Ho Ho Oh!

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,452
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ballet Dancer Faren MacMahon has been getting teased and bullied by his next door neighbor Nick Sexton since they were kids. But Faren gets the surprise of his life when the handsome business executive kisses him one night at a club. Faren has been out of the closet for years but he never suspected that his nemesis might be gay. Did Nick kiss him because he likes him or is it just another way to tease him? And if the latter was true, why did Nick Sexton have an erection?

Nick Sexton never considered red-haired, green eyed and freckled Faren date material. In fact, he hated the fact that Faren’s mother forced him to take dancing lessons instead of letting him play manly sports like the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. Nineteen years later Faren is now the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet and Nick’s feelings has changed. Now his body heats at the sight of the fetching dancer. Is lusting after a guy who wears a unitard and dances in the Nutcracker going to be bad for his corporate image? Or is he going to get a special kiss under the mistletoe this year?

Ho Ho Oh!
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ho Ho Oh!

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,452
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Faren gulped, looking up in the dark brown eyes of Nick Sexton, his best friend’s cousin. The man was simply gorgeous for a homophobic bastard. His body wasn’t bad either. Powerful muscles bulged at the shoulders of his tailored jacket as he held Faren. Thick stylishly-cut dark brown hair glistened under the moonlight and expensive cologne assaulted Faren’s nose.

“Just what I said,” Nick replied. “I don’t want you to corrupt him. Our family has plans for him, and it wouldn’t look good if he’s hanging in clubs all night partying with pretty boys.”

Anger raged inside Faren from the insult. “How dare you call me that, you big bully. Put me down.”

Nick laughed at him and, moved away from the railing, lifting Faren high up in the air to show off his brute strength. “What are you going to do if I don’t? You ought to be used to being above a man, moving that hot body up and down while you’re riding his cock?”

Faren gasped, and his cheeks heated. “If you don’t let me go, I’ll…”

Nick lowered him to eye level. “You’re going to what.” Nick bent his head and kissed Faren so hard it felt like his lips were bruised. Nick’s tongue entered his mouth as he tried to get away. The kiss deepened. Something hard pressed into his stomach. Faren stopped struggling against Nick’s broad chest. The other guy had an erection. The music streaming from the club was slow and sexy and added to the ambiance. Faren’s cock moved from soft to curious as he tried to come to grips with what was happening between them. Was the all-powerful Nick Sexton gay? Or was he just fucking with him?

Nick ended the kiss and dropped Faren on his behind. He glared down at him like he couldn’t believe what he had done.

Faren looked up. His eyes widened in surprised. Nick still had an erection. It was huge and long and pushing out against his zipper. Faren’s cock throbbed in response.

Nick wiped his lips. “Like I said before, stay away from Elliot.”

He walked away, leaving Faren aroused and confused. What the fuck just happened. He scrambled to his feet before someone came outside and thought he was drunk. Faren dashed into the men’s room and splashed water in his face to cool his body down. That damn fool Nick had him wired. And who is he calling a pretty boy? Faren dried his hands, walked out of the door, and made his way through the crowded lounge until he spotted Elliot. Nick’s precious little cousin was on the floor dancing with some leather-clad, hairy-chested guy. Another bear. Elliot couldn’t get enough of them. The song ended just as Faren made it over to him.

Elliot kissed the guy and got rewarded with a slap to the ass. He spotted Faren and walked over to him. “Where have you been? I was starting to worry.”

“It’s looks to me like you were having just a little too much fun to care.”

A waiter came by, and Elliot ordered two beers. The waiter left, and returned a few minutes later. Elliot paid for the drinks, and gave the guy a tip and a wink. Elliot was a flirt and very popular at the club. His fresh-faced look and compact body gave him that cute and helpless look the bears loved. He was also the youngest male in the aristocratic Sexton clan. At twenty-four, his brother and cousin were training him to be an executive in the family’s real estate conglomerate. Nick was the eldest at twenty-eight, followed by Elliot’s twenty-six-year-old brother Fritz. The rest of the group included Nick’s father, Jeremiah and current CEO, Elliot’s father, Arthur, and their retired grandfather, Isadore, who still went to the office at least once a week to check on things.
“You didn’t tell me where you were?” Elliot opened his beer and drank deeply. “I was starting to worry that something had happened to you.” He pushed a lock of dark brown hair away from that adorable forehead.

Something had happened to him. He had been mauled, and pawed, and kissed by Elliot’s older cousin. Of course, he couldn’t tell Elliot. He bet Elliot didn’t even know Nick had been there. Faren unscrewed the cap from his bottle. “There was a long line for the men’s room,” he lied. He lifted the bottle and touched it to his mouth. He could still feel Nick’s lips on his. It was a bit unnerving. “Maybe we should leave. It’s getting late, and both of us have to go to work tomorrow.”

Elliot polished off his beer and rose. “You’re right. Going out in the middle of the week was a stupid idea.”
Faren finished his drink, and stood up. He followed his friend around the floor of dancers, Elliot dancing to the music as he walked. His friend really was a party animal. Plenty of guys in the place stopped what they were doing to watch him. Faren smirked. Elliot was five feet eight, had a little upper body muscle, and that thick dark hair like the rest of the men in the family. His pretty light brown eyes were his best asset, and he knew how to use them to get what he wanted, and to wrap his brother and cousin around his finger.

Pretty boy. Those words infuriated him. What did Nick know about him anyway? Why did he think he was going to corrupt Elliot? It wasn’t a secret that the youngest member of the Sexton family was gay. Hell, he even had a lover named John. If anyone was going to corrupt anyone, it was the other way around.

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