Forbidden Desires (MMM)

Tri-Omega Mates 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,300
187 Ratings (4.6)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, Werewolves]

Ryland has loved Gregory for six years, ever since Gregory rescued him from the brink of death. He has also known since then that Gregory is his mate. He's been old enough for a couple of years now, he just can't understand why Gregory won't claim him.

Gregory knew the moment he saw Ryland six years ago that they were mates. Ryland just wasn't old enough to be claimed. So Gregory bided his time, waiting for Ryland to grow up. But as his desire for Ryland builds, he wonders how much longer he can wait.

Gregory finally claims Ryland, only to learn that by doing so, he has endangered Ryland. Ryland is a tri-omega and needs two mates to keep him grounded and safe. But he hasn't met his other mate yet, which could be a problem. It could mean Ryland's life if they don't find him.

A Siren Erotic Romance



Forbidden Desires (MMM)
187 Ratings (4.6)

Forbidden Desires (MMM)

Tri-Omega Mates 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,300
187 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Professional Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "After reading a wonderful first book in a series, it is always with a sense of trepidation that I read the second without comparing it to the first. Stormy Glenn has done what few authors have been able to do. She has given us a better book with Forbidden Desires, the second book in The Tri-Omega Mates series...Stormy Glenn has given us a plot, which will have readers putting The Tri-Omega series in their diaries for future release. Sex scenes are definitely not vanilla; they are hot, aggressive and in some cases very much unexpected. I absolutely love this book and look forward to seeing where Ms. Glenn goes with this series." -- jhayboy, Romance Junkies

5 CHERRIES: "Full of heart and fascinating characters, Forbidden Desires is a wonderful second entry in the Tri-Omega Mates series. I really enjoyed watching the relationships develop and grow throughout the book. The author created three wonderful men that I couldn't help but feel for as they have to learn to adjust their thinking and plans and get used to each other. The characters truly drive this story as they take you on an emotional roller coaster; it was a ride that I enjoyed every minute of!" -- Lilac, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Ms. Glenn has continued her series with this fast paced continuation of her Tri-Omega Mates series. I fell in love with Ryland from the very beginning with his infallible love for life and belief in the good in everyone. Ryland's ability to forgive and forget, happy personality, and zest for life draws people to him. I enjoy watching how Leyland's paranormal abilities shock his mates as they continue to unfold. Will Ryland get his chance to find his other mate and his place in the world? Thanks go to Ms. Glenn for a fantastic edition to the Tri-Omega Mates series. I will be waiting to read more stories by this author." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 KISSES: "Forbidden Desires is a very emotionally powerful read. I really loved it...if you love this series as much as I do you must read Forbidden Desires, where hot man love and were wolves abound!" -- Tina, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Stormy Glenn's Forbidden Desires is an excellent book. While Forbidden Desires is the second story in the Tri-Omega series and is a stand-alone book, I would strongly recommend that you start with the first book, Secret Desires. Neither of these books should be missed and I am anxiously waiting for book three." -- Lydia, Rainbow Reviews

4.5 STARS: "These stories are intriguing. When a tri-omega finds his two mates, they come into some powers. How those powers manifest themselves is a unknown until the claiming is done. Ryland and Gregory knew they had to accept another man but that is easier said than done. Working out their problems made for some interesting emotional and passionate scenes. Heat and passion, love and emotion are the hallmarks of Stormy Glenn's Forbidden Desires. This is my first tri-omega story and after reading this one, I want to run out and get the first one. Forbidden Desires is double the fun for all readers who enjoy male/male stories." -- Elise Lyn, Ecataromance

Best Shape Shifter Book, Love, Romance, and More Cafe Nominee, 2008

"'Forbidden Desires' is book two in Stormy Glenn's Tri-Omega Mates series and it continues the sexy fun of the small pack filled with gay men. Once again, I was drawn into this small family and into their lives and loves. Ryland was beaten almost to death by his birth pack for being small and weak and then they left him to die. Unbeknownst to them and his new pack, Ryland is a Tri-Omega which means when he gets claimed by both of his mates he'll be able to shift and he will come into his powers. From the moment Gregory rescues him, Ryland knows they're mates, he's just been waiting patiently to be claimed. Gregory has done everything possible for six years to not claim Ryland. He's been waiting for him to come of age and be ready. So, when his Alpha's mate, Leyland, allows Gregory to see into Ry's heart and he realizes how much Ry is ready to be claimed and be his mate, Gregory wastes no time and claims him. Unfortunately, Gregory didn't listen when Leyland told him that Ry is "just like" Leyland, meaning he's a Tri-Omega and will have two mates. So now that Gregory has claimed him, they have a limited amount of time to locate Ry's other mate or he could die. Enter Viktor, Beta to another pack that Gregory and Ryland meet while on vacation. Viktor isn't so sure about this whole Tri-Omega thing and he's positive he doesn't want to have to share his mate. That's part of what makes this book so very different from the first story. Here there's literally three people who have to acclimate to each other on an intimate level instead of being lovers for awhile already. I liked this story as it was fairly unique. Ryland ends up with some very interesting powers and with the two men he loves. There is a little drama, but nothing earth shattering. If you like shifter stories, multiple men, and hot, smexy fun, then this is a good read and a good series for you." -- Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Gregory stood in the doorway to the tack room watching Ryland shovel hay in the side horse pen. He had to take a deep breath as he watched the afternoon sunlight glisten off the sweat dripping down his tanned muscled body.

