Raw Desire: Alison's Awakening (MFM)

More Desire, Oklahoma 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,107
21 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]

Married to Dillon Tanner and Ryder Hayes, Alison found a love and happiness she’d never expected to find.

But found she couldn’t completely trust.

Her unplanned pregnancy brought all of the insecurities from her past relationship back to the surface with a vengeance and she found herself watching and waiting for her husbands to realize they no longer wanted her.

Dillon and Ryder were delighted to find out Alison carried their child, and struggled to give her the reassurance she needed.

As her body swelled with their child, they found themselves even more enthralled with her and adjusting mentally for the responsibility of a growing family.

When a threat from the past reappeared, the sense of protectiveness sharply intensified, overriding everything else.

She and the child she carried belonged to them—and they would do whatever it took to keep them.


Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Raw Desire: Alison's Awakening (MFM)
21 Ratings (4.6)

Raw Desire: Alison's Awakening (MFM)

More Desire, Oklahoma 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,107
21 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Desire Oklahoma is a great place to visit. The family units created in this community make all the residents feel welcome. This does not prevent some from falling prey to their own insecurities. Alison has a lot of baggage from her past and it is impacting her relationship with her husbands. Their perseverance and the support of the community helps them achieve their HEA.




Marshall Garrison, one of Desire’s new deputies, squealed tires as he came to an abrupt stop on the side of the street. He jumped out and rushed toward them, moving fast for such a big man. “What the hell? Jesus! How bad is it?”

Alison breathed deeply, fighting off the nausea caused by the pain in her hip and upper arm. “I just got a little dizzy. I’m fine.”

“Sure you are.” Marshall frowned down at her, the furious glint in his eyes sending a chill through her. “Did you call—never mind. They’re here.”

Dillon shoved his way through to her, his expression wild. “Ally? Baby, everything’ll be okay. Thanks, Rio. Give her to me.”

The anguish in his tone made her smile. “I’m fine. Just a little sore.” The pain had begun to get worse. “Please put me down. My hip and arm hurt.”

Holding her against his chest, Dillon studied her features, his own grim and pale. “Hang on, baby.”

“I’m fine. Please put me down. I’m starting to hurt, and you’re moving so fast that it’s making me sick again. My arm and my hip feel like they’re on fire.”

“Throw up if you have to, but we’ve gotta move.” Dillon strode back the way she’d come. “We’re gonna get you to Doc Hansen’s. He’s waiting for us.”

Alison pushed against Dillon’s chest. “Everyone’s staring. Put me down.”

Marshall followed them, opening the back door of the pickup as he disconnected his call. “Ambulance will meet you at Doc Hansen’s office.”

Grimacing, Dillon nodded and got into the back seat with her, cursing when she cried out in pain. “Thanks, Marshall. Did you get him?”

“He’s already in cuffs. I’m staying with you.”

Seeing Rio again, Alison gasped in horror when she saw that his T-shirt was drenched in blood. Fighting dizziness, she tried to lift her arm to point toward him, but it proved impossible. “Why are you worrying about me? Dear God! Rio’s been shot!”

Dillon ripped off his T-shirt and pressed it against her hip while Ryder, his eyes filled with fear and rage, tied a towel around her upper arm. “Rio hasn’t been shot. That’s your blood, baby. You’re the one who’s been shot. We’ve got you. I need you to calm down.”

Ignoring the pain in her arm, she focused on her hip, the one that had been broken when she’d fallen down the stairs. “The baby!”

Dillon kissed her forehead, holding his T-shirt to her hip. “Everything’s gonna be fine.” His voice, raw with agony, rumbled in his chest. “I need you to calm down. We don’t want you going into labor until it’s time. Lie still. I’m trying to slow the bleeding.”

The baby had stopped moving, which scared the hell out of her. Fighting not to panic, she forced herself to breathe as slowly and evenly as she could, flattening her hands on her abdomen and willing her baby to move.

A sob escaped. “The baby was moving before. He stopped. Oh God! What have I done?”

Ryder roared down the street, following closely behind Marshall, who used his lights and siren for the short journey. “Just calm down, baby. Everything’s gonna be fine. You didn’t do anything.”

“I yelled at him and told him to go to hell.” She sucked in a breath at the combination of pain and the fear in Ryder’s eyes and whipped her head around to see the same fear and rage in Dillon’s. Leaning forward, she touched her lips to his jaw. “You’re scared. I’ll be okay.”

Holding his T-shirt to her hip, Dillon pressed his lips to her forehead. “I know you will. Ryder and I won’t let anything happen to you or the baby.”

Struggling to hide her pain and her own fears, she leaned into him, growing weaker by the minute. “I know. This baby’s too important to all of us. With you and Ryder with us, we can get through…”

Her head began spinning, and darkness closed in.

Dillon stiffened when her voice trailed off and she slumped again him. “Fuck! Ally? Ally!”

Panicked when he saw that she’d passed out, he held on to her for dear life as they pulled into the doctor’s parking lot behind Marshall. He met Ryder’s terrified gaze. “She passed out!”

Marshall opened the door and stood aside, his eyes going wide when he saw that Alison had lost consciousness. His hard features hardened even more. “She’ll be all right. Let’s get her inside.”

Ryder rushed around and reached out to take Alison, but Dillon didn’t want to let her go. “If I ever get my hands on those sons of bitches—”

“Linc and Joe already have them, and Ace is on his way there. I’m with you all the way to the hospital. I’ll wait out here for the ambulance.”

