[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Asher, a blind dire wolf, works for the Paranormal Leadership Society as a mediator. When he is sent on a rescue mission he discovers his mate, a fey named Kathej Innje. Unable to determine what is causing Kat’s pain, Asher uses his special ability to put the sweet man to sleep. Searching for answers, Asher takes the fey to Ian Mircea, an ancient and greatly feared vampire, only to discover the man is also their mate.
As they celebrate the news that Kat is with child, Asher is taken from them. Ian struggles to care for his pregnant mate while searching for his missing mate. As Ian searches for Asher, a web of secrets and lies is exposed that will shake the foundation of the paranormal community, and these three are at the very center of it. Can they find the strength to survive the oncoming war?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Asher's Mates (MMM)
30 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What a great beginning to a new series. I fell in love with all three main characters, plus several secondary ones. The author has written a crisp story with an exciting plot. Not to mention hot men of multiple species and even hotter sex! I'm looking forward to more.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"The world of the ‘Mircea Clan’ series promises to be an interesting one with its mix of various supernatural species, conflict around bad guys who capture and torture several paranormal beings, and matings in mixed-species combinations. If this first story is anything to go by, it will be a highly suspenseful and adventurous ride for all the characters introduced here to find and/or rescue their mates. With the Paranormal Leadership Society (or PLS) as a supervisory body that does not seem to be above corruption and its own issues, the fight for justice is bound to be a tough one. Asher is one of the few dire wolves in this world. He has been cruelly tortured as a result of which he is very close to blind, but he never told anyone the reason for his disability. Weakness is not something he thinks he can show to anyone without endangering himself, so he has learned to compensate by becoming a strong warrior and a mediator for PLS. His special abilities to feel people’s emotions and being able to freeze up to four in time make him a valuable member of that organization. But neither of those abilities can help prepare him for the shock of facing his past, finding out he has not one mate but two, and dealing with renewed attacks against himself and his mates from multiple sources. Kathey, or Kat, is a fey who was held prisoner for a decade. His parents thought him dead and, along with all the other fey, have left the world for an unknown destination. As a result, Kat doesn’t know much about his heritage or how to deal with his magic once it awakens. Just before his twenty-fifth birthday, when he would have come into his powers anyway, he is rescued by one of his mates – Asher, who has been led to his prison by an unknown dream walker. Kat immediately goes into mating heat and once he and Asher have found their third mate, Kat becomes pregnant. Apparently, only fey males have this ability, and the only thing Kat doesn’t like is how protective his mates become, stopping him from participating in an all-important rescue mission. Ian is a fascinating character. He is the second-oldest vampire around (after his father), over two thousand years old, and lives in total isolation after the news of his mate’s disappearance. When Asher brings an unconscious Kat to Ian in the hopes the age-old vampire can help, Ian is ecstatic to find out Kat is still alive and that Asher is his mate as well. When Asher is kidnapped, Ian almost becomes feral – losing a second mate is not something he thinks he wants to survive. With the help of Ian’s sons, Rio and Ant, from a previous liaison, the shifter elder, Compton, who has some fascinating abilities, and other interesting secondary characters, a rescue operation is launched. What follows are some disquieting revelations about supernatural criminal activity, a few more potential mating combinations, and a realization of the role of the dream walker who keeps popping in for crucial revelations. All of this made me look forward to the next book even more. If you like mixed-species paranormal stories, if a triad made up of a wolf shifter, a fey, and an ancient vampire sounds interesting, and if you’re looking for a read that is as much a suspenseful action/adventure as it is a sizzling romance that turns into a triad, then you will probably like this novel." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Asher ran as far and fast as he could, trying to get all his anger out. His dire wolf wanted to stretch its legs this full moon and that was exactly what Asher planned to do. His latest job had finally finished. Now he had free time until PLS, the Paranormal Leadership Society, called him in for a new job. The last one had him cooped up in conference rooms most of the time and now he wanted to run, to feel the moist earth below his feet, more than anything. Mostly, he wanted to howl out his frustrations with no one to watch him.

