Falling for the Awkward Billionaire (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,198
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, MM, HEA]

Wayne Reeves is a hotel receptionist. Most of the customers are decent aside from a few exceptions. The worst has to be Edison Hopkins, a self-made billionaire who snaps at Wayne constantly. Phoebe, Wayne's fellow receptionist, thinks Edison is simply awkward because he may be infatuated with Wayne. Wayne thinks Phoebe may be clinically insane. Edison is simply rude.

Edison has a crush on Wayne. However, he never quite knows how to act or what to say around someone like Wayne who is so incredibly good-looking, it should be a crime to look like that. Then Edison asks Wayne to be his fake boyfriend and attends his mother's birthday dinner with him. He gets to interact with Wayne more often, and his mother, who nags at him about his long-term single status, can stop worrying. Then they bump into one of Edison's ex-lovers who tries to stir up trouble for them.

Can Edison get his happily ever after with Wayne?

Falling for the Awkward Billionaire (MM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Falling for the Awkward Billionaire (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,198
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Wayne gaped at Edison in disbelief. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

He was in such a state of shock after listening to Edison’s frankly moronic proposal to act as the older man’s temporary fake boyfriend that he forgot he shouldn’t be cussing at a guest who was staying at the hotel. However, he figured the situation called for it.

“No, I’m not.”

Wayne debated internally if he should remain at the diner and continue to listen to Edison’s idiotic idea. Or maybe he should simply get up and leave. However, his growling stomach in the next second reminded him of how starving he really was at the moment. He wouldn’t be able to last until the end of his shift at the hotel if he didn’t eat something substantial for lunch, and he knew the area well enough to realize he wouldn’t be able to find any other food within his price range. Moreover, he really didn’t have sufficient time left on his break to search for something else.

“Mr. Hopkins—”

“Call me Ed, please.”

“I don’t think that will be appropriate, considering you’re a regular at the hotel.”

“I’m sure we already crossed that line when I asked you to become my pretend boyfriend.”

Wayne hesitated for a second or two longer before sighing loudly in frustration. “Fine. Listen, Ed. I’m not certain what drugs you’re on to make you so delusional and more than a little insane, but I’m going to be the voice of reason and sound logic right here, right now. Did you carefully analyze what your stupid plan entails in its entirety when you came up with it?”

“Not really, but I’m sure we can work through whatever issues may crop up later.”

Wayne gasped in shock. “Are you even aware of the words that you just—”


“T-there are many things we will have to do with each other if we’re going to pull off your dumb and ludicrous plan successfully.”

“Such as?”

Wayne huffed. “For starters, we need to meet up as often as possible so we can get to know each other better. If we supposedly have been dating for six months, we can’t present ourselves as boyfriends during your mother’s birthday dinner in a convincing manner when we’re virtually strangers to each other. The other thing we must take care of is our body language.”

“Body language?” Edison repeated.

“Yes! Two people who have been together for six months will be quite comfortable in touching each other. You might not have noticed, but on our way to the diner, there was sufficient space between our bodies to fit at least another person as huge as you are.”

“Are you implying that I’m fat?” Edison retorted. “Because I’m really not. I can take my clothes off and show you my body if you like.”

“This isn’t the time for a silly joke,” Wayne deadpanned while glaring at Edison. “I’m being serious. You may be bisexual, and I really don’t care about the gender of my potential romantic partners, but there’s no way your family, or anyone else for that matter, will believe that we’re boyfriends. We’re not even friends. What do we really know about each other anyway?”

“Easy enough to rectify that. We can go out on dates. Problem solved.”

Wayne was stunned speechless for a few seconds. “That’s not the point!”

“What is it then?”

“You…I…” Wayne trailed off, uncertain how he should proceed from this point onward.


“I don’t think it’s a good idea at all.”

“I promise I’ll take you out on the best dates ever.”

Edison looked so earnest and sincere Wayne could feel his resolve crumbling a little. However, he was still hesitant.

“Ed, we will be deceiving your family. I’m still not sure if we should do something like that.”

“Why not?” Edison challenged, but the expression on his face reminded Wayne of something akin to a mixture of fear and nervousness.

“Because it’s…it’s…I don’t know. Aren’t you worried that we’re going to fail? We may end up hurting your mother’s feelings instead.”

“We will succeed.”

Edison sounded so confident Wayne began to wonder if he might be overthinking the situation. He gazed into Edison’s eyes as he weighed all of the positives and negatives. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Based on Edison’s explanation earlier, his mother was eager to see him settle down with somebody, and it seemed to stem from her concern that he would grow old alone. Wayne thought Edison’s mother was most likely a caring parent. He could relieve some of her anxiety by showing up with Edison at her birthday dinner and posing as the older man’s boyfriend. He would be doing something good. Besides, Edison was staring at him in a very intense manner, and he discovered his resistance was gradually chipping away. He bit his lower lip lightly before nodding at Edison.

