Spoiled Brat Wants Man to Love Him (MM)

A Man to Love 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,824
14 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
The sixth son in the Hill family, Ross, has always been an afterthought. He doesn’t even know what career to try. But he does like the look of Mr. Yummy the carpenter. Fortunately Perry Scott likes him too and agrees to let him try a career in construction—and other things.
Life has settled down into a calm pattern with Chris and her baby CC, Stuart and his baby daughter, Kathleen, and four of Ross’s brothers happy with their life partners. A crew of carpenters is busy extending the house for all these new people, and Ross likes talking to Perry.
Everything is peaceful and happy until the morning when Stuart goes for his usual daily run pushing Kathleen in her baby carriage, and they’re attacked by Tom Frame who is convinced they’ve stolen his son and is determined to get even with them all, kill Chris, and take CC.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Spoiled Brat Wants Man to Love Him (MM)
14 Ratings (4.1)

Spoiled Brat Wants Man to Love Him (MM)

A Man to Love 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,824
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I enjoyed watching Ross grow up and figure out what he wanted to do with his life, and I liked him and Perry together. However, from the very first book, and each successive one, I grow more and more confused about what this house they all live in really looks like. Good thing I'm not an architect, huh.

There was some more drama with Tom, because that kid hasn't got the sense of a bird.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Unbelievable though it may seem, Tom Frame – idiot denier of paternity to CC – is back and causes more upset when he tries to abduct the first baby he comes across outside the Hills’ mansion. After all, babies all look alike, so how can he be blamed for getting the wrong one? Ross, the youngest of the six gay Hill sons, races to the rescue, as does Perry, the man in charge of building all the extensions and extra rooms now that most of the sons have found a life partner. They had been ogling each other before, but being in a fight together helps them bond. I am happy to report that the rest of their courtship is far less violent, and the way they both decide they belong together is rather sweet. Ross is the youngest of six sons, and it shows. All along in this series he has behaved like a spoiled brat, not like the thirty-year-old man he is. It was interesting to see things from his point of view in this book, and while I was able to understand some of his reasoning for thinking he was left behind and ignored, his tendency to “pout” and throw pity-parties for how bad he has it did not exactly make me like him more. But… He does manage to grow up a little, and when he discovers how interesting the job of a carpenter can be, he goes after this new direction in his life with all his energy. He is also very courageous and selfless, as evidenced by his jumping to Stuart’s aid when madman Tom tries to abduct his daughter Kathleen. As it turns out, meeting Perry is good for him and he finally pulls himself up by the bootstraps. Perry is the carpenter/builder in charge of getting all the extensions to the Hill house built. They certainly keep him busy, but what interests him most is Ross. He doesn’t notice him until they join forces to prevent the kidnapping, but once Perry starts talking to him, they quickly realize they have common interests and become intimate. Ross’s interest in Perry’s business seems potentially problematic at first – what with a man who has no idea what carpenters do - but Perry is fair, gives him a chance, and quickly discovers that they mesh in that area of their lives as well. If you want to know what becomes of the “pouting brat” when he grows up, if two men who jump into bed before they consider the consequences sound like fun, and if you’re looking for a read that involves more drama around Tom the idiot, some suspense when he goes to court, and more than one hot scene with a carpenter and his tool belt, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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It wasn’t fair. Being the youngest of six sons sucked great big hairy donkey’s balls. All Ross’s life, his older brothers had gotten the best deal every way, every time, and he’d always been stuck with the leftovers no one else wanted.

Take his apartment for example. Right now the family home was overrun with tradesmen renovating two of his brothers’ apartments plus building a whole new playroom for the two grandkids. And what was he getting? Absolutely nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, a big fat zero.

Of course his apartment was on the short side of the rectangle so there was no extra space for him to expand his apartment into anyway. And he didn’t have a kid to use the playroom. He didn’t even have a partner. Four of his brothers were all happily partnered up, but not him. Oh no. As always, he was overlooked, neglected, left until last.

