Right was in here somewhere and how she would know if it was him. Maybe men should wear some sort of sign. Picking up her drink, Suzy straightened her shoulders and headed over to the table her friends had commandeered.

With the wooden floor slippery from a spilt drink, her foot slid out from under her. She circled one arm, trying to keep her balance and her drink steady, gave a short scream, and landed very heavily on her butt, one leg out in front and one bent at the knee, kind of cocked out to the side. Even before the fall had fully registered, Suzy’s mind scrambled to make it all right. Her drink didn’t spill, she didn’t take anyone else down with her, and she wasn’t hurt physically, though her pride and dignity might never recover.

She had a second to notice that a small circle had formed around her when someone crouched down behind her. Enveloped in the most delicious male scent, Suzy paused, and when the deep male voice asked if she was okay, a little shiver ran through her. She wanted to look at him, to see if his looks matched the scent and voice, but tears began to well up in her eyes so she just nodded. She was not going to cry! It didn’t matter in the scheme of things. Worse things could happen, she reminded herself. Taking a deep breath, she started to stand.

Before she could protest, he put his hands under her arms and gently lifted her up. She often thought she was too heavy for lifting, but he didn’t seem to have noticed.

As she felt a warm flush rise in her cheeks, she looked up, meeting his eyes. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t breathe. Oh my god! Her mouth opened and closed. He smiled, and she could feel the heat rising in her face. He was gorgeous.

As Suzy opened her mouth again for another attempt at a thank-you, Jenny and Lucy swooped in from the sides and turned her to face them. “Are you all right, Suzy? What happened? Come back to the table. We’ll look after you. That’s a big wet patch on your pants. Did you hurt anything?” They prattled on while they almost carried her back to the table.

Once she was settled and Lucy and Jenny had stopped fussing about her wet pants, she looked around for him. From her seat she couldn’t see anyone except for the people standing close to her. She stood and looked around, but he appeared to have vanished.

She sat down again and stared at her drink. Jenny leaned forward and said, “Did you cop a look at the guy who picked you up? Older than I usually like, but—”

Lucy jumped in, “Oooh, yes, he was nice. Blond hair, green eyes, and so big.” She smiled. “How come you didn’t fall into him instead of to the ground? Might have worked out better.” She winked.

Suzy stood up to look around and see if she could spot him again. She considered going to the bathroom so that she could have a better look around but decided against it. She didn’t really want to see him again anyway. How embarrassing.

Several drinks later everyone was ready to head downstairs. The top floor was emptying out. People were either going home or down. The nightclub level of the bar was predominantly dance floor space and a massive beer garden that stretched out behind it. The outer areas had tables, dark corners, booths, and lots of people. They nabbed the first table they came to.

Jenny and Michael suddenly announced they were going to dance and disappeared into the sea of people on the dance floor. Suzy caught glimpses of them as people danced about.

Feeling like she needed a refresher, Suzy stood and pointed to her drink and then the bar to let the others know where she was going. She grabbed her bag and weaved her way through the people until she reached the bar. She loudly asked for a G&T.

When it came, she turned around and leaned against the bar for a minute, looking at the crowd. Her gaze roamed over the people until she spotted the man who’d picked her up off the ground. He was standing on one of the dance platforms, two or three steps higher than the rest of the floor, staring across and down at her. Her heart gave a double beat and sped up. He was looking directly at her, smiling. She started to smile back. Why would he do that? she wondered. He was too good looking to be interested in her. It occurred to her that he wasn’t smiling but laughing at her.




As they sat on the couch again after dinner drinking coffee, Dan reflected on how easy it had been. Dinner could have been awkward or boring. It could have dragged on, but not with Suzy. The conversation had flowed, they had laughed, and the time had flown by. She was definitely staying tonight. Not that there had really been any doubt in his mind, but before he had thought it through he said, “Suz, you’re going to stay tonight.”

Had he put any thought into it at all, he might have phrased it with more of a question in his voice and less of a command. He didn’t want to scare her, but to his relief she giggled. God, he loved her. She was perfect. His erection surged to life, and he laughed as he rolled her under him and, in one swift move, positioned himself on top. He became serious as he gazed at her. “You, my little Suzy, are going to be at my beck and call all night.” He was surprised at how husky his voice sounded. She was going to be the end of him. He laughed and kissed her.

Suzy was not going to come until the end of the night. It would be pleasure and pain for her. She would wait, rise and fall all evening, and the end would be worth it. So much anticipation for her. He chose positions where she couldn’t reach herself or he could restrain her hands. He could feel her frustration as she pushed back and tried to satisfy herself.

Dan had removed her stockings and shoes on the couch, repositioned her bent over the back, and spread her legs, making sure her arms were in front where she couldn’t reach herself. He had admired her display, then squeezed her butt and ran his cock up and down her slit. He slipped on a condom and entered her hard and fast, knowing she was very wet and ready. Dan needed a quick release so he could continue with the night’s games. He pounded into her, and she rolled her hips back in response, panting and meeting him thrust for thrust. He orgasmed within a matter of minutes. He cried out her name, and his hands clenched her butt, squeezing and holding her in place as he shuddered to a finish.

Dan wanted to play with Suzy until he was hard again. He moved them to the bedroom so that he had more room to play and it would be a little more comfortable for Suzy. It wouldn’t take long. Suzy was just too perfect for him to remain flaccid, and he was indeed regaining his erection faster than even he would have expected. He had her in one of his favourite positions, little mobility and a lot of exposure. She was whimpering in the middle of the bed, holding onto her ankles and displaying everything from that tight little arse he would discover later up to her rosy little clit almost visibly pulsing from stimulation.

He held the vibrator very gently over her clit, just touching, and her panting and whimpering increased. He had given her strict instructions not to come and to tell him when she was about to. He was ready to go again. Suzy was close, he could tell, as she strained to raise her hips, and her whimpering little groans became more insistent as he slid his fingers in and out of her, teasing himself as much as her and imagining his cock sliding into that tight warmth.

He rose up and paused with his cock at her entrance. Reminding her not to let go of her ankles, he slid in slowly, savouring the soft, tight pussy encompassing him. It didn’t take long. His balls tightened, and warmth flooded his groin as he kissed her and thrust. He pulled out just in time for both of them, and as Suzy cried out in frustration as he laughed.

Dan lay on his back with Suzy kneeling beside him. She was so good at sucking him off that he was close again. She licked the head of his cock, and then sucking it into her mouth, she stroked up and down with her tongue. She licked down the length of his cock and started on his balls, sucking each one gently into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. She let them go and returned to his cock.

Dan’s hips started making little movements up and down. She cupped his balls in her hand and took as much of his length in as she could, sucking hard and moving her tongue. Dan groaned and pulled Suzy down beside him. He stroked her beautiful pussy, and she groaned around his cock, the vibrations nearly sending him over the edge. She was too good.

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