Dominant Saviors (MFMM)

Club of Dominance 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,281
46 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Emma Macintosh is in serious trouble. She wakes up to find herself in a BDSM club surrounded by three Doms who have rescued her.

Anton Taylor, also known as Tank, along with Detective Gary Wade and Dr. Jack Williams, is attracted to the naturally submissive and wounded Emma on sight.

When they find out what she has endured at the hands of Andrew Mitchell, the three Doms vow to protect her. They take her into their home and ease her into the world of BDSM, but Emma is holding part of herself back. With patience and loving care the dominant men get their sub to let go and open up with them.

Mitchell pops up on the grid again and manages to kidnap Emma. It’s a race against time for the three Doms to save her.

Will they get to her in time? Or will she die at the hands of her nemesis?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Dominant Saviors (MFMM)
46 Ratings (4.5)

Dominant Saviors (MFMM)

Club of Dominance 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,281
46 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Probably my favorite in this series so far. I just hope she writes more as there are lots more hunky DOMS that need their stories told!!!!!
Becca Van does it again! Dominant Saviors had an excellent plot, great characters, and steamy sex. Loved it! I will definitely read it again. Highly recommend!



Tank eyed the small brunette as she stood quietly next to the tall, muscular man he presumed was her Dom. She was so tiny and petite, the top of her head didn’t even reach the shoulders of the man beside her. Her head was lowered and her hands were clasped in front of her, but her body language told him she didn’t want to be here at Club of Dominance, and maybe she didn’t want to be with the man beside her.

He wondered what sort of relationship she had with the man at her side. Was she his girlfriend as well as his sub? He studied her surreptitiously as Aurora went through the club rules with the Dom. And he was a Dominant, or so the man thought. The guy stood a little less than six feet tall, with a lean, athletic physique, but his body language was all wrong. Tank didn’t like the way he stood so aggressively, with his hips jutted forward and his jaw clamped tight and his chin pushed out. The asshole glared at Aurora as she explained the club rules.

Aurora obviously didn’t like him either, because she moved in closer to Tank’s side, unconsciously seeking protection and comfort. Tank placed a hand at her back and rubbed soothingly, letting her know he was aware of her discomfort. He shifted his gaze back to the little woman at the asshole’s side. She was quite a beauty with her shoulder-length auburn hair and petite but curvy body. Her eyelashes were long and curved, nearly resting against the pale skin of her cheeks. She shifted slightly, and he noticed how she clutched her fingers together so hard that her knuckles were white. Definitely a couple to keep an eye on. Something just wasn’t right about the pair. He wondered if maybe they were only in a weekend Dom/sub relationship. He hoped so.

The woman called on all his male instincts of protection as well as his dominant tendencies. But what surprised him the most was that his cock was sitting up and taking notice. His penis had begun twitching behind the fly of his black jeans as soon as he had sighted the small woman.

She had on a red leather miniskirt and a black corset which pushed her breasts up so high they were in danger of spilling out of the top. She looked like she was having trouble breathing and he glanced down to see that her corset had been pulled in too tight. The poor thing couldn’t even take a deep breath, just short little pants, but her eyes never rose from the floor and she didn’t look like she was about to complain. And since he’d had no interest in a female besides playing occasionally with an unattached sub in the club, he decided he wanted to get to know this sub much better. He just hoped that the little one wasn’t attached to the asshole at her side.

“I know all the rules regarding Doms and their subs. You don’t need to tell me any more.”

Tank slid his eyes over to the asshole when Aurora took a step back. He had planted his hands on the counter and was leaning over antagonistically and glaring at Aurora.

Tank gently grasped Aurora’s hips and moved her back a couple of steps. Then he stood in front of her so the asshole couldn’t see her. He felt her little hands clutch the back of his T-shirt for a moment, and then she rubbed his back as if trying to soothe him.

“Every Dom and sub are to be told the rules of Club of Dominance.” Tank drew on his full six-foot-four height as he glared at the asshole. Trying to intimidate the prick, he crossed his arms over his chest, knowing that his large biceps bulged even more. “Master Turner Pike makes sure that everyone understands the house rules. It is imperative that each person who enters through these doors understands that the policies are, and always will be, safe, sane, and consensual and that we allow no sadomasochism.

“You and your sub are to read the club policies and then sign at the bottom. That way there can be no litigation since everyone who enters the club understands the rules. Every Dom and sub in this club is to be treated with the utmost respect.” Tank narrowed his eyes and was satisfied when the arrogant ass moved back from the counter. Tank handed him the papers and then turned to the woman, but he kept the prick in his peripheral vision as he studied the elfin sub while the bastard filled in the papers.

Her face was pale, and perspiration had formed on her upper lip and forehead. She gripped her fingers so tightly now that they were starting to turn as white as her knuckles. Tank watched as she tried to draw a deep breath into her lungs, but he could see she was in trouble. She began swaying on her feet as if she was about to pass out.

“Aurora, get Master Turner and Master Barry out here now.” Tank didn’t bother trying to skirt around the end of the counter. There wasn’t time. Right at this moment he had never been so glad for his military training and the fact that he kept up his physique with martial arts and weightlifting. He placed a hand on the counter and jumped over it with ease. Just as his feet landed, the auburn-haired woman’s legs buckled. Tank grasped her around the waist and lifted her slight weight into his arms. She whimpered as if she was in pain, which made him shift his hold on her. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

“You stupid bitch.” The asshole turned toward Tank and reached out to grab the woman’s arm in a cruelly bruising grip. “I told you to drink that water before we arrived here. Can’t you do anything right?”




Emma did as Tank told her, and Gary separated her knees so that her legs were splayed wide and her feet hung over the outside of Master Tank’s spread thighs. Gary washed Emma’s pussy, being sure to caress the sponge over her little clit, but it wasn’t enough. He needed to be able see her pussy unhindered by the water. He quickly finished washing her sex and then cleaned her ass. Once done he rinsed the sponge and lobbed it onto the side of the tub.

“She’s clean. Let’s get our sweet little sub out and dried off.”

Jack had already snagged the clean towel that had been hanging on the rail, and when Tank handed Emma off to him, Gary once more lifted her arms above her head and clasped her wrists in one hand. Jack dried Emma quickly and Gary released her wrists and then picked her up, being careful not to touch the waterproof bandages on her back. He carried her into the bedroom and placed her in the middle of the bed with her ass on the end of the mattress. Jack was right behind him, and moments later Tank joined them after he’d dried off.

He couldn’t wait another minute. Gary had to have a taste of her now.

Kneeling on the floor, he pushed her thighs apart and lowered his head toward her pussy. The sweet, musky scent of her arousal assailed his nostrils, and he inhaled deeply, taking her delectable aroma in. He bent down and swiped his tongue from the top of her slit down to her dripping hole and a little farther until he reached her ass. Emma moaned and her hips tilted as if offering him easier access to her sexy body.

Gary intended to have her writhing and begging him to make her come by the time he’d finished with her.

He licked back up to her pussy hole, stiffened his tongue, and thrust in as far as he could reach. The sounds she made warmed his heart, but their little sub was a wriggler. He lifted his head and found that Tank and Jack were half lying on the bed, their knees on the floor, their chests on the mattress, and their attention on Emma. Tank was devouring her mouth as if he was about to eat her whole, and Jack pinched one nipple while sucking on the other one.

“Hold her still,” Gary said and then placed his mouth back in her honey-dripping cunt.

He flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit rapidly and smiled against her when she let out a small squeal and tried to shift away. Gary wrapped his arms around her upper thighs, which wedged his shoulders between her legs. He placed one hand on her pubic bone, and the other he splayed over her abdomen. Using the thumb of the hand on her pubis, he pulled the skin at the top of her slit taut, which made her engorged clit stand out even more. He laved it with his tongue.

He was aware of the squeals, whimpers, and sobs Emma made as he pleasured her, but he ignored them as he set about sending her over the edge into orgasm, comfortable in the fact that Jack and Tank wouldn’t let her move too much and hurt her back. While he tended to her pussy, Jack and Tank alternately kissed her mouth and sucked on her nipples.

Gary removed the hand on her belly and caressed her anus before moving up to her pussy. First he pushed one finger into her tight, wet heat and eased it in as far as he could. As he withdrew, he turned his finger pad up and searched out her G-spot. He gave it a caress as he licked her clit, and she screamed with pleasure. Her cunt rippled around his finger and then released as she thrust her hips up toward his face. When he withdrew nearly all the way, he added another finger and pushed both back inside her honey-coated sheath, thrusting them in and out until she was on the very edge of climax. Then he changed his rhythm. Instead of pumping his fingers in and out of her cunt, he made little circles, making sure the pads of his fingers caressed across her G-spot. Gary counted in his head wondering if he would make it to five.

One, two, three…

She screamed the house down. Her vagina clenched and released around his fingers so hard, he wanted to bury his cock in her sweet little pussy and feel her sopping sheath squeezing him. He continued stroking over her hot spot and sucked her clit into his mouth, sending her over the edge again. His little sub didn’t scream this time. She gasped and whimpered as if she had no breath left in her lungs, her body shaking and shuddering until she finally flopped back on the bed, totally replete and supine.

Gary withdrew his fingers from her vagina and licked up all her honey. When he was done, he lifted his head to stare at his beautiful little sub. Her cheeks were still pink from her climactic high, and her chest rose and fell rapidly as she gained her breath back while Jack and Tank soothed her with caresses to her arms and belly. She had closed her eyes, and he needed to see her.

“Open your eyes, Emma,” Gary commanded, his voice deeper and more gravelly than usual with his arousal. He just hoped Emma wouldn’t be frightened by the lust even he could hear in his own voice.

Her eyelids lifted, and he stared into her eyes, hazy with passion. He had never seen a more beautiful sight.

“That was so fucking hot. I can’t wait to taste your little pussy, darlin’.” Tank kissed her shoulder.


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