His life at this moment would be so much easier if Ryland would stop working outside without a shirt on. Looking out at his perfect little body he wondered if even that would be enough tonight. His cock was so hard in his pants that he was pretty sure he was going to have zipper marks.

Oh, sweet hell! He groaned to himself as Ryland bent over. His faded blue jeans were straining across his tight little ass. Gregory reached down and rubbed his hand across his aching cock, feeling a small damp spot appear.

Ryland really needed to stop. It seemed that every time Gregory turned around he was doing something that had him all tied up in knots and hard as a rock. Today was no different.

He quickly averted his eyes when Ryland turned in his direction. It wouldn’t do to let Ryland see him drooling. He might get it into his head to do something even more aggressive—like drop his jeans. Gregory could always hope anyway.

“Hey, Gregory, I didn’t know you were out here.” Yeah, right!

“Hey, Ry. I was just cleaning up some of the tack and heard some noises out here. You about done here?” Gregory prayed that his voice didn’t betray the arousal he was feeling. It wouldn’t do at all for Ryland to figure out how much he was turning him on.

“Almost. I have a little more to do then I’ll be done. Jake wanted both pens cleaned up today but I already got the other one done. Why? Did you need me?”

Oh, that wasn’t nice! But if Gregory wasn’t mistaken, there was a clear invitation in Ryland’s voice, one that was very hard for Gregory to ignore.

“No, I just wondered how much longer you’d be. I wouldn’t want you to fry out here in the sun. It’s a little warm today,” Gregory replied, pulling at the collar of his blue cotton shirt.

Warm was an understatement. It was blistering hot and not because of the bright afternoon sun shinning down on them. It was the perfect little body standing right in front of him.

Gregory just couldn’t take it any more. He was going to go into town and find someone to relieve the ache Ryland was creating in his pants. He would rather just claim his mate but Ryland still wasn’t old enough, not for him. Not for what Gregory wanted from him.

“Look, Ry, I need to go. I have some stuff to do. Don’t stay out here too long,” Gregory said quickly as he looked away from the tempting chest in front of him.

Gregory turned and shut the tack room door and headed for the house. He needed to go get ready. Get a shower, some clean clothes, and maybe a little cologne. It had been so long since he had tried to attract someone, that he wondered if he even remembered how it was done.

With a little chuckle, Gregory walked into the house and headed for his room. Maybe tonight was just what he needed to get him through the next couple of years until he could claim his mate.


* * * *


Ryland watched Gregory walking into the house. Now where in the hell was he going? Ryland had specifically waited until Gregory came outside to take his shirt off. He was sure that Gregory would see him, maybe want him. Maybe claim him.

He had been waiting nearly two years for Gregory to claim him. He knew Gregory was waiting until he was old enough. He even respected the boundaries that Gregory had set down.

He had still looked forward to his eighteenth birthday with anticipation. He had been so sure that Gregory would finally claim him. But the day had come and gone, along with a lot of others. And still Gregory made no move toward him.

He had tried everything he could think of to let Gregory know he was ready, baring telling him to his face. Nothing seemed to work. Maybe he should just tell him. Maybe that’s what Gregory was waiting for.

Ryland shook his head, laughing quietly to himself as he thought about how he might have been able to skip the last two years of longing and misery just by talking with Gregory.

 Setting his shovel against the side of the barn, Ryland grabbed his shirt and pulled it on, leaving it unbuttoned. He just needed to go talk with Gregory and they could get this whole thing worked out.

He didn’t know why he hadn’t thought of this before. It made perfect sense. Gregory had always been so patient with him. He must be waiting until Ryland felt that he was ready before claiming him.

With a little spring in his step, Ryland made his way into the house and upstairs toward Gregory’s bedroom. He would just go in and tell Gregory he was ready to be his mate and everything would be okay.


Gregory scraped his teeth gently across a small patch of skin. “This is where I’m going to bite you when I claim you, Ryland,” he whispered, his hands moving down his chest to the buttons of his pants.

He quickly freed Ryland’s cock from his pants, rubbing his hand briefly over the hard flesh. As his thumb skimmed across the top, smearing pre-cum in its wake, he scraped his teeth over his neck again.

“Do you want me to claim you, Ry?” he whispered.

