Lexi's Untamed Cowboys (MMF)

Casanova Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,432
14 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, sex toys, HEA]

Lexi Barrett is on the run from her ex-boyfriend after witnessing him kill three men at his Manhattan nightclub. When her car breaks down on a barren interstate outside Ryder, Kansas, she fears the chase is up until a sexy cowboy comes to her rescue. With little money and no place to turn, she accepts help from the stranger who stokes a fire inside her not even the summer sun can outburn.

Travis Coller and Brent Standon have been searching for a woman to complete their relationship. Lexi’s lucky breakdown in their small town makes one fact clear—the sexy city filly is a perfect match for them. They know she needs help beyond car repairs, and offer her protection from the dangers stalking her in hopes of winning more than a roll in the hay.

When her past arrives in Ryder, Lexi is forced to decide whether to walk away from her cowboys and the passion they have shown her, or stay and risk losing them forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lexi's Untamed Cowboys (MMF)
14 Ratings (4.0)

Lexi's Untamed Cowboys (MMF)

Casanova Cowboys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,432
14 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Wow, just OMG, wow! I hadn't planned on reading a book today, but the dreary, rainy day beckoned me to make the most of it. To be honest, I've never noticed Rhea's name before today. Not sure why, but I'm glad my eyes honed in on her book. I've been itching for a great MMF read and crossed my fingers when I purchased this book. I wasn't let down. From the first page I was hooked. Brent and Travis were damn hot! I loved that both were independently strong and capable. My rear end stayed planted and my eyes fixated on the words with quite a story to tell. This is the type of menage that is not only believable, but so damn hot you'll need your mate close by. Sadly, mine is at work. Curses. Rhea has definitely hit my favorite author chart. I hope to read many more.
Hennessee Andrews
Love, love, love everything about this book. Super hot heroes, good heroine and nice character development. The characters (especially the heroes) sounded like real people (as opposed to fluffy, romanticized people). The men had a great relationship on their own and the addition of Lexi just made it better. I highly recommend.



“How does a city sweetheart like yourself end up in a country bar with two cowboys like us?”

Lexi tipped her hands enough to delight in the softness of his hair. He had yet to place her entirely on her feet, leaving her in a precarious position teetering on her toes. The way he lifted her and held her with such ease, the feeling of righteousness that accompanied it, and the nudge of his arousal at her hip left her swaying in a fantasy that overshadowed her nightmare.

“The easy answer is you invited me.” Lexi’s smile dropped when his gaze shifted to her mouth. The electric delight in her belly lashed out, zinging along her pussy. “Maybe I could get to know some strangers and it wouldn’t make them strangers anymore.”

“What’s on your mind?”

I think the same thing that’s on yours.

“Travis was telling me a little about the history of Ryder.” Veer away from the temptation of a kiss. Brent let out a short breath, finally lowering her onto her feet. His arms stayed around her. “Are you a relative of the founding father?”

“Me?” Brent’s upper lip twisted in a nonchalant curl. “Nah.” He motioned toward the table with a nod of his head. “Trav is. Somewhere along the family tree, Trav’s father was a direct descendant. He owns part of the crop field and half the fruit orchards. He breeds horses for the rodeo and racing. Trav’s cousin is a big name on the circuit.”

“Did you grow up here?”

“Moved here a few years back, looking for a place to set down roots and open my own shop. Trav helped me out. Now I’m the only shop in town, and made a pretty damn good name for myself.”

“I guess I’m lucky to have broken down alongside miles of wheat fields, then.” She playfully jabbed his shoulder. “My broken-down vehicle is in capable hands.”

“Why, yes, ma’am.” His gaze crept over her from hair to toe. “Though, if I may say so, I don’t think this sexy piece of machinery is broken in any definition of the word.”

Lexi laughed at his blatant comment, trying to hide the deep blush that exploded across her face. Brent chuckled along with her, releasing her from his embrace to lead her back to the table by her hand. They skated along passing couples, edging off the dance floor before a wave of new dancers came by. Brent held her hand out for Travis, who took it and kissed her knuckles.

“How was your go-around?” Travis asked.

His widening smile highlighted his handsome dimples and beautiful face. He released her hand. Lexi took her seat, her gaze lifting to Brent. He moved through the crowd with the ease of a lion making his way toward the bar. Unfamiliar faces raised beer bottles to him in greeting, and he acknowledged them with nods and short waves, but never stopped to talk.

Travis turned to follow her gaze. “Grabbin’ us another round.” Settling back in his chair facing Lexi, he rapped his fingers on the table. “Seems you’ve caught his interest, a damn near impossible feat for any woman.”

Lexi frowned. “What makes you say that?”

“He was burned bad years ago. As in engaged to a woman who was screwing his brother and ended up with some little tike bakin’ in the oven.” Travis leaned closer to her. “And that’s the tip of that iceberg.”

Lexi muffled a gasp behind her hand. Her eyes darted toward Brent, who was leaning on an elbow and talking to the bartender. Travis rested a hand on her knee, a motion that should have made her uncomfortable, but filled her with comfort and a needling edge of heat.

“He’ll give you more details when he feels ready. Women have vied for his attention to no avail.” His hand squeezed her knee, his fingers spreading to reach a little further up her thigh. The sundress hem bunched. The skin-to-skin contact stoked the fire that had momentarily dimmed between her legs. “You havin’ fun, baby?”

She found herself scooting closer to him and his fingers, despite that damn vise of caution.

