The Unveiling (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,554
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Disgraced in front of his community, Neil Regal flees. When his car breaks down, he is forced into a blizzard on foot. When Dr. Danielle "Dale" Olson finds Neil the next day, she takes him in.

While recuperating from his injuries, Neil's secretive past haunts him. Living the life of a recluse since her dark days in the film industry also has Dale on her guard. With Neil in her house, there is much to lose—her career, as well as her reputation as a doctor.

Only having experience with cold, hard sex for the purpose of making a good film, Dale is at odds with how to convey her feelings. With a handsome man in close proximity, Dr. Danielle Olson now has to figure out how to help herself after helping so many others, and Neil Regal is just the therapy she needs.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Unveiling (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Unveiling (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,554
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



“Are you all right?” Her voice was soft, laced with a hint of fear. Dark strands of hair were tucked under the collar of her red parka, her cheeks pink from a chafing wind. A black fringe of wispy bangs rested above a set of arched brows. Her eyes had him just as incapacitated as his injuries. They were an Alaskan blue, pale and icy with a thin circle of black around them. Her tone had eased somewhat when she spoke to him again. “Do you think you can sit up?”

Neil slowly sat up, his world off kilter. As his head settled and his vision righted itself, a loud snorting made his body flinch. Her laughter was sweet, like hypnotizing music. Her hand rested on his throbbing back.

“That’s just Midnight, my horse.” Her smile was just as nice as her eyes. Neil squinted into the blinding morning sun. A black horse stood a few feet away, tied to a large pine tree. Breath barreled out of its nostrils in lines of white smoke like a dragon. Her tuneful voice moved through the cold, tranquil woods. “What happened to you?” Her brows knitted with concern. Neil rubbed his head, feeling the pain that had been frozen thaw in her presence roaring back to life. “Be careful. You’ve got a pretty nasty gash there.”

“My car broke down.” Her gaze shifted, scouring the area. Her eyes returned to his.

“You mean out on Route 15?”

“Yeah, I guess…the snow was coming down so fast…I just…”

Her words took over. “We need to get you inside. Do you think you could ride back if I give you a leg up?” Neil nodded, only having ridden a horse once, but he was too exhausted to get nervous about it. “I’m Dale, Dale Olson, and you’ve already met Midnight.” She smiled again, her teeth pretty enough to be the poster girl for dental care.

“Neil.” He tried to smile but felt the skin of his face splitting. Everything hurt. He didn’t offer his last name. Even though he was a few hundred miles away from home, his father had become quite the celebrity for a while. He was taking no chances. He needed her help.

Dale helped him stand. Searing pain shot up his spine. She held his arm as they ambled toward the horse. Midnight’s large, glossy eyes roamed around him. His reflection filled them, mirroring his agony.

“Okay, bend your knee, and on three we’re gonna try and get you mounted.” Neil set his foot on the open palms of her mittened hands. They counted together. On three he was on the horse, grunting as he swung his leg over the saddle, his head spinning for a moment. Dale slung his backpack over her shoulder and then took the reins.

“How’re we doing up there?” Dale shielded her eyes. Beams of sun reached through the trees, decorating the snow-covered ground with a web of whitened heat.

Neil nodded. “I’m good, thank you.”

Neil heard the clicking of Dale’s tongue as she tugged on the reins and steered them out of the woods, Midnight’s hooves crunching through the snow. Neil bit his lip. Every swagger of the horse’s gait had him cringing in pain. He shut his eyes, trying to catch the warming rays of the sun. He was frozen to the bone, feeling as if he’d shatter into a million pieces. Dale’s voice had him lifting his lids.

“Okay, we’re here. Let me help you down, and then I’ll put Midnight in the barn and get you thawed. Take it slow,” she advised.

Neil took his feet out of the stirrups and lifted his leg. He swiveled his hips and slid on his ass out of the saddle, landing on his feet as lightly as he could.

“Good.” Dale smiled. “Can you stand here for a minute?”