“Yes,” Ryland hissed. His hands came up to grab Gregory’s head, his fingers fisting in his hair as he pulled his head down to his neck. “Now, Gregory, do it now!”

Gregory tightened his fingers around cock in his hand, quickly stroking him as he sank his teeth into his neck. His eyes drifted closed as he savored the sweet taste of his mate, now his forever. Ryland tasted just as he did when Gregory had kissed him, like sweet honeyed wine. It was a delicious flavor that he knew he would be obsessed with for the rest of his life.

He opened his eyes as he lifted his head, looking down in astonishment as Ryland cried out. His hips lifted frantically, pushing against Gregory as he came, covering Gregory’s hand with shot after shot of pearly white seed.

“Fuck!” he whispered vehemently, feeling his own cock throb against his zipper. That was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He lifted his hand to his lips, his tongue darting out to lick at some of the seed on his hand.

Oh Fuck! Even this tasted like sweet honeyed wine, just a bit more tangy. He was doomed. Everything about his mate said that he was going to quickly become an obsession, if not a downright need— like breathing.


Gregory’s eyes fell down to Ryland’s burning face at the softly spoken word. He was avoiding his gaze, his face filled with embarrassment. He was upset that he had come so quickly, Gregory realized.

“I’m not. That was hot. I plan on seeing that look on your face again at least once more tonight.” He chuckled before he licked the rest of his hand off.

“You’re not upset?”

“Why would I be upset?” he asked curiously.

“Because I, because I came so fast?” Ryland murmured, his face burning even more.

“Hell, no. Do whatever feels right. Tells me I’m doing something right.” Gregory grinned as he scooted down his body. He pulled his jeans down his legs and tossed them over his shoulder. Scooting up between Ryland’s legs, he looked up at his stunned face, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Let’s see if we can get you to do it again.”

A moment later, Ryland was crying out again as Gregory took his still sensitive cock into his mouth, his tongue cleaning up any remaining seed as he licked him up one side and back down the other, like an ice cream cone.

“Gregory,” Ryland groaned, his hands grabbing at his hair. “Wait, wait, what about you?”

“Oh, believe me, baby, I’m gonna get mine. Don’t worry about that. This is a long process. It’s not just a wham, bam, thank you, man. This takes time, consideration, planning. You can’t rush these things,” Gregory said, chuckling.

“Wham, bam, thank you, man? Are you serious? Where do you get this shit?” Ryland laughed as he lifted his head and looked down his body to Gregory’s grinning face.

“It just comes to me. Must be a gift.”

“Gregory, you have a lot of other gifts. Stick to those.” He laughed, dropping his head back down to the straw covered floor.

Gregory climbed his way back up the smooth body beneath him until he was straddling his abdomen. He planted his hands down, one on each side of Ryland’s head, and looked down at him. “Just what other gifts are we talking about?”

“Well, if I remember correctly, you have an amazing chest. Of course, it’s hard to tell with your shirt on.”

Gregory grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, whipping the shirt over his head and sending it flying across the stall. “This help?”

“Oh, yeah,” Ryland whispered, his eyes taking in every inch of Gregory’s thickly muscled chest. He had a light spray of brown hair covering the top and moving down his stomach in an arrow shape, ending somewhere under the waistline of his jeans. “This is much better.”

His hands trembled as he reached up and placed them against Gregory’s chest just below his nipples. He had waited so long to be able to touch Gregory like this. Now that he had the opportunity, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do first.

“Ry?” Gregory asked after a moment when he didn’t move.

“Huh?” Ryland said, his eyes moving up to Gregory’s worried face. “What?”

“Are you okay?”

Ryland blushed a little, a small grin coming to his lips. “Yeah. I’m just not sure where to start.” His eyes dropped back down to scan Gregory’s chest. “I’ve waited so long—”

“How about here?” Gregory asked as he grabbed Ryland’s hands and moved them up to his light brown nipples, hissing softly when nimble fingers grabbed his nipples, pulling at them gently.

Ryland paused, his eyes darting up to Gregory’s. Seeing the half-lidded look Gregory was giving him, his lower lip caught between his teeth, one long canine sticking out, he grinned, pulling harder.

He watched with fascination as Gregory’s head fell back on his shoulders and his hands began to rub and down Ryland’s arms. He suddenly felt the need to have his lips on Gregory’s nipples. Grabbing his arms, he pulled until Gregory fell forward, his hands landing on each side of his head.

With Gregory’s body leaning over his, he leaned up and stuck his tongue out, circling one taut nipple before sucking it in between his lips. He almost smiled when Gregory groaned.

Instead, he pulled the nipple into his mouth and gently bit down. It was like turning on an electrical switch. Gregory went wild. His hips began grinding against Ryland’s hard cock. The harder he bit down, the wilder Gregory became.

Ryland reached down with his hands and quickly unzipped Gregory’s pants. He had barely pulled Gregory’s cock free when he was crying out his name, shooting into his hand, covering him with his release.

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