The Education of Nicholas

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,940
1 Ratings (4.0)

Everywhere Nick looks lately, he's faced with people who are demanding too much from him. He has a good, but stressful job as a construction manager, but lately his job site has fallen victim to costly attacks by vandals. When he meets handsome Connor Easton at a fancy party for his boss, the blond detective looks a him like a chicken hawk looks at a baby chicken. Connor soon teaches Nick that he's not quite the Dom he thought he was. Connor is assigned to the vandalism case, and though Nick is determined to prove how strong he is, old secrets have begun to haunt him again.

The Education of Nicholas
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Education of Nicholas

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,940
1 Ratings (4.0)
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A little click at the door made him turn, and he watched incredulously as the door swung open and a grinning Connor slipped inside, locking it back behind him. He brandished a credit card. "Handy little trick. These locks are surprisingly cheap for a nice hotel like this."
Anger flew over Nick, making his voice come out harsher than he'd intended. "What are you doing? Can I get some privacy here?"

The man raised one eyebrow at him as he tucked the card back in his pocket. "I'm sorry. I thought you wanted me to follow you."
Nick felt a hot blush rush up his neck to his face. He made his voice cold and hard. "I don't know what you think I did to give you that impression, but I just came to the bathroom. That's usually private, in case you missed that back in kindergarten."

Connor sauntered across the room to him, again invading his personal space as he stepped up so close he was almost touching Nick. Nick was against the sink, so he had nowhere to go. Connor leaned forward a few inches until his lips were brushing Nick's. He was so close his cologne wafted up Nick's nose, a clean, spicy scent.

"I thought I you gave me a look in the ballroom. Did I misread it?" He glanced up at Nick from underneath his lashes, his pretty lips turning down in disappointment. "I'm sorry."

Immediately, those long lashes came down almost seductively over his blue eyes and he peeked back up at Nick flirtatiously. He was maybe a couple of inches shorter than Nick, and Nick was surprised and more than a little turned on by his nearness. The man was gorgeous to be sure. Could Nick have been wrong about him? He was presenting himself now more like a sub—maybe a bit of a brat, but that could be sort of fun, sometimes, especially when they were as pretty as this one.

Connor's hands dropped to Nick's belt buckle, and Nick allowed him to slowly unbuckle his belt and zip down his pants. "Is this okay?" he asked him softly.

Nick cleared his throat. "Yes. Whatever you want."

Connor smiled up at him. Seductively, he slid Nick's pants off his waist and down to his thighs, pulling his underwear with them. He glanced up at Nick once more for permission as he leaned forward to take him in his mouth. Nick nodded distractedly, fascinated by him. Dropping down fluidly to his knees, Connor made a soft sound of appreciation, and his warm hand closed around the base of Nick's shaft. Nick was hard and leaking by this time, his cock thick and jutting out proudly toward him. Connor glanced up at Nick again from beneath his lashes as he slid his lips over him. His heart hammering in his chest, Nick nodded again, the sight of those lips stretched around his cock making him unable to breathe, let alone speak.

Nick's hands cradled his balls, as Connor sucked him in from root to tip, up and down, up and down, pausing when he reached the head to stick his wickedly long tongue into Nick's leaking slit. Nick tightened his fingers in Connor's hair and sagged back against the sink, his knees weak as Connor nailed his slit again and again.

He moved down to lave his balls with his tongue and Nick wondered how he could have possibly been so wrong about him. This beautiful man might just be what he'd been looking for after all. All he'd ever wanted was some sweet, pliable sub who wouldn't make too many demands on him, someone who would take care of his needs and not ask for any strong emotion that he was just incapable of giving to anyone. All of those emotions had been purged from him a long time ago, and he didn't miss them. He never wanted to feel so strongly for anyone again.

Connor hummed against his cock and it almost buckled Nick's knees. Stroking around Nick's balls, his fingers fondled him gently. He felt one slender finger stroke across his perineum, and Nick widened his legs slightly to give him room. He couldn't believe he'd run from this beautiful boy when he was so incredible. Connor glanced up at him again from underneath those long eyelashes, and Nick smiled down at him encouragingly, petting his soft curls. "That's good, sweetheart," he murmured, and Connor hummed something around his cock again.