“Yes, I am.” She leaned forward, bracing her elbow on the table. “So, Travis, I’ve learned a bit about Brent. What about you?” She dropped her hand next to his, the tips of her fingers brushing his. “He said you’re a Ryder. You said you’re a Coller.”

Travis smiled, his eyes twinkling. What Lexi would do to kiss those lips and smolder that twinkle into a seductive cloud.

“Married name. Grandmother’s grandmother descended from Ryder. Married a Coller, and boys have practically filled the lines since. Miss Bess is my aunt, my father’s sister. Her mother turned the old Victorian into a bed-and-breakfast in the mid nineteen hundreds. Bess keeps her family tradition alive. They’re fabulous cooks with genuine Southern hospitality. Her place thrives.” His hand slid over hers, his fingers encasing her to the wrist. “That’s why I said you’ll be taken care of.” His smile faded, as did the twinkle, leaving a serious side of Travis in its stead. “I hope you can tell me what happened to you, Alexis.”

“Maybe, but by that time, I might already be gone,” she said.

“Or maybe you’ll decide that Ryder ain’t a half-bad town to set some roots and flourish.”




Her throat swelled shut. Her eyes widened with the increase of her heartbeat. Travis held Brent’s long, hard cock in his hand, playing his length with enviable expertise. Never had she expected such a sight to arouse her, leaving a new dampness in her panties. Her bra suddenly became uncomfortable and restraining.

Travis cupped the man’s sac and rolled the package in his hand while his fingers fisted around his cock and glided over the rigid flesh. Dappling sunlight streamed over Brent’s well-formed abs and deeply cut pecs. His muscles clenched as Travis teased. His fingers dug into the top of the desk, his head tipped back, and a long groan escaped his full lips, barely contained by the walls and windows. Dark hair brushed over his shoulders, shoulders so taut that the fine muscles and veins bulged. A light spray of dark hairs covered the top of his chest and thinned between his pecs, only to reappear beneath his belly button and lead to the hair nestled around his cock.

“Oh my,” Lexi whispered, her breath fogging the glass. Travis tilted the man’s cock against his belly. The crown of his dick reached his belly button, a hard, thick delight Lexi instantly imagined filling her pussy. Her fingers twitched, clenching tightly to the wooden windowsill.

Travis leaned back on his heels, releasing the man only to shed his T-shirt, unfasten his jeans, and yank his cock out. He fished through a drawer and withdrew a thin tube, squeezed a large dollop of cream onto his fingers, and began working it along his shaft. With one hand riding his own dick and the other now latched around the base of Brent’s, he leaned forward, flicked his tongue out, and drew it up the pulsing vein to the crown.

A shudder slid through her. Damn, how erotic to watch Travis, a man whose incredible good looks and matching charm had easily won her yesterday, sucking off an equally delicious-looking man. Muscles worked with each movement, flexing and straining. Travis’s mouth swallowed the man’s dick, his cheeks hollowing and eyes closing with evident pleasure.

Lexi’s nose pressed against the windowpane. Her breaths were short, shallow gasps. Weakness flooded down her legs, but a new fire spurred to life in her cunt. Her lower gut pulsed and throbbed, wanting the attention Travis so eagerly provided his lover.

Brent thrust his hips forward, shoving more of himself inside Travis’s open mouth. Travis took him, sucked and licked and toyed with his cock, rhythmically stroking his own. Lexi shifted, squeezing her legs together, trying her damnedest to cool the flames causing the heat and moisture to pour from her cunt. She should leave and forget what she was enjoying. No woman in her right mind would take such pleasure from seeing two men engage in sexual acts.

Would they?

She couldn’t bring herself to turn away, return to the B&B, and wait for Travis to arrive with news on her car. It looked like her car was the last thing on their minds. She should help Miss Bess in the kitchen or offer to do some side work for allowing her a room free of charge. There were tons of things she could be doing, but nothing enticed her more than watching Travis suck his lover and pleasure himself. The glorious morning sunlight spotlighted every fine cord and sinew that created the magnificent bodies of each man.

Travis lifted his mouth from Brent’s wide crown. He shifted, murmuring something too quiet for her to hear through the window. Brent turned around, now bracing himself on his elbows, his chest over the desk and his fine ass exposed to Travis’s hungry eyes. Travis shoved his jeans down to his knees and sat down in the leather office chair. He squeezed another generous dollop of lube onto his fingers. Lexi let out a pent-up breath the moment Travis began running his fingers between the man’s crack, spreading lube along the nether regions with taunting precision.

A low groan resonated through the room, muffled by the windows, when Travis pressed his finger into Brent’s anus. Her eyes widened, her muscles so tightly wound she could barely breathe. In and out, Travis worked his finger knuckle-deep into Brent’s anus. Brent sat back on each thrust to meet his hand.

“Ready for me?” Travis asked, his voice carrying through the room and the window to her ears.

Oh, I’m ready.

And hell, she was. Her panties were wet with her juices, her clit hammering in tempo with her racing pulse. She couldn’t remember lowering her hand to her breast, stroking her hard nipples. Clenching her thighs together, she watched Travis pull out a small, white packet, tear it open, and quickly slide the condom onto his rigid cock. His hidden thickness stressed the thin rubber material, every detail of his cock etched into the casing. He squeezed another heavy dollop of lube into his hand and worked it over his sheath.

Then he grabbed Brent’s narrow hips, led his ass onto his dick, and Lexi nearly climaxed.



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