Dillon didn’t reply, his entire focus on his wife as he rushed into the doctor’s office with fear clawing at him at the thought of losing either her or their baby.




The relentless friction drove her wild. “Damn it! It’s not fair.”

Ryder groaned, his gaze narrowed on hers. “What’s not fair?”

She clenched on his cock, lifting her breasts into Dillon’s caress. “That you can do this to me so easily.”

Ryder chuckled, a harsh sound filled with tension. “Just a matter of learning how to touch my wife.” He bent to touch his lips to hers. “I learned just where she likes to be touched and how. I know this pussy needs a cock pressing right here, and just like this.”

Alison cried out at the sharp pleasure, holding on tightly to Ryder. “Oh! Oh God! Please!”

Dillon moved away to make room for Ryder, running his hand over her hair and smiling down at her. “Looks like you found the spot.”

Amused, Alison clung to Ryder’s shoulders, throwing her head back with another moan. “You two know me too well. Oh God!”

Dillon tightened his hand in her hair and turned her toward him. “Yeah. More and more every day. We’re not about to let you hide from us anymore.”

Another rush of moisture escaped, her pussy clenching on Ryder as he quickened his shallow thrusts. “I’m gonna come!”

Ryder groaned and bent to touch his lips to hers, careful not to press against her belly. “I know. Come.” He moved faster, his gaze steady on hers. “Come for me now, Ally. That’s it. Give it to me.”

Alison reveled in his growly tone, her body tightening as the wave of pleasure began to wash over her. Crying out, she clung tighter to him, her cries becoming breathless as the wave crested.

Straightening slightly, Ryder slid a little deeper, his hands tightening on her thighs as he threw his head back with a groan. “Fuck, baby.”

“Easy, Ryder.” Staring down at her with narrowed eyes, Dillon lightly caressed her tight abdomen. “Sounds like Ryder’s enjoying himself.”

He bent to sip at her lips. “I know just what that feels like. Being inside you when that soft pussy ripples and tightens on my cock is like heaven.”

Glancing down, Alison smiled when she saw his erection, struggling to catch her breath as the waves slowly slowed. “For me, too. It feels so good when you and Ryder take me.”

Love for them rose within her, the intensity of it bringing tears to her eyes. “I love you both so much.”

Ryder smiled tenderly and slowly withdrew, lowering her thighs and stretching out beside her. “And it makes you cry?”

Wiping her eyes, she rolled slightly toward him, smiling when Dillon moved in behind her. “Ignore me.”

Chuckling, Ryder slid a hand to her neck and held her against his chest. “Not a chance. I think it’s adorable. Sexy and adorable.”

Reveling in the feel of their bodies surrounding hers, Alison reached up and behind her to slide her hands into Dillon’s hair, sucking in a breath at the feel of his hand cupping her breast. “Dillon!”

“I’m here. You’re gonna be still while I lube your tight little ass.”

Her bottom clenched, the awareness making it tingle. “It’s been so long.”

Dillon touched his lips to her ear, taking her hand in his and placing it on Ryder’s chest. “Hold on to Ryder.” He lifted her upper leg and eased it onto Ryder’s thigh.

Her bottom clenched again, her arousal sharpening with a speed that left her breathless.

Cupping the back of her head, Ryder began a series of soft, slow kisses that made her head spin while running his hand down her body to her thigh, keeping it propped over his.

Despite the tenderness in his kisses, the erotic intent couldn’t be denied, each brush of his lips and tongue over hers drawing her deeper into his erotic web.

The snap of a cap being closed broke through the sensual fog surrounding her, sending sharp sensation to her puckered opening.

Ryder tightened his hold when she jolted, tightening his grip. “Ready to be lubed up for your surprise?”

Sucking in a breath at the feel of Dillon’s lubed finger slipping into her bottom, Alison gripped Ryder tighter with a moan. “Oh God!”

Her muscles clenched on his finger, the sensation an intimacy that never failed to overwhelm her.

The feel of his warm lips on her shoulder drew another moan from her. “Dillon. What surprise? Are you getting kinky again?”

“Yeah, baby. Now for your little surprise.”

She moaned when he withdrew his finger, sucking in another breath when something hard and cool pressed insistently against her puckered opening. “Oh God! A butt plug.”

She knew how devious her husbands could be when it came to playing with her ass, the remembered pleasure spiking her arousal.

Dillon pushed the plug past the tight ring of muscle and into her, his lips against her ear. “Just a little one.”

He eased her to her back, the movement shifting the plug inside her. Smiling at her soft cry, he slid a hand over her abdomen to her mound, using his fingers to part her folds and caress her clit. “Just enough to wake that tight bottom up.”

Rising above her, he used his knees to push hers wide. “I’m gonna wake it up a little more.”

She felt his fingers against her bottom just seconds before a decadent buzzing began inside her.

Crying out, she reached for him, lifting her legs to wrap them around his waist, another cry escaping when he pushed the head of his cock into her. “Dillon!”

“Fuck!” Dillon braced a hand on either side of her and began to thrust into her. The friction of his shallow thrusts against the sensitive spot inside her combined with the vibrations quickly sending her senses into a tailspin.

Chuckling, Ryder cupped one breast while lowering his mouth to the other. “Thought you both might like that. Can’t wait to try it myself.”

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