Mark Me (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,885
15 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

It was bad enough to have some guy try to hit on him in the men’s room of the video arcade last night, but to wake up and find two tattoos on his body is just too much. Who in the hell is this Dimitri person? And why is his name tattooed on my butt? Trey and the other friends have pulled some pretty mean pranks on Eli in the past, but this is just too much.

Dimitri takes one look at that handsome sleeping face and just can’t resist branding his name across Eli’s bottom. Maybe it is the way Eli had turned down his advances earlier that night that spurs him to do such a childish thing. Or maybe he just hopes the preppy violinist will seek him out to remove the tattoos and he’ll get another chance to gaze into those big hazel eyes.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mark Me (MM)
15 Ratings (4.0)

Mark Me (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,885
15 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This book deserves way more then a 5. It is so sweet and romantic and funny and just everything I hoped for after reading the little snip about it. Everyone should read it.
Professional Reviews

4 FALLEN ANGELS: "Eli doesn't know what possessed him to join his friends after high school graduation for a late night out and he is too tired to be out in the French Quarter with all the craziness they are getting into. He has been friends with Trey for years, but he has about had enough taking the brunt of his comments. Eli goes to use the bathroom and he meets the most obnoxious man he has ever met who not only makes a pass at him, but grabs Eli to prove that Eli is more than interested in him. Dimitri sees Eli and can't get the preppy kid out of his mind after he returns to his tattoo parlor. Eli wakes up the next day and is shocked that he has two tattoos, one saying lover and in the small of his back is written Dimitri and he has no clue how he got them. Eli and Randall, both violinists are playing at a local caf and who do you think shows up for lunch, but Dimitri! Eli finds his way to the tattoo parlor to find out what happened, but things between them don't go smoothly and Dimitri ends up on his backside dazed after he once again grabbed Eli. Can Eli and Dimitri find common ground coming from two very different worlds? It was interesting how Eli and Dimitri had different upbringings, but their background in playing the violin was the same. Learning to play music is as difficult and affording not only the lessons, but the instruments themselves is prohibitive to many families. Dimitri had to give up music because of the cost and that must have been hard for him. Even as young as he was he understood that family came first. The way Dimitri's old teacher Mr. Dubisson, who was also Eli's teacher, was willing to give him lessons for free to help him continue his training was inspiring. Eli was shocked and heartbroken when he learned that his father paid Dimitri off to stay away from him, but he believed in Dimitri in spite of what his father said. The idea that someone I loved would take a bribe would be unbearable, but things are not always as they seem. I thought it was funny that Dimitri was older than Eli, but he wasn't always in control of their relationship. The way Eli and Dimitri were able to look beyond outer appearances to see who they were on the inside was incredible." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"A rowdy night out to celebrate their high school graduation ceremony ends far differently for one member of the group. Eli Coleman takes an innocent trip to an arcade men’s room where he meets his future in the arms of Dimitri Miller. Being accosted and kissed by Dimitri is hard for Eli to swallow, but even worse is his reaction to said kiss. To make matters more difficult his friends unknowingly bring him face to face with the tattoo artist yet again. Fate and persistence continually brings Eli to Dimitri where they also discover their mutual love of classical music and violin playing. If Eli admits and accepts what his body and heart are telling him, there will be no going back. And Dimitri is more than happy to open his arms and his love for Eli and their future together. What happens however when everyone else in Eli’s life discovers his recent transition? What will be their judgment and reaction? Mark Me confronts the issues of sexual identity head on with explosive results. On every level Eli and Dimitri are the epitome of opposites attracting from their upbringing, finances, and lifestyles, yet the phrase ‘love is blind’ holds true. Author Shawn Bailey balances Dimitri’s rough handling of Eli like a tightrope walker, sometimes shaky, sometimes gracefully. Each reader will need to judge for themselves. Regardless, Mark Me is filled with poignant moments, sexy scenes, and Eli, an incredible young man." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Dimitri got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to relieve his full bladder. He and Greer had worked until three in the morning, and they had people scheduled to come in at eleven for tattoos. The other tattoo artist, Jose, wasn’t scheduled in until noon.

Soft jazz music filtered into his apartment as he fixed himself some coffee and toast a few minutes later. Hearing music in the morning was just one of the perks of living in the Quarter. Dimitri hummed along to the familiar song as he buttered his toast. Another song followed as he fixed his coffee. This one had a big band sound to it. Dimitri did a little dance and then he sat down at the table to eat. He’d grown up in the French Quarter and doubted if he’d enjoy living anywhere else. The place was in his blood, like beignets and chicory. And where in the world could he go to hear such a wide variety of music? Nowhere. When he died he wanted a jazz funeral complete with a Second Line procession. He wanted the mourners to celebrate and drink White Russians in remembrance of him.

The door to the tattoo parlor opened downstairs, which mean Greer had arrived. Greer lived in an apartment a couple of blocks away.

Dimitri finished up his breakfast, poured the remainder of his coffee into a travel mug, and went downstairs to greet his partner.

“I didn’t expect to see you so early,” Greer said as he prepared coffee in a maker in the tiny rest area of the shop. Greer had pulled his long brown hair back in a ponytail and wore a pair of blue jeans that rode low on his slim hips. He topped it off with a dark blue polo shirt.

“We have people coming in an hour,” Dimitri said. “Why wouldn’t I be up?”

Greer walked away from the coffeemaker and over to him in the work area. He hopped up into one of the chairs. “I thought you’d be entertaining.”

Dimitri sat down in a chair next to him. “Who? We worked until three.”

“That little hazel-eyed cutie you tattooed last night.”

“Him? No. His friends carted him out of here right after you left. He was still asleep. He never woke up while I worked on him.”

