Lei'd by the Shark (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,090
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA]

When Stilton Resorts sends Aaron Enomoto to build a megaresort in the sleepy Hawaiian town of Halana, he finds the region more complicated than he'd imagined. The roads are bad, the housing primitive. The only good thing about the area is a sexy local who becomes his tour guide and then his lover.

The son of a Hawaiian shark god, Jake Kalani wants to protect the region from those who would destroy the natural landscape and its close-knit community. He doesn't want to trust Aaron, but his father insists. The god Ku-Hai-Moana forces them together, demanding that Jake join forces with the handsome outsider.

Aaron's not sure what's seducing him more—the island's magic or the sexy Jake. But in finding a paradise worth defending, Aaron also discovers that love requires jumping in with both feet.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lei'd by the Shark (MM)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Lei'd by the Shark (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,090
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Aaron is trying his best to please his employer. His new promotion has put a stressful job at his feet and things are already slowing the project before it ever gets started. The resort he works for is looking at turning a small run down hotel into a megaresort in a tiny town. The towns infrastructure won’t handle what the resort has planned and the local shark god has plans all of his own.

Jake is trying to help his father (the shark god) deter the resort and their plans. The havoc his father has already caused has only slowed the resort’s progress. Jake’s methods of persuading Aaron to see that the megaresort as a bad idea is strait forward and there’s an added bonus to it, he gets to spend additional time with Aaron.

Lei’d by the Shark has a feel good story mixed with a really hot erotic romance. Jake is trying to prevent the town that he lives in and loves from being turned into an overpopulated tourist trap. Jake also wants to keep the lover that he has found. Aaron is in Jake’s town for a job. The destroy the town and keep Aaron or save the town and risk losing Aaron plot made for some interesting reading between the really hot bouts of man man loving.

Story excerpt


Thin stripes of red rode high on Aaron’s cheekbones. His jawline was sharp enough to cut glass. And his lips…Jake couldn’t stop looking at them. His mouth was small, but perfectly formed, and his lips pink and damp.

The bar swirled around them, lively but mellow enough Jake wouldn’t make out in public. He tilted his head to hum in Aaron’s ear. “Wanna go down to the beach?” He couldn’t help the roughness of his voice, or the heavier accent he slipped into when horny. His cock pulsed to life inside his worn jeans, itching against fabric as it filled.

“Yeah.” Aaron stumbled back, seeming to remember he was in a bar in a small town, not at a club in the city. “Sure. You got a car?”

“Yeah.” Jake swiped his fingers along Aaron’s spine as they walked, resting his touch at the small of the other man’s back.

“A black truck? Why am I not surprised?” Aaron surveyed Jake’s muddy, jacked-up Nissan.

Jake clunked open his door and climbed inside, and then he leaned across the bench to pop the lock on the passenger side. When Aaron climbed in, Jake hooked a palm around the back of Aaron’s neck. Now it was Jake’s turn to pause—to study the clean, smooth planes of Aaron’s face—before he slanted his mouth for a kiss.

Aaron sighed and went soft as butter, his lips tender and sweet. Aaron’s kiss was nothing like his edgy urban manner, and the juxtaposition made Jake’s half-hardness stiffen into a club in his pants. “You keep kissing like that and we’ll be getting naked right here, yeah?” He peeked around Aaron’s head at the folks trying not to look their way on the sidewalk.

Snickering, Aaron pulled back. “Don’t want that. Yet.” He smiled out the window—watching the moon rise. A river of white danced from where the orb touched the water.

Jake turned the ignition and shifted the truck in gear. He tossed his arm along the seat behind Aaron’s shoulders and peered behind him to back out. Then he eased them the short distance down the road to the beach where a line of cars and trucks were already parked, their occupants getting high or making out. He’d barely cut the engine when Aaron launched from his side onto Jake’s lap.

“’Ey.” Jake bustled the pile of man away from his balls, working to get Aaron’s hard knees on the outside where they belonged. “Easy, Aar.” The short name slid easily from his lips and Jake pretended the handsome city boy was his guy, and that they’d driven to the beach for a romantic nut.

“C’mon.” Aaron worked the buttons of Jake’s fly, his hands hot and insistent. He ran his lips over Jake’s neck, down to his collarbone. He shifted just enough to get Jake’s cock free, and moaned when it landed in his palm.

Jake pumped up into that hot fist, growling his approval. “Yeah. Yours, too.” He dragged a finger over the seam of Aaron’s pants, testing the hard ridge beneath. “Take it out.” Jake loved telling a guy what to do during sex, and Aaron—with his fancy clothes and hair—seemed just the type to like putting on a show.