Dire wolves were rare among shifters and held special powers, believed to be a gift from the Gods. They were able to feel the emotions of the people around them. Because of this, they could tell when people were deceitful or honest. Even rarer was the ability to read minds, which, thankfully, Asher did not have. He already had enough on his mind. Sometime in the past, their special abilities turned them into the peace brokers for the paranormal world. They were sent in by PLS to settle squabbles without resorting to a challenge. Challenges often were to the death. As humans advanced, it became harder to hide the bodies and stay safe. They needed to evolve how they handled themselves, as well.

Asher ran around his estate, happy to be home and not watching his back every moment of every day. The smell of the grass flowed through him, blocking out the fact that he couldn’t see worth a damn. At least he could smell his surroundings, the wet grass and rain in the air. It felt peaceful, exactly what he needed.

His wolf’s red fur stood up straight when he spotted a shimmering blue thing shaped like a human standing in the middle of his meadow. He couldn’t make out if it was a man or woman, only that it was human-shaped. The blue color that radiated from the human did nothing to calm him.

Grass tore from the ground and dirt stuck to his claws as he skidded to a stop, crouching down to let out a menacing growl. His ears flattened and a bit of drool slid off his long canine teeth. The darkness and his bad vision made him feel like he was standing in a black room with one bright shining blue light. It felt unsettling.

“Be calm, I mean you no harm,” the man called out, opening his hands in what Asher assumed would be a submissive gesture. It had to be a man. The timbre of his voice said it couldn’t possibly be a woman.

Asher let out another feral growl, warning the man off. This was his home, his small piece of comfort in his lonely world, and no one had the right to encroach on it. Well, besides Carmen. That was a different story. Carmen was the only person Asher trusted completely.

“You have no reason to trust me. I understand. I only came now because I have no other option. You will be offered a job in Minnesota and you need to take it. Your mates await you. If you don’t go, one mate will die and the other will be lost to madness.”

Asher shifted in the blink of an eye. He was one of the few who could shift in under a second. He cursed his weakened state, but it was the only way to communicate with the man. The brightness of the man’s blue body dimmed and his world grew increasingly dark as Asher lost his wolf eyes. He always saw marginally better as a wolf, but still not enough to not think of himself as blind.

When he was young, he’d lost most of his vision from a brutal attack by his former Alpha. He could see blobs of blurry color, but trying to focus caused so much pain and brought on such lasting headaches that he rarely did it. At least his enhanced wolf form could see more than his weak human eyes. Many had asked about his eyesight and, so far, he’d trusted no one enough to tell them the truth about what happened. He would rather them give him pitying looks and make up their own stories than let them know the truth of how weak he once was. He had his pride, just like anyone else.

In all of his hundred and fifty years, he hadn’t let anyone in. He trusted Carmen, yet he still maintained a comfortable level of distance between them. To hear this small, shimmery blue man talk of mates shocked him, to say the least. Not a single mate, but mates, plural? He’d never planned on meeting a mate or getting close enough with anyone to complete the bond.

Thankfully, the man stood ground, not trying to come closer. However, if the man did try to come closer, he had ways to protect himself even if he couldn’t see clearly. Nature had been kind and had gifted him with one extra ability no else had. That gift was part of the reason he became the most sought-after of the few dire wolves left. He had the ability to freeze up to four people in place. He could guarantee a fight-free meeting, when needed.

“Why me?” Asher asked. He had nothing to offer a mate. What could he possibly give someone besides grief? Of all the questions Asher could have asked, that was the one that felt the most important to him.




Kat continued to pump his cock as his tongue darted out and licked along Asher’s neck. “Need you, Asher.”

Slowly Asher ran his hands up Kat’s sides and over his shoulders to cup his cheeks. Asher held his head as he leaned down and licked at Kat’s lips, seeking entrance. Kat opened for him and he delved in, warring tongues. Asher fought for control of the kiss, using every tactic he could. He wanted to own Kat in that moment.

When the need for air became overwhelming, Asher pulled back. “I want to try something,” Kat said, his words slow and his voice huskier.

