Top rodeo cowgirl, Sadie Jo Jamison, has the hots for two rodeo cowboys and apparently they have the hots for her, but first things first. Sadie Jo is on a mission of equality for men and women rodeo performers, so when an opportunity occurs to advance both of her interests even if she has to bare all, she goes for it.

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"Here ya go, Sadie Jo."
"'bout time. Ryan was about to undress me."
Bella's eyes widened and she pursed her lips into a pucker. "Whoo-wee. Lucky you."
Shaking her head, Sadie set the thick book beside Cotton's intimidating muscular arm and placed her elbow upon it. As intended, her arm rose higher, even a little higher than his, but his large hand still engulfed hers when they joined.
Sadie looked Cotton over. A darker, larger version of Ryan, he was every bit as easy on the eyes. "Are you ready?"
Cotton nodded, "Ah-huh."
"Bella, start us off, and Cotton, I don't want to see you rising up and using your extra weight for leverage."
"Don't worry, sweetheart, I don't need to cheat you."
Without warning, Bella shouted, "Go!" catching both participants off guard.
Sadie's reflexes beat Cotton's, and she pushed his arm half way down to the table top, before he arrested her progress. Both grunted and groaned with sweat on their brows and their muscles taut, but neither seemed to make headway. The match remained a stalemate for a good minute, then slowly, inexorably, Cotton's superior size began to wear Sadie down. She bit her lip to find extra resolve, but it didn't help. Soon their arms were both upright and Sadie continued to give ground.
After another excruciating thirty seconds, collapse seemed imminent so to her and everyone else's shock, she leaned over and bit his thumb.
"Oww! What the…"
Losing his concentration for an instant, Sadie was ready and slammed Cotton's hand to the table.
Shaking his hand, while his cousin, Ryan, howled with laughter, the look on Cotton's face was downright confusion.
Sadie felt lower than the lowest form of life. In the heat of battle she had resorted to biting the opponent.
Cotton stuttered, "H…hey…y…you—"
"Cheated, I know. Don't worry, I had my rabies shots. I'm sorry. I lost my head. I hate to lose. You're the winner, this time, but I claim the right of a rematch." Her gaze quickly shifted to her friend. "Bella, I think it's time we leave. Are you ready?"
"You sure? The band's about to start."
"I…ah, was hoping Hector would dance with me."
"Okay, take me back to the motel and you can come back."

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