Jamie's Merman (MM)

Urban Merman 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,435
5 Ratings (3.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, mermen, HEA]

When a Seattle bartender finds a horny merman in Lake Washington, he tries to be kind and let him down easy. Jamie’s sick of taking home strays, and the needy merman pushes all his buttons. But when Jamie gets rejected by a longtime crush, he falls prey to the merman’s wide-eyed adoration and killer body.

But the selkie, Marin, has ulterior motives. He wants Jamie to help him impregnate his fertile wife, and soon Jamie’s dragged into a situation he hadn’t bargained for. Can Jamie get over his need to take care of every charity case that crosses his path? And can Marin man up and be the lover Jamie needs? Find out in Jamie’s Merman!

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jamie's Merman (MM)
5 Ratings (3.2)

Jamie's Merman (MM)

Urban Merman 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,435
5 Ratings (3.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I bought this book because I love mermen shifter stories, so I thought I'd give this new to me author a read, but this one didn't keep my attention. The story felt all over the place, I was left wanting. I don't think I'll continue with the series :(



After a moment, Jamie wrapped his fingers around Marin’s wrist to pull him to the surface. He spoke with pinched features and clicking teeth. “Marin?” Jamie rubbed his arms. “I’m too cold.”

Nodding, Marin closed his eyes and forced his metabolism higher so that his body radiated warmth to the water around them. He knew the effect was temporary. Selkies couldn’t give off that much heat for long, but he wanted Jamie so badly he was willing to risk exhaustion.

“Mmm…That’s better.” Jamie smiled, wrapping his legs around Marin’s tail.

Marin pulled him closer until their cocks flattened between their bellies. The feel of Jamie’s rigid heat against his own was so sharp Marin thought he’d go blind. “Jamie,” he whispered against the human’s lips. “Oh, gods…” He kissed him roughly, cradling his nape with one hand and gripping Jamie’s hip with the other.

Sighing, Jamie lapped at Marin’s tongue then nipped his lips gently. However, when Marin reached into the crease of his ass, he recoiled a fraction, as if he felt too open.

Growling with a sudden urge of possessiveness, Marin hooked a hand under Jamie’s knee to keep his thighs wide. He pulled back from Jamie’s mouth far enough to look in his eyes. “You are so beautiful.” The sky was pinkening in the east, so they gazed at each other in the bluish light.

Jamie shook his head, his lip curling into a smile. “I can’t tan for shit, and no matter how much I work out I can’t get a six-pack.”

Marin didn’t understand all his words but knew Jamie was joking. He grinned. Then Marin cupped Jamie’s jaw to pull him into another kiss. He breathed deeply, drawing in Jamie’s clean-as-rain scent.

“You want to fuck me?” Jamie asked. “I mean—you don’t have any weird ocean diseases, right? Can merpeople even get STDs?”

Marin yanked Jamie closer so their cocks bruised with the force of their thrusts. “My people don’t suffer any human diseases.” Marin wanted to fold Jamie double and bury himself while Jamie whimpered against his chest. He regretted that they were doing this in water instead of on land where he could pin Jamie to the ground. Keeping his voice deep and gentle, Marin slid his fingers into Jamie’s furrow. “Would you allow me?”

Jamie arched into his touch. “Yeah.” He nodded. His eyes were wide and liquid, his lips soft and parted. Jamie leaned closer and sighed his assent. “Yeah, I want that.”

Marin adjusted his sex so it was poised at the human’s entrance. He shoved to the back of his mind the memory of what happened to males of his kind who engaged in this kind of sex. As a pup, he’d witnessed a male torn to pieces, watched as the water reddened with blood. But humans were different—if nothing else, they didn’t have any way of knowing what happened on the water.

He forced back his fear, but his fingers still shook as he smeared his aroused secretions on Jamie’s pucker. Selkies’ bodies were naturally moist and well designed for making sex in the water, so he assumed his organ would provide enough lubrication. “I don’t want to hurt you.” He wasn’t sure how fast to push.

“I can take it,” Jamie said as if he’d read Marin’s mind. “Just go slow, okay?”

Marin fought not to buck, not to spear himself into the man. He cupped Jamie’s buttocks and used his tail’s undulations to drive himself slowly deeper. Jamie’s hole opened partly, like a kiss on Marin’s sensitive tip.

Jamie blew panted breaths in Marin’s ear, mewling. “Okay.” With a long exhale, Jamie relaxed onto Marin’s hands. When Marin pushed deeper again, Jamie eased down until his opening accepted the head of Marin’s cock like a fluttering mouth. The human shivered, his legs falling open.

“Oh my gods.” Marin’s eyes slid shut in ecstasy. He reached down to make sure Jamie had not torn. He traced his fingers along the taut arc, felt the skin smooth and stretched wide.

Wait.” Jamie shifted, his muscles tensing. “Just…give me a second.”

Pressing his forehead to Jamie’s, Marin nodded. He smoothed his hands down Jamie’s back, urging him to relax, silently asking Jamie to be his. Gentle pulses from his tail kept them moving, easing them up and down on the waves. Marin pressed his lips onto Jamie’s.

To his surprise, Jamie thrust his tongue into Marin’s mouth. The human lifted with his arms, so he slid up and then down Marin’s shaft. He did it again—this time rougher, setting the pace.

The harsher movements released something inside Marin—a wild, almost violent passion. Marin kicked upward, the force of his tail propelling him deeper until he pistoned inside. He gripped Jamie’s back with one hand and with his other hand hitched Jamie’s leg over his shoulder. The move shifted Jamie’s entrance to the perfect position for Marin’s thrusts.

Mouth open and eyes clenched shut, Jamie reached between their bodies. He gripped his cock and worked his fist in jerky strokes. He looked beautiful and free. His moans filled the air.

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