If he dared open his mouth to say anything, anything at all, one of his older brothers would throw him in the swimming pool. And right now, March in Ohio, was not the time for a swim. Likely he’d catch his death of pneumonia. Would anyone care? Absolutely not.

Ross stopped pacing and his mental rant. Actually that last bit was unfair. His brothers did care about him, but they would still throw him into the pool.

“Why can’t I ever be first? Be the cherished, most important one? Why can’t I even find a man I like enough for more than a one-night stand?”

Ross stood at the doorway of his not-being-extended-dammit apartment and stared across the courtyard garden at a group of tradesmen framing up the third-story extension above his parents’ apartment. One of the men was incredibly yummy in just the way Ross liked his men. Big, broad shoulders, bulging with muscles, tanned arms, and longish hair held off his face with a bandana.

Ross left his apartment and walked into the garden. The courtyard was in the center of the house, which had blank walls to the outside and all the windows and doors opening into this central area. In addition to the swimming pool, there was a large barbecue and a Zen garden his mother regularly changed around. He stood looking at the intricately placed pebbles and sand brushed into patterns, but it didn’t completely soothe his disgruntled humor.

Stuart emerged from the apartment he shared with Ross’s brother Jude. Stuart was wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and running shoes, and pushing the baby carriage holding his two-week-old daughter, Kathleen. Stuart and Kathleen had moved in with Jude a week ago, and for the past four days, Stuart had gone running, pushing the baby carriage, every day.

Ross thought he was quite mad. It was two miles to the park, half a mile around the park, and two miles back home. For some unknown reason, Stuart seemed to think that was a nice run. Not to Ross’s mind it wasn’t, but he waved to Stuart anyway. What was that saying? Different strokes for different folks? Yeah, well, he wasn’t running from here to the park for anyone. He wasn’t planning to take his sweater off anytime soon either. The sun might be shining, but the weather was a long way short of hot.

Just a week ago they’d all been sitting on Lanikai Beach, Oahu, sipping champagne at the wedding of his brother Storm to his partner, Cruz. Ross sighed. Damn, that seemed like a million years ago as well as a million miles away. Well, it was more like five thousand miles, but it might as well have been a million. Ross kicked at one of the pebbles on the edge of the Zen garden moodily.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” yelled a loud, angry voice.

Guiltily, Ross pulled his foot back from his mother’s garden and looked around for who had dared to chastise him. That voice sure as hell wasn’t his mother’s. But no one was looking at him. However, all the tradesmen on the roof were staring out to the road, and the big brawny one, the yummy one, was waving his arms around.

“Stop that.”

“Leave them alone,” yelled a few of the others.

Oh fuck! Was someone hurting baby Kathleen?

Ross raced for the exit from the courtyard, a wooden door, throwing it open and charging outside. One hundred yards down the road, someone was trying to pull the baby carriage out of Stuart’s hands. Stuart was holding on with all his strength, his heels digging back onto the concrete path and all his weight thrown against his opponent.

The workmen yelled even louder, and out of the corner of his eye, Ross saw a rope thrown down the wall, but he had no time to worry about what they were doing. He ran as fast as he could and launched himself onto the back of the man trying to grab Kathleen’s baby carriage.

Ross weighed more than Stuart, but probably not as much as the attacker, who had quite a solid build. Between him and Stuart, though, it was enough to make the man let go and swing his arm up in a punch toward the baby carriage. In response, Stuart shrieked and dived between the man and Kathleen.

And then another man was there was well. He hauled the attacker around by his shirt and slammed his fist into his face, dropping him to the ground.

Stuart was still screaming, “Kathleen, Kathleen,” and snatched his daughter out of the carriage, holding her in his arms.

Kathleen must have been distressed by all the noise and movement, and she started to howl as well.

Ross grabbed the attacker and turned him over. The man swung his fists up in the air, but this time, Ross was prepared for them and blocked his hands with his forearm.

“Frame. What the fuck are you doing here?”