“Too lazy to do it yourself?” There was a hint of attitude in Aaron’s grin, but that didn’t stop him from shimmying his jeans off his hips. The dusky head of his cock plumped over the elastic of his briefs. Then he shoved the burgundy underwear lower, under the curve of his balls. They were high and tight already. Aaron tugged them down before taking a firm hold on his shaft and sliding the foreskin along his length. “You gonna rub us off?” He wrapped his arms around Jake’s neck. Before Jake could answer, he added, “Fuck, you have no idea how bad I needed this tonight.”

Something about that whispered admission filled Jake’s belly with warmth. It was like they were really together, like they knew each other and fit perfectly. Jake stroked Aaron’s sides to pull off his shirt. His fingers dipped between Aaron’s ribs, and then skimmed over the sharp cut of his abs. “Yeah, I’ll get you.” He wrapped both their cocks in his callused grip.


Adult excerpt


“Hey, uh…I’ve got to work tomorrow…”

Jake might have been hurt by the brush-off except that he had to work, too. The assholes at Stilton hotels were sending someone by the work site to give him shit about when the road would be done. “Yeah, me, too.” He smiled at Aaron, hoping to get a grin in return.

Aaron’s smile flashed in the moonlight streaming through the windshield. His face and throat were still flushed. He looked gorgeous—free and happy, like he belonged by the sea.

“Maybe some other night.” Jake started the car. He didn’t ask it like a question, because he knew their hookup was a one-off thing. But still, he wanted to leave it open-ended in case their paths ever crossed again. City Boy might take another surf vacation. Jake thought about giving him his number in case he wanted to call.

“Sure.” Aaron toyed with the hair on the back of Jake’s neck as they drove. He alternated little tugs and slow scratches until Jake wanted to curl up at his feet like a big, shaggy dog.

Aaron pointed up the road. “That’s where I’m staying.”

Jake pulled into the small dirt lot. “Nice meeting you.” He stroked a finger over Aaron’s cheekbone, a last touch before Aaron got out of the car.

“Um…” Aaron wrapped his fingers around the door handle, readying to get out. His eyes were sad, but then shifted to nervous. He bit his lip. “D’you have any interest in coming inside?”

Jake wrapped his hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss. When they broke apart, he said, “Fuck, I thought you’d never ask.”


* * * *


Aaron snickered, tiptoeing down the hallway. He hid behind a wall while Jake stepped past the hippies watching TV in the main room. When Jake caught up with him, it was all Aaron could do not to break into giggles. They fell over each other getting into Aaron’s room. And when Jake closed the door, Aaron rushed to get both their shirts over their heads.

They touched wordlessly in the dark. Aaron worried that the hotel owner would catch a non-paying customer in the B and B and burst through the door, so he rushed to get their jeans off. Then he fell to his knees and took Jake in his mouth.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this—it had been years since he’d slept with a stranger. But Jake seemed good, and kind. Anyway, he’d never see the guy again so it was not like Jake would judge him for his sluttiness.

Jake huffed out a sigh and wove his hand in Aaron’s hair. He tasted like the ocean—a salty tide on Aaron’s tongue.

After a few minutes of bobbing on his thick cock, Aaron couldn’t wait any longer. He stood up, and stepped to his suitcase to dig out his lube and a condom.

Finding Jake’s hand in the dark, Aaron pressed the supplies into his palm. “Use both,” he whispered.

He felt Jake nod, and then Jake’s hands turning him around and bending him over the bed. It was at once impersonal and sweet, perfect and deliciously wrong. Jake breathed into Aaron’s ear right as his slippery fingers found his crease. “This’s not your first time, right?”

Aaron knew what he was really asking. Jake wanted to know if he had to go slow. But even if they’d had the time for a leisurely fuck, Aaron wanted it fast. “Nope.” Aaron twisted his neck for a kiss. He breathed into Jake’s mouth, “Not even close.”

Jake didn’t answer. Instead, he pressed his lips to Aaron’s as he fingered him open. Aaron heard ripping foil and then felt the blunt press of Jake’s cock on his hole. He forced his body to relax, and when Jake pushed forward, he pressed back, until Jake filled him to bursting.

“S’okay, yeah?” Jake held himself upright with a hand on the bed, right next to Aaron’s head. He held still, his voice tentative. “Not too much?”

Aaron’s eyes rolled back in his head it was so good. “Yeah. No…S’good. C’mon. Do it.” He braced his hands on the mattress, hoping to god the bed wouldn’t make too much noise. But as Jake started thrusting, it was as if Jake had ninja skills. He pounded in brutal succession, but managed to do it at an angle that the bed didn’t shift.

“You are amazing,” Jake said, grabbing Aaron’s hips.

Aaron might have said the same back, except that he was moments from coming. He scrabbled his hand under him to get at his cock.

“You gonna come for me, City Boy?”

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