Hiro's Merman (MM)

Urban Merman 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,999
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, mermen, sex toys, HEA]

When an abused selkie named Deniz slips through the portal from his land, he finds himself in the middle of Lake Washington surrounded by boats. Terrified of this new world, he dodges hulls until he's found by a beautiful human named Hiro.

Hiro helps Deniz learn about the human world and introduces him to love between consenting partners. He escorts Deniz from the maritime festivities of SeaParty weekend to an exclusive bathhouse, and shows Deniz all the fun and pleasure of the human realm. But when Hiro discovers the pain in Deniz's past, he isn't sure he can be the lover Deniz needs.

Even though Deniz wants Hiro with all his heart, he isn't sure he can trust again. Can Hiro give the selkie the space he needs to regain his confidence? Can Deniz face his abuser once more? Do selkies prefer lattés or cappuccinos? Find out in Hiro's Merman!

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hiro's Merman (MM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Hiro's Merman (MM)

Urban Merman 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,999
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



They ground together, moaning in time, until Deniz lifted his legs to wrap high on Hiro’s waist. He rubbed up suggestively, a smile playing at the bright red curve of his lips. “You want?” The way he batted his eyes, seductive and innocent at the same time, sent a wave of need through Hiro’s body so that Hiro hooked his arms under Deniz’s knees, hoisting his ass higher.

“Brace your feet on the ceiling.” Hiro reached over to the drawer at the side of the bed and dug out the lube he assumed Jamie kept on hand. Several bottles met his roving fingers, and Hiro smiled at his roommate’s enthusiasm. Then, feeling Deniz panting and twisting underneath him, Hiro grinned that his own lover was becoming just as demanding as his bossy roommate.

“What are you doing?” Deniz whined. He toyed with the base of his cock, tugging in short pulls like he wanted to jerk off, but didn’t want to rush it.

“Making sure we have what we need.” Hiro tossed a bottle on the bed. Jamie and Marin swore up and down that selkies didn’t get or carry human diseases, and vice versa, so he decided not to track down a condom. Anyway, it would be gentler on Deniz without the scrape of latex.

“What do we…oh!” Deniz gasped at the first touch of Hiro’s lubed finger to his hole. He shifted, teeth biting his bottom lip, and pressed himself down onto Hiro’s hand.

Hiro listened to his catch of breath, watching carefully as he added a second. “You okay?” He pumped gently, stroking along Deniz’s gland. He grinned when the merman’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“Yesss.” He hissed out his enjoyment, arching his back. Deniz’s head rolled on the navy-blue sheets, his fiery hair spilling all around. He looked wild and excited and not the least bit scared.

“Want more?” He pressed deeper, fuller, letting Deniz ride the waves of pinch and release. He licked up one side of Deniz’s pretty cock, and then down the other, until the selkie was fucking himself on his hand.

Hiro had half forgotten what they’d planned to do until Deniz reached down and dragged him higher, whispering, “I want you in me.”

The look of trust and joy on Deniz’s face stole Hiro’s breath, and he watched the selkie—not wanting to waste a moment kissing—while he positioned his cap at Deniz’s opening. The words I love you spilled from his lips as he pressed inside, and though Hiro wondered if he should have said them, he knew that at that moment they were true. He’d never felt that way about a man before—the fierce protectiveness and the bone-melting closeness.

Deniz trembled around him, his walls fighting to succumb, his muscles shaking on the brink of pleasure and pain. He shuddered with his eyes clenched shut and his mouth wide open, moaning until Hiro slanted his mouth across Deniz’s for a slow kiss.

Hiro held himself still, just licking the inside of Deniz’s mouth, until he felt his lover soften and relax. “Oh, yeah.” He rocked back, just a little, and then forward, watching the skin between Deniz’s eyebrows pucker at his thrust. “You like that?”

Nodding, Deniz breathed in high-pitched pants. He squeezed Hiro so perfectly, flesh so hot it burned through Hiro’s cock. Without the barrier of latex, he felt every ridge and softness.

Struggling not to force himself deeper and harder, Hiro bent to kiss Deniz again. He rocked gently while the selkie palmed his cock, working himself in messy strokes.

“Do you need it harder?” Deniz looked up at him with wide, worried eyes.

“Nah.” Hiro swiveled his hips, changing his angle until Deniz’s gasp told Hiro he’d hit him just right. “I like this.” And it was true. Yeah, Hiro didn’t know if he could get off that way. The friction was tight and delicious, but also slow. But he loved the way Deniz folded himself tighter, positioning his legs higher so that he was bent double in the tight space. “You like it deep like that?” Hiro pumped their hips up tight, so that his balls mashed against Deniz’s ass.

“Yes.” Deniz’s fist sped up on his hand. “Yes, but I want you to…”

Hiro knew what Deniz needed. He snapped his hips faster, working that tight, hot friction so good his balls climbed up against his body. But as Deniz’s face screwed up in pleasure, Hiro clamped a hand around the base of the selkie’s cock. “Don’t you come yet.” Hiro let loose, bucking with punishing thrusts.

Deniz’s pupils were so dilated Hiro only saw the thinnest outline of blue. His entire body clenched like he was trying to float right off the bed while he held back his orgasm. The merman’s whine boiled up in the tight space, the long, tortuous buildup to a denied climax.

But Hiro didn’t let him touch his cock, not until he felt the white-hot climb of cum shiver up his spine. “Okay, sweetheart. Give it to me.”

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