“Anything you want, love.” The endearment slipped but it felt so true and natural to say it to his beautiful fey. Kat was his mate, given by fate for him. How could he have thought of denying it?

Asher groaned as he felt wet heat surround the head of his cock. Kat sucked eagerly on the head before sliding his warm tongue along the vein down to the root. Asher’s toes curled in at the pleasure Kat gave him.

Asher was vaguely aware of the door opening when Ian’s scent hit him. He let out a deep moan as his cock twitched in Kat’s mouth, bobbing against the back of his throat.

“That is possibly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen,” Ian said, opening the shower door.

Asher wanted to scream out at the invasion until he felt Ian’s naked chest press against his back. As Kat continued to lick around his balls, Ian ran his finger down his seam. “Can I?” Ian asked, his need matching Asher’s own.

“Yes, God, yes!” Asher moaned, pushing into Kat’s mouth when he sucked in the spongy head of his cock again.

“I want to fuck you, Asher. I want to leave you breathless and make you feel so loved, you never question how we feel for you.” Ian continued to run his fingers through Asher’s crack, teasing his nipple with his other hand. The overload of sensations drove him mad.

Ian’s hands moved away for a moment and Asher heard the snick of a bottle opening. A slick finger pressed gently at his puckered hole. Nerves fired off and he snapped his hips against Kat’s mouth. Kat gently scraped his teeth along the shaft before sucking him in to the root.

“Kat, love, go easy for a moment.” Ian pressed the tip of his finger in, pumping it in and out before pushing in to his knuckles.

Asher groaned and pushed back against Ian’s hand as Ian wiggled it in and out a few times before adding a second finger.

“Fuck me!” Asher screamed. He never wanted something as bad as he wanted Ian to claim him.

“Almost, love,” Ian said, squeezing in a third finger and pumping them against him. He felt so full, so tight.

“Now! I want the burn,” Asher panted. Kat continued licking along his aching shaft but not taking him in and he wanted to scream in frustration.

“Kat, honey, sit against the wall and I’ll position Asher over you so you can continue your beautiful blow job,” Ian said, wrapping his strong arm around Asher. Asher felt safe in Ian’s arms, protected. He knew Ian would never let him fall. Ian would never let Kat fall either.

Once they were positioned, Asher pressed his palms against the warm shower tiles, bent at the waist. Kat took him in his mouth again as Ian squeezed in his rear.

“Now. I need!” Asher groaned as Kat took a deep pull on him.

“I’m worried I’ll hurt you. I need to stretch you more,” Ian said, pulling back and putting his fingers in again.

“No!” Asher screamed. “I want the burn.”

Ian removed his fingers and Asher could feel Ian’s cock pressing against his entrance again. For a man who usually ran cold, his cock was burning hot against Asher’s skin. “Fuck me!” Asher screamed.

“Whatever my love wants,” Ian said, thrusting in to the hilt in one quick push. Ian began to move, slamming into him, with the speed only a vampire could. Every movement Ian’s cock made brushed against his prostrate and Asher began begging in unintelligible grunts for something just beyond his reach.

Ian’s hand slapped down on Asher’s rear, drawing a long groan from him. The burn spread, warmed over his rear. Asher snapped his hips back, begging for more. He would never admit how much he liked the seconds of pain before the pleasure that slap caused.

Ian must have noticed because the man chuckled before spanking him five more times in quick succession, “My love likes that, doesn’t he?”

Tingles raced across every spot Ian’s hand landed on and pooled under the skin. He shivered and his muscles tightened without thought, so close to exploding. He could feel the tingles race down his spine, shooting to his balls.

“Yes!” Asher screamed as his orgasm crashed through him. His balls drew in tight and his skin tingled as he painted Kat’s mouth with his seed.

Ian’s arms wrapped around him, providing strength, holding him up when his legs turned into wet noodles. Asher felt Kat scooting out from under him before Ian lowered Asher to sit against the wall sandwiched between them. “Thank God for large water heaters,” Ian joked.

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