His To Have

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 6,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A night out with her friends could be a wild one, but when Brandi’s designated driver was pulled over for a DUI, she didn't know it would be the start of her night. Left on the side of the road, she called Matt, an old friend of the family Brandi was always very fond of. Upset with her reckless choices, Matt takes her back to his place and ends up introducing her to a new and wondrous world of discipline, pain and pleasure.

His To Have
0 Ratings (0.0)

His To Have

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 6,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Brandi was in trouble. The moment she called him, she knew she was going to be in trouble. The sound of his voice when she told him her situation confirmed her trepidation. She looked down at her outfit. She was wearing a short, tight miniskirt, a tight lace blouse, and high-heeled black boots. Not something she was wanting him to be seeing her in. Although, the thought of him enjoying the sight did send a brief wave of excitement through her.

“Just who is this guy anyway?” her best friend asked, still hammered next to her on the sidewalk.

Brandi shrugged. “He’s a friend of the family. Someone who always seemed so proud of me whenever I did anything good. I don’t like disappointing him.”

Her friend giggled as she pulled out another couple of minibar-sized bottles of schnapps from her purse. “Oh my god, you like him! Is he cute? Oh, please tell me he is cute!”

As Brandi’s cheeks heated a bit in a blush, she took a bottle from her friend and took a swig from it. “I think so... But he would never think of me that way. To him, I’m just his friend’s oldest child.”

“You never know, sweetie. Maybe he has a thing for women who like older guys.”

Brandi sighed and rolled her eyes. “I don’t have a thing for older guys.”

Her friend giggled again. “Trust me, honey, you have one. I’ve known you for some time, and I’ve seen how you act, and the men you go for.”

Brandi took another drink out of the bottle just as a ‘78 Corvette pulled up to them. Oh crap! That was bad timing. She quickly gave her friend the bottle and looked down at the ground, afraid of looking at the driver of the car.

“Brandi?” a deep voice said from the driver’s side of the car as it drove up next to her. “Is that you?”

With a deep breath, she looked up. The man who looked at her had such dark hair it almost seemed blue in certain lights, with a gray salting throughout that gave the only real hint that he was actually forty-two. He had dark eyes, hidden behind thin dark-rimmed oval glasses that seemed to give his strong features a learned look she found rather pleasing. The muscles that flexed as he leaned over the driver’s side window showed that he was fit.

“Ooh,” her friend whispered with a little giggle. “He is cute!”

Brandi looked at her friend and placed a finger to her lips before turning back to the car. “Hi, Matt,” she said with embarrassment. “Thank you for coming to get us.”

The man nodded. “Well, I couldn’t let you walk the next twenty miles, could I?” He looked her up and down for a moment, his eyes filled with anger. “Are you drunk?”

Brandi slowly and uneasily stood up. “I’m not fall-on-your-ass drunk, but I’m nowhere close to being able to pass a breathalyzer, either.”

Matt shook his head in disappointment. That was like a knife to the heart, and tears stung her eyes, but she shook them off and helped her friend to her feet. It was a bit more difficult than it should have been. Brandi had drunk enough that her legs were a little rubbery, and her friend was pretty much wasted.

With a sound of impatience, Matt got out of the car, grabbed her friend, and practically shoved her into the passenger seat. Then he did the same for Brandi. Although he seemed rather rough with her friend, Brandi noticed that he was gentler with her, taking, what appeared to her fuzzy brain, a moment or two to hold her to him before placing her in the classic car. It surprised her, even under these circumstances, how safe and secure she felt in his arms.

“I didn’t realize I was picking up two of you,” he muttered in annoyance under his breath. “Luckily you’re both small. I can probably squeeze you both in the same seat.”

“My, you’re strong,” her friend said as he maneuvered Brandi next to her. In order to sit in the same seat, Brandi had to wedge one of her friend’s legs in between hers. She was never a fan of underwear, and she just hoped that her friend didn’t notice how excited it made her to have Matt hold her.

However, the mischievous look in her friend’s eyes as they got situated showed that she was more than aware.

“And Brandi was right. You are handsome. I can see why she has such a thing for you.”

Oh god, she did not just say that!

Brandi’s face heated up to what she was sure was bright red as he glanced over to look at her. She thought she detected a spark of interest in his eyes. But it was probably just the liquor making her see things.

“Buckle up,” he said with no inflection and closed the door.

The ride to drop her friend off was mostly in silence. Every now and then Brandi would open her mouth to say something to Matt, but she couldn’t think of anything to say. He was very upset with her, and it hurt. She wanted him to say something to her. Anything. He could even yell. At least that way she’d know what he was thinking. But he remained silent.

However, once Matt saw that her friend made it into her apartment safe and sound, he turned from the driver’s seat to look at her. “Do you realize what you did was stupid? What the hell do you two think you were doing driving with someone who’d been drinking? Luckily the cops caught you before anything happened.”

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly and looked down at her palms.

“Sorry doesn’t quite cut it, young lady.”

Brandi sat back in the seat and pouted. “You treat me like I child. I’m twenty-three.”

“You sure don’t act like it. I can’t remember a time that you ever really did.”

Tears filled her eyes at the harsh tone of his words, and her body began to shake as she fought back a few sobs.

Matt sighed a little. “I’m sorry,” he said in a slightly calmer voice. “Your youthfulness is something I actually adore about you, but what you did tonight was very stupid.”

With that, he turned back toward the windshield and started the car. “Are you hungry?”

Brandi nodded and caught his eyes as he glanced her way. They seemed to have that same look of interest in them she thought she saw earlier when they got in the car. “All right, I’ll go through a drive-thru and get you something. Then back to my place. I’m not done with you yet.”

I am not done with you yet...

That sent both panic as well as a strong, tingling arousal through her whole body. She figured she would be getting a long lecture from him. But there was a tone in his voice that implied something else. He ordered her something to eat, and as they waited in line to pay, she reached out to touch his shoulder.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

“You’re welcome, Brandi,” he said just as quietly, then handed her the bag of food and a bottle of water. “Here. Eat. And have that bottle of water gone by the time we get there. Trust me. It will help any hangover in the morning.”

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