The finger stroked back over his entrance, and slid just inside. Nick stiffened immediately and tried to twist away, but Connor took his cock down his throat and swallowed around it. The sensation squeezed the head of his dick and again Nick felt the weakness in his knees. He groaned and relaxed as he felt his orgasm teasing him. He felt Connor's finger slip deep inside his ass.
Nick had never bottomed for anyone, and since no one had ever touched him there except for the doctor on occasion, he was uncomfortable with it and pushed gently at Connor's head. "No, baby. I don't–I don't do that."
He must not have understood or heard him, because he stuck another finger up inside to join the first and rubbed his prostate from the inside. A feeling as powerful as an electric shock hit Nick and he moaned in surprised pleasure. Still, he wanted to pull away, and stopped only when Connor kept him in place by swallowing around his shaft again. The sensations of his talented tongue and his fingers in Nick's ass were almost overwhelming him. Nick began to make little whimpering sounds as his orgasm came closer.
He put a little added pressure on Connor's head to warn him he was about to come, and he pulled off with a little plop, smiling up at him, two of his fingers still embedded in Nick's ass. Nick put his hand down to finish himself off, but Connor pushed it gently aside, as he pulled his fingers away and rose to his feet. Connor took Nick's hand in his and pushed it behind his waist as he leaned in for a kiss. Nick wasn't sure what he was doing, but he went along with it as he tasted the saltiness of his own pre-cum on Connor's lips.
Suddenly, with a quick little maneuver, Connor whipped him around, pushing Nick face first against the sink. With his pants down around his thighs, Nick stumbled and almost fell, as his legs twisted. He grabbed the counter to catch himself and Connor pushed down sharply on his back. Still holding one of his arms, Connor shoved it upward roughly until Nick gasped in shock.

"What-what are you doing?"

Connor pushed him down so he was lying across the counter, his bare ass upturned. "Giving you what you want, baby," he said. "What you need."

A sharp slap landed on his upturned ass, and Nick tried to get up, but Connor pushed up on his arm again, causing him to gasp in pain, and leaned forward on his back, raising Nick's feet off the floor, the hard countertop pressing into his sensitive cock. A series of four sharp slaps followed to Nick's ass cheeks, two on each side and all Nick could do was hang there in shock, his arm numb and his ass burning.

"Stop, stop!" he gasped, as the counter bit into Nick's cock, the damn thing still harder than it had ever been before with anyone else.
Connor bent his full weight over Nick's back to hold him in place, and he felt Connor's hot breath in his ear. "You don't want me to stop, Nicholas, because I'm giving you what you want, what you've needed for a long time. You haven't ever been able to find a sub to suit you, have you, baby? At least not for the long term. They're never quite good enough. They never satisfy you the way you need. Isn't that right?"

Two more hard slaps on his ass punctuated the question, and Nick squirmed and tried to heave himself up, but Connor was lying across his lower back, pressing his full weight down on him. Nick's feet were off the floor so he couldn't get the purchase he needed.

"Stop, damn it," Nick growled at him, but as Connor spanked him again, he heard him chuckle in his ear.

"No one has ever made you come so hard you forgot your own name, have they, baby boy? I can do that for you. I can make you crave my touch and beg for more."

The wicked fingers were back in his ass, finding the spot that made him so electrified before and he rubbed it hard again, making Nick almost sob with the sensation. Half pleasure, half almost pain tingled through him, he wanted to surge against his fingers and pull away at the same time.

"You've never been able to find a sub to please you, because a sub isn't what you need. You're beautiful, baby, but sometimes you need it to hurt a little, don't you? You need someone strong to give you the pain you crave and take your choices away. I can do that for you." Connor slapped his ass twice more again, once on each cheek, not holding back a bit and making it sting.

Releasing Nick's arm, and pulling out his fingers, Connor eased off him and Nick tried to raise himself up. His feet were finally on the floor and he half turned toward Connor when his voice behind him stopped him dead in his tracks. "Bend back over that sink, boy. I didn't say you could get up."

"Fuck you," Nick growled harshly at him, and Connor popped his ass so hard it almost lifted him off his feet. Damn, he was strong.

"Do as I say. And I say, bend your ass back over."

As he hesitated, shooting vicious, angry glances at him in the mirror over the sink, Connor pointed toward the counter. "Now, boy. Put your hands down on the counter and stick out that fine ass of yours. I'm going to spank you so hard you'll feel me for a week."

Confused, drenched in sweat, Nick shifted uneasily. His ass was stinging and his damn cock was still aching with the need to come. No matter how strong Connor was, Nick knew his own strength was far greater. He could easily leave if he wanted to. But for some reason, he hesitated. He glared at Connor again, and Connor stared back at him. "Surrender all that control for a few minutes, Nicholas. I know how tired you are. Give it to me. Give it all to me, and I promise I'll make it good for you."

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