“I must have lost my sanity, but fine. I’ll do it.”




As he deepened the kiss, he was astonished to realize that Wayne was obviously inexperienced in the art of kissing. There was too much spit involved. Period. Moreover, Wayne didn’t seem to know what to do. Instead, he appeared to copy every single one of Edison’s movements. Every nibbling and licking was done perfectly, but Edison could tell Wayne was simply mimicking whatever he did. He didn’t mind it, but nevertheless, it was surprising. When they eventually broke apart, Edison cupped both of Wayne’s cheeks before resting his forehead against his boyfriend’s.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for a while now.”


Edison nodded. “Yeah.”

Wayne smiled, but there was another emotion that seemed to be reflected in his eyes. Edison guessed it was anxiety, but he couldn’t be one hundred percent positive.

“W-was it good f-for you?”

“What? The kiss?”


“It’s a little messy. Too much saliva and tongue action,” Edison responded, and Wayne looked mortified and humiliated. “But it’s also perfect.”

Wayne’s expression brightened up slightly. “Really?”

“Really,” Edison confirmed. “You rarely kissed in the past. Am I right? Did you jump straight into the main event?”

“N-nothing like that.”

Wayne’s cheeks reddened much further afterward. Edison swore he wasn’t being mean to Wayne. He was only teasing Wayne. However, something in Wayne’s expression startled him. He gasped softly as the truth hit him square in the chest.

“No! That’s impossible!” Edison exclaimed in disbelief, but Wayne’s cheeks grew impossibly redder, and that confirmed it for Edison. “Was that your first kiss? For real?”

Wayne looked even more flustered now. “I wasn’t ready to kiss anyone before tonight.”

He sounded very defensive. Edison gaped at Wayne in shock for a few seconds longer as his heart pounded so much harder and faster.

“Tell me the truth, Wayne.”

“About what?”

“H-have you done anything at all with anyone?”

Wayne glared at Edison. “Of course! I’ve dated some other people before you.”


Edison was disappointed to hear that. He wasn’t a feral Neanderthal who was obsessed with virgins, but he had honestly thought that Wayne was one, and he would get to be the first one to have sex with the younger man.

“Yeah. My previous dates and I had pecked each other on the cheeks before. We had also exchanged hugs. Some light g-groping might have been involved.”

Edison was stunned. “Anything else?”

Wayne shook his head. “No.”

Edison was weirdly relieved, and he laughed. Wayne seemed thoroughly offended, though. Edison hurriedly calmed himself down and pulled Wayne toward him before hugging his boyfriend. Wayne struggled to break free, but Edison simply embraced his boyfriend even tighter than before.

“I’m sorry. I’m just…just so glad.”

“About what?”

Edison nearly chuckled at Wayne’s petulant tone of voice, but he somehow managed to stop himself. “About the fact that you’re still a virgin.”

Wayne glanced up at Edison. “You’re so strange.”

Edison shrugged. “There’s something really arousing about having sex with my boyfriend who happens to be a virgin.”

Wayne blushed. “Are you sure you won’t mind?”

“Yes. Why do you seem worried?”

“Because I’ll be really horrible at it,” Wayne answered, and his face was flushed red from his clear embarrassment.

“I’ll teach you everything I know,” Edison whispered into Wayne’s ear.

Wayne was quiet for a second or two before he nodded. “Okay. C-can we do it tonight?”

Edison couldn’t deny that was what he was wishing for. His cock was hard and leaking inside his pants. He could feel it throbbing like mad in anticipation. However, he had frankly expected he would have to wait for a bit longer. He scooted backward a little and stared into Wayne’s eyes.

“Are you serious?”

Wayne was obviously shy, but there was a glint of determination in those beautiful eyes. “I am. I-I’m scared because…you know, virginal territory and all that, b-but I want you to be my first.”

Edison snickered. He could tell that Wayne was nervous and terrified, but his boyfriend could still act sassy and adorable at the same time. However, he needed to be certain that Wayne would never regret his decision.

“Wayne, listen to me.”


“Once we do it, there’s no going back. You understand that, right?”

Wayne rolled his eyes. “Of course! I’m not that innocent.”

“Right. I just have to make sure. I’ve already gotten your first kiss, and I’ll be honored to be your first lover, but I don’t want you to be upset once the deed is over and done with.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

Edison inhaled and exhaled deeply a couple of times before pointing at the bathroom. “Why don’t you clean up in the bathroom? Or pee. Whatever you need. Once we get started, I’m not stopping until we’re done.”

Wayne trembled in Edison’s arms. “O-okay. I’ll be r-right back.”

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