[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Sam's only goal is to lose his virginity, that is, until he runs into two men with car trouble. When he offers his help, Sam gets more than he bargains for.  
Matthew Miller knows his time at the Den is short-lived. He's matured into an alpha, butting heads constantly with Maverick. Two alphas can't live under the same roof, so he and his twin move to Dalton Falls to form a pack of their own. The problem is, the town where you don't have to hide what you are isn’t receptive to outsiders. 
When the twins discover that Sam is their mate, they pursue the human. But Sam has a problem. Ethan Charles owns the town and swears Sam belongs to him. Matthew and Maddox must save Sam from Ethan who is hell-bent on taking Sam from them. 
Ethan is determined to run the newcomers out of town and the twins are just as determined to make Dalton Falls their new home.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Seduced by Twins (MMM)
65 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
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I've been totally hooked on Hagen's Brac Pack, Brac Village, and if first in 3nd Gen is anything to go by my addiction is going to continue. Funny, hot, developed characters, dominating males and beautiful mates exemplifying possessiveness and protectiveness, and enough plot thrown in to keep these stories from being so overdone with sex as to become a snoozefest - it's all still there. Can't wait for more matings and adventure from this writer.
After falling in love with the Brac Universe, it was a welcome sight to see that Seduced by Twins, the first installment to Brac Pack Next Gen, was finally available. Getting to know Matthew and Maddox and their Sam was a great experience and I welcome further tales of the new pack along with tales of their circle of friends, which includes an embarrassingly delicious swan, a strong fairy and of course any humans that find their way to Dalton Falls.
Laura A.S.




Maddox smiled as he pulled to the curb in front of Bungles Hardware. Matthew had sent him into town for some supplies. A few things needed fixing around their new home. He spotted Sam walking toward him. The human hadn’t spotted him yet.

He slipped out of his Charger and leaned against it, crossing his arms over his chest. He knew Sam would be pissed to see him, but Maddox didn’t care.

His gaze drank in Sam’s lithe frame, his brownish-blond hair, his cupid mouth, and dark green eyes. Maddox was getting hard just staring at the guy. Sam was looking downward at his phone and nearly passed Maddox. He cleared his throat.

Sam’s head popped up, and then his eyes grew wide before they narrowed. “You.”

“Which me?” Maddox teased. Most people had trouble telling him and Matthew apart. They’d managed to fool their parents on more than one occasion. The only one who was never fooled was their baby sister, Skyler. She could tell who was who blindfolded. Maddox wanted to see if Sam could.

The guy studied him for a long moment and then smirked. “Maddox.”

“How’d you guess?” Maddox was impressed, and a bit turned on.

Sam tucked his phone into his back pocket. “Because you keep looking at me like I’m your lunch,” he explained. “Matthew didn’t look at me that way, not with open interest the way you do.”

Maddox nodded. “Matthew is more subtle, whereas I have no problem letting someone know just how interested I am in them.”

He pushed from the car and moved closer, but Sam backed away. The guy looked as if he’d pass out at any second. Jeez, Maddox wasn’t that frightening. At least he wasn’t trying to be. “Relax, I’m not going to attack you right here on the street.”

“But you’d attack me if there weren’t any witnesses?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Maddox said. “Just calm down.”

Maddox knew why Matthew had scared Sam and why he’d played along, but to be honest, he didn’t like his mate being scared of him. His wolf whimpered to get closer, but Maddox knew he had to take this slow.

“What do you want?”

That was a loaded question. Maddox wanted everything from Sam, but for now, he wanted to see the guy smile, to hear him laugh. “A million dollars. You wouldn’t happen to be carrying that in your pocket?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Corny.”

“I was just wondering if you’d show me around town. If you hadn’t figured out from last night, I’m new here,” Maddox said.

“Bullshit,” Sam said, his face tight. “You two acted as if you didn’t know where Dalton Falls was, yet Matthew drove here without any instructions from me. Show yourself around, jerkwad.”

Sam began to walk away, but Maddox moved until he blocked the guy. “A friend of the family lives here.” He held his hands up. “That’s the honest truth. But we’ve never explored the town before, not as residents. It would be nice to get a tour from a native resident.”

“Ask your friend to show you around,” Sam said as his face clouded over. “I don’t trust you or your twin after the stunt you two pulled.”

Maddox glanced at a guy leaving the hardware store, toddler in tow. The stranger glanced between them before walking to his car. He could smell cat on the guy. He was some kind of shifter. Maddox shoved his hands into his front pockets, trying his best to seem less intimidating. “Can we start over?”

A frown puckered between Sam’s eyes. “Why are you so pressed to be friends?”

Because you’re my, and Matthew’s, mate. “You seem like a nice enough guy, and from what my friend told me, this town isn’t very accepting of strangers.”

“And how do I know I can trust you?” Sam asked, his tone filled with hesitation as suspicion gleamed forth. “You two seemed nice last night, until I got into the car. What if you flip on me again?”

Maddox crossed his heart with his finger. “Won’t happen again. I swear.”

Sam brushed a lock of hair from his face and glanced around. “What do you want to know?”

“Can we walk and talk?” Maddox asked. He stepped aside to allow Sam to move ahead and then fell in beside him when his mate began to walk.

“I’m not sure if this place will be a perfect fit for you,” Sam said as he smiled at a couple passing them by. The woman smiled at Sam. The guy scowled at Maddox before he scented the air, and then he frowned. Sam seemed oblivious to all of this.