Perry sat between Ross’s legs, the warming lube beside him, and placed a big dollop on the muscle ring surrounding Ross’s back door. Very slowly and carefully he massaged the ring, watching for Ross’s reaction as the heat soaked into his muscles, mentally apologizing for the way in which he’d penetrated Ross’s ass with a single unlubed finger earlier. But it’d been necessary to send him off hard and fast. Besides, the lube now would cover over any remaining burning sensations. From now on, all the burning would be pure desire.

Ross was slowly moving with his actions, his body language accepting and already beginning to be aroused. Perfect. His reactions couldn’t be better. Perry dripped lube along Ross’s butt crack and then inside, gradually opening him up, stretching all his muscles, and softening and spreading the opening until he was ready for a cock.

He spanked Ross again. “Why don’t you choose a condom for me?”

“About fucking time. I’m more than ready to go again.”

Ross rolled over, picked up the box, and pulled out a handful of condoms. “What have you got here? A year’s supply?”

“Buying in bulk is cheaper,” he replied.


Perry watched Ross sift through the condoms, discarding a black one and a fluorescent pink but holding a glow-in-the-dark one in one hand and a textured blue one in the other.

“Decisions, decisions. I guess the textured one will be better. We can use the other one next time.”

Perry liked that Ross was already thinking about next time because he sure as hell was, too. When Ross rolled the condom over his shaft, Perry hissed with need. Damn. Touching Ross so intimately had been a huge aphrodisiac, but now Ross touching him was lighting his fire even higher. The chemistry between them was undeniably incendiary.

Perry slid back between Ross’s legs, and Ross lifted them up on his forearms, giving him access to that freshly warmed rosette.

Perry wiggled closer and kissed Ross, exploring his mouth with his tongue, teasing and touching every inch of inner cheek, behind his teeth, under his tongue, and across the roof of his mouth before pumping his tongue in and out in a slow, steady beat that he planned to copy in Ross’s ass in just a minute.

Finally, he lifted his lips, held his bright blue cock to Ross’s ass, and pushed against the muscle ring. It only took a moment, and then he was inside, sliding deeper.

“So hot,” he moaned. Perry had to grab hold of every ounce of his control. It was so good inside Ross’s ass it would have been much too easy to relax and explode there with no consideration for his lover at all.

But this had to be good for Ross. It had to be better than good. It had to demonstrate to Ross that, with Perry as his lover, the orgasms would always be spectacular and his wants and needs would always be a priority.

So he pulled out of that delicious hot, tight grip, waited a heartbeat, and then pumped back in again. Over and over again he repeated the pattern. In, wait, out, wait, until Ross’s fingernails were digging to his shoulders so hard likely they’d be drawing blood and his teeth were grinding together he was gritting them so hard. But he refused to speed up yet. In, pause, out, pause, until the sweat was pouring off both their bodies and Ross was groaning right along with him. Perry hadn’t realized until that very second he was making a noise, but he was. They were both giving off harsh, deep, identical groans.

Well, likely that was good. It meant Ross needed him as much as he needed Ross.

Perry withdrew until only the head of his cock was inside Ross. He waited the standard moment then tilted Ross’s ass up high and slammed hard and deep with everything in him. He swiveled his hips, hoping to ping Ross’s prostate, and powered in again and again, pumping hard and fast now, jackhammering deep with all his might until Ross let go of his shoulder and tugged on his own cock, releasing a fountain of cum over both their bodies.

Perry didn’t stop. He drove in again, aiming for Ross’s prostate a second time, hoping to send him even higher, and only then did he permit himself to come, jetting streams of his seed into the condom deep in Ross’s ass.

He shuddered in release and withdrew, holding Ross tightly in his arms, both of them soaked in sweat and breathing heavily with the power of their orgasms.

Only when their heart rates had returned to normal did Perry stand up and get rid of the latex. “Time for a shower,” he said, pulling Ross to his feet.

“I was going to say that I couldn’t move, but I really need a shower.”

“Yes, me too.”

Perry didn’t want the conversation to end there. He wanted to mention next time and the time after that. He just couldn’t think of an appropriate way to do it.

I need to make sure I see him tomorrow when I’m working on the extensions alone. Then we can talk.

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