Greer shook his head. “You passed up a pretty good opportunity.”

“For what? To go to jail? He was so sleepy.”

“You think he’ll remember getting those tattoos?”

Dimitri doubted it. But he probably noticed them as soon as he undressed. The kid had a nice ass. He’d snuck a look at it while he slept. And he had baby-soft skin. Just the thought made Dimitri’s body harden with desire. “Anyway, the tattoos aren’t very large and no one will see them unless they get up close and personal with him.”

Greer laughed. “Those rich kids are crazy. His friend with the blond hair wanted this big-ass skull and crossbones on his arm, but I talked him into a smaller one. How did he think he’d be able to explain something like that to his future employer?”

Dimitri chuckled. “Even the girl wanted something radical above her butt. I gave her a small tiger paw. She’ll thank me later after if she gets fat or her body starts drooping from aging.”

The coffeemaker beeped. Greer got out of the chair and walked over to the pot and poured himself a cup. “Do you think you’ll ever see him again?”

“What’s with the questions?” Dimitri asked.

“I don’t know. I just have the feeling that you liked him.”

“I did and I doubt it,” Dimitri answered as he sipped his coffee. “From what I gathered from their conversation, they had just graduated from high school and they were celebrating. What other reason would he have to come to the French Quarter?”

Greer walked back over to him and sat down. “Maybe he might want another tattoo. Or maybe he’d come to see you.”

Dimitri shook his head, remembering the conversation between them in the restroom of the arcade. He didn’t have that kind of luck. A rich kid would never give him a second thought. “Don’t hold your breath. He’s probably going to be a doctor or a Supreme Court justice.”

“You should have asked him his name.”

“His name is Eli,” Dimitri said. “I heard one of the guys call him that.”

“Cute name,” Greer said. “Biblical. It fits him.”

Dimitri rose and began taking out his tools and organizing them in his area. Greer finally finished his coffee and did the same. The doorbell rang about an hour later, putting an end to their conversation. For now he would only think of Eli as the one who got away. Who knew? Maybe the two of them might see each other again in another life.




“I’m yours,” Dimitri said. “Do what you want to do.”

Eli climbed over him and moved his mouth down Dimitri’s body. His hand rubbed Dimitri’s abs as he lowered his head and captured his dick in his mouth.

Dimitri whimpered this time as Eli’s warm mouth claimed him. The music in the background set the mood as Eli lost every bit of his nervousness and used his mouth to stimulate him. Dimitri shoved his fingers into Eli’s thick hair and tugged lightly. His back arched as Eli ran his tongue up and down both sides of the shaft. “Suck on it, baby.”

Eli opened his mouth and went down on his length. He gagged a little but soon got the hang of how to maneuver.

Dimitri rolled his hips.

Eli gasped and covered his knob in saliva.

Dimitri chuckled, pulled Eli to him in a sixty-nine position, and buried his head between Eli’s legs. What an ass. He reached up and fingered the tiny hole.

Eli moaned but did not stop trying to suck him to death.

Dimitri lifted his head, pulled Eli toward him, and ran his tongue up the crack of the young man’s behind. He half expected Eli to bolt, but when he didn’t, he continued teasing the hole. He wet a finger with saliva and pushed the tip inside. This did get Eli’s attention.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting you ready. This is virgin territory. You need a little prepping, preppy.”

Eli groaned at his joke.

Dimitri slapped him on the backside playfully and went back to work on stretching Eli’s rectum.

“Ouch,” Eli moaned as the finger entered him.

Dimitri added more spit to help work the finger in deeper.

Eli gasped, this time from pleasure. “My cock is getting so hard.”

Dimitri reached forward and stroked it with his other hand.

Eli trembled as Dimitri simultaneously screwed him in the butt with the finger and masturbated him.

Dimitri introduced a second finger and Eli nearly sprang off the bed. He chuckled. “I think I’m going to need some lubrication if I want to get through this little thing.” He bucked Eli off him. “You’re still too tight.” He walked into the bathroom for lube and rubbers and returned already suited up in a condom.

Eli eyed him curiously. “It’s black.”

Dimitri looked down at the rubber. “Adds a little flavor to the mix.”

Eli’s top lip curved into a gnarly little snarl. “Dream on.”

“Roll over and present tail, smart guy,” Dimitri told him.

Eli obediently rolled over and knelt. He presented his buttocks to Dimitri. “You won’t hurt me, will you?”

Dimitri crawled between his legs, opened the lube, and squeezed some on his fingers. “No,” he said as he introduced two fingers into Eli’s butt.

Eli yelped. “You lie.”

Dimitri laughed and worked the fingers in and out until he found Eli’s prostate.

“Ooh,” Eli moaned as the hurting turned into pleasure. “I think I can get used to this.” He groaned again. “Maybe not.”

Dimitri removed his fingers, mounted Eli’s hips, and guided his dick to the tiny, pink opening. Seconds later he slipped the head inside.

Eli moved around beneath him.

“I like this song,” Dimitri said, trying to distract Eli as he inched a little more into him. He gasped as the sheath opened and accepted him. The song provided good humping music, and the pillow drowned out Eli’s groans.

Dimitri smirked as he spread Eli’s butt cheeks and rode his hips. His dick moved in and out the greasy hole with ease now. Eli got into the groove, backing up on him in a rhythmic manner. Sweat poured from both their bodies as they screwed. He stopped riding Eli, withdrew, and slid out.

Eli flopped down on his stomach. “I’m still hard.”

“I’m about to remedy that,” Dimitri said, flipping him over on his back and crawling between his legs again. “I want to fuck you senseless.”

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