“Sure.” Neil nodded. He didn’t want to be rude, but he was literally on his last leg. He just needed to get warm and sleep. Dale led Midnight into the barn that sat in the corner of her backyard. Neil faced the house, taking in the large farmhouse. It looked old but not run-down. Smoke curled out of the large chimney. It looked as if a portion of the back had been remodeled. There was a small parking lot in the rear with another entrance, an office maybe. He narrowed his eyes, trying to read the decorative shingle that hung near the door.


Hours of Dr. Danielle Olson

Monday–Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


The parts of his body that had begun to relax tightened up all over again. A doctor, this woman’s a doctor. He diverted his eyes back to the barn just as Dale was walking out, pulling the large sliding doors closed behind her.

“I’ll come back out to feed her after I get you settled. Come on, this way.”




As long as he’d been here, she’d never come down undressed, not even in a pair of sweatpants. Guilt poked at him. Dale couldn’t really relax with him here. He slowly sat up, tracking her movements like a rabid animal. Dale turned, and the breath in his chest congealed. Her skin shimmered, the color rich like creamed coffee. His eyes ravaged her. The hem of the robe grazed above her knees, the flaps loose. The sloped swells of her breasts had him stuffing his fingers into his mouth.

He had to be careful. Neil always prided himself on being the type of guy who took his time, slowly leading up to things. Being caught off guard had him feeling bold. There was no time to overanalyze. It was now or never. If she threw him out, then so be it. His pulse skyrocketed. Her hair was loose, falling over her shoulders. He stood and quietly inched his way across the floor. When she turned around, her petite body jerked to attention. His cock was straining against his boxers, the evidence between them. All reserve was gone, fleeing into the darkness. He’d show her anything she wanted to see, hoping the feeling would be mutual.

“Jesus, Neil.” She crossed her arms in front of her.

“I’m not sorry, remember?” His voice was barely audible. Neil stepped closer. Dale’s eyes flitted around his face, finally aligning with his steady stare. He lifted his hand, his movements calculated. Neil cupped her face, his thumb tracing over her jaw, down to her mouth. He ran the pads of two fingers over her lips. His touch wandered, sliding over her collarbone. Her eyes lowered. Did he have her? Was she feeling it? Had she fallen as hard as he had? He spoke softly, his voice thick.

“You’re killing me, Dale.” He sighed. Neil’s fingers eased between the flaps of her robe, the silk of the fabric and the softness of her skin coming together as one. The material slipped from her shoulder, its texture aiding him in his exploration. A fruity scent bombarded his senses, testing his control. His hand skated over her ribs, resting below the swell of her breast. Neil felt her breaths under his palm as they came faster.

He tipped her chin, wanting her lips again. Her eyes dimmed. Their mouths met, their lips meshing together. Neil wove his hand through her hair, cupping the back of her skull, holding her to him. He angled his mouth, giving in to the temptation he’d refrained from the other night. He caressed her mouth. His tongue stroked over the smooth line of her teeth. He eased off and waited for her, hoping for the tiniest crumb of affirmation.

It came from the light flicks of her tongue, sending Neil into orbit. His hands smoothed down the sensual bones of her spine. The robe slid off her body, pooling at their feet. Her body shuddered against his. Her heart thundered into his chest, their lips still open then backing off to a loose pucker. When she ended the kiss, Neil followed suit.

He slowly grazed his hand over her small, firm breast, his palm filled with her warm flesh. Neil felt her lungs drag in more air, her body tightening. Her nakedness was exquisite. Please touch me. Her fingers answered his silent plea. She fumbled with the elastic of his boxers. Neil wasn’t sure if he should help. He was so scared of frightening her.

When her warm hand closed around his cock, all thought slipped away—all the pain, the misfortune, the heartache, the ingredients of his fucked-up life. Her touch healed it all like a mythical power. His eyes lowered to her breasts. His mouth salivated. Neil wanted to suckle, but his reasoning kicked in, needing to lead her in slowly.

A mystery that’d built up for weeks was finally being revealed and hopefully solved. Neil glided his palm down the smooth stretch of her torso, skipping over the slightest pouch right below her navel. His fingers slid down, searching for her center. The seams of her bare pussy had his body in an uproar. The heat between them ignited, engulfing him. His breath hitched. Neil had never touched a woman who was bare. His fingers shook as he parted her. The sensation of her slick heat on his fingers had him crying out with joy.


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