“And why is that?” he asked.

“Because this town is…different.” Sam stopped and gazed up at Maddox, those green eyes captivating him. For a second, Maddox became lost in them.


“I’m just trying to figure you out,” Sam said. “What’s your angle?”

“I don’t have an angle,” Maddox said. “I’m just a new business owner and resident who doesn’t know anyone here aside from Matthew, our friend, and you.”

Sam leaned sideways as he tucked his arms over his chest, eyeing Maddox. He knew that he and his brother had broken Sam’s trust. It was a price Matthew had been willing to pay to teach their mate a lesson. Maddox, on the other hand, was pissed that he had to gain it back. Matthew could have found another way to teach Sam about taking rides from strangers.

“I still feel like I’m being set up for some kind of fall,” Sam said and then sighed heavily. “Fine, we’ll start fresh, but screw me like that again, and you better forget I exist.”

“Got it.” Maddox smirked. “No screwing you.”




He hesitated, still shivering like crazy when Maddox grabbed the hem of Sam’s shirt and lifted it over his head. Sam stood between the two, his thin chest exposed to them both. He tried to cover his chest, but Maddox grabbed his wrists and held them at his sides as the guy began to kiss him along his neck. Sam shuddered and tilted his head to the side as Matthew started to kiss him along his bare shoulder.

Sam’s lips parted, his breath coming out in short bursts as Maddox unbuttoned his pants, pulling the fabric apart. His warm hand slid into Sam’s underwear, and then the guy wrapped his hand around Sam’s aching cock.

Oh god! Sam hitched his hips forward as he leaned into Matthew, closing his eyes once more while Maddox began to slowly stroke him. He still wasn’t sure if he could go all the way, wasn’t sure about any of this, but he didn’t have the willpower to stop Maddox, to stop Matthew. All he could do was feel, his inhibitions and worries slipping away with that single touch.

When Matthew pulled the waistband of Sam’s pants down below his ass cheeks, Sam didn’t even flinch. Sam writhed between the two, snapping his hips forward as Matthew traced his crease, his wet finger delving deeper until the tip circled around Sam’s entrance.

He just…oh god…this was… Sam couldn’t focus on one single thought. His fingers curled and uncurled as Maddox dropped to his knees and took Sam’s cock into his mouth.

“Shit!” Sam cried out as Matthew wrapped an arm around his chest, holding him up, his finger still probing, circling, pressing against Sam’s quivering hole. Matthew’s muscles bunched and flexed against Sam’s back, his arm a steel band.

He might be in over his head, but Sam wasn’t going to stop this. Even though his mind screamed to take a breath and think this through, his body duct taped his thoughts. Sam wanted release so desperately that he was willing to do anything to get it.

“You want to come down Maddox’s throat, don’t you?” Matthew asked as the tip of his wet finger breached Sam’s ass.

Instinctively, Sam clenched his cheeks as he panted so heavily that he became dizzy.

“Y–yes,” Sam said breathlessly.

“Relax,” Matthew said into his ear. “Let me in.”

Sam blew out a long breath as he released the tension. Matthew’s finger sank deeper as Maddox took Sam’s cock all the way down his throat. Sam hadn’t realized that—as Maddox sucked him off—he had also pulled Sam’s pants all the way down to his ankles and was currently removing his shoes. Sam stepped out of them and then out of his clothing.

He was now standing there completely naked and didn’t even care. He alternated between thrusting forward into Maddox’s mouth and rocking backward onto Matthew’s finger.

“I wish it was my cock in your ass instead of my finger,” Matthew said with a slight growl, reminding Sam that he was with two predators—two dominant wolf shifters. “Do you want that, Sam? Do you want to feel my cock buried deep inside of you?”

The tendons in Sam’s neck strained as Maddox recaptured his wrists, holding them at Sam’s sides. Maddox worked Sam’s cock like a dream, his tongue twisting and swirling, lashing his balls before the appendage trailed up his shaft to circle the head.

“Yes,” Sam whimpered. “God yes.”

“Maddox,” Matthew said. “Back off.”

Sam nearly cried when Maddox let his cock slip from between the man’s lips. One of Maddox’s brow rose as he gazed up at Matthew. “Mind telling me why you had me stop?”

“We need to get him upstairs,” Matthew explained, his arm still wrapped tightly around Sam’s chest. “We need a bed to lay this beautiful creature out on.” Matthew’s arm flexed. “At least for the first time.”

Maddox rose with a wolfish grin. “Most definitely.”

Sam’s head was still spinning as Matthew picked him up and tossed him over his shoulder. Matthew took the steps two at a time, giving Sam very little time to process what was happening, let alone time to protest.

He got a quick glimpse of the living room before Maddox filled his vision. The twin puckered his lips and made a kissing noise.

Sam started to tell Matthew to put him down, but the twin had stepped into a large bedroom. Maddox closed the door behind them. Sam was dumped onto the bed, and then Matthew crawled over the mattress, hovering over Sam, stealing a kiss before Sam had a chance to catch his breath.

Sam concentrated on Matthew because, now that his cock wasn’t buried in Maddox’s throat and he had an ounce of brainpower, the thought of both men taking him had him ready to bolt. Matthew didn’t let his thoughts stray too far though—not when the man kissed him so passionately that Sam